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Continued from ANUNNAKI Tablets, Tubes, Talks Part 2 (EARTHFALL, DYNASTIC STRIFE, MARSBASE: ANUNNAKI Tablets, Tubes, Talks) Tubes from Sasha Alex Lessin and One Good Kitty

460,500 BCE: In Agade, Capitol of the planet Nibiru, the King, Alalu wrestled nude in the plaza.  Anu won. Alalu stole a nuke-armed missile and fled to Iraq on Earth. He messaged Anu that Earth had gold enough to make a golddust blanket to save Nibiru’s air.  He could save Nibiru.  Or, he said, he could destroy it.  “My missiles target Agade.  My terms to save Nibiru and Agade are simple; Return my Crown.”

King Anu gave his son, Chief Scientist Enki, the job his half-brother Enlil (Anu’s legal heir) coveted—charge of the mission to Earth to verify its gold.  Enki’d married Alalu’s daughter, Damkina to begat Alalu, Successor (Prince Marduk).  The king told son Enki to mollify Alalu (Enki’s father-in-law).  Anu sent Alalu’s grandson, astronavigator Anzu and fifty men to Earth with Enki.  En-route, they landed on Mars and renewed their rocket’s water.

Mars approach



On Earth, Enki and Alalu set up base camp, called Edin (Sumer)-in seven days and extracted sample gold from the Gulf.

Enki and ABGAL took the nuclear bombs from Alalu’s rocket and hid them in a cave in East Africa.  


Abgal 1








Then Abgal flew the gold back to Nibiru in the rocket.


On Nibiru scientists powdered the gold.  Pilots flew the gold dust high above Nibiru. To spread the golddust, they used “crystal beams.” When Nibiru next neared Solaris, however, the sun’s rays blew the gold away.  Anu sent Abgal back to Earth for more gold.


Enlil, then Anu rocketed to Earth.  They and Enki drew lots for their jobs.  Anu, Alalu said, stacked the draw, and of course, drew Nibiru; Enlil got Command of the Earth Expedition.  Enki, with the short straw, got Seas, Science and Mining.

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More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)




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