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ANUNNAKI* WHO’S WHO with illustrations

Excerpt from  ANUNNAKI, EVOLUTION OF THE GODS*  by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (UCLA, Anthropology) & Janet Kira Lessin CEO, Aquarian Radio

The people in this Who’s Who shaped our political, social, and religious systems. They created the institutions, archetypes and ideotypes that govern our existence from our creation up to the present.


What we in our history, folklore and literature consider the appearance, perpetuation or re-appearance of gods, archetypes or walk-ins as inner fractals or independent beings, we think of them with the garb and elaborations we associate with them.  However our pictures of the gods vary, they represent models, paradigms, and explanations of how people, planets, extraterrestrials, and the Universe work.  

 Sometimes the same Anunnaki had varying names as he or she ages,  as when Ea of the planet Nibiru became Enki in Iraq; sometimes he gets a different name in a different place, as when Enki becomes Ptah in Egypt or the Peacemaker in North America, Shiva in India, Prometheus in Greece, Aquarius in Rome and, later, Lucifer in Northern Europe. He is Loki or Odin to Scandinavians.  God figures are merged and combined in various cultures and in the works of various scholars; thus, for researcher Glenn Bouge, Enki is Jesus and for some Jungians, Enki becomes an archetype of the Messiah.  Whatever the moniker, Enki and the other Anunnunaki were PEOPLE, not all-knowing, all-good, all-powerful; none of them are what the Anunnaki call “the Creator-of-All,” Native Americans call “Great Spirit.”

We are learning of the elephant of history from the many perceptual perspectives of Earth’s cultures.  Celebrate the richness of our many heritages.

ABAEL (Hevel)
Second son of hybrids Adapa and Titi (Enki’s Nibiran-Earthling son and daughter).  200,000 years ago at Enki’s lab in Zimbabwe, Titi bore the twins–first, Ka-in, then Abael.  Enlil’s Enforcer Ninurta taught Kai-in farming; Enki’s heir Marduk taught Abael animal husbandry.  Ka-in killed Abael.   

 Abael's offering (resented by Ka-in)Abael’s offering (resented by Ka-in)  

Nibiran.  Enki fired Anzu as his interplanetary pilot and promoted Abgal from his planetary to interplanetary pilot. There, in the rebellion of the Igigi astronauts, Anzu captured Abgal in the first Astronaut rebellion but Ninurta rescued him.

Abgal took Enlil into exile in Africa for raping Sud. There Abgal secretly showed Enlil where Enki hid Alalu’s missiles.

Abgal piloted Inanna to and from her Indus Valley (Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, Dolhivara) and Mesopotamian fiefs.(Uruk, Akkad)

Abgal cropped w Eagle helmet

Abgal with his eagle helmet        




Enki did not know Enlil knew the the locale of the nukes’ cave.  To reward Abgal, Enlil made him boss of the Landing Platform in Lebanon.

Abraham was born in 2123 BCE; his father Terah, Ur’s High Priest. Enlil sent them to the Harran in Anatolia.  In 2041 BCE, Abraham led Enlil’s forces and defended the Sinai Spaceport. He reported the cities of Sodom and Gomorra were for Nabu and Marduk. In 2024 BCE Enlil sent Abraham to the Negev Desert while Ninurta and Nergal nuked the cities.  

As Enlil ordered him, Abraham left his wife Hagar and their son Ishmael to die in the desert. He also obeyed Enlil and almost stabbed  Isaac, his other son.

Abraham Almost Kills Isaac2


Enlil:  “Kill Isaac to prove your love for me,
Abraham: “Your will, Lord.



Enlil made Abraham and his men sacrifice their foreskins to him.  In the circumscion ritual, Abraham’s men branded themselves as Enlil’s warriors, ready to endure  pain for him. Enlil then gave Abraham Canaan.

ADAD (Ishkur, sometimes Aries, Mars)
Adad ran the Lebanon Landing Place.  In 3800 BCE, Enlil put him in charge of gold and tin works at Tiahuanaco. Adad, as Viracocha, inscribed his symbol, the forked lightening, for all to see from the air and the ocean, on a mountainside on the Bay of Paracas, Peru, the anchorage harbor for ships carrying tin and bronze of Tiahuanaco to the Old World.”  The Bull logo symbolized Adad, like his father, Enlil.  [Lost Realms: 252]







The first successfully test-tube-conceived and surrogate-carried Nibiran/Erectus Earthling.  He gestated in Chief Medical Officer Ninmah’s womb.


 “Adamu learned to speak. His skin was “smooth, dark red,” his hair, black.  Adamu, unlike Nibirans, sported a foreskin.” [Enki: 148,168-170]. 

Enoch to Nibiru 2

ADAPA (aka Enoch, Utu-Abzu, Nun.Me, He-Who-Can-Depher MEs)
Adapa, born around 200,000 BCE, Enki’s son with an Earthling woman descended from Adamu. “To Adapa, Enki himself teachings gave, how to keep records he was him instructing.” Enki boasted, “A Civilized man I have brought forth. A new kind of Earthling from my seed has been created, in my image and after my likeness. From seed, they from food will grow, from ewes sheep they will shepherd. Anunnaki and Earthlings henceforth shall be satiated.” 

Adapa-Enoch Nibiru-bound

 Adapa rocketed to Nibiru with Ningishzidda and Dumuzi.  There, Enki’s father, Nibiru’s King Anu, denied Adapa the Nibirans’ extreme longevity and sent him back to Earth to breed and teach his descendants–Earthlings whom Enki enhanced with his seed each generation–to run farms, herds, and estates.  Nibirans believed Adapa and his line better servants than the hybrid Earthling miners descended from Adapa’s ancestor, Adamu. [Enki: 168-170]

a A Adapaguppi


High Priestess of Nannar-Sin at his temple in Harran. Nannar, disgusted at Marduk’s ascendancy, had left Earth for Marsbase. In 555 BCE, Adapaguppi found a comm-device embedded in Nannar’s clothes. With this device, she got Nannar on the Moon. She promised him if he’d back her son Nabuaid as king of Babylon, Sumer and Akkad, she’d get Marduk to endorse him too. Nannar returned to Earth to rule from Babylon.  Nannar, Clark writes, became “Allah.

Pharaoh Akhenaten took the Egyptian throne in 1379 BCE as Amenophis IV.  He may’ve been a Conehead, unlike his predecessors.  Pharaohs before Akhenaten descended from Enki-Ptah, Chief Scientist of the Goldmining Expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth or Enki’s sons Marduk-Ra and Ninghzidda-Thoth.  Representations in stone and clay of Akhenaten’s predecessors showed them with skulls like ours.  But statues of Akhenaten, his queen Nefertiti and their son Tutankhamen have skulls whose backs–their occiputs–elongated like a cone. The added length gave them double both our proportional cranial capacity and the Anunnaki’ proportionate skull capacity.  Silva notes that Long-Head skulls and larger bodies than ordinary Egyptians of the time, and not descend from these ordinaries.  The long-heads of Egypt ruled both Upper Egypt (Sais, Hieraconpolis) and Lower Egypt (Thinis) before Noah’s flood and known after it as the post-Deluge Sages (Apkallu, Followers of Horus).  Skulls like Egypt’s Akhenenaten’s are found on the isle of Jeju off South Korea, near Lake Titicaca in the Andes, and in Mesopotamia.  

Akhenaten family

Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their babies.

Akhenaten said that next time Nibiru neared Earth would “usher in a time of peace and benevolence to all.” Akhenaten had Egyptians follow his “Star Religion” and worship Nibiru. To escape Ra’s pesky priests, Akhenaten moved Egypt’s capital and temple from Thebes to Tell-el-Amarna.   In the temple, he put his space capsule (ben-ben).  The capsule may have held communication devices, a viewing booth, holographic displays or an astral of physical from a Nibiran rocket. 

Ra-Marduk’s priests in Thebes drove Akhenaten from office and resumed Egypt’s loyalty to Ra.Akhenaten [End: 168 – 173; Silva, The Missing Lands: 206-207]

Nibiran, aka Chronos, Saturn.  450,000 years ago, Alalu killed Nibiru’s King Lahma, took his crown, he said, to nuke the volcanos or mine for gold on Earth to shield Nibiru’s atmosphere.

Alalu on Nibiru's Throne
Alalu on Nibiru’s Throne

 Alalu displaced Anu, Lahma’s heir as King.  Anu served Alalu in exchange for the legal succession of Kingship from Alalu to Anu’s son Enki’s son Marduk with Alalu’s daughter, Damkina.  

 Anu deposed Alalu; he out-wrestled him.  So Anu, not Marduk, succeeded Alalu as King of Nibiru. Alalu stole a rocket with nuclear missiles (that later destroyed Sinai and Sumer).        

Anu rocketed to Earth and out-wrestled Alalu again but Alalu then bit off Anu’s penis.  Anu sentenced Alalu to die on Mars.  Chief Medical Officer Ninmah, en route to Earth, buried Alalu on Mars and memorialized him there in the statue at Cydonia.   

Here’s how Alalu fits in with the other Anunnaki Royals:


Alexander and Hephaestion2

Macedonia’s Philip II had Aristotle tutor his legal son AlexanderAlexander’s mother, Olympias of Epirus, said she begat Alexander with Marduk (known in Greece as Zeus).

Alexander sparked the Macedonian win over the other Greek city-states at Chaeronea. His cavalry encircled and massacred Thebans who refused surrender.

One of Philip’s bodyguards whom Olympius and Alexander had suborned killed Philip before Philip’s new son with a pure Macedonian (Cleopatra) could displace Alexander.  An agent of Alexander killed Philip’s top general as he pursued the bodyguard.  Olympius killed Cleopatra’s son and Cleopatra killed herself.

Alexander took Macedonia’s throne.  He held Delphi’s Oracle Priestess at swordpoint.  “Am I Zeus’ son?”  She confirmed him as son the Zeus.

Alexander, in 334 BCE, with 32,000 infantry and 5,100 cavalry, attacked Persia.  While Darius and the Persian army quelled a rebellion in Egypt, Alexander’s army rowed across the Dardanelles. The infantry formed lines that stretched for miles and faced enemies with a phalanx of 18-foot piles before the cavalry.  Alexander led a cavalry charge that routed the Persian army and its Greek mercenaries at Granicus.

The Macedonians invaded northern Syria, left their wounded at Issus and marched south to fight the Persians but Darius took Issus and cut Alexander’s army off from its supply line to Greece. Darius led the Persians over a mountain pass and killed the Greek wounded in Issus. 

The Macedonians took the Landing Platform at Baalbek; Alexander renamed it Heliopolis.  He tore the Greek city of Ephesos from the Persians, then defeated Darius at Issus.  Alexander then took Sidon and Aleppo.  In 332 BCE he conquered Syria.  In Phoenicia, after a seven-month siege, he took the main Persian naval base at Tyre. When Tyre fell, the Greeks controlled the eastern Mediterranean.  They massacred 8,000 Tyrians and sold 30,000 into slavery.

Alexander reached Babylon in 331 BCE and rushed to the ziggurat temple to grasp the hands of Marduk as conquerors before he had.  But Alexander saw Marduk’s body saved in oil. 

Alexander won Egypt.  He founded the city of Alexandria in 331 BCE.  He left his troops and trekked a week over the desert to Siwa Oasis.  There, he commuted with the statue of Marduk.  Alexander asked the statue, “Am I Zeus’ son?”  The Temple’s priest, from a hidden chamber behind the statue, confirmed Alexander as a son of Ra-Amen aka Marduk.

In 331 Greeks killed 300,000 Persians and lost 100 men. Alexander proclaimed himself the King of Asia and marched to the Persian capital, Susa, which he entered without a fight. He took Persepolis, Bactria, Sogdiana, and  Cyropolis.  From Persepolis, he sent gold home to Macedonia.  He let his troops rob, murder the men, rape the women.  Alexander and his drunk generals led as the Greeks burned Darius’s palace.

Darius’ generals speared Darius and left him for dead, but Alexander found him alive.  Alexander said, “Abdicate and I’ll honor your kin.”  In return, Darius then died.

Macedonian soldiers lobbied Alexander to return home.  He and others whom he thought questioned his rule.   He made his lover Hephaestion co-commander of the army.

In 329 BCE, Alexander married captive princess Roxanne.  He ordered people to bow to him as a god.  He created a huge harem of beautiful women and enjoyed a new one each night. He killed his historian for criticizing his hedonism, his “Persianization.”

In 327 BCE, the Macedonians invaded India. After the Hydaspes River battle in 326 BCE, Indian King Porus charged Alexander’s forces with elephants.  Alexander almost died of wounds.  The troops saw he lacked the invincibility he claimed he, as a god, possessed.” His generals refused to continue with the invasion of the Indian subcontinent.  Alexander turned back to Asia Minor.” He planned to cross the Ganges for more conquests, but his troops mutinied, wouldn’t go further. So Alexander sent half his army back to Susa by sea.  [Childress, 2000: 149]

He took the other half of his men through the Gedrosian Desert and reached Susa in 324 BCE. In Susa, Alexander married his senior officers to Persians.

In 324 BCE, an assassin may have poisoned his second-in-command, Hephaestion.  Alexander hung Hephaestion’s doctor.

In 323 in Babylon, Alexander, dying of disease or poison, said he willed his empire “to the strongest.” Alexander’s erstwhile buddy Cassander killed Alexander’s wife and mother and named himself King of Macedonia. Ptolemy took Alexander’s corpse to Egypt and there started the Ptolemaic Dynasty. [Mark, 2013].

ANU (Chronos)



Nibiran.  Anu deposed Alalu as Nibiru’s King and then ran Nibiru as a military dictatorship.        

Anu begat Enki, his eldest, with Id, one of his six official concubines [Wars: 80] or with Nammu, a Pleiadiean Queen [See chart below].  Anu begat Enlil, his legal heir with his sister, (Queen Antu-Rhea).  Anu sent Enki, Enlil and daughter Ninmah to Earth to run the gold-mining expedition to Earth.  

Anu visited Earth 400,000 years ago to set up the Expedition, visited again 300,000 years ago to settle the Nibiran miners’ strike Enki staged to justify mine slaves adapted from the Nibiran Homo Sapien genome with genetic material from Homo Erectus.  

When Anu visited again in 3,840 BCE, he took Inanna, his great-granddaughter, as a concubine.        

He divided Earth among his descendants.       

Anu believed that the Creator of All, through Galzu, got the Anunnaki to create and save the adapted Earthling race.

By 70 BCE Prince Marduk seemed on the verge of conquering all Earth and maybe even Nibiru, whose throne he said was rightfully his. To forestall this, Anu declared “he was planning on stepping down” as King.  A fast Nibiran exodus from Earth ensued.”  Enlil, Enki, and Ningishzidda returned to Nibiru as did Marduk (Anu lifted Marduk’s ban, imposed for aligning with the slave race (us) when Marduk married Earthling Sarpanit).  Anu manipulated all the factions in his clan to unite against Marduk. “Marduk refused to give the oath of allegiance and loyalty to the King,” so Anu ordered him to “leave Nibiru and not return.”  Around 1000 CE, Marduk and 300 loyalists returned to Earth. [Bordon: 51 -57]

Anu preferred Enki as Nibiru’s ‘s next king but the Law of Succession (When the king dies, the son the deceased king begat with his father’s half-sister succeeds) blocked Enki from Nibiru’s Crown. Anu wouldn’t “go against tradition by choosing second-ranking heir Enki and slighting the official one, Enlil.”  Further, if Anu choose Enki anyhow, “it would split the Nibiran people and their “biomind–the power of the entire Nibiran population to act as one.  Neither could Anu choose Enlil.” If he chose Enlil as the next King, that would “split his own clan and those who faithfully serve the Kingdom by having to choose sides in a battle with no clear winner.”

Anu told Ningishzidda that he wanted him to be Nibiru’s King.  Ningishzidda politely declined and said Nannar’d do a better job uniting the Nibirans.  “The King asked Ningishzidda why he was pitching Nannar.”  Ningishzidda replied that Nannar would better stimulate and direct the collective mind of the Nibirans, since Nannar’s energy emanation was most like Anu’s and therefore most likely to inspire unity.

Anu took 600 years to choose his Nannar as his successor.  Anu stepped down and Nannar got that title.  Marduk and 300 Anunnaki followers “returned again to Earth around 1000 CE and have been here ever since, some of them taking control over the Earth population by force and creating his own Pyramid Power Structure with Marduk placing himself at the top as the only God and King of the Universe. 

In the Old Testament Anu is presented as Yahweh. He is also referred to as “God of Olam”, Olam being the biblical name for the planet Nibiru but which is wrongly translated in highly doctored English versions as “everlasting to everlasting.[Левитес Александр]







Nibiran.  Alalu’s grandson.        

Enki fired Anzu as an interplanetary pilot, though he’d nuked Enki through the asteroids en route to Earth.        

Anzu stayed with Alalu on Mars while Alalu died.  Ninmah gave Alalu men on Mars to start a station there.        

Anzu stole Enlil’s computer programs, disrupted his communications system and led the astronaut revolt against him.  Enlil’s son Ninurta captured and executed Anzu. 

The oldest version of Noah (see Noah, below)

BANDA  Also called Lugalbanda and King Shorty)






Banda’s father, Uruk’s King Enmerkar (Utu’s grandson with an Earthling) sent an emissary with a message in written Sumerian to the King of Aratta in the Indus Valley.             

Enmerkar demanded Aratta swear fealty to Uruk.  But the Arattan couldn’t read Sumerian. After ten years, Enmerkar told Utu to have Nisaba, the astronauts’ scribe, teach him Arattan script.              

When he’d learned it, Enmerkar sent his son Banda to Aratta with a message in Arattan: “Submit or War! ” The Arattan wrote back that he’d prefer trade–Aratta’s precious stones for the MEs [computer programs] of Uruk, or if Enmerkar insisted on war,  one champion of Aratta and one of Uruk could fight to settle the war. “On the way back to Uruk, Banda fell sick; his spirit left him.  On Mount Hurmu was Banda abandoned.    

“Inanna restless and ungratified, for Dumuzi she still mourned.  In Uruk, “A House for Nighttime Pleasure she established.  To these young heroes, on the night of their weddings, with sweet words she lured: long life, a blissful future to them she promised; that her lover Dumuzi was she imagined.”              

But “each one in the morning in her bed was found dead.”  So when Utu revived Banda, Inanna saw Banda as Dumuzi.  “‘Dumuzi, my beloved!’ she called him. To her bed, with flowers bedecked, she lured him.”             

Banda succeeded his father, Enmerkar, as King of Uruk.  Banda married Ninmah’s daughter, Ninsun, who bore Gilgamesh.


Wife of Lu-March (Enki’s foreman before the Deluge) made love with Enki and bore Ziasudra-Noah.

Batanash, Mother of Noah-Ziasudra

Batanash, Mother of Noah-Ziasudra 

A Nibiran (also known as Gula), Bau–huge youngest Daughter of Nibiru’s King Anu and Queen Antu–married Enlil’s son Ninurta. Bau ran a medical facility for Earthlings in Ninurta’s city, Lagash.  There she chose to die with her Earthlings when fallout from the nuclear bombs Ninurta dropped on Sinai blew over and killed everyone in Lagash.



Daughter of Nibiru’s King Alalu.  Damkina wed Enki and bore Marduk, Nergal, Gibil, Dumuzi and Ninagal.  To create a female, Ningishzidda planted a zygote made with Adamu’s blood in Damkina. Our ancestress, Ti-Amat, carried Damkina’s mitochondrial DNA.  Damkina raised Adamu and Ti-Amat.

Damkina trimmed


Dumuzi (aka Tammuz, Adonis), a Nibiran born on Earth, youngest son of Enki and Damkina, trained on Nibiru to foster animal husbandry for the Earthlings.       

An Enkiite, Dumuzi betrothed Enlilite Inanna and hoped to bring peace to the Enkiite-Enlilite conflict.  But Marduk told their sister Geshtinanna to seduce Dumuzi, then to say he raped her.  Marduk’s men ran Dumuzi to his death; Inanna mummified him and hoped he’d revive on Nibiru. 


Enki in Greek version






Also known as Ea, Nidimmud, Adonai, Poseidon, Yam, Neptune, Aquarius, Ptah, Khnemu, Buzur, Serpent, Nahash, Hephaestos, Vulcan, Merlin, Vishnu, Shiva (as ender of ages), Maitreya, and sometimes, Lucifer, Loki Melchzdek, Enki graphed as entwined serpents.        

Born Anu’s Firstborn Son but not legal heir–that was Enlil–on Nibiru, Enki betrothed sister Ninmah but Anu forbade their marriage when Enlil impregnated her.

Enki instead married King Alalu’s daughter, Damkina.  They parented Marduk, Alalu’s heir. Enki instead married King Alalu’s daughter, Damkina. They parented Marduk, Alalu’s heir.  Alalu fled to the Persian Gulf on Earth, aimed his nukes at Nibiru, and demanded his throne back. 

So, 450,000 years ago, Anu sent Enki to on Earth to pacify father-in-law Alalu.  Enki and his pilot Abgal hid the nuclear missiles Alalu had brought to Earth.     When Alalu failed to get Earth’s gold for Nibiru’s atmosphere, Anu deposed him, voided Marduk’s status as Pretender to the Throne and made Enlil his heir instead.  For the Earth Expedition, Anu made Enki, under Enlil’s overall command, master of Basara. When Alalu failed to get Earth’s gold for Nibiru’s atmosphere, Anu deposed him, voided Marduk’s status as Pretender to the Throne and made Enlil his heir instead. as well as Chief of Africa, Goldmining Operations and the Seas.

Ninmah joined Enki and they had many daughters, whom Enki kept impregnating.       

Enki, his son Ningishzidda (whom Enki fathered with Ereshkigal) and Ninmah, created our Nibiran/Erectus hybrid ancestors as the solution to a mutiny of Nibiran astronauts working in the South African mines.  Enki fomented the mutiny just to get Enlil to support the genetic creation of mine Earthlings to replace the Nibiran astronauts.   Each generation, Enki mated with the prettiest females born to the hybrids; he multiplied the ratio of Nibiran to Erectus genes in our stock.       

He gave his part-Earthling son Ziasudra a computer program that showed Ziasudra how to build the submersible to save his community. 


Enlil as his zodiac avatar, Leo
Enlil as his zodiac avatar, Leo





 A Nibiran, also known as Set, Jehovah, Jupiter, Yahweh, and, in Egypt, “The Bull.”  Assyrians called Enlil “Ashur;” Jews called him “Yahweh.”  Enlil is  Shiva in his genocidal aspect.   

Legal heir to Anu, Enlil commanded the Earth Goldmining Expedition.       

He fathered Ninurta with his (and Enki’s) sister Ninmah.  Expedition Leaders forced Enlil to marry Sud, whom he’d raped and impregnated.  Enlil and Sud (elevated as his wife to “Ninlil) begat Nannar and Adad.       

Enlil ordered Earthlings drowned in the Deluge (here he’s Yahweh), but let Enki’s line of Earthlings who survived rule Earth for the Expedition.  Enlil murdered thousands of both his rivals’ Earthlings and his own Earthling followers.  

ERESHKIGAL (Allat, Persephone)      

Ereshkigal, daughter of Nannar and Ningal daughter, was a younger sister of Utu and Inanna, born on Earth like them.        

Enki, en route to Point Agulhas, impregnated Ereshkigal with Ningishzidda. 

 Ereshkigal ran the climatological station at the Point. She married Enki’s son Nergal and ran the station with him.  She killed Inanna to stop her baring a son Nergal’d begat for Dumuzi but Enki revived Inanna. 




      Galzu said he spoke for King Anu and lied to keep Enki, Enlil, Ninmah and their kids on Earth when they’d have left.  Galzu gave Enki a build-a-sub program that Enki put into Ziasudra’s computer.   Ziasudra built the sub and Enki’s son Ninagal guided it through the Deluge to Mt. Ararat.  On Ararat, as per Galzu’s plan, the Nibirans decided to breed Earthlings to support them as gods.  As gods, they’d rule through Ziasudra’s sons would oversee the Earthlings, who’d serve the Nibiran Royalty as their gods. Anu uncovered Galzu’s ruses to keep the Anunnaki fostering Nibiran-Earthling hybrids. Enki told Anu the dream he had of Galzu.  In the dream, Galzu described a submarine for Ziasudra, Ziasudra’s clan and the villagers who would help build it.  Enki related how, on waking, he found plans for the boat engraved on a stone tablet beside his bed.  “By that was Anu greatly puzzled.  ‘I never sent a secret plenipotentiary to Earth’” said the Nibiran King.       

Enki and Enlil exclaimed, “On account of Galzu Ziasudra and the seed of life were saved. On account of GALZU on Earth we remained.  ‘The day you to Nibiru you return, you shall die‘, so did Galzu to us say.’ 

“Incredulous of that was Anu; ‘the change in cycles [between Earth and Nibiru] indeed havoc did cause, but with elixirs cured it was.’       

” ‘Whose emissary, if not yours was Galzu?’ Enki and Enlil in unison said. ‘Who the Earthlings to save wanted, who on Earth made us stay?’       

“For the Creator of All did Galzu appear. To fashion Earthlings the Creator of All directed us.  To help us preserve them did Galzu to Earth come,” said Ninmah.       

While fates we decreed, the hand of destiny at every step directed,” Anu said.  “The will of the Creator of All is: on Earth and for Earthlings, only emissaries are we. The Earth to the Earthlings belong, to preserve and advance them we were intended. [Enki: 271].       

Galzu sent Enlil a dream Marduk would get Mesopotamia.  Galzu, in the dream, told Enlil to order Nibirans on Earth, to let the Earthlings evolve.  Galzu said the Creator wanted Abraham to block Nabu,  Marduk’s son, who agitated against Enlil in Canaan and the Mediterranean ports.  Galzu told Enlil that Abraham must also block Marduk’s advances on the Sinai Spaceport.  Enlil kept his vision secret, but, as Galzu wished, chose Abraham to rule “all the lands from the border of Egypt to the border of Mesopotamia.” [Wars:289-297]


A Nibiran born on Earth to Enki and Ninmah, Gestinianna became Ningishzidda’s consort.


     Gestinianna reigned over wine and winter; Egyptians considered her a divine dream reader and poet.     
To stop the Inanna-Dumuzi union, Geshtinianna, at Marduk’s suggestion, seduced their bother Dumuzi, then claimed rape so Marduk’s men could seize Dumuzi.  Dumuzi died from a fall as he ran from Marduk’s agents. 


Gibil (aka Ephaestus in Greece, Vulcan in Rome) learned mining and metallurgy from his father Enki. Gibil made multi-headed missiles for Osiris’ son Horus and taught Horus and Earthlings who trained as Horus’ army to smelt iron and make iron weapons. 



Gilgamesh’s father, Banda, married Ninsun, a daughter of Enki and Ninmah.  Banda and Nisun begat Gilgamesh.  He boasted, “I’m three-fourths god. (as  genetically-pure Nibirans called themselves).                

Gilgamesh’s relationship with Inanna excited him but left him unsatisfied.  He had to pass the annual life-jeopardy tantra test of seed-withholding.  Each year, in a ritual for which priests groomed and scented him, Gilgamesh penetrated Inanna 50 times as she, suspended on ropes, lowered her vagina onto his penis while he maintained his erection but did not ejaculate.  If he petered out or ejaculated in this ritual, she’d kill him with her laser.  When he passed the test, she invited him to her bed for a night of more varied sex.   [King, 43-44          

The rest of the year, Gilgamesh loosed his lust on Uruk’s brides. He forced any he fancied to couple with him before their husbands could.              

To tame Gilgamesh, Enki created Enkidu, a powerful man (maybe a cyborg, with mechanical parts as well as Neanderthal genes) to divert Gilgamesh from the brides.                

Enki sent tantric priestess Shambat to tame Enkidu in the woods where Enkidu frolicked with antelopes.  Enkidu learned the joy of tantric lovemaking.  He decided to join civilization in Uruk.  There Enkidu challenged Gilbamesh.  They fought, then befriended each other.                             

Gilgamesh went with Enkidu to the rocket pad at Baalbek to plead with the gods for a rocket to Nibiru for immortality he thought the Anunnaki enjoyed.                

In Lebanon, near Inanna’s home, Gilgamesh and Enkidu tracked Enlil’s security robot to the launchpad.  As they watched a rocket launch, Inanna, from her plane, saw them smash Enlil’s robot.  “At the entrance to the Cedar Forest its fire-belching monster their way blocked. To pieces it they broke.”                

“Watching Gilgamesh take off his clothes, bathe and groom himself, glorious Ishtar [Inanna] raised an eye at the beauty of Gilgamesh. “Come, Gilgamesh, be thou my lover. Grant me the fruit of thy love.”  But he declined and insulted her.          

She, enraged, messaged Enlil and demanded he released the guard-bull at the launchpad. Enlil complied.  The bull charged Gilgamesh and Enkidu but Gilgamesh stabbed it while Enkidu held it.       

Enlil, enraged that Gilgamesh and Enkidu broke his robo-guard, wanted to kill them both.   Ninsun and Ninmah, however, lobbied the Commander to kill only Enkidu and let Gilgamesh return to Uruk’s throne. Enkidu died and Gilgamesh mourned him.      

Then Gilgamesh went to the spaceport in Sinai for a plant to let him live forever.        

In a tunnel in Sinai, he met Enki’s son, Ziusudra-Noah, still alive all these centuries. “Ziusudra to Gilgamesh the secret of longliving he revealed a plant in the garden’s well was growing, Ziusudra and his spouse from getting old it prevented.”  Enki, with Enlil’s permission, said Ziusudra, granted Gilgamesh this plant too. But when Gilgamesh got the plant, a snake snatched it from him.  As a last resort, he begged Enlil to grant him immortality.            

“On Gilgamesh’s deathbed, around 2600 BCE, Utu told him Enlil wouldn’t grant him eternal life.  Gilgamesh is consoled by promises to retain in Nether World the company of ‘his beloved wife, son, concubine, musicians, entertainers, cupbearer, valet, caretakers and palace attendants who served him.’” 

Undertakers brought his body to the royal cemetery of Ur.  They drugged his friends and attendants in his burial chamber, then killed them.  This “accompanied burial” gave “an extraordinary privilege to Gilgamesh, two- thirds of him divine, as compensation for not gaining the immortality of the gods.” [Encounters: 132 -172; Giants, 311 – 312, 339 (citing S. Kramer’s translation of a cuneiform text, The Death of Gilgamesh); King:42-43]


Hagar and Ismael banished at Sarah and Enlil's order, to die in the desertHagar and Ismael banished at Sarah’s nagging and Enlil’s order, to die in the desert.

Slave, then secondary wife to Abraham; their son, Ishmael, had been Abraham’s heir.  Enlil, however, had Abraham and his son with first wife Sarah begat a child to displace Ishmael.  Enlil ordered Abraham to leave Hagar and Ishmael to die in the desert.   Abraham obeyed but Hagar and Ishmael survived and Ishmael bred the ancestors of the Arabs.

HERA (See Ninmah)

HORUS (Aka Horon, Hor, Falcon God)

Osiris’ wife Isis impregnated herself with Osiris’ semen after his brother Seth killed him.  She delivered Horus and she and Gibil trained him to defeat Seth.  






 In 8970 BCE Horus won Egypt when he defeated  Seth in an air battle above the Sinai.


(aka Irnini, Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Annutitum, Aphrodite, Athena, Anat, Venus, Eshdar, Innin, Lillith, Ninni, Kali, Durga and Shakti), genetically Nibiran but born on Earth, Inanna’s parents, Ningal and Nannar, begat her and her elder twin Utu. 

Offspring like Inanna, born to Nibirans on Earth, matured faster than those born on Nibiru.  Inanna’s growth seemed stunted; she grew to 66 inches height, whereas Nibirans born on the home planet usually over 84 inches [Giants:221]

Inanna visited Nibiru at least once.  She, like many Nibirans, often wore flight goggles or sunglasses to deal with greater sunshine on Earth than on Nibiru.


      Enkiite and Enlilite elders hoped that if Enkiite Dumuzi wed Enlilite Inanna, the deadly rivalry between their lineages would stop.  But Marduk, ruler of Egypt and Babylon, induced Geshtinanna, his sister (and also Dumuzi’s) to couple with Dumuzi then yell rape.  Marduk’s security team drove Dumuzi to his death.  She then wanted Dumuzi’s older brother Nergal to impregnate her for Dumuzi.  Nergal’s mate, Inanna’s younger sister Ereshkigal, killed her but Enki sent medical androids who revived her. 

In 8670 BCE, Inanna helped defeat Marduk and the Enkiites in the Second Pyramid War.  She blasted them with “an explosive beam that tore the enemy apart.”  Inanna demanded Enlil make her Egypt’s ruler in Marduk’s stead since Marduk caused Dumuzi’s death. But Enlil gave Ningishzidda Egypt.

Inanna saw Dumuzi in Earthling men she bedded but usually killed them after sex.       

In 3840 BCE, Anu and Queen Antu rocketed to Earth.  Antu taught Inanna to channel sexual energy to elevate their whole clan, then gave Inanna to Anu.  As Anu and Inanna coupled, Antu and the Nibiran royals shared their ecstasy, epiphany, and satori. Ani gave Inanna the temple where they loved and his survey plane.  She’d run Uruk’s temple through a priest/king, son of her brother Utu with an Earthling.      

Inanna visited Enki at Basara and seduced him for programs to expand her temple complex at Uruk into a city.  She got Enki drunk, blind with lust and seduced him.  He gave her the ME programs.  She slipped them to her pilot to hide in Uruk. 

When Enki sobered, he jailed Inanna at Eridu and demanded his MEs back.

Enlil intervened and Inanna told him: “By right the ME s I have obtained, Enki himself in my hand placed them!  So did Inanna to Commander Enlil say; the truth Enki meekly admitted” [Enki: 281]      

In 3760 BCE., Inanna chose the first King of Sumer, the Lugal.  The Lugal represented the gods to the Earthlings.  Lugals shifted their center to Inanna at Uruk, then to Akad (which she ruled).      

In 3450 BCE, Inanna and the Enlilites bombed Marduk’s Launch Tower at Babylon.  The Enlilite Council named the Constellation Twins after Inanna and Utu and replaced Ninmah with Inanna both as a member and as The Maiden [Virgo].       

Inanna appointed an Adapite Hybrid Earthling Shepherd-Chief (descended from Dumuzi) King of Aratta.            

Igigi Aryans followed Inanna east to Aratta in the Indus Valley.  She shuttled her plane between the Indus and her temple at Uruk in Sumer.        

In Uruk, “a House for Nighttime Pleasure she established.”        

Her second ruler in Uruk, Enmerkar (Utu’s grandson and an Earthling) sent an emissary to the Arattan King.  Enmerkar sent his son, Banda the Short, to Aratta.  On his way back from Aratta, Banda sickened and died, but Inanna’s brother Utu revived him.     

When Banda returned to Uruk, Inanna saw him as Dumuzi. “‘A miracle.  My beloved Dumuzi to me came back!’ she shouted.  In her abode, Banda was bathed.  “Dumuzi, my beloved,” she called him. “To her bed, with flowers bedecked, she lured him.”  In the morning Banda still lived. “Inanna shouted: ‘The power of dying in my hands was placed, immortality by me granted.’  Then to call herself a goddess Inanna decided, the Power of Immortality it implied.” [Enki: 287-292]      

At Baalbek, Inanna invited Gilgamesh to become her mate, not just couple with her as he did in the annual kingly ritual.  When Gilgamesh declined, “No,” she sicced a mechanical guard-bull attack him.  He, however, killed it and escaped her.       

With her techno-weapons, armies, and power, Inanna said s could bestow immortality.

Inanna ran kingship of Sumer for 1000 years.  In 2371 BCE, she chose her Earthling half-brother, Akkadian gardener, Sargon (who’d raped her) to lead her armies.  Sargon and Inanna built their capital, Agade, in Akkad (near Babylon). They subdued all Sumer except Lagash, her Uncle Ninurta’s fief.  She led Sargon’s army through Luristan in the Zagros Mountains.  With the army and her mass-killing weapons, she and Sargon united Sumer. They spread spoken and written-on-clay Akkadian all over Sumer and spawned the Semitic languages (including Hebrew and Arabic). [Heaven & Earth: 95; Wars: 10 – 11].      

In 2316 BCE in Marduk’s absence, Sargon invaded Babylon. To show disdain for Marduk, Sargon “took away the soil” for Inanna to build a launch site of her own and take interplanetary power. Marduk and Nabu returned from Egypt to Babylon, fortified the city and diverted rivers to it from the other Sumerian cities.  Inanna and Marduk both loosed lasers on each other’s Earthling armies.  Marduk’s minions besieged Sargon. [Giants: 270 – 274; Heaven and Earth: 97]       

In 2291 BCE Inanna, Naram-Sin (Sargon’s grandson) and the Akkadian armies captured the Baalbek Landing Platform.  Then they dashed along the Mediterranean coast for the Sinai Spaceport and inland for Mission Control in Jerusalem. The Akkadians crossed the forbidden Forth Region, the region forbidden to Earthlings. Inanna and the Akkadians conquered Jerico, which switched alliance from Nannar to her.  Her armies, under Naram-Sin, joined Nergal’s and conquered Egypt.       

Nergal visited Inanna and asked her to help him contain Marduk and he tricked Marduk to leave Babylon, then took its power source, which controlled irrigation for all Sumer.     

In 2255 BCE, Inanna recaptured Uruk, destroyed Anu’s temple there and sent Naram-Sin to attack Enlil’s minions at Nippur.  She declared herself supreme to even Nibiru’s King Anu.  Enlil sent Ninurta and Ninurta’s cavalry and Gutiums to reconquer Sumer.  They wasted most of Sumer.  Enlil ordered death for Inanna’s strongman, King Naram-Sin, for his attack on Nippur.  Enlil’s agents planted a scorpion to kill the King and ordered Inanna arrested but she fled to Nannar, then flew to Nergal’s Lower Africa.  For seven years, Inanna and Nergal plotted to overthrow the Council. [Ancient text, Queen of all the MEs; Wars: 254]       

Inanna returned to Sumer, where, in 2095 BCE, Shulgi succeeded Ur Nammu as ruler.  Inanna invited Shulgi to Uruk and declared him “the man for the vulva of Inanna.”  They wed in the temple where Anu’d elevated her in tantric ritual.       

In 689 BCE, Enlil sent Inanna to Assyria to disarm the Ninevan army and destroy their weapons. “Esarhaddon rules,” she proclaimed.   In battles in Arabia and in an attack on Marduk’s Egyptian forces, she fired “an intense brilliance” from her helmet to blind enemies of Ashurbanipal (Esarhaddon’s successor).  She “rained flames upon Arabia.” [Wars 12-19, 276 -279]      

When Nergal and Ninurta bombed Sinai and the Dead Sea Cities loyal to Marduk and fallout from the nukes destroyed all life in Sumer, Inanna fled to Anatolia.  In 1190 BCE (as Aphrodite) she fought for the Anatolians of Troy against Greece. The Greek half-breed Diomedes wounded her.  She helped her half-Earthling son Aeneas flee Troy.  Aeneus sojourned in Carthage, settled in Latinum, married a local and begat descendants.  Numitor, King of Alba Longa and one of Inanna’s descendants begat Rhea, mother of Romulus and Remus whom Julius Caesar claimed as an ancestor. 



Jacob-Israel  Born in 1963 BCE, Jacob, Abraham’s son, ruled Canaan for the Enlilites.  He went to Harran in Turkey to find a bride and on the way saw a Nibiran flying saucer deplane and reboard Enlil and his aides.  20 years later, after Jacob’s bride service in Harran for two wives, Enlil sent him back to Canaan.  En route, Jacob wrestled a Nibiran into submission.  The Nibiran re-named Jacob ISRA-EL [he who fought a god]. Israel limped into his twin brother Esau’s camp, took over as Patriarch of Enlil’s loyalists, known now as “the Children of Isra-El.”  Jacob fathered Joseph, whom Egypt’s Pharoh made Overseer of Egypt.  [Encounters:250-256]


In 872 BCE, Ithbaal, King of Tyre, gave his daughter Jezebel to Ahab, the successor to Omri as King of Israel to create the Phoenician-Israeli alliance.

Jezabel, Queen of Israel
Jezabel, Queen of Israel





 Jehu (Enlil’s agent) purged Ahab’s dynasty and the alliance with Phoenicia and made Israel subject to Syria, which dispersed Israel’s intelligencia throughout the Assyrian empire.


Born, 1870 BCE, son of Jacob (Israel). Joseph’s half brothers, who hated how he analyzed dreams, sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt. Joseph’s owner’s wife asked him for sex.  When he refused, she had him jailed as a sexual predator.

Joseph and Potiphar's wife1



In jail, Joseph won fame when he interpreted dreams.  Pharaoh Amenemhet III of the Middle Kingdom’s XII dynasty ascended the throne of Egypt in 1842 BCE.  The new Pharaoh dreamed seven skinny cows ate seven fat cows and seven scorched ears of grain ate seven healthy ones.  He summonsed Joseph from jail and asked him to interpret his dream.  Joseph said Pharaoh’s dream augered seven years good harvest, then seven famine years.  Impressed, in 1840 BCE, Amenemhet made Joseph Overseer of Egypt and let him store water and grain from the seven good years for the seven lean ones.   

 Joseph ran Nile high floodwaters into miles of canals and underground pipes to an artificial lake near Hawara.  He made the Fayam area breadbasket of Egypt.  When drought and famine hit the Near East, refugees poured into Egypt where vegetables, fruit and fish still, thanks to Joseph, abounded.  In 1833 BCE, Papa Jacob (now 130 years old) and Joseph’s half-brothers who’d sold him to slave joined the refugees from Canaan to Egypt.


Joshua at Jerico

Joshua at Jerico 

When Moses died, his general, Joshua, who had been one of the twelve spies Moses sent into Canaan, led the Israelites across the Jordon River. 

Joshua, whom Enlil told of astronomical events and assisted with techno-weapons, conquered much of Canaan. 

Joshua killed 120,000 men and enslaved 200,000 women and children.  Enlil had him kill a million Ethiopians too.  With the weapons and engineered plagues, Enlil and Joshua slew 10,000 Canaanites and Perizzites and 10,000 Moabites. [Judges 1:4, 3:28-29; Tellinger, Slave Species:173 -191]  


Adapa and Titi (Enki’s Earthling son and daughter) begat Ka-in, their firstborn eldest twin.  Titi bore the twins, first, Ka-in; second, Abael sometime 300,000 – 200,000 years ago at Enki’s lab.

Kai-In killedAbael2






The Expedition Council banished Ka-In East of Sumer after he killed his twin Abael.Ninghzidda marked Ka-In genetically to lack facial hair. 




Lu-March worked as Enki’s pre-Deluge Workforce Foreman, husband of Batanash with whom Enki begat Ziasudra. 


For a few decades on Nibiru, Marduk (aka Ra, Ra-amon, Amon, Aten, Bilulu, Baal, Bel, Nimrod, Ares, Mars, Jupiter, Zeus, Agipan, Satan), son of Damkina (King Alalu’s daughter) and Enki (Enki was son of Anu, Alalu’s successor), could succeed Alalu.  Until Anu overthrew Alalu, both Anu and Alalu proclaimed Marduk Heir Presumptive.

Marduk as Mars
Marduk as Mars






Marduk’s father’s brother Enlil (Commander on Earth) gave Marduk rule of the transshipment facility and the Astronaut Corps on Mars.  But 350,000 years ago, Nibiru neared Earth and brimstones rained on Earth and Mars, loosed earthquakes and volcanoes on both planets, trashed Marsbase and forced the Corps to leave it.  So Marduk lost his command.        

Enki took Marduk to the moon. They surveyed the moon as an alternative base.  On the moon, Enki gave Marduk vast scientific information.        

Enki told Marduk he’d help him reclaim his right to rule.      

In 9780 BCE: Enki gave Marduk rule of Egypt and its Earthlings.  Marduk divided Egypt between his sons Seth and Osiris.       

Marduk said he’d marry Sarpanit, a hybrid daughter of Enkime (a direct descendent of one of Enki’s Earthling sex partners).  Marduk’s marriage would bind the Earthlings to him; he’d wield them as weapons, and defeat Enlil on Earth.  Then with armies of Earthlings, he’d reclaim his right as Alalu’s heir to rule Nibiru.        

Enlil let Marduk and Sarpanit proclaim they’d wed at Eridu.  But Enlil ordered the couple, after they wed, to Egypt.  

 200 Igigi astronauts occupied the Lebanon Airport, then flew to Eridu.  After the wedding, each astronaut seized an Earthling woman.  They took the 200 Earthlings back to Lebanon and radioed Enlil: “Bless our Earthling marriages or by fire, all on Earth shall we shall destroy.” Marduk, the astronauts’ Commander, demanded Enlil ratify the unions.  Marduk and Sarpanit stayed with other Igigi families in Lebanon and begat Nabu.              

When Enlil ordered the Indus Valley developed as a dowry for Inanna and Dumuzi, Marduk had his sister Geshtinanna seduce their brother Dumuzi.  After she got his ejaculate, Geshtinanna said, “Marduk of raping me will accuse you.”  Dumuzi drowned as he fled Marduk’s agents.  Inanna chased Marduk through the chambers of the Great Pyramid.  When he came out, the Enlilites convicted him and sentenced him to die. 

But King Anu had Ningishzidda rescue Marduk.  The Enlilites exiled him to North America. In Egypt, they now called Marduk Ra- Amen (Amen = hidden).       

In 8670 BCE, Inanna & the Enlilites again defeated Marduk and his armies.  Marduk and his forces fled to the mountains.  Inanna blasted them with “an explosive beam and forced them south.”  Marduk, Gibil, Seth, Horon and Enki escaped into the Great Pyramid at Giza.  In exchange for a peace treaty, Enki surrendered and replaced Marduk with Ningishzidda as ruler of Egypt.       

In 3850 BCE, Anu inspected the Earth Project, and at the Peruvian Spaceport pardoned Marduk.  Sarpanit had died; Marduk and Nabu moved to Enki’s place in Eridu.  In 3460 BCE Marduk extended Enki’s base in Sumer at Babylon (within Eridu), as his headquarters.”  Marduk had his Earthlings built a “tower whose head shall reach the heavens–a launch tower.       

Nabu gathered Earthlings and Marduk taught them to make bricks for Babylon, his spaceport. With a spaceport, he’d challenge the Enlilite spaceport on the Sinai. But Enlilites bombed the tower and Marduk’s camp at Babylon and he fled to Egypt.  Enlilites scattered Marduk’s Earthlings and gave them different languages and scripts.       

“Marduk, after a long absence, to the Land of the Two Narrows [Egypt] returned, Ningishzidda as its master he there found.”  For the next 350 years, armies Marduk and Nigishzidda clashed over Egypt.  Finally, Enki ordered Ningishzidda to leave Egypt to Marduk. Enki hadn’t passed the rule of Nibiru to Marduk, but maybe he could settle Marduk in Egypt.  Enki gave him computer programs to make Egypt prosper; he gave him all his knowledge except how to revive the dead.  Marduk replaced Ningishzidda s image on the Sphinx with Osiris’.  Marduk told his pharaohs he’d mummify and rocket them to Nibiru for eternity with the gods.  He rallied Egypt against the Enilites.       

In 2316 BCE Sargon and Inanna invaded Babylon, filled an urn with Babylon soil and planted it in Agade.  The urn from Babylon showed the world she’d bested Marduk and that she’d build her own tower in Agade to launch rockets to Nibiru. 

When Marduk returned from Egypt to Babylon, he fortified Babylon and diverted rivers to it before they flowed to other Sumerian cities.  He said he’d build his spaceport in Babylon.

Marduk’s new water control system stopped water to Sumer’s Enlilite cities. Inanna loosed lasers on his Earthlings and he shot laser beams at her armies. The Anunnaki Council told Nergal to restore Sumer’s water and disarm Marduk and Babylon.  In Uruk, Nergal allied with Inanna and asked Inanna to help thwart Marduk.  Nergal and Inanna made love and planned to conquer the Earth.        

Nergal and his Africans marched to Babylon, where Marduk greeted them.  Nergal promised Marduk if he’d leave Babylon for South Africa, he’d get weapons–Alalu’s hidden nukes–and computers that justified Marduk’s turn as Supreme Anunnaki on Earth hidden there. 

Marduk said that if he left Babylon, the waterworks would fail, and Sumer’d suffer floods, dried-up crops and cholera. Nergal said he’d respect the waterworks Reassured, Marduk went to South Africa.  Then Nergal destroyed the system and created floods, dried-out fields and canals throughout Sumer.       

Marduk took Harran from Nannar and cut Sumer from trade with the Hittites.  Nabu roused the cities west of the Euphrates and Canaan against Enlil.  Marduk and Nabu threatened both the Spaceport. Nergal nuked Marduk’s forces in Canaan.  Nabu escaped westward to an island in the Mediterranean.  The nuclear cloud blew to the Enlilites’ Sumerian turf and killed all Sumer except Marduk’s Babylon.  Marduk made Babylon Capitol of Sumer and, around 2000 BCE, said he was God of the gods.  He renamed Nibiru “Marduk” and created New Years Celebrations there to enact “his” entry into the inner solar system and creation of Earth, then of Earthlings.       

He renamed Mercury, “Nabu.”  Marduk developed a priesthood which studied omens and a horoscope that said effects the planets–and their namesakes–had on Earthlings.  He degraded Sumer’s astronomical observations, compassionate support of citizens, and the status of women. He excluded women from high office and the exercise of art.       

In 587 BCE, forces of Marduk’s Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar overran Enlil’s forces in Jerusalem.  Nebuchadnezzar installed a king there, ordered worship of Marduk.        

In 539 BCE, Cyrus of Persia conquered Babylon and Marduk welcomed him.  Alexander of Greece, who thought Marduk begat him, took Persia, then Egypt.  In Egypt, Alexander saw Marduk floating in fluid, dead or in suspended animation. 

Moses from Egypt
Judac Fine Art.


.Moses lived 1391–1271 BCE.  He was also known as Aminadab, Amenhotep III).

PharaohThothmose I broke the Middle Kingdom promise that Egypt honor the descendants of Jacob-Israel. Pharaoh meant to work them to death and stop them from breeding. He “ordered any newborn Israelite male killed at birth.” In 1513 BCE, to save their newborn, a couple descended from Jacob/Israel laid the boy in a box and floated it down a stream where Thothmose’s daughter bathed. She called the boy “Moses” (“Lord/Sir”)and adopted him.    

In 1482 BCE, PharaohThothmose III renewed hostilities against Enlilites abroad and the Israelites in Egypt. Moses, now grown, killed an Egyptian overseer who brutalized Israelites.   

Thothmose III ordered Moses killed, but Moses escaped to Sinai, where he married the daughter of a Midianite priest.    

In 1450 BCE, Amenhotep II, the new pharaoh, let Moses’ death sentence expire. Enlil sent Moses back to Egypt to free the Israelites. Moses tried to scare Amenhotep with magic but Amenhotep resisted and instead ordered Israelites to make three times more bricks than before.

Enlil said he was hitting Egypt with the plagues, infestations, cattle diseases, three days of darkness and weather disturbances that accompanied the nearing of Nibiru or its Lagrange detritus. The disturbances, according to Gordon Gianimoto, released methane gas that killed all non-Israelite firstborn boys who slept by the open first-floor doors but spared the Israelites who, forwarned, had closed their doors and moved their firstborns upstairs.

In 1433 BCE, Amenhotep told the Israelites, “Go.”  When he thought them caught between the desert’s edge, lakes, then the Red Sea, he sent chariots to recapture them and the frightened Egyptians who fled with them. Enlil either used his climate control devices to sweep a path through the Red Sea and showed the Israelites a way to cross or he merely warned that nearing of Nibiru or its orbital detritus would trigger the eruption of Thera and create tidal surges throughout the Nile Basin. Egyptians chased the fleeing Israelites but Enlil let the sea sweep over and drown them.   

For 40 years, Enlil guided Moses and the Israelites through the desert to the edge of the Sinai Peninsula and protected them from Amalekites. Nights, he lit the way with a “fiery beacon.” Days, he led with a dark cloud. He fed them and had them kill 3000 of their number who worshipped other Anunnaki and 23,000 for sex before they married. [Exodus 32:26–28; Corinthians 10:8].   

Enlil ordered Moses to climb Mt. Sinai then relay demands to the Israelites. Moses told the Israelites what Enlil wanted. He gave Moses orders engraved in stone. Moses, however, in a fit of rage and murder, destroyed the engravings and the Israelites who’d made a golden calf to propitiate Enlil. Enlil then had Moses engrave another set of rules. Enlil then landed his rocket atop the mount, and, with an amplifier he spoke directly to 600,000 Israelites at the mountain’s base. They must, he said, reject all other Nibiran gods, not even say their names. They must spend every seventh day worshiping him and subjugate women and kids, as well as refrain from murder, adultery, theft and false witness. They must not, he said, crave others’ homes, wives, Earthlings, and property.  

For 40 days on the peak he either regaled Moses on his spaceship with projections or rocketed him up so he could see and report the Earth was curved (something Earthlings of his day did not know) [DoHerarty: 2011].  

Enlil then landed his rocket on the mount and, with an amplifier told the people what he wanted. They had to say they’d obey. He had Moses make a temple and a box (an “Ark of the Covenant”) that sported two gold cherubs) for tablets of his orders. Above a drawer in the Ark, Moses built a Talk-to-Enlil communicator. Moses returned to the Israelites, glowed with radiation from Enlil’s aircraft.       

NAB (Ensag, Nebo)            

Nabu, son of Marduk and Earthling Sarpanit ruled Borsippa (South of Marduk’s Babylon).  As Marduk’s Prophet, Nabu won allies in the cities south of the Salt Sea.  He told them to expect Marduk back from exile in North America and said Marduk would take the Sinai Spaceport.

Ninurta and Nergal nuked the Salt Sea cities sympathetic to Marduk.  They turned the Salt Sea into the Dead Sea.  Nabu escaped the nuclear holocaust to an island in the Mediterranean.              

After the fallout felled the Enlilites of Sumer and Marduk finally ruled there, Nabu returned to Borsippa. He visited Marduk in Babylon each year for New Year ceremonies.

ADAD Adad ran the Lebanon Landing Place. In 3800 B.C., Enlil put him in charge of gold and tin works at Tiahuanaco, where, as Viracocha, he “placed his symbol of the forked lightening for all to see from the air and the ocean, on a mountainside on the Bay of Paracas, Peru, the anchorage harbor for ships carrying tin and bronze of Tiahuanaco to the Old World.” [ZS, Lost Realms: 252]
Nabu, Marduk’s son and prophet

 NANNAR (Sin, Man-in-the-Moon, Allah)      

Sud bore Nannar after Enlil raped her, the Anunnaki Council exiled him to Africa, and he returned and married Sud.  Nannar married Ningal, Enki’s daughter with Ningikuga, Goddess of Building Material.  Nannar and Ningal begat the twins Inanna-Ishtar and Utu-Shamash as well as Ereshkigal.  400,000 years ago, Enlil had exiled Nannar from Sumer, when Enlil thought Nannar supported the revolt of Anzu and the Astronaut Corps.        

In 8670 BCE, Enlil forgave Nannar and made him Ur’s god, mandated to develop commerce and currency for Sumer.  Nannar, unlike others of Enlil’s lineage, had avoided combat in the wars of the Nibirans on Earth.  So Enlil choose Nannar to signal Earthlings, even in lands Marduk controlled, to worship Nannar and enjoy prosperity with money and credit. [Giants: 269-70, 278]. 

Nannar ruled Ur’s 3rd Dynasty.  His Earthlings adored him. He bred sheep that made Ur “the wool and garment center of the ancient Near East and “developed foreign trade by land and water.”  His half-Earthling/half-Anunnaki staff and their thousands of subject Earthlings built a navigable (and protective) canal to Ur’s two harbors.  The canal separated the temple, palace, and offices on one bank from shops and homes on the other bank. On their bank, merchants, craftsmen, and laborers occupied multi-storied white houses along broad, straight streets.  [Wars: 271 -272] 

Around 530 CE, King Anu abdicated as King of Nibiru and, on Ningishzidda’s advice, appointed Nannar as King of Nibiru.  Recently, Nannar began sending his operatives to Earth to undermine Marduk’s control here.



Daughter of Enki and Ninmah, Nanshe presided over weights and measures, storehouses and beer as well as social justice for widows, those in debt, and war refugees in Sumer. Nanshe planned waterways, fountains and gave oracles at Enki’s academy at Basara. She sailed a barge and supervised fish harvest from the Persian Gulf; she looked after Sumer’s bird and animal populations.

In 2220 BCE Nanshe helped her sister Nisaba plan Ninurta’s temple complex at Lagash.  Her constellation’s Scorpio.


Nergal-Erra-Pluto, Mars,  second son of Enki and Damkina, mate of Ereshkigal.  Nergal ruled the south part of Africa.





Nergal turned against his older brother, Marduk and nuked the cities of Canaan allied with Marduk and Marduk’s son Nabu.  Nergal allied with Inanna to conquer Earth. 


Enki’s youngest son with Damkina.  Ninagal piloted Ziasudra’s boat to Mt. Ararat.


Ningal, daughter of Enki and Ningikuga (the Reed Goddess) married Nannar and shared with his worship by Ur’s Earthlings.

NINLIL (Sud, Leto, Lilith)

One of Ninmah’s medical officers, she became Enlil’s mate after he raped her and impregnated her with Nannar.  The Anunnaki Council banished Enlil to Africa for the rape but let him return when he married her.  She also bore a second son, Adad, with Enlil.


NINGISHZIDDA/THOTH/QUETZLCOATL/KUKUKLAN/HERMES/MERCURY (Regarded as”Jupiter” in Lagash [Divine Encounters: 90])





Genetically Nibiran, Ningishzidda birthed on Earth, son of Enki and Ereshkigal. Enki’d seduced Ereshkigal as he took her to run the Climate Station in South Africa. He left her there, pregnant with Ningshzidda.  Enki’s son Nergal married Ereshkigal and sent Ningishzidda to live with Enki.  

Ningishzidda co-created us, made us breedable and left us genetic, architectural, mathematic, astronomical, musical and chemical knowledge that helps us survive.                    

After the Deluge 13,000 years ago, Ningishzidda (as Thoth) built the Sinai Spaceport and the Giza Pyramids to guide rockets to the Spaceport. He built a model pyramid, then the Great Pyramid at the South end of a straight landing line–through the Landing Platform in Lebanon (Baalbek) to Mt. Ararat (Eastern Turkey) in the North.  Ningishzidda installed the power generator, master computer programs, and astronavigational equipment in the Great Pyramid and hid records (on indestructible tablets) in secret chambers (Halls of Amenti) under the Pyramid [Doreal, Emerald Tablets:1].            

Ningishzidda also built and was the initial face on the Sphinx. He planned and supervised a castle, temple, planetarium and fighter-jet hangar for his cousin Ninurta at Lagash.

Ningishzidda refused to fight for Marduk and Enki in the Second Pyramid War, though he did, when the Council of the Anunnaki, asked, tunnel into and rescue Marduk from the Great Pyramid. Enlilites considered Ningishzidda, though an Enkiite, an ally, since Enlil was, though his mother, Ereshkigal, Ningishzidda’s grandfather. Both Enkiites and Enlilites accepted him, so Enlil, at the Peace Treaty of 8670 BCE, made him ruler of Egypt.            

As Thoth, he ruled the Nile for 1,560 years, from 8670 BCE, when Enlil banished Marduk/Ra from Egypt. Enki and Enlil agreed to give Egypt to Ninghishzidda. He ruled through other Anunnaki he put in charge.         

Ningishzidda engraved emerald tablets which he showed certain men. He left the tablets–imperishable, resistant to all elements, corrosion, and acids–beneath the Giza Pyramid for a future Age of Light.   

When Marduk returned from exile, he sent armies against Ningishzidda for the next 350 years. Enki/Ptah (their father), in 4350BCE, ordered Ningishzidda to leave Egypt to Marduk. So Ningishzidda moved on.  He guided the building of Stonehenge in England and New Grange in Ireland.                        

Ningishzidda went to South America and with Adad built a spaceport atop the Andes. Ningishzidda showed the Earthlings there (descendants of Ka-in, the South American “Indians”) how to build observatories with sight-lines to pinpoint stars and see when Nibiru approached.  Ningishzidda designed tin and gold-processing plants and planetariums in South America at Sacsahuaman, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, as well as in Central America and the Valley of Mexico (Teotihuacan).   

In 3113 BCE,  he shipped Middle Eastern-looking Sumerian and Black African overseers and technicians with him to Mexico and Mesoamerica.  With them and his “Indians,” he created the civilization of the Maya. He and his African (Olmec) and Middle-Easterners taught the Maya math, astronomy, calendar calculation, and temple-building.

The Indians revolted. They drove the Africans and Middle-Easterners ever south, finally out of Mesoamerica.      

Ningishzidda left Earth in 311 BCE with the promise he and other Anunnaki would return on December 21, 2012 CE to foster the Age of Aquarius.   

Ningishzidda as Kukuklan, emerging from his spacecraft, depicted as flying serpent.

Ningishzidda as Kukuklan, emerging from his spacecraft, depicted as flying serpent.


Ninmah 2 pix

Ninmah (aka Ninharsag, Ninti, Mammi, Hathor, Isis, Astarte, Athena, Hera, Minerva, Lilith), Nibiran-born, youngest daughter of King Anu.       

The King ended her betrothal to her eldest brother, Enki, when she and Enlil, her next brother, begat Ninurta.        

She took female Nibiran Medical Practitioners and grape starts to Sharuppak (Iraq) on Earth.  En route, she stopped on Mars where she found Alalu dead.  She revived Anzu, marooned with Alalu.  Her crew made a massive stone monument, a rendering of Alalu, facing the sky, at Cydonia.  Ninmah left Anzu with 20 men to start Marsbase and flew on to Earth.       

On Earth, she loved Enki and bore him many girls, including both Ninsun, mother of Gilgamesh and Gestinianna, Nishzidda’s consort.  With Enki, and with his son Ningishzidda, Ninmah created us, today’s Earthlings.        

Ninmah tutored Enki’s son Ziasudra, the learned patriarch of Sumer.        

Ninmah voted on the ruling Anunnaki Council, where she repeatedly supported Earthlings.        

On Mount Ararat, Turkey, after the Deluge, 11,000 BCE, Ninmah forced Enlil to spare the Earthlings.  He could govern them, she said, through Ziasudra and his male descendants.        

Enlil gave Ninmah rule of the entire Sinai–Tilmun (Land of Missiles–as neutral turf between his Enlilite lineage and Enki’s.       

In 8670 BCE Ninmah mediated war between the Enlilite lineage (her son Ninurta’s) and the Enkiites, who were holed up in the Giza Pyramid. Enlil, Enki and Ninurta installed Ninmah in a Sinai palace where Enlil titled her “Ninharsag, Mistress of the Mountainhead.” 

NINURTA  (AKA Molech in Canaan, Apollo in Greece)     

Ninurta (aka Ishum, sometimes, Ashur; possibly Indra too; sometimes Aries, Mars) birthed on Nibiru, son out-of-wedlock of Enlil and Ninmah. 


Ninurta with a multi-headed missile weapon





Ninurta served as Enlil’s heir and second-in-command on Earth and ruled Mesopotamia from Lagash, defeated Anzu and Inanna and inadvertently killed Sumer when he nuked Sinai for the Enlilites. 

NOAH (Atrabasis, Ziusudra, Utnapishtim)

Enki’s secret son with Batanash, wife of Lu-Mach, Enki’s Adapite Formen at Sippar, Iraq. Noah, from a diagram Galzu had Enki download into Noah’s wall compute,  built a submersible boat to save Noah’s subjects in Sippar and the craftesmen he’s recruited as builders.  Enki’s son Ninagal piloted the boat to Mount Ararrat, where Enlil, Ninmah, Ninurta landed amid the celebration of deliverance Noah led.  for the flood in the Eastern Mediterranean.  Enki confessed that Noah was his son, and Enlil decreed that the Anunnaki would build series of settlements in Iraq and Kuwait.  The settlements were to be ruled by Noah’s sons, Shem, Japhet and Ham.

NISABA (Sesheta)


Daughter of Enki and Ninmah, Nisaba graduated from Enki’s House of Learning in Eridu.  As Goddess of writing, sh ran Enlil’s Academy for Scribal Arts” in Nippur. Astronomer, librarian, number-cruncher-priestess, she calculated the math and layout for Ninurta’s temple complex at Lagash in 2220 BCE [Time: 159 – 16].

Nuksu, Yahweh (Enlil)’s Chief of Staff/Emissary (Sukkal) from Nibiru, protected  Expedition Commander Yahweh (Enlil) at Enki’s south African goldmines from the revolting miners.  Nuksu later served as an aide to Yahweh’s son Allah (AKA Sin and Nannar) in Harran (Turkey) and also assisted King Anu when the King visited Earth.

Lucifer-Enki coached the miners, as his set-up to lure Yahweh to the mines, to slowdown ore shipments to Yahweh in Iraq.   Yahweh sent his enforcer-son Ninurta, then came with Nuksu to the African mines to force the miners to dig and send more gold faster.  The miners, volunteers from Nibiru surrounded the house where Yahweh and Ninurta stayed.  The miners burned their weapons and threatened Enlil.  “Nuksu blocked their way with weapons.”

Nuksu, at Yahweh’s command, told Assyria’s King Esarhaddon to invade Egypt and then made Ashurbanipal King of Assyria. “Nuksu accompanied Ashurbanipal on a military campaign.  To ensure victory, Nuksu led the army and, Ashurbanipal  wrote, “threw down my enemies with the divine weapon.” [Divine Encounters: 242, 272]


Osiris, aka Asar, ruler of Upper Egypt from 8970  to 9380 BCE, son of Marduk.             

Osiris married his half-sister Isis.  Astronaut Commander Shamgaz, Nephys and Osiris’ brother Seth drugged, killed and dismembered him to win the fertile Upper Egypt fief. 


Isis retrieved Osiris’s body parts



 Isis impregnated herself with the dead Osiris’s semen and bore Horus, who defeated and Seth.             

Marduk, replaced Ningishzidda/Thoth’s visage on the Sphinx with that of Osiris.  


Head Emissary for Anu.  “He carried out missions on behalf of Anu, conveying Anu’s decisions to the Anunnaki leaders on Earth.  He displayed considerable diplomatic skills.  When Anu was away from Earth, Papsukkal served as an emissary of Ninurta.


Sargon conquers





 Inanna’s Nibiran-Earthling half-brother, gardener, rapist, then lover, founded Sumer’s Akkadian Dynasty. In 2371 BCE, Inanna chose him to lead her armies. They built their capital, Agade and won all Sumer except Lagash.  Sargon’s army followed Inanna through Luristan in the Zagros Mountains. Sargon spread spoken and written-on-clay Akkadian all over Sumer and spawned the Semitic languages. [Heaven & Earth: 95; Wars: 10 – 11].            

In 2316 BCE Sargon invaded Babylon while Marduk journeyed elsewhere. Sargon “took away the soil” To show disdain for Marduk.  He displayed the soil at Agade to tout Inanna’s intention to build a launch site of her own there and from the launch site, take interplanetary power.

But Marduk and Nabu returned from Egypt to Babylon, fortified the city and diverted rivers to it from the other Sumerian cities. 

Inanna and Marduk both loosed lasers on each other’s Earthling armies.  Marduk’s minions besieged Sargon. [Giants: 270 – 274; Heaven and Earth: 97]            

Inanna stayed beautiful and sexy but Sargon aged and “crumbled into a pathetic drunk who died cursing Inanna.” [Ferguson, “Inanna Returns,” in Heaven and Earth, Ed.:97]







Sarpanit, daughter of Enkime (a descendent of one of Enki’s Earthling lovers) wed Marduk at Eridu in 3450 BCE.  Her marriage to Marduk and the birth of their son, Nabu, showed Marduk’s bond with the Earthlings with whom he planned to defeat Enlil.  After they wed, the astronaut corps took 200 Earthling girls and secured Baalbek’s Landing Platform.       

When Marduk had Dumuzi killed and Inanna and the Enlilite Council sealed Marduk to die in a sealed chamber in the Great Pyramid, Sarpanit got Anu to save Marduk. 





  In 11, 000 BCE in Egypt, Marduk, Sarpanit, and their sons, Seth (aka Satu or Enshag) and Osiris (Asar) sheltered with Marsbase’s Astronaut Commander, Shamgaz.  Osiris and Seth married Shamgaz’s girls, Isis (aka Asra–Ningishzidda’s child with Marduk’s granddaughter). Shamgaz and Seth allied. Osiris married Seth’s half-sister Isis to block Seth fathering heirs to Egypt.  Seth then married Nephys, his full sister.  “The full siblingship of Seth and Nephthys disqualified their offspring from rulership. Osiris and Isis lived near Marduk in the northern lowlands of Lower Egypt.  Seth and Nebat settled in southern Upper Egypt’s mountains, near Shamgaz’s villa and the Lebanon Landing Platform.  Shamgaz and Nebat told Seth that while Osiris lived he and the Astronauts would lack good fiefs on Earth.  

SHAMGAZ   (Azazael)

Nibiran; Commander of the Astronaut Corps, Marduk’s ally.  Shamgaz led the astronauts’ capture of Earthling women after Marduk wed Sarpanit at Eridu, forced Enlil to legitimate the captured women as astronauts’ wives.   Shamgaz continued to fight on the side of Marduk and Nabu against Enlil and Enlil’s minions. 

SUD (Ninlil)

As a Medical Officer from Nibiru, Sud accompanied Ninmah to staff Shuruppak, the Expedition’s Medical Center in Iraq.  Commander Enlil raped and impregnated Sud.

The Anunnaki Council exiled Enli to Africa but commuted his exile when he agreed to marry Sud and make her “Ninlil”.  After she bore Nannar, the fruit of her rape, she bore Adad. 


Ti-Amat–blonde, white and blue-eyed like Nibiran girls–gave part of the genetic material for all we subsequently bred humans. Ningishzidda planted Ti-Amat as a zygote he’d prepared with Adamu’s blood. Ningishzidda planted the zygote in Damkina.  When Ti-Amat grew to a viable fetus, Ningishzidda excised her from Damkina.       

When Ti-Amat matured, Ningishzidda put ova from her into seven test-tubes.  Then he planted the ova in the same female Nibiran doctors who’d borne adapted but non-reproducing males. He anesthetized Enki, Ninmah, and Ti-Amat.  “From the rib of Enki the life essence he extracted; into the rib of Adamu the life essence he inserted.  From the rib of Ninmah the life essence he extracted; into the rib of Ti-Amat the life essence he inserted.” [Enki:148]       

Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda hid how they’d altered Ti-Amat.  She and Adamu stayed in Enki’s Persian Gulf orchard, while her fetus gestated.  Ti-Amat made leaf-aprons for herself and Adamu.

Commander Enlil, banished Ti-Amat and Adamu when saw she and Adamu wore aprons and Ti-Amat displayed intelligence equal to that of a Nibiran child.  Enlil made Enki confess that Ti-Amat’s fetus would breed, then tied him up. The Anunnaki Council freed Enki, who then put Adamu and Ti-Amat in an enclosure in Zimbabwe where Ti-Amat children who, in turn, bred with each other and with Anunnaki. 


Enki’s daughter with an Earthling, Titi and her brother (and Enki’s son) Adapa started the line of superslaves, hybrids with enhanced genetic input from Nibiran genes–Enki’s.  200,000 years ago, Titi and Adapa begat Ka-in and Abael in Zimbabwe. 

UTU (Shamash, Apollo)





 Before the Deluge, Utu, Inanna’s twin, born on Earth to Nannar and Ningal, ran the Astronauts at Sippar.  After the Deluge, he ran Mission Control at Jerusalem.  He retired to Sippar.  Later, he left South America on a rocket for Nibiru. 

Title in Bible alludes before 2024 BCE to Enlil or, in the area of Jerusalem, to Enlil’s son Adad.  After 2024, Prince Marduk, Enlil’s nephew, claimed he was Yahweh, Lucifer, Enlil, Nannar, etc, all incorporated in his being. 

ZIUSUDRA (Noah)      

Enki impregnated Batanash wife of Lu-March (Enki’s foreman) before the Deluge.  She bore Ziusudra.  Ninmah loved and cared for him.  Enki taught him to read Adapa’s writings. Enki gave Ziusudra plans from Galzu to build a sub.  Commander Enlil chose Ziusudra’s sons Ham, Japhet, and Shem to rule us hybrids for the Anunnaki and granted Ziasudra and his wife extreme longevity.  Ziusudra, whom the Anunnaki granted extended life from herbs that grew in a secluded valley in Sinai, bestowed some of these herbs on Gilgamesh.  A “snake” stole the herbs before Gilgamesh could use them to preserve his life.

* MARDUK, ANUNNAKI KING OF EARTH amazon.com/Marduk-King-Earth-Book-Anunnaki/dp/1545354383 (Preview)

MARDUK: ANUNNAKI KING OF EARTH By Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology) & Janet Kira Lessin CEO, Aquarian Radio, explores how Marduk, Our secret Anunnaki ruler, says he’ll make amends for the suffering he caused.

Anu, the legal successor to the planet Nibiru King Lahma, signed a treaty with King Alalu who slew Lahma.

Anu quit as Lahma’s successor and agreed to let his and Alalu’s grandson Marduk succeed Alalu. Anu however reneged. He abrogated the treaty, deposed Alalu and denied Marduk Nibiru’s CrownMarduk rocketed to Earth where he joined his father Enki, Chief Scientist, Earth Goldmining Expedition (the Anunnaki).

Marduk didn’t rule Nibiru; he only, for a while, ruled the Astronaut Corps (Igigi) on Mars.

He wed a Hybrid (Sarpanit) whose ancestors his dad created. He built Babylon for both Anunnaki and Hybrids in Iraq.

Marduk backed the Igigi after they abducted hybrid women following his wedding. He helped settle them on Earth. The Igigi and the lineages they bred with the slave-women, allied with him, settled in Jerico, Canaan, and Egypt.

In 3450 BCE Anunnaki Commander Enlil-Yahweh had his son Ninurta bomb Marduk’s Babylon.

In 2924 BCE Ninurta nuked the Expedition’s Sinai Spaceport to deny it to Marduk. Marduk’s brother Nergal bombed Sodom, Gomorra and the Salt Sea’s south bank to kill Marduk’s son Nabu.

To Enlil’s shock, a radioactive storm blew from the bombs he’d ordered dropped and also killed his Sumerian Earthlings. Enlil left Earth rule to Marduk.


 by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) & Janet Kira Lessin (CEO, Aquarian Radio)


Long-lived (hundreds of thousands of years) extraterrestrial Homo Sapien Goliaths from the planet Nibiru mined gold on Earth 400,000 years ago. 300,000 years ago they created Earth-adapted, short-lived mine slaves—that’s us–from their genome. We called them “Anunnaki,” People-From-The-Sky or Serpent-People. They taught us hierarchy, violence, greed, slavery, debt. They made us worship them, call them “gods.”

200,000 years ago, Enki, their Chief Scientist, begat a line of Earthlings whom he exalted. In 11,000 [all dates to follow are—before the common era—unless otherwise designated] Enki and his lover Batanash begat Noah. After Noah’s flood, Anunnaki ruled through Noah’s sons’ descendants.

The Anunnaki ruined their eastern Mediterranean cities with nuclear blasts and fallout storms. Most of Anunnaki returned to Nibiru by 311 BCE .

But some stayed. They and their descendants (the power elite) rule us to this day.

The Anunnaki taught one-upsmanship. We watched them kill each other to rule; the elite today still kill each other and each others’ followers. Our ancestors plundered, enslaved or killed whomever their master, the dominant Nibiran in their area, told them. We Earthlings still plunder, enslave and kill whomever our elites tell us.

The Anunnaki loosed plagues, nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass killing upon us. They forced mutually unintelligible languages and scripts upon us and withheld knowledge. They and their spawn made exclusive, hostile nations and religions to keep us divided. They addicted us to credit institutions to keep us slaving.

The Anunnaki stand feet taller and live millennia longer than we. We killed in their names: Allah (= Sumerian Nannar), Yahweh (Enlil, sometimes Adad) and Inanna (Ishtar)–Nibiran Expedition personnel all. They bred us to slave in mines, armies, businesses, schools, governments, farms, factories, brothels and building projects.

We worshipped and them and the “royal” lines of ever-murderous hybrid rulers and priests–the elite–they begat.

Most of the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru. A few who remained on Earth and the hybrids through whom they still rule give all factions and nations credit and arms and engineer wars among them. The elite run competing religions which each say they’ll bring back the Anunnaki god of their faith and defeat gods and followers of other faiths.

The ancient scenarios of divide-and-rule, to this very day, make us deplete our resources, pollute our environment and wage war. The matrix the Anunnaki modeled makes us recklessly exploit our resources and pollute. The elite and their ET controllers see that we never feel our unity as a planet of peace.

Anunnaki and hybrid overseers imprinted their greed, one-upsmanship and dominator-consciousness on us. They modeled, dictated and indoctrinated avarice, domination, slavery, competition, hate and violence.

Yahweh and Allah-Nannar murdered many. These Anunnaki lacked compassion, showed neither love nor divinity.

Other Anunnaki–Enki, Ningishzidda and Ninmah–love us and continue to work to free us from the mental virus with whichYahweh and Allah have infected us. Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda can, when we stop warring, advance our astronomy, medicine, energy, rocket science and survival strategies.

The Anunnaki dictated their world view to Earthling scribes of Iraq (then called Sumer). Clay tablets the gods dictated say that back on Nibiru, a king and his military ruled. The gods dictated tales of how, 450,000 years ago, they got gold from Earth and how, till 300,000 years ago, when they created us for the mines, they shipped the gold back to Nibiru. Their tales of their stay on Earth before they made our ancestors as well as what our forefathers directly saw, imprinted us with the values of their hierarchic, male-run, master-slave-enemy mentality. We assumed values of extraction, pollution, monetary monopoly and obsession with gold.

Millions of years before the Anunnaki got to Earth, other ET terraformers seeded hominoids here. The terraformers introduced advanced hominoids, ancestors of Erectus, Neanderthal and Bigfoot, to Earth so the Anunnaki could implant Erectus genes into their Homo Sapien genome and thus adapt their genome to Earth. The Anunnaki created what the terraformers planned for us—they made us Homo Sapien like them, but adapted to Earth [Pye, 2013]. Eighty percent of our DNA is from off-planet [Tellinger, 2011b].

We progressed when the Anunnaki gave us new technologies. Every 3,600 years, they gave us marvelous devices, astronomical and geological information, new crops, new chemistry and ever-more lethal weapons. Suddenly, our architecture, public projects, weaponry, and military training revved up and we build new cities, temples and armies.

Our Sumerian ancestors didn’t imagine gods who made them literate and told them what to write. Rather than make up gods, Sumerians saw, heard and bred with Anunnaki as very tall, long-lived. Sumerians watched the giants run machines and computers; they saw them fire weapons of mass destruction. They saw Anunnaki with small devices, MEs, overpower other Anunnaki.

Sumerians saw Anunnaki speak into devices and heard voices respond. The Anunnaki said the voices came from spacecraft beyond sight and the moon, southern Africa, the Andes and the Indus Valley, as well as from visible rockets, shuttlecraft, orbiting stations and planes.

In Sumer, then all over this planet, the gods gave our ancestors ever-advanced technologies and models so their half-breeds could rule, relate, mine, store data, compute, write, build, trade and war.

Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Indians, Norse, Chinese, Tibetans, Central and South Americans all spoke of these gods who rode Celestial Chariots, threw thunderbolts and, when Nibiru neared Earth, gave us crops, herds, devices, medicine, laws, knowledge and more Nibiran genes.

In 2000, Zecharia Sitchin showed us clay and stone proof. Rocks and inscribed records astronomical, geological, geographical, chemical and biological info Sumerians said gods gave them, info our scientists only got millennia later.

Sitchin solved the mysteries of missing hominid links never found since they didn’t exist. He showed how they periodically upleved our society and its industries. No missing physical links existed since we appeared suddenly, when Enki and his cohorts added Erectus genes to their genome. We got advanced technology when Sumerian “gods” gave it to us.

Sumerians tagged Anunnaki aircraft, submarines, helicopters, spaceships, weapons and computers with their own words and words the gods taught them. Our ancestors called aircraft and rockets “skyships, “celestial chariots” and “fire-breathing dragons.” They named helicopters “whirlbirds.” A whale that swallowed Jonah = a submarine; weapons = “brilliances.” We labeled Nibiran medical and scientific achievements “miracles.”

Our ancestors recorded the history, scientific words and concepts the gods taught them. What gods called “MEs” we call computer programs. Our cultures added descriptions, metaphors, similes and analogies to the words the gods gave us. We can now decode our ancestors’ metaphors for the gods and their technology instead of dismissing the weapons, vehicles and personalities of gods as superstitious myths.

Unless ETs intervene to save us or the weight of Sumerian evidence convinces Muslims, Jews and Christians to give up their fear gods, their compulsions to unquestioningly obey governmental and religious authorities, their impulse to crush others and the mental programs with which the genocidal Anunnaki imposed on us to keep us divided and conquered, we’ll keep warring.

We are one family and we’ve all been duped by the Anunnaki and their halfbreed successor-line of murderous manipulators. We must recover our oneness as a species. As we face new ET demands for our allegiance and gold, we can negotiate for life extension, medicine, free energy, space transport and other ET technologies. We and they can support each other and face our common challenges–environmental, social and psychological.

The truth of our genetics frees us from the master-slave, god-devotee, boss-worker, lord-tenant model the ETs imposed on us. We can end physical and economic slavery, hierarchic obsession, derogation of women, gold lust, antagonistic religions and nations the gods and the hybrid elite they created dictated.

Free of short, desperate lives, we’ll create our future. We’ll activate our latent Nibiran genes, better our genome and join galactic civilization.


Evidence https://wp.me/p1TVCy-1zg
References http://wp.me/p1TVCy-2cq
Timeline http://wp.me/p1TVCy-1Km
Who’s Who http://wp.me/p1TVCy-1PE
New Stuff www.enkispeaks.com

More on the gods of old who gave us Anunnaki religions

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  1. Spot on.
    The hidden texts of Nostradamus say the same – with the addition of the Elo[h]im and who they are. They are the “creators” which Anu and Enki were concerned about, since the Anakim were aware of destinies but not their “fate”. The creators (Cassiopeians/As and the Elohim) of the Living Library, along with the Mantis (wears a human mask in wall friezes and incorrectly called the “bird-man”)appeared in Genesis 1. The Anakim/Dagon in Gen.2. Enki/E.Yah is now “Ra”

  2. I want to know when is there gonna be peace on earth and suffering no more for the people of this planet. This has been going on since forever, its never enough?

  3. MillieLightglider says:

    Wish they could teach all children this- instead of all the nonense we were told to believe… this actually makes sense ?

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