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Fathom Finitude & Deal with Death–GRACE GROWS IN DEATH’S JAWS—Do-it-Yourself Experientials on NEGATION & FINITUDE


          Accept that your physical body will die and you move to live with full vitality, individuality and commitment.  Realize you and others will die prompts you to make authentic, intimate, feelingful, expressive contact.  Knowing you’ll die gives you timetables for the tasks you’ve chosen to give meaning to your life.  When you choose to die you take responsibility for creating your individual, unique life in the limited amount of time you have.  This is the only opportunity you have to fully savor this moment. Carpe diem.

          Accept your bodymind death and the hierarchy of consciousness and you can identify with broader regions of consciousness (such as a humanitarian cause, transcendent art, an archetypical deity form or unity consciousness). 

Use Death to See Unfinished Communication and Tasks**

          If you have a partner, the reader, read you the cues aloud and the instructions in [square brackets] silently. If you lack a partner, just follow each cue sentence, but respond aloud. You learn twice as much if you take another person through the cues.

Reader, start reading here.


          Lie down.  close your eyes.  Remember someone you knew who died.  Say that person’s name.   [= X.  Use name given above for ‘X]

          Imagine X hears you now. Tell him/her what you Left unsaid.         

Pretend you’re X and reply. 

          Have a dialogue–switch back and forth role-playing you and x. 

          If you’d like X to forgive you, ask. 

          Be X and forgive. 

          Be you again.   If there’s something you held against X make a gesture of forgiveness and forgive him/her aloud.


          Visualize your dearest living person.  Tell me his or her person’s name [use for Y].

Make-believe Y has only a few hours of life left, hours to spend with you. 

Talk to Y as though she or he were here now for the last time this life. 

Imagine you’re Y.  What, in these circumstances, do you say. 

What, as yourself again, do you want to add?


Close your eyes.  Remember someone you knew who died.  Say her or his name.   [Jot down or remember the Deceased’s name] ***

Imagine [Deceased’s name] hears you now.

Tell      [Deceased’s name] WHAT YOU LEFT UNSAID. ***

Pretend YOU  ARE  _   [Deceased’s name].  REPLY as [Deceased’s name], the person who died.  ***

As      [Deceased’s name], state any RESENTMENTS you had for me before or after you died. ***

Tell me,  _  [Deceased’s name] what you APPRECIATE about me from life or after you died. ***

Stop roleplaying     [Deceased’s name]. Have a dialogue–switch back and forth role-playing you and     [Deceased’s name]. ***

If you’d like __   [Deceased’s name] to forgive you for anything, ask now. ***

Be   _   [Deceased’s name] and forgive. ***

Be you again.   If you held resentments against   _  [Deceased’s name] make a gesture of forgiveness and forgive   _   [Deceased’s name] aloud. ***

Wiggle your toes, swallow 3 times, turn your head from side to side and notice where your body touches your seat.  But keep your eyes closed.


          Imagine you have one week to live.  Fantasize a final get-together with the people and animals who mean ost to you.  Say their names.

Tell all, some or one of them any unfinished feelings you have. 

Tell your angry feelings. 

Say the withholds–secrets, desires you held back.        

Tell the people at your last get-together what you appreciate in them. 

Tell them the loving feelings and physical impulses for them. 

Fantasize and describe doing what you want your last week of life.      


          Imagine a way you–but nobody else you know–are dying.  Describe your death scene and what leads up to it in the present tense, as though it happens as you tell it. Put your body in the physical position it has as it dies.  [Wait till your partner moves into position]

          Tell me who’s present when you die.  Describe the situation.  What would you do if you still could?  How would that feel?

           Say goodbye to each of the people you loved.  Address each in turn and say your final words to them.  

Tell each of them any unfinished feelings you have for each of them. 

Tell them withholds–secrets, desires you held back. 

          Say what you appreciate, your loving feelings and physical impulses toward them. 

          Tell me what negative conclusions you draw from this life that you’re now completing. 

What vengeful thoughts do you still have as you die? 

          What jealous thoughts do you have at your death scene?  Say what you failed at in this life.  Relate your successes in this life.

           What positive conclusions do you draw from this life you’re now exiting? 

          What grateful, forgiving and loving thoughts are you dying with?  Say your last thoughts aloud.

          What’re your last words? 

          What does the life you’re exiting leave you feeling emotionally?  

          What angry feelings do you have as you leave this life?  What resentments do you carry to your death? 

          If you want to let go of those thoughts, rather than carry them to future lives, express those resentments to those involved now.         

          Tell me any sad or hopeless emotions you have as you leave this life.  What are your regrets? 

          What bitter feelings do you have as you leave this life?  What fears do you carry as you leave this life?         

          What pains or physical traumas do you experience as you die?

          [This paragraph should be read to women only]
If you have the spirits of any babies in your abdomen, talk to them aloud and release their spirits.

          Express emotions stored in injured, abused or neglected parts of your body before you die, so you don’t take these feelings on to future embodiments.  If your wounds were perpetrated by another person, express your feelings to him or her.  If you injured or abused yourself, just express the emotions of your hurt parts to me.

          What’re the last things you see?  Tell me the last thing you hear.  Say the last things you touch, smell and taste. 

          Move and make sounds as you experience your death.  Feel life ebbing from you. [Allow several minutes, at least]

                   Imagine that you are laid out as you might be in a coffin, urn, or other funerary receptacle.  (Gently lay partner’s body into a position of a body in a coffin.)

                You’re going to go to your own funeral.**** 

              See all the people who have come to your funeral.  See them all. 

          There may be someone whom you’re surprised to see at your funeral.  See if there’s someone like that.  Say who.

          Is there someone at your funeral who’s glad you’re dead?  Take a look.  Tell me who.” 

          Notice if someone at your funeral wishes he or she were dead instead of you.  Tell me.

           See the flowers people sent to your funeral.   See them all.  See and smell each bouquet separately. 

           Who sent you which flowers?  

          There’s music at your funeral.  Hear the music.” 

          The people at your funeral come, one by one, to view your remains and pay their last respects to you. 

          The first’?  person to view your earthly remains is someone who you loved deeply when you were alive.  Who is this person? 

                    (the person’s name) approaches your coffin (or urn), you know what she (or he) is feeling and thinking.    

          Become           (name.”)  As         voice your feelings and thoughts toward (partner’s name).        

          Now you’re quite dead, you cannot respond or reply to this person whom you loved.   But if you could reply, what would you say at your funeral to this person you loved?”                  

          If you were still able to move, how would you like to touch this person? 

          And now that person moves on, and the next person comes up to your coffin.  This is a person who, when you were alive, loved you a great deal.  Become this person, view and express your thoughts and feelings toward the deceased.

           If you weren’t dead, and you still had one last chance to respond to this person who loved you, what would you do and how would you move toward this person? 

          The next person to come up to your lifeless form is someone who, in life, you had difficulty with. Who is this person? 

          Become this person and state your existence as you look at ‘s remains.    

          Become yourself, dead, again.  Reply to this person as you might and move as you might if you weren’t dead.

          [Have your partner successively be confronted in her funerary receptacle by each person of emotional importance to her present at her imaginary funeral.  For each have her successively become the other and voice thoughts and feelings as the other views your partner’s remains.  Your partner then becomes herself and responds as she would were she not dead.]

          Now that you’re dead you can reflect on a decision you were making in life and know clearly what you should have decided.   Say what you should have decided. 

          Your eulogy-is about to begin.  Notice who rises to speak about your life and its meaning.  Who is this person and what do you feel about his (or her) speaking at your funeral?  

          Become the eulogizer and summarize, moralize and review the life of the deceased and the meaning of her existence. 

          Now become yourself, hearing your eulogy.  Do you agree with what the eulogizer is saying?  Are there parts you disagree about?  Establish a dialogue between you and your eulogizer, shifting roles where appropriate. 

          This is your last party.  Speak to everyone there, tell them all about yourself, your mistakes, suffering, love and longings.  No longer do you need to protect yourself.  It’s your last party; You can explode, be miserable, pitiful, insignificant or despicable.  At your funeral, you can be yourself.  

          Imagine your coffin is being covered (or your ashes are about to be cast, etc.) The light is shut off from your corpse.  Your coffin is lowered into the ground.  Then the handful, then shovels full of earth cover you.  The world as you knew it is distant.  

          Are any disembodied souls or demonic spirits attached to you?  If so, tell me what you know about them. 

          Let your body go through the throes of death.  Exhale your last breath, experience your last heartbeat.  Tell me exactly what is happening as you die. 

          Separate from your body and suffering.  Feel relief and peace.

          See, from above, the people nearby.  Try, but fail to talk to and touch them.  Realize you died. 

          Whoosh down a tunnel, then up toward the light.  Let the spirits of loved ones who already died extend their hands to guide you and take you to the place of karmic review.  Who reaches out to guide you up toward the light? 

          Let your guides take you to the loving beings of Light, the Karmic Guides or the Life-Review Committee.  Let them show you, by giving you direct experiences, the main events of your life and their consequences for others.  Say what you’re seeing. 

          Witness and tell me about the love you gave and the love you got.  What did you need to learn from your life? What did you need to experience that life? 

          At what, if any, point, did things go wrong? 

          What was the meaning of that life, taken as a whole? 

          What would you do differently, if you had it to do again? 

          What did you contribute to humanity, to the consciousness of the cosmos?   

          Find in the spirit world, one-by-one, the spirits of those you hurt, betrayed or abandoned.  What do you have to say to each of them?  Identify with each of them in turn, and as them, reply. 

          If you failed in this life, communicate with the spirits of those whom you let down.  Let them forgive and comfort you.  Tell me what they say. Can you forgive yourself?

          Find in the spirit world, one-by-one, the spirits of people who hurt, betrayed or abandoned-you.  Let each of them, in turn, use your voice and talk to you. 

          And, now that you’re in the spirit world too, what do you have to say to each of them? 

          Dialogue aloud with any disembodied spirits attached to you from the life you just lived.  Tell them to find their loved ones here in the light and to leave you now.   Converse aloud with any demonic spirits attached to you from the life you just lived.  Tell them, “Look within and see that you, too, are of the light.  So go now to your appointed place in the light.” 

          Imagine that the Beings of Light have decided that your tenure in the life you just reviewed shouldn’t be over so soon, that you’re being sent back to complete missions.  What’re your assignments? 

          If it was hard to forgive yourself for anything, let the Karmic Guides assign you tasks to balance your karma.  You need not make up your karma with the same persons you hurt or failed.  What are your karma-balancing tasks? 

           Return to this world. Wiggle your toes. Open and close your hands. Stretch. Swallow twice. Open your eyes; look at three things you enjoy seeing. Listen for three sounds you enjoy. Say your name and today’s date.  

          Return to this world. Wiggle your toes. Open and close your hands. Stretch. Swallow twice. Open your eyes; look at three things you enjoy seeing. Listen to three sounds you enjoy. Say your name and today’s date.

& Sasha Lessin’s Do-It-Yourself, step-by-step procedure to deal with ghosts

by Janet Lessin, Editor, EXPERIENCERS: CONSCIOUS CONTACTEES**.Exhausted, my husband Sasha looked like he was about to jump out of his skin. He had just finished his part of the deposition (where he was tortured by a dozen Maui attorneys, dressed in ridiculous suits that looked very out of place in the tropics. These suits, undoubtedly designed to make attorneys even more irritable than they already are, were all the better to intimidate and manipulate their prey.)

Sasha’s beautiful blue eyes met mine, clearly conveying that he wanted to support me, but at the same time, he had to escape or die. What a quandary. I was next. Helpless as there was nothing he could do to help me avoid the same hideous torture he’d just endured, he couldn’t bear to witness me going through it. Overwhelmed with pity and compassion for this adorable man I loved so much it hurt, I smiled and told him to go home as he looked spent.

Over lunch, the lawyers shifted into regular people mode, and one of them came in clearly upset, “Did you hear the news? Michael Jackson just died!”

Suddenly a time portal opened up, swallowed all these middle-aged men, and transported back in time to memories of how Michael Jackson had influenced their lives. Transfixed, I sat there quietly sipping hot tea.

No sooner had the time warp start than it stopped when someone noticed lunch break was over and we got back to work. I, too, had drifted off into memory land when I felt someone staring. I looked up only to find that all eyes were on me! Gone were the sweet teenagers, and in their place stood a bunch of grumpy men fighting back their angry tears. Childhood’s end, their hero now dead.

I sniffed, “Excuse me,” and left for a fresh cup of tea.

I stalled by going to the restroom. But there was no avoiding the inevitable. When I returned, the hot seat was empty, waiting for me. Transcriber in place at the side of the table, I nervously took my place. Glancing around the room, I hoped the portal might open, and some superhero would whisk me away to safety.

The inquisitor swore me in. Vague memories of long ago witch trials threatened to creep in and destabilize me. Nervous, my heart began to race. I felt sweat in my palms, underarms and a droplet threatened to drip off my brow. My racing heart started to rock my body, and a sense of dread began to overwhelm me. I wondered if I’d dissolve into a full-blown panic attack or my heart would explode, ending this misery. I attempted to calm my racing, irrational mind and convince it that I could tough it out, get it done and be over it. But that didn’t help. I got more agitated instead.

The conference room morphed into an old courtroom. The Prosecutor moved and positioned himself so his hot, stinky breath would land right in my face. He cleared his throat, opened his mouth to speak when Michael Jackson boomed loudly, directly into my right ear, “Tell them you feel sick!” With no time to allow a thought or logic, my mouth responded as if I had been taken over by a ghost, “I don’t feel good.”

Shocked, I heard, “Well, we’ll just have to reschedule this then,” in the far distance as though I had fallen into a well. I now realize I had disassociated, was way out of my body, so I followed the sound, returned to myself. Amazed, I saw everyone pack their stuff, and one by one, they left the room. Dazed, I watched in both horror and delight, but I didn’t dare crack a smile or say a single word for fear I’d break the spell. Finally, alone, a worker poked in her head, determined to collect the dirty water glasses and escape home, probably early from what had promised to be a long day.

I took my cue, gathered my sweater and purse, and made my way to the car. Shaky, my knees wobbled a bit as I struggled to look cool, making my way through the parking lot to the last spot at the end where I managed to cram my car.

About five minutes down the road, Michael started singing, “Whenever you need me, I’ll be there,” I hadn’t heard that song in years. All the way home, “I’ll be there,” repeated in an endless loop. All that night, over and over, he’d sing that same, torturous loop. Finally, when I would get up in the middle of the night to pee, I’d hear that same loop. Michael had to pity me at one point, so he sang “Ben” one time. Then in the wee hours of the night, he provided a tiny bit more relief by singing another one of his childhood songs. I recognized it but didn’t remember the name.

I wasn’t a big Michael Jackson fan. He was younger than me. By the time he was a famous child star, I was married and not in a fan phase. I liked him but didn’t think much about him. I knew who he was, but not a lot of the details. I was shocked he did not go away by morning. He kept singing at me all day Friday till finally, when I cleaned up the dinner dishes, I hung up my damp towel and went to my husband. Not knowing what his response would be, I shyly said, “Sweetheart?”


Hesitantly, slowly I whispered, “I think Michael Jackson’s haunting me.”

I explained how Michael would not stop torturing me with his songs from the 70s. Maybe if he had mixed it up, it wouldn’t have been so bad. But I got it. Michael wanted me to know that he’d be there. Probably forever, unless I did something.

Sasha mulled it over. “Ok, let’s do a session.”

We agreed to shut off the phones and embark on an inner journey to the worlds between this one and other realms. We used hypnosis and shamanism to open hailing frequencies and channel Michael to see what was up. The next day was Saturday, and we didn’t have any clients or classes scheduled. Perfect.


I laid down on a futon in the living room. Sasha gave instructions to put me into a hypnotic trance. As soon as I went under, my body got up onto my knees. My head propelled forward onto my elbows; my hands responded just in time, barely catching my head before it hit the floor. I began to wail, an unearthly, howling scream. My body, animated, controlled by an invisible puppeteer that hovered above me. Confused, I watched my body as it rocked with endless, gut-wrenching sobs.

Suddenly I realized that I was out of my own body, and I, as my consciousness, sat on a shelf above my right-hand shoulder. Confused, I wondered how I got there and who was operating my body? Curiously unafraid, I tuned in and realized that I witnessed the world as felt and seen by Michael Jackson himself.

“Oh, this is Michael’s life review,” I thought to myself. “I’m seeing everything through his mind’s eye. My body’s feeling his pain.” I scanned my own body to ensure I wasn’t putting my own life in jeopardy. I was ok. I knew I could do this. I wanted to do this, to help poor Michael. He was obviously in great distress.

Dr. Lessin, my husband, took over and directed. He knew what he was doing. I had channeled other people before. I always protected myself and made sure dark entities could not take me over and control me. This time was something different. When we began this session, I thought we would be having a conversation of some sort with Michael. I didn’t expect a sudden takeover. I had technically not permitted him. But Michael was so powerful, strong, bright, he waltzed right in and took possession of my body like he had every right. As strange as that was, I was still there, conscious, in control, and knew if I wanted, I could kick him out right then and there.

I, very sensitive and psychic, made a quick analysis and knew it was ok. Michael was with me, raw, uncensored, with no filters or barriers. I felt his soul, his essence as though he were me and I was he, and we had known one another since existence began. So I decided to run with it, to see where this would go.

I tuned into Sasha. He was unflinching and exhibited no signs of worry or concern. Always the professional, I knew he knew what he was doing.

Looking through my mind’s eye, I saw Michael on the floor lying in the arms of an angel who held him from behind with her wings wrapped around him in a loving embrace. I looked closer, and much to my surprise, the angel, was the very famous Farrah Fawcett, who ironically had just died a few hours before Michael.

She saw me looking at her and sighed a sigh of relief that reinforcements had come. Then, while still holding Michael within me, I allowed Farrah to use my voice without taking it over. I don’t know how I knew how to do what I was doing. I operated on pure instincts and felt connected not only to Michael, Farrah, and Sasha but to the entire continuum all the way home to God, Source, and Universal Consciousness. I checked in with myself. Free of any pain or fear, I felt at ease, as though this was my mission, the entire reason for my being. I came to this world to help, do this work, assist in uniting heaven and earth, the living and the dead, and free the continuum and all of existence from the pain and suffering of death and separation.

Michael, distraught that he was dead, believed the world would judge him and hate him. No matter what I said, I could not comfort him. So I gently took him by the hand, and we circled the globe to find people lighting candles, crying, building memorials, placing flowers and pictures. His songs filled the air. The whole world was in shock. The news looped endlessly, reporting how sad and shocked the world as a whole was.

I cried for hours on end, letting Michael use me to release all the pain he’d repressed over the years. Farrah told us she had prepared for her death, so she had friends and family waiting at the edge, calling her to join them to continue her journey home. Farrah held Michael, held space till I got there, not wanting to let go of Michael for fear he’d shatter into a billion pieces and his soul would be lost. She thanked Dr. Lessin and me for the work we were doing. She told us that we must learn how to do therapy with the dead, for all around her are souls trapped in the Bardo, the in-between world. They are neither here nor there but trapped in an eternal hell.

We promised her we’d take care of Michael. We also committed to working with the dead. But I didn’t know how I’d accomplish that, how I would learn how to do that, for where does one go to learn what to do?

Satisfied, she gently laid Michael down, kissed him on his forehead, and bid him farewell. Relieved, she looked up, and the portal opened wider. Suddenly the opening expanded even more. As she moved into it, she was consumed by beings, surrounded by love, engulfed by hundreds of excited, happy souls. I smiled, cried, felt grateful to witness the love that greets us when we pass. At least they greeted her as she was probably a good person. A bit confused, I felt happy for her as she somehow passed some hidden test and was granted passage to the next level beyond.

As the portal closed, the light dimmed, and in the shadows, I saw the helpless souls trapped in between worlds. I wondered, “Where exactly were we? What would happen to dear Michael, who was left behind? And why was that? Was he not ready to move on to what seemed like the mystical heaven of stories beyond? And what exactly would it take for him to be able to move on? And how in the world (or otherworld) are Dr. Lessin and I going to help him do that?”

Hours passed. Michael spoke through me, I listened from my perch, and Dr. Lessin remained focused, devoted to his client every bit as much as if Michael was a living client lying on our couch. Finally, ever empathetic, Michael stopped thinking about himself and his problems and noticed I was exhausted. He wanted us to stop for my sake, for he feared harming my body. He was susceptible to my physical needs as he had not paid attention to his own, and now he was dead, his precious body lost to him forever. So, we agreed to reconvene next Saturday and continue until we were complete, even if it took several sessions.

I had a lot to digest that first week in between sessions. Why me? Why did Michael Jackson choose me to communicate his deepest thoughts and emotions and help him get through his life review? I didn’t know much about Michael. I was not a fan, I was seriously involved in my own life, and he was four years younger than I, so I didn’t notice him. I completed my teeny-bopper fan phase years before when I had crushes on the Beatles, particularly John and Paul, plus the Monkees, and adorable Davy Jones. But when I got married at 16, my groupie days were long gone.

.During my second marriage in the 1990s, when I was in my late twenties, my second husband was very excited about “Thriller.” We watched Michael’s special, enjoyed his dance. But John and I were into a club phase with all our yuppie friends and the dance music of the time was far more exciting.

When Michael died and came to me, I was in my third marriage and 55 years old. It made no sense that he came to me. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I had been preparing for this moment for many years. Ghosts always came to me. I’ve seen them since I was super young, still in my crib. They’d haunt me, stare at me, move furniture, turn off lights, walk through me, scare my cats and dogs.

In 2001 three of my friends died crossing the stream down the road from our house on the dirt road. That night, Claudia and Anthea came to me laughing to show they were alive, that death was an illusion. Dozens of others reported their apparitions. Powerful Claudia would frequently return over the years to give us love and support for our work.

Poor Jim, responsible for everyone’s deaths as the careless driver, haunted me for two years before his son died and joined him. I saw him sad, sitting on my husband’s feet on the foot of my bed. I went out of my body and worked with him, trying to console him. But he was unrelenting. I got exhausted and had to put up a shield for working all night every night was going to be the death of me. Then, his son died via suicide by drunk driving a motorcycle on a busy highway propelling himself over the hood of a rental car containing a family of tourists visiting Maui, permanently traumatizing them. Father and son finally reunited; they seemed happy at last, joined hands, and both crossed over to the other side.

Jacob, our tenant, a young man in his early twenties and deeply in love with his girlfriend, overdosed on painkillers. He was not happy about his death, so he kept honking the horn on my new Honda CRV. When that didn’t get our attention, he learned how to set off the buzzer alarm on our stove. So we thought we best talk to him if we were ever going to get a good night’s sleep. We connected with him using me as a channel in a brief session. He wanted us to tell his girlfriend to move on, to start a new life as he gave his blessing. But she was so upset from his sudden death she moved away that night, and we never saw her again. So I sent her his message telepathically. I have no idea if that worked.


by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA), M.A. (Counseling Psychology, University for Humanistic Psychology), Certified Hypnotherapist and Jungian Pastlife Therapist

From Lessin, Dr. Sasha-Alex’s chapter on hypnosis for communication with the deceased, in EXPERIENCERS: CONSCIOUS CONTACTEES *, J. Lessin, ed.

Close your eyes. Remember someone you knew who died. Say that person’s name aloud.

Imagine [deceased’s name] hears you now.

Tell [deceased’s name] WHAT YOU LEFT UNSAID. ***

Pretend YOU ARE [deceased’s name]. REPLY as [deceased’s name], the person who died. ***

As [deceased’s name], state any RESENTMENTS you had for me before or after you died. ***

Tell me, [deceased’s name] what you APPRECIATE about me from life or after you died. ***

Stop roleplaying [deceased’s name].

Have a dialogue–switch back and forth role-playing you and [deceased’s name]. ***

If you’d like [deceased’s name] to forgive you for anything, ask now. ***

Be [deceased’s name] and forgive. ***

Be you again. If there’s something you held against [deceased’s name] make a gesture of forgiveness and forgive [deceased’s name] aloud. ***

What did you learn? ***

CHANGE ROLES now. Read the cues to me.

* See



In EXPERIENCERS: CONSCIOUS CONTACTEES, Janet Kira Lessin and her writers invite you to join their community of ambassadors of more loving consciousness. Tune into the benign awarenesses in space, other dimensions, Inner Earth and your very own DNA. Open to beings that urge us to survive, stop suffering, thrive and ascend to a loving, spiritually-oriented cooperative planet.

Experiencers until the recent past kept their encounters private to avoid ridicule, punishment or even pluralistic ignorance of how many millions have had ET, paranormal or spiritual experiences. They and you too maybe have had 3D encounters, near death experiences, rebirths, remote views, astral visits, guide visitations, ghosts communication, teleportation, entheogenic journeys, hypnotic regressions and deep meditations. You’ve boarded alien craft, been on Admiralty, Corporate and extraterrestrial bases.

Together, let us lower the veils of the perverted paradigm that shroud the loving oneness that is our spirit-right. Remember who we really are beneath the matrix; our souls remember we are one with each other and all.

According to the latest surveys millions have been abducted by aliens. One contactee revealed that he was told by ET that all human beings are taken at punctuated periods of their lives, tested and analyzed for various factors known only by ET, and then some are chosen for ongoing contact throughout their lives. Based on that information we’re all experiencers yet don’t know it because the memories of our encounters are blocked.

Abductees are among the groups that are studied by Experiencer organizations such as F.R.E.E. aka The Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. Experiencer categories include: NDEs (near death experiences), OBEs (out of body experiences), Hallucinogenic/Entheogenic natural substances, hypnotic regression, Mystical Meditation Travel, Channeling, Remote Viewing, and human encounters with non-human intelligence, and related paranormal contact experiences. Thus we focus on all types of paranormal contact experiences.


* Koestenbaum, P., 1978, The New Image of the Person: The Theory and Practice of Clinical Psychology|
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*** Huxley, L,
1963, You Are Not The Target
is a manual for you to experience advanced tantra and teach it to other people.
You learn to teach lovers and seekers how to:
* Master advanced tantra techniques
* Open all energy vortexes (chakras) to each other
* Refine relations
* Encourage female ejaculation and master male ejaculatory control
* Find meaning and purpose in relationships and life
* Reprogram parent imprints that diminish sex and love * Get satisfaction and sustain sex
* Mutually make more in sexualloving
* Delve dreams and pastlives
* Worship women and gratify guys

Also by the Lessins:
guides you through experiences that help you:
* Love each other more and better
* Open your energy vortexes (chakras) to each other
* Share your diverse inner-voices
* Learn what hurts and scares your Inner Kids
* Discern when to lower your subself shields
* Share vulnerability and connect with each other
* Synergize your inner selves’ dance within and between you
* Refine how you relate
* Heal each other’s hearts
* Encourage female ejaculation
* Master male ejaculatory control

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