Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D.



The first in a series of videos on people of Earth–Earth’s human and reptilian settlers.

Humans from the Constellation Lyra who fled to Mars and a now-extinct planet called Maldek, between Mars and Jupiter that Draco Reptilians blasted into the Kuiper asteroids.

The Lessins chronicle war for Earth, Venus, and Luna that pursuing Reptilians and the Galactic Federation of Lyran Refugees fought.

 The Treaty of Hatona that ended the Draco-Federation war authorized 12 human groups and one Reptilian group to fashion a hybrid proto-Earthling for each area of off-planet alien interest in Earth.

The Anunnaki, Lyran refugees from the Sirius Unity Kingdom via the planet Nibiru, combined their Homo sapiens genes with those of Homo erectus, the proto-Earthling who inhabited Africa, to create our species.

Anunnaki Royals Enki and Marduk, and the rebel Anunnaki astronauts who ran their gold transshipment base on Mars enhanced the Earthling gene pool.

People of Earth, Part 2 Origins

People of Earth, Part 3 Fights to Rule Nibiru

Five hundred millennia ago Nibiru’s volcanoes erupted less ash to shield the planet from heat, cold, and radiation. Advisors told the then-King, Lahma, and Nuke the volcanos for more ash. Get gold from Earth, refine it to powder, and float it up to the ionosphere. But Lahma pondered while Nibiru’s air bled into space.

Prince Alalu led his fellow princes against Lahma, threw him from a tower, and proclaimed himself King. But Anu, Lahma’s legal successor, said he, not Alalu, should rule.

To avoid war between him and Pretender Anu, Alalu gave his daughter Damkina to Anu’s son Enki. The first boy Enki and Damkina begat would follow Alalu as Nibiru King. Their son would unite Anu’s and Alalu’s lines.

Anu agreed and pledged fealty to Alalu. Alalu made Anu his Cupbearer.

Enki and Damkina begat Prince Marduk and primed him to one day rule Nibiru. Marduk knew he’d rule when Grandfather Alalu died or retired.

Anu, the legal successor to planet Nibiru King Lahma, signed a treaty with King Alalu who slew Lahma. Anu quit as Lahma’s successor and agreed to let his and Alalu’s grandson Marduk succeed Alalu.

Alalu, who murdered Nibiran King Lahma for failing to save Nibiru’s atmosphere by nuking volcanoes or getting gold from Earth, compromised with Anu, the legal heir to Lahma. Alalu gave his Daughter Damkina to Anu’s son Enki. The fathers agreed that MARDUK, DAMKINA’S AND ENKI’S SON WOULD FOLLOW ALALU AS KING OF PLANET NIBIRU. Anu would be Alalu’s Cupbearer, always near Alalu and under his scrutiny.

To raise overcast to hold Nibiru’s air, Alalu had rockets shoot nuclear missiles into Nibiru’s volcanoes. This, however, didn’t release enough ash to plug the hole in the atmosphere. The hole grew.

Alalu also explored the gold-dust shield option. Earth and its asteroids hold most of the gold in the solar system, so he sent a rocket to the inner solar system. But the vessel crashed into an asteroid. All aboard died.

Nine more Nibiran years (9 sars, orbits of Nibiru around the sun, 32,400 Earth years) passed and Alalu still hadn’t stopped Nibiru’s air loss.

Cupbearer Anu seethed when Alalu failed to protect and replenish Nibiru’s atmosphere.


Anu reneged on his signed treaty; he cited the Nibiru succession law that Alalu had broken. Anu proclaimed himself the rightful king and challenged Alalu.

“To hand-to-hand combat, with bodies naked, Alalu he challenged.

“Alalu in combat was defeated; by acclaim, Anu was hailed as king. Anu to the palace was escorted.”

But “Alalu to the palace did not return. From the crowds he stealthily escaped; of dying like Lahma he was fearful.

“Unbeknownst to others, to the place of the celestial chariots [rockets] he hurriedly went. Into a missile-throwing chariot Alalu climbed; its hatch behind him he closed. The forepart chamber he entered, the commander’s seat he occupied. In the celestial boat, Alalu from Nibiru escaped. To snow-hued Earth, Alalu set his course.”


450,000 years ago on the Planet
Nibiru, Cupbearer ANU, in hand-to-hand nude combat, overthrew King ALALU who
had failed to ameliorate the planet’s climate crisis with gold dust from
Solaris’ asteroid belt or reactivation of Nibiru’s dormant volcanoes.

Alalu stole a nuke-armed rocket, fled
to Iraq on Earth, messaged Anu that Earth had ample gold to save Nibiru but had
aimed his nukes at Nibiru and demanded return Anu return rule of Nibiru to him.
King Anu sent his son ENKI (Lucifer), who was wed to Alalu’s daughter, to Earth
to mollify Alalu.

Enki and with a crew of 50 men, built
a base camp at Basra for the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth. Enki and
his pilot ABGAL hid Alalu’s nukes in a cave in Africa.

Enki’s brother and rival ENLIL
(Yahweh) and King Anu flew to Earth to organize the expedition and, in a rigged
drawing, made his heir Enlil Expedition Commander and Enki the boss of gold
extraction and shipping.

Alalu challenged Anu again, lost the
fight, but bit off Anu’s “manhood.”

Anu banished Alalu to die on Mars of
the protective poison from Anu’s flesh. Alalu’s kinsman ANZU shared his exile
to care for him as he died.

When Anu’s daughter NINMAH, her
cousin SUD and 50 female Anunnaki daughters stopped on Mars en route to Earth.
She buried Alalu, built a statue of his head at Cydonia.

Ninmah left Anzu 20 men to start a
gold transshipment base on Mars.

On Earth, Ninmah renewed her affair
with Enlil, but left him to live with Enki.

Enlil raped Sud.

The Counsel of the Anunnaki (Nibirans
on Earth are called “Anunnaki”) exiled Enlil to Africa.

Abgal, who flew Enlil to exile,
secretly defected from his loyalty to Enki to Enlil instead, showed Enlil the
hidden missiles.

Sud, pregnant, dismissed her rape
case against Enlil when he agreed to marry her. She became “NINLIL, and
birthed their son, NANNAR (later to be Allah).

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