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NASA faked our astronauts’ landing on the moon, but our ancestor ets from the planet Nibiru really were there, according to what the ancient Sumerians wrote in clay.  Sgt Major Robert Dean, astronaut trainer and photo archivist Ken Johnston, Jose Escamilla and others delivered photographic proof of habitations ancient and recent on Luna.  Hollywood made a fake Moon landing television version in case the official NASA astronauts died en route and the government needed to cover it up.  The Apollo Astronauts did indeed reach the moon and reported many craft tracking them, flying around them as well as structures on the moon.

Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin, , interviewed JOSE ESCAMILLA – Producer / Director / Composer – Discoverer of the Rods Phenomenon. Escamilla shares detailed, verifiable evidence of extensive building complexes–even very recently-built ones–on our moon. There too, he has featured in his films (and you can see it on a 20-mile-long spaceship, an 8 mile high tower and many mile high statues on the Moon. Moon Farside, from 78 miles from surface     RODS: Escamilla presents overwhelming photographic evidence of Rods, huge, living creatures or possibly living spaceships seen throughout history.

Rods, not insects, not camera epiphenomena, but life-forms in space

Rods, not insects, not camera epiphenomena, but life-forms in space          Mr. Escamilla describes his evidence of a system of cables in deep space. GIANT FEMALE CAPTIVE FROM 1942 BATTLE OF L.A. TAKEN BY MILITARY: Our guest describes the flyover of a huge spaceship impervious to our fighters and antiaircraft in the Battle of Los Angeles. In this battle that took place February 25, 1942, smaller alien crafts were shot down and three, 9-foot Nordic-type aliens were captured and taken off to the military’s installation in Nevada (now known as Area 51) and never seen again. batLAnewspapr             911 MURDERS IMPLICAT BUSH ET.AL: Mr. Escamilla also discusses convincing evidence of the complicity of Bush, Cheney and Rumsford in the murders of 911. Bush knew 911               WHISTLEBLOWER BASIAGO TRANSPORTER CONFIRMED: Escamilla confirms the transporter system used to beam Basiago, Stillings and Obama to Mars. Obama on Mars       Jose Escamilla has been involved in the research and investigations of an aerial phenomenon he discovered in 1994, called RODS: His expertise as a film and video editor of over 30 years has made him a world renown figure in the world of UFOS, RODS, The MOON and the Paranormal. His film UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied (2006) has gained international acclaim as the best documentary film ever made on UFOs. Kevin Smith, Director of Clerks and Dogma; says’ “UFO is the Loose Change of UFO Documentaries”, Michael Luckman, author of “Alien Rock” calls it “the Fahrenheit 911 of UFO documentaries” and his film styling brings the delivery of UFOs as never before. Known for his highly controversial films, Jose Escamilla has lectured at conferences in the UK, Mexico and the US. He has numerous radio and television appearances and his name and image has over 1 billion household impressions worldwide. Web Site: Jose Escamilla is a producer and editor, known for UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied(2006), UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied II – Moon Rising (2009) and Celestial(2012).

Twenty Mile Long Space Ship filmed on The Moon

Published on Jan 12, 2014 a JOSE ESCAMILLA film – This is the clearest in focus footage of a space ship twenty miles long that was filmed by Apollo 17 on December 1972. Since then it has not appeared on photos before and after this one was taken. Who or what was piloting this ship must have been enormous…OR maybe small…??? Who knows.. ****************************************

They Live In The Skies

Published on Dec 11, 2013 a JOSE ESCAMILLA film – March 2014 Release on PPV. This trailer is “minus” the incredible ROD footage taken at 2000 fps – in Super Slow Motion, which has not been cleared for public viewing yet. This clip ALONE proves this is NOT an insect. It will be licensed for the film in time for the release date. CloseUpDOME[1]

EiffelTower1[1]  Amazing moon anomalies


Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D.

The Anunnaki–ET giant Homo Sapiens from the planet Nibiru–taught the Sumerians of ancient Iraq that 4.6 billion years ago, Tiamat–the proto-Earth–orbited Solaris beyond Mars.  Tiamat’s moon, Kingu, they said, almost attained solar orbit.  But 600 million years later, Nibiru entered the inner Solar System.  Nibiru’s moon, Evil Wind, hit Tiamat into orbit within Mars’and left Kingu circling Earth as Luna, our moon. Our Pioneer and Voyager probes showed that Luna indeed formed from Tiamat, the planet that became Earth. 

Tiamat, then beyond Mars, generated Luna. Glassy material with nickel in Luna’s rocks validate the idea that a moon of Nibiru hit Luna 500 million years after Luna grew into our moon. “Tiamat split in two; one half shattered [and became asteroids]; the other half, with Kingu, thrust into a new orbit to become the Earth and its moon.” [Wood, J., 1984, Origin of  The Moon; 1990, Genesis: 107-131]

The collision knocked most of the iron out of Luna and reduced its density. The Moon’s core “bears the mark of the ‘big whack’ that compressed it,” just as the Sumerians related.  Only in the 1970s and 1980s did moderns say Luna shows all a planet’s traits except independent solar orbit.  Luna’s got rugged mountains, plains and seas formed by water [or] molten lava.  It keeps a magnetic field caused by rotation of a molton iron core, heat and water.


Evidence from the moon, when disclosure’s allowed, will show men landed on our
moon and men and at least one woman dwelt there thousands of years before our
astronauts walked there.

Below, peruse what Endubscar, the Sumerian scribe of Enki-Ea, Chief Scientist of
the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth, said Enki dictated.


The planet Nibiru, until 10,000 B.C.E., circled the Sun every 3,600 years in a
long elliptical clockwise orbit. When closest to the Sun (perigee), Nibiru’s
rockets could most easily visit Earth. But also at perigee, Nibiru ‘s gravity
sometimes disturbed the planets of the inner solar system.

One of Nibiru’s orbital nearings to the Sun, more than 350,000 years ago,
disturbed the atmosphere, volcanoes and earthquakes on Earth and Mars. “Kingu,
Earth’s Moon, was also affected” by mighty winds and “brimstones falling.”
Marduk (Enki’s son who ran the astronaut base, smelting and transshipment
facilities on Mars) reported Marsbase unusable and demanded re-assignment on
Earth. Enki’s rival, his brother Enlil (the Expedition Chief) agreed with
Marduk. Enlil beamed King Anu on Nibiru that gold should just be shipped
directly from Ed-in [Basara] to Nibiru.

But Enki told King Anu, “Of great merit is the plan of my brother, [but] a great
disadvantage in its core is holding. The netpull [Gravity] of Earth is than
Lahmu’s [Mars’] much greater. To overcome it our powers shall be exhausted. Let
us an alternative examine: nearby Earth, the Moon. Smaller is its netpull,
ascent and descent thereon little effort will require. Let us consider a way
station consider, let me and Marduk thereto journey. Let the Moon be first
examined, Anu to Enki and Enlil the decision beamed.”

“In a rocketship did Enki and Marduk to the Moon journey. In a place of rolling
hills they set the rocketship down. Eagles’ helmets [eagle-shaped helmets] they
had to don; the atmosphere was for breathing insufficient. In the rocketshipthey made their dwelling. For one circuit [orbit = one Earth year] they
remained. [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, pages 153 -161]


Enlilites had Enlil’s son Ninurta and Enki’s son Nergal fire nuclear missiles on
Marduk’s cities of Sodom, Gomorra and the Sinai Spaceport. The Enlilites used
intelligence from Enlil’s spy Abraham to decide which cities to bomb. Nannar’s
city, Ur, like the rest of Sumer (but not Marduk’s Babylon) fell to the nuclear
cloud the bombing unleashed. Nannar’s other city, Harran (in Turkey), fell to
Assyrians, probably with Enlil’s acquiescence in punishment for Nannar’s part in
Anzu’s rebellion against Enlil, millenia before. Nannar, his wife and his aide,
Nuksu fled to the moon, and there dwelt till 610B.C., when his High Priestess,
Adda-Guppi, used Nannar’s abandoned robe to link with him psychically and beg
him to return from the moon to Harran, which he did. [Sitchin, Z. 1998, The
Cosmic Code, pages 261 -270]

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