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Alalu as Nibiran KingAlalu

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by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. and Janet Kira Lessin

ALALU’S CARROT: GOLD; HIS STICK: NUKES by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA)

Some 450,000 years ago, Alalu, a vastly intelligent 9 foot-tall Homo Sapien, a deposed king of the planet Nibiru, rocketed his nuclear-armed spaceship to Earth to escape execution and examine Earth for gold which Nibiru needed to survive. Enroute to Earth, Alalu nuked asteroids from his path between Jupiter and Mars.




Alalu splashed down in a marsh and came ashore )on land which is nowadays underwater) on the Persian Gulf, where the waters of four rivers–Gehon (Karun), which flowed thro through Iran, the Pishon, which flowed through Northern Arabia, joined the Tigris and Euphrates in Iraq and flowed together into the Persian Gulf marshes.
BasaraPishonEdin4thRiverRivers of Edin that show

























The deposed monarch sampled Earth’s gold and sent its stats to Nibiru. He messaged that he could, with Earth’s gold to process into white powder of monoatomic gold, save Nibiru. He could also, he sent, blow Nibiru’s civilization to bits with missiles he’d with which he’d targeted them. Restore my rule; recognize me as King of Nibiru and of Earth, he demanded.

Anu, the Nibiran King, sent his son Enki to Earth to mollify Alalu.











Enki could mediate between Anu and Alalu, who was his father-in-law. Enki married Alalu’s daughter, Damkina, to seal a deal between Alalu and Anu to avoid civil war. The child Enki and Damkina created, Marduk, was, by the deal, to one day rule Nibiru and genealogically unite Alalu’s and Anu’s lines.

Anu, however, overthrew Alalu, Alalu fled to Earth and demanded power. Enki would be a logical go between for both his father, King Anu and his father-in-law, Ex-King, Alalu. So to Earth Anu sent Enki.




To make the mission even more acceptable to Alalu, Anu had Alalu’s kinsman, astronavigator Anzu, drive Enki’s spaceship.






One of the best pieces I’ve seen on Enki’s journey to Earth and the first week he and his men spent on Earth, was conveyed via Ninmah, Enki’s Sister. Ninmah perused Enki’s account as she herself flew, sometime later, to join the Nibiran settlement on Earth. On her journey to Earth, her cousin Sud gave her a communication disk from Enki, where he told her in detail of the first week, the recurrent cycle of seven sunrises and sunsets, which Enki delineated and through which we still flow. Enki’s journey below follows Sitchin’s account in The Lost Book of Enki [pages 67 -78]




ENKI’S JOURNEY TO EARTH: NINMAH’S PERSPECTIVE by Janet Kira Lessin, Empathizing with Ninmah







Ninmah opened Enki’s comm-disk. Enki’s expressive face showed on her screen and his passionate voice filled her cabin as he said, “Anzu, the name of Alalu’s kinsman whom Anu choose as our pilot, means ‘He Who Knows the Heavens’. I knew Anzu was the best-suited to navigate us towards the Sun.

Enki, Anzu and 50 Astronauts Head for Earth
Enki, Anzu and 50 Astronauts Head for Earth









“We traveled a thousand leagues when we encountered little Gaga [Pluto]. Then next we passed Antu [Neptune], the beautiful enchantress. Anzu wanted to stop and examine her waters. I was tempted for a moment to stop, but then thought better and motioned to continue. “It’s a planet of no return” Anzu replied forcefully, as he maneuvered the controls to guide us forward.

“Heavenly An [Uranus], the third planet approached. An lay on his side, a host of moons kept him company. The tester indicated water. Anzu paused, “Should we stop and get water?”

“Continue to Anshar [Saturn], the foremost prince of heaven” I commanded. Anshar tried to ensnare us with his frightening, colorful rings. We couldn’t help but admire them. Anzu cleverly avoided the crushing danger.

“The giant Kishar [Jupiter], foremost of the firm planets lay before us next. Her gravitational net overpowered us, testing Anzu’s skill. Kishar furiously flashed divine lightening, thrusting her host at her uninvited guests. Slowly Kishar, the fifth planet faded. With a sigh of relief we turned to encounter our next enemy.

“The Hammered Bracelet [Asteroids], deliverer of death, lurked before us. “Prepare the Water Thruster” I ordered, remembering our ancestors, the fifty brave souls crushed to death long ago. I peered to see if anything of their ship remained. Towards the boulders the chariot rushed. Like a slingshot’s stone, each one was ferociously aimed directly at us.





“‘Now,” I shouted. Anzu thrust a stream of water the force of a thousand heroes. One by one the boulders turned face and ran. From their scattered midst emerged safe passage for the chariot. But not for long. As one was diverted, others attacked. Ahead lay a multitude, it’s numbers too numerous to count. Avengers for Tiamat closing in for the kill. “Again, again! I called to Anzu. With lightening reflexes he responded, the Water Thruster howled, protesting as it whirred to meet the tireless foe.

“We grew weary. The attack was long and relentless. But at last the path was clear, the chariot unharmed. We cheered when we saw the Sun, such was our joy.

“But in the midst of our celebration, the alarm sounded. We had consumed far too much water in our battle with the asteroids. If we didn’t find water soon, we’d not have enough to make it to Ki.

“Ahead in the dark we could see the Sun’s rays reflecting off the sixth planet, Lahmu. “There’s water on Lahmu [Mars],” I said. “Bring the chariot down there?”

“Anzu’s the best. Deftly he maneuvered the chariot towards the celestial god, circled round the planet. “Lahmu’s net is not very great. It’s gravitational pull is easy to handle.” Anzu said.

“Lahmu’s quite a sight to behold with many hues, white caps, snow-covered sandals, reddish-hued in the middle where many lakes and rivers glitter.
Mars approachMarsLakeImage








“Anzu slowed the chariot, landed us gently beside a lake. We donned our Eagle’s helmets, stepped out and extended hoses to suck up the water. While we were filling the bowels of the chariot, we examined the area, tested the waters and air. The air’s sufficient to breathe and the waters are good to drink.

“We didn’t remain long, but quickly finished and bade Lahmu farewell.

“At last we saw Ki, the seventh planet and her companion moon. We grew silent at the site. I wondered. Would we find Nibiru’s salvation or doom?

“We were going too fast! “The chariot must be slowed or we’ll perish in Ki’s thick atmosphere,” I said. “Circle the moon till we slow down.” As we circled the moon we saw how it lay scarred and prostrate, nearly destroyed by Nibiru ages ago in the Celestial battle.

“The chariot slowed. Twice we circled Ki, ever closer to the Firm land, Anzu lowered the chariot. Two thirds of the planet were snow-hued. Dark was her middle. We could see oceans and firm lands. We searched for Alalu’s signal beacon. We found it where an ocean touched dry land and four rivers were swallowed by marshes.

‘The chariot’s too heavy and large for the marshes! Ki’s pulling net’s too powerful for us to descend on dry land!” said Anzu, in a tightly controlled voice.

“Splash down in the ocean’s waters!” I shouted.

“We made one more circuit to slow the chariot down more. With great care Anzu lowered us towards the ocean’s edge. He filled the chariot’s lungs with air, then splashed it down into the waters. It did not sink into the depths.

We heard a speaker. It was Alalu welcoming us! He beamed us directions of his whereabouts and we floated the chariot like a boat towards him. We made our way inland. The oceans narrowed, land appeared on both sides. Anzu ordered the heroes put on their Fishes’ suits.
Enki in wetsuit








They opened a hatch and descended into the marshes.






They attached strong ropes to the chariot so they could pull it to land.

“Alalu was so happy to see us. He beamed, “Hurry, hurry!

“At the edge of the marshes, a sight to behold. Alalu’s celestial chariot gleamed in the sunrays. The heroes hastened towards Alalu. My heart was beating like a drum. I grew impatient, donned my Fish’s suit and jumped into the water, tried to hurry to the edge.

“But the water was much deeper than I expected. I couldn’t walk, had to swim. I could see Alalu standing ahead by green meadows, his hands vigorously waiving.

“My feet hit firm ground, I stood to walk. Alalu, ran towards me, his son by marriage, and powerfully embraced me. “Welcome to a different planet!” Alalu proclaimed to me. He held me silently. Tears of joy filled his eyes. I bowed my head to show respect to my father by marriage.

“The other heroes were making their way towards us. More donned Fishes’ suits. More rushed toward dry land.

“‘Keep the chariot afloat !” Anzu commanded. “Anchor it in the waters. Avoid the mud.”

“It was quite a sight to behold. What a joyful reunion. The heroes came ashore and bowed to Alalu.

“Anzu, the last to depart the chariot, bowed to Alalu, welcomed him with locked arms.

“To all assembled I spoke, “Here on Earth I am the commander! On a life or death mission we have come. Nibiru’s fate is in our hands.”

“We’re quite relieved. We were uncertain what to expect from Alalu. What a pleasant surprise to find him in such good spirits, warm, welcoming and cooperative.

“Being alone for so long must’ve softened Alalu a bit.


“Account of how we established Eridu on Earth and how we began the count of seven days.

“First day, I looked about for a place to set up camp. “Heap up the soil and create mounds over there.” I commanded. I pointed to the spot beside Alalu’s reed hut.

Anzu, beamed a message to Anu back on Nibiru: “Announce our successful arrival!”

“Soon something odd happened, something we had never seen before. The sky was changing from brightness to a reddish hue. The Sun was glowing like a red ball on the horizon and was disappearing!

“The heroes [astronauts] became fearful, afraid that some great calamity was about to befall us.

“We looked over to Alalu and he was laughing. He quickly calmed us. “It’s just a setting of the sun.“ He announced, “It is marking the ending of one day on Earth. It’s time to lie down for a quick rest.”  You could not imagine how short the night. There is little more you can do till morning when the Sun will make another appearance. “

“Before we expected, the darkness came separating the Earth from the heavens. Lightening pierced the darkness. Rain followed thunder. Winds blew the waters. These were storms of an alien god [planet].

“Agitated, we hunkered down in the chariot. We were unable to rest.

“Our hearts quickened when the Sun’s rays returned. Smiling, backslapping, we were most joyful.

“An evening then morning marked our first day on Earth.

“Day 2: With the break of a new day we decided to separate sweet waters for drinking water from marsh waters. I made Engur the master of sweet waters. He and Alalu went to the snake pond and behold, evil serpents were swarming! They reported back to me. We examined the abundance of rainwaters. I placed Enbilulu in charge of the marshlands to mark the thicket of reeds. I gave Enkimdu charge of creating a ditch and dike which would serve as a boundary for the marshes. We created a gathering place for collecting heaven’s rain. Thus we separated the waters from the waters below from the waters above. Marshwaters from sweet waters we set asunder.

“Again it was evening then morning, the second day was done.

“The Sun announced the morning way too quickly. I assigned the heroes their tasks. I directed Alalu to the place of grass and trees. I wanted him to catalog all the grew in the orchard: herbs, fruits and others. I asked Isimud, my vizier if he knew much about each of the plants. Isimud stepped forward. He was very knowledgeable about plants. He could distinguish what was edible and what was not. He quickly identified a honey plant and ate of its fruit. He gave me another to eat. I was good! I put Guru in charge of gathering food, deciding what was good. By evening we had food and water. But we were far from satiated.

“And it was evening, then morning, the third day on Earth.

“On the fourth day the winds finally ceased. The waves stopped tossing the chariot about. It was safe to bring tools forth from the chariots. Time to build more suitable abodes for our encampment.

“I put Kulla in charge of fashioning clay bricks. I instructed Mushdammu to lay the foundations and erect the dwelling abodes. The Sun shone all day. It was a great day, full of light!

“Kingu, Earth’s moon was in fullness that night. It cast a pale light on the Earth. Among the celestial gods, a lesser light rules the night.

“Another evening, then morning, the fourth day was done.

“On the fifth day I commissioned Ea Ningirsig to fashion a boat of reeds. He was to measure the marsh, determine the stretch of the swamplands. Ulmash, master of water creatures and flying fowl was assigned the task of distinguishing what was good and bad. But he’d never seen the likes of these creatures before. Their numbers were bewildering. Good carp were swimming among things that were inedible.

“I directed Enbilulu, the marshland master to fashion a barrier with canebrakes and green reeds so we could separate the fish from fish. We trapped the carp with nets and fashioned snares no bird could escape for the birds good for food.

“Thus we separated fish and fowl, determined what was good for eating and what was not.

“And it was evening, then morning, marking the fifth day on Earth.

“We focused on the creatures of the land on the sixth day. I assigned Enursag the task of cataloging everything that creeps and walks. He was quite alarmed to discover how ferocious the beasts were that surrounded us and so I commanded Kulla and Mushdammu to construct a fence to protect our compound before dark. All the heroes were put to task. They made and laid bricks on foundations and used trees for the fencing and reeds for roofs.

“Anzu brought the Beam that Kills and the Speaker from the chariot and set them up in the compound. By evening time the encampment was complete. We gathered inside by night. Safe, we felt good about all that we accomplished.

“And it was evening, then morning, the sixth day.

“On the seventh day I gathered the heroes [Astronauts/Igigi] around me and spoke, “We’ve undertaken a hazardous journey, overcoming much as we traversed from Nibiru to the seventh planet. We successfully arrived on Ki, which we now have renamed Earth, established an encampment and completed much good. Let this, the seventh day be a day of rest. And hereafter the seventh day always to be a resting day. Henceforth let this place be called Eridu, meaning Home in the Faraway. Let us keep our promise, declare Alalu of Eridu our commander!

The heroes shouted agreement in unison. Alalu uttered words of consent then paid homage to me. “Let Ea be given a second name, Nudimmud, the Artificial Fashioner.”

“The heroes agreed, shouting in unison.

“And it was evening, then morning. Thus marked the end of the seventh day.” The Lost Book of Enki [pages 67 -78]


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More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)



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