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Enki pub domain w planetsExcerpt from “ANUNNAKI: LEGACY OF THE GODS–Techno-Savvy ET s From the Planet Nibiru Who Came For Gold, Created Us From Their Genome to Work the Mines, Posed As Gods, Decided to Let Us Drown, But Then Decided to Breed Us to Work For Them”  by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) and Janet Kira Lessin, CEO, Aquarian Radio

       Enki, also known as Ea, Nidimmud, Adonai, Apollo, Poseidon, Yam, Neptune, Aquarius, Ptah, Khnemu, Buzur, Nahash, Hephaestus, Vulcan and sometimes, Melchzdek, graphed as entwined serpents.

Enki as Prometheus
Enki as Prometheus

 Born Anu’s Firstborn Son but not legal heir–that was Enlil–on Nibiru, Enki betrothed sister Ninmah but Anu forbade their marriage when Enlil impregnated her.
Ninmah 2 pix




       Enki instead married King Alalu’s daughter, Damkina.

DamkinaDamkina trimmed

Damkina and Enki parented Marduk, Alalu’s heir. When Alalu failed to secure gold to sprinkle over and save Nibiru’s atmosphere, Anu challenged Alalu to a wrestling contest, the winner to rule Nibiru.  Anu won.  He deposed  Alalu,  Alalu fled to the Persian Gulf on Earth, aimed his nukes at Nibiru, and demanded his throne back.




In the Nibiran Capital, Agade,  King Anu’s Council “heard Alalu’s transmission in the Throne Room where Anu sat on his throne, flanked by his Foremost Son Enlil seated on the right and his Firstborn Son, Enki seated on his left. Anyone present could speak but Anu’s word was final.” 

  Legal Heir Enlil impugned Alalu’s data; he and the Council begged Anu, “Resist Alalu.” 

      Anu had Enlil beam Alalu back, “Anu, the King, to you his greetings send; of your well-being to learn he is pleased.”  He added, “Prove ample gold on Earth.” [ZS, Giants: 129]

  Enki said he’d rocket to Earth and see if it had enough gold to send miners.  

      “If from gold dust of Earth a shield for Nibiru its atmosphere to save,” said Enki, “let Alalu Earth rule as King.  For kingship on Nibiru, let him again wrestle Anu.  

      “‘Let me in a chariot [rocket] to Earth journey, a path through the Bracelet [Asteroids] with water, not fire I shall fashion.  On Earth, from the waters let me the precious gold to obtain; to Nibiru back it will be sent.” 

      So Anu sent son Enki to Earth to mollify Alalu.  Enki could mediate between Anu and Alalu, since Alalu was Enki’s father-in-law. 

      To Earth with Enki, Anu also sent Alalu’s grandson, pilot Anzu (an astro-navigation expert), and fifty men. The name, “Anzu,” means ‘He Who Knows the Heavens’ or an astronavigator.  Anzu charted the course toward the Sun. 

      Enki had pre-empted the job half-brother Enlil coveted.  Enlil seethed while Enki and Anzu rocketed for Earth. [Sitchin, J., Website]         


      Enki diverted water from the ship’s engine-cooling system to a water cannon.  With the cannon, he blasted rocks from his course though the asteroid belt.
Enki and asteroid
       Critical Water depleted,” Anzu warned; “engine failure immanent.”  Mars’ waters could save them.

Enki lands on Mars1Enki lands on Mars--lake

Enki and Anzu landed on Mars which had water and air too.  “The water was good for drinking but the air was insufficient for breathing; they needed their Eagle’s helmets to breathe.” On Mars, they drew water from a lake.”  [Tellinger, Slave Species: 432]

          Rocket’s water renewed, Enki launched for Earth, “its gold Nibiru’s fate for salvation or doom containing.” [ZS, Enki: 71]

     “‘The chariot must its speed reduce or in Earth’ thick atmosphere it will perish’ said Anzu. They circled the planet a few times and slowed before they entered the atmosphere and hurtled toward the solid ground.  Gravity pulled them down to fast for a dry landing.

       “443,000 years ago, they splashed into the Persian Gulf.  Alalu guided them ashore. [Tellinger, Slave Species: 443]


So that’s how he came from heaven [sky]. Enki not only came from heaven, but, as we’ll see, he’s also our “father.”

       “They heard a speaker. It was Alalu welcoming them! He beamed directions of his whereabouts and they floated the chariot like a boat towards him, then made their way inland. The oceans narrowed, land appeared on both sides.” 

      “Anzu ordered the heroes put on their Fishes’ suits.”
Enki fish suit


 “They opened a hatch and descended into the marshes and attached strong ropes to the chariot so they could pull it to land.”  Enki built houses at Eridu, the head of the Persian Gulf, near modern Basara. 




One of the best pieces I’ve seen on Enki’s journey to Earth and the first week he and his men spent on Earth, was conveyed via Ninmah, Enki’s Sister. Ninmah perused Enki’s account as she herself flew, sometime later, to join the Nibiran settlement on Earth. On her journey to Earth, her cousin Sud gave her a communication disk from Enki, where he told her in detail of the first week, the recurrent cycle of seven sunrises and sunsets, which Enki delineated and through which we still flow. Enki’s journey below follows Sitchin’s account in The Lost Book of Enki [pages 67 -78]




ENKI’S JOURNEY TO EARTH: NINMAH’S PERSPECTIVE by Janet Kira Lessin, Empathizing with Ninmah


Ninmah opened Enki’s comm-disk. Enki’s expressive face showed on her screen and his passionate voice filled her cabin as he said, “Anzu, the name of Alalu’s kinsman whom Anu choose as our pilot, means ‘He Who Knows the Heavens’. I knew Anzu was the best-suited to navigate us towards the Sun.



Enki, Anzu and 50 Astronauts Headed for Earth







We traveled a thousand leagues when we encountered little Gaga[Pluto]. Then next we passed Antu [Neptune], the beautiful enchantress. Anzu wanted to stop and examine her waters. I was tempted for a moment to stop, but then thought better and motioned to continue. “It’s a planet of no return” Anzu replied forcefully, as he maneuvered the controls to guide us forward.

“Heavenly An [Uranus], the third planet approached. An lay on his side, a host of moons kept him company. The tester indicated water. Anzu paused, “Should we stop and get water?”

“Continue to Anshar [Saturn], the foremost prince of heaven I commanded. Anshar tried to ensnare us with his frightening, colorful rings. We couldn’t help but admire them. Anzu cleverly avoided the crushing danger.

“The giant Kishar [Jupiter], foremost of the firm planets lay before us next. Her gravitational net overpowered us, testing Anzu’s skill. Kishar furiously flashed divine lightening, thrusting her host at her uninvited guests. Slowly Kishar, the fifth planet faded. With a sigh of relief, we turned to encounter our next enemy.

“The Hammered Bracelet [Asteroids], the deliverer of death, lurked before us. “Prepare the Water Thruster” I ordered, remembering our ancestors, the fifty brave souls crushed to death long ago. I peered to see if anything of their ship remained. Towards the boulders, the chariot rushed. Like a slingshot’s stone, each one was ferociously aimed directly at us.

“‘Now,” I shouted. Anzu thrust a stream of water the force of a thousand heroes. One by one the boulders turned face and ran. From their scattered midst emerged safe passage for the chariot. But not for long. As one was diverted, others attacked. Ahead lay a multitude, its numbers too numerous to count. Avengers for Tiamat closing in for the kill. “Again, again! I called to Anzu. With lightning reflexes he responded, the Water Thruster howled, protesting as it whirred to meet the tireless foe.

“We grew weary. The attack was long and relentless. But at last the path was clear, the chariot unharmed. We cheered when we saw the Sun, such was our joy.

“But in the midst of our celebration, the alarm sounded. We had consumed far too much water in our battle with the asteroids. If we didn’t find water soon, we’d not have enough to make it to Ki.

“Ahead in the dark we could see the Sun’s rays reflecting off the sixth planet, Lahmu. “There’s water on Lahmu [Mars],” I said. “Bring the chariot down there?”

“Anzu’s the best. Deftly he maneuvered the chariot towards the celestial god, circled round the planet. “Lahmu’s net is not very great. It’s gravitational pull is easy to handle.” Anzu said.

“Lahmu’s quite a sight to behold with many hues, white caps, snow-covered sandals, reddish-hued in the middle where many lakes and rivers glitter.
Mars approachMarsLakeImage






“Anzu slowed the chariot, landed us gently beside a lake. We donned our Eagle’s helmets, stepped out and extended hoses to suck up the water. While we were filling the bowels of the chariot, we examined the area, tested the waters and air. The air’s sufficient to breathe and the waters are good to drink.

“We didn’t remain long, but quickly finished and bade Lahmu farewell.

“At last we saw Ki [Earth], the seventh planet and her companion moon. We grew silent at the site. I wondered. Would we find Nibiru’s salvation or doom?

“We were going too fast! “The chariot must be slowed or we’ll perish in Ki’s thick atmosphere,” I said. “Circle the moon till we slow down.” As we circled the moon we saw how it lay scarred and prostrate, nearly destroyed by Nibiru ages ago in the Celestial battle.

“The chariot slowed. Twice we circled Ki, ever closer to the Firm land, Anzu lowered the chariot. Two thirds of the planet were snow-hued. Dark was her middle. We could see oceans and firm lands. We searched for Alalu’s signal beacon. We found it where an ocean touched dry land and four rivers were swallowed by marshes.

‘The chariot’s too heavy and large for the marshes! Ki’s pulling net’s too powerful for us to descend on dry land!” said Anzu, in a tightly controlled voice.

“Splash down in the ocean’s waters!” I shouted.

“We made one more circuit to slow the chariot down more. With great care Anzu lowered us towards the ocean’s edge. He filled the chariot’s lungs with air, then splashed it down into the waters. It did not sink into the depths.

We heard a speaker. It was Alalu welcoming us! He beamed us directions of his whereabouts and we floated the chariot like a boat towards him. We made our way inland. The oceans narrowed, land appeared on both sides. Anzu ordered the heroes to put on their Fishes’ suits.

They opened a hatch and descended into the marshes.




They attached strong ropes to the chariot so they could pull it to land.

“Alalu was so happy to see us. He beamed, “Hurry, hurry!

“At the edge of the marshes, a sight to behold. Alalu’s celestial chariot gleamed in the sunrays. The heroes hastened towards Alalu. My heart was beating like a drum. I grew impatient, donned my Fish’s suit and jumped into the water, tried to hurry to the edge.

“But the water was much deeper than I expected. I couldn’t walk, had to swim. I could see Alalu standing ahead by green meadows, his hands vigorously waiving.

“My feet hit firm ground, I stood to walk. Alalu, ran towards me, his son by marriage, and powerfully embraced me. “Welcome to a different planet!” Alalu proclaimed to me. He held me silently. Tears of joy filled his eyes. I bowed my head to show respect to my father by marriage.

“The other heroes were making their way towards us. More donned Fishes’ suits. More rushed toward dry land.

“‘Keep the chariot afloat !” Anzu commanded. “Anchor it in the waters. Avoid the mud.”

“It was quite a sight to behold. What a joyful reunion. The heroes came ashore and bowed to Alalu.

“Anzu, the last to depart the chariot, bowed to Alalu, welcomed him with locked arms.

“To all assembled I spoke, “Here on Earth I am the commander! On a life or death mission we have come. Nibiru’s fate is in our hands.”
“We’re quite relieved. We were uncertain what to expect from Alalu. What a pleasant surprise to find him in such good spirits, warm, welcoming and cooperative.

“Being alone for so long must’ve softened Alalu a bit.


“Account of how we established Eridu on Earth and how we began the count of seven days.

“First day, I looked about for a place to set up camp. “Heap up the soil and create mounds over there.” I commanded. I pointed to the spot beside Alalu’s reed hut.

Anzu, beamed a message to Anu back on Nibiru: “Announce our successful arrival!”

“Soon something odd happened, something we had never seen before. The sky was changing from brightness to a reddish hue. The Sun was glowing like a red ball on the horizon and was disappearing!

“The heroes [astronauts] became fearful, afraid that some great calamity was about to befall us.

“We looked over to Alalu and he was laughing. He quickly calmed us. “It’s just a setting of the sun.“ He announced, “It is marking the ending of one day on Earth. It’s time to lie down for a quick rest.”  You could not imagine how short the night. There is little more you can do till morning when the Sun will make another appearance. “

“Before we expected, the darkness came separating the Earth from the heavens. Lightening pierced the darkness. Rain followed thunder. Winds blew the waters. These were storms of an alien god [planet].

“Agitated, we hunkered down in the chariot. We were unable to rest.

“Our hearts quickened when the Sun’s rays returned. Smiling, backslapping, we were most joyful.

“An evening then morning marked our first day on Earth.

“Day 2: With the break of a new day we decided to separate sweet waters for drinking water from marsh waters. I made Engur the master of sweet waters. He and Alalu went to the snake pond and behold, evil serpents were swarming! They reported back to me. We examined the abundance of rainwaters. I placed Enbilulu in charge of the marshlands to mark the thicket of reeds. I gave Enkimdu charge of creating a ditch and dike which would serve as a boundary for the marshes. We created a gathering place for collecting heaven’s rain. Thus we separated the waters from the waters below from the waters above. Marshwaters from sweet waters we set asunder.

“Again it was evening then morning, the second day was done.

“The Sun announced the morning way too quickly. I assigned the heroes their tasks. I directed Alalu to the place of grass and trees. I wanted him to catalog all the grew in the orchard: herbs, fruits, and others. I asked Isimud, my vizier if he knew much about each of the plants. Isimud stepped forward. He was very knowledgeable about plants. He could distinguish what was edible and what was not. He quickly identified a honey plant and ate of its fruit. He gave me another to eat. It was good! I put Guru in charge of gathering food, deciding what was good. By evening we had food and water. But we were far from satiated.

“And it was evening, then morning, the third day on Earth.

“On the fourth day the winds finally ceased. The waves stopped tossing the chariot about. It was safe to bring tools forth from the chariots. Time to build more suitable abodes for our encampment.

“I put Kulla in charge of fashioning clay bricks. I instructed Mushdammu to lay the foundations and erect the dwelling abodes. The Sun shone all day. It was a great day, full of light!

“Kingu, Earth’s moon was in fullness that night. It cast a pale light on the Earth. Among the celestial gods, a lesser light rules the night.

“Another evening, then morning, the fourth day was done.

“On the fifth day I commissioned Ea Ningirsig to fashion a boat of reeds. He was to measure the marsh, determine the stretch of the swamplands. Ulmash, master of water creatures and flying fowl was assigned the task of distinguishing what was good and bad. But he’d never seen the likes of these creatures before. Their numbers were bewildering. Good carp were swimming among things that were inedible.

“I directed Enbilulu, the marshland master to fashion a barrier with canebrakes and green reeds so we could separate the fish from fish. We trapped the carp with nets and fashioned snares no bird could escape for the birds good for food.

“Thus we separated fish and fowl, determined what was good for eating and what was not.

“And it was evening, then morning, marking the fifth day on Earth.

“We focused on the creatures of the land on the sixth day. I assigned Enursag the task of cataloging everything that creeps and walks. He was quite alarmed to discover how ferocious the beasts were that surrounded us and so I commanded Kulla and Mushdammu to construct a fence to protect our compound before dark. All the heroes were put to task. They made and laid bricks on foundations and used trees for the fencing and reeds for roofs.

“Anzu brought the Beam that Kills and the Speaker from the chariot and set them up in the compound. By evening time the encampment was complete. We gathered inside by night. Safe, we felt good about all that we accomplished.

And it was evening, then morning, the sixth day.

“On the seventh day I gathered the heroes [Astronauts/Igigi] around me and spoke, “We’ve undertaken a hazardous journey, overcoming much as we traversed from Nibiru to the seventh planet. We successfully arrived on Ki, which we now have renamed Earth, established an encampment and completed much good. Let this, the seventh day be a day of rest. And hereafter the seventh day always to be a resting day. Henceforth let this place be called Eridu, meaning Home in the Faraway. Let us keep our promise, declare Alalu of Eridu our commander!

The heroes shouted agreement in unison. Alalu uttered words of consent then paid homage to me. “Let Ea be given a second name, Nudimmud, the Artificial Fashioner.”

“The heroes agreed, shouting in unison.

“And it was evening, then morning. Thus marked the end of the seventh day.” The Lost Book of Enki [pages 67 -78]

      From Gulf waters, Enki sifted some gold.  He made a plane, and with his personal pilot Abgal, tested all over Earth for more gold. Anu beamed Enki, “Send us Alalu’s ship with all gold you gathered.”  The Nibiran scientists messaged, “Get more gold quick.” 

      (The days of Earth’s creation in Genesis cosmicizes the Nibiran prospectors as they set up camp six days, then rested on the seventh.)


      Enki and Abgal entered Alalu’s rocket.  In it, they found seven nuclear missiles. 

      They hid the nukes in a cave in the African Great Lakes area.

Cave of Missiles

      Only Enki & Pilot ABGAL knew cave’s locale.        

       Anzu, the interplanetary pilot and Alalu’s grandson, saw no missiles when he came to ready Alalu’s rocket to return to Nibiru.  Anzu told Enki, “Most missiles Alalu stole to Anu I must return and some I must fire at rocks in the Belt.”

       “This rocket you cannot with such attitude pilot, radiation missiles must not in interplanetary space discharge.” Enki said, “I replace you Anzu; stay on Earth with Alalu. Abgal, who pilots my sky chariot, will return Alalu’s rocket to Nibiru.[ZS, Enki: 82]

ENKI SENT ABGAL TO NIBIRU WITH GOLD SAMPLES                                                                                 
Enki routed a return through the Asteroids and Abgal flew the rocket to Nibiru with sample gold.   

      Scientists processed the sample gold into “the finest dust, to skyward launch it was hauled away. A shar [3,600 years] did the fashioning last, a shar did the testing continue. With rockets was the dust heavenward carried, by crystals’ beams was it dispersed. 

       “[But] when Nibiru near the Sun came, the golden dust by its rays disturbed; the healing in the atmosphere dwindled, the breach to bigness returned. [ZS, Enki: 86]

      Anu sent Abgal to Earth for more gold and Enki sent him back to Nibiru with the meager gold from the Gulf. 

     Enki and Abgal “traced the [Persian Gulf’s] gold to its nearest prime source–the gold lodes, huge veins deep in the rocks of Abzu [Africa]

      “Jubilant, Enki announced his find to Nibiru.” [ZS, Giants:99, 138]

       On Nibiru, Enlil, angry that Enki led Mission Earth, demanded Enki prove vast, extractable gold on land.  “False hope Enki gave already that gold quantity from Earth’s waters could Nibiru’s atmosphere save,” he said. 

      Anu gave in: “You Enlil, my legal successor are.  Of Earth take charge; gold there assess for yourself.” 

      Enlil rocketed to Earth.  He felt empowered, as Anu’s heir, to run take charge of the expedition if Earth had enough gold.  

      Enlil landed in the Persian Gulf, saw Enki’s data and retested his samples. Enlil beamed back to Nibiru that, despite initial doubts, Earth had gold enough to save Nibiru’s atmosphere.


      At Basara, Enki & Enlil disputed authority. “Father Anu”, Enlil beamed from Earth to Nibiru,“affirm succession. I, son by your half-sister Antu, rank Enki, though, he, your eldest be.”

    “Come,” Enlil implored,“to Earth and deal with Alalu, too, who claims rule here and over Nibiru too.” 

      So, 416,000 years ago, Anu rocketed to Earth to create chain-of-command and deal with Alalu’s threats.

Anu to Earth 




       On Earth, Anu put three straws in one hand, held them out to Enki and Enlil: “Which ever of you, my sons, draws the long straw, rules Nibiru.  Draw the short straw and you command Earth. Draw the middle-sized straw and you run mining and sea transport.”

By their lots the tasks they divided; Anu to Nibiru to return, its ruler on the throne to remain. 

      “The Edin [Sumer] to Enlil was allotted, to be Lord of Command, more settlements to establish, of the skyships and their heroes charge to take.  Of all the lands until they the bar of the seas encounter, the leader to be.”   Enlil, “Lord of Command” extended King Anu’s military dictatorship to Earth.  Enlil, who preceded Enki as Anu’s successor on Nibiru, now ruled Enki on Earth too. [ZS, Enki: 92 – 93]

      “To Enki, the seas and the oceans as his domain were granted, lands beyond the bar of the waters by him to be governed, in the Abzu [Africa] to be the master, with ingenuity the gold to procure.”  [ZS, Enki: 92 – 93]

          Enlil’s first act as Commander mollified Ea.  Enlil forever gave Enki Eridu, the settlement at Basara as well as the title, En.Ki, Earth’s Lord, to Enki.  Before this, Enki had been called Ea–He-of-the-Waters; “Ea” is the root of the word “EA-rth. [ZS, Wars: 81]

  King Anu sent his daughter, Ninmah, Enki’s Beloved, to Earth to run the Medical Center in Sumer.  She now spurned Enlil so she could explore with former fiancee Enki.  Enki told her, “Come with me in the Abzu [Africa], your adoration of Enlil abandon.”   

      In Africa, at his palace in Great Zimbabwe, “Enki to Ninmah words of loving spoke, sweet words he spoke, ‘You are still my beloved‘’ to her he said, caressing.  He embraced her, he kissed her, she caused his phallus to water.  Enki his semen into the womb of Ninmah poured. 

      “ ‘Give me a son,’ he cried.” If he could beget a son with Ninmah, the boy “would be considered a rival to Enlil and the sons of Enlil.” 


      But Ninmah bore Ninsun, a daughter.  Enki copulated with Ninsun and begat another daughter and asked this child, his daughter’s daughter, her to begat a son with him.  

     Ninmah “was enraged, her pride wounded.  “She brewed an irresistibly delicious and intoxicating elixir full of deadly herbs.  As Enki drank” she cursed him.  He fell to the ground, cup in hand.  She wanted him to suffer. He began to shrivel up and age rapidly, his skin turning a putrid yellow.  

     King Anu pleaded with Nimah to end her curse and heal Enki.  Enki begged Nimah to forgive him.  “To distance himself from Nimmah’s vulva, Enki by raised arm swore; from her curse, Enki was freed. Though she cured him but she never again let herself trust men.” To the Edin, Ninmah returned.” [Ferguson, 1995; 32 -33; ZS,: Enki: 115-116]

      Enki consoled himself; he flew Ereshkigal (Enlil’s son Nannar’s daughter) to Cape Agulhas on South Africa’s tip.  Enlil had sent Enki to take granddaughter Erishkigal to run the Cape’s astronomical, climate and earth-monitoring station.

Enroute Enki seduced Ereshkigal.

     Then Enki sent to Nibiru for his wife, Damkina, and their son, Marduk.





       Enki delivered Ereshkigal, pregnant with his child, to the Agulhas Station in South Africa.  There, Enki’s son, Nergal–bald, limping (since birth)–a powerful Enkiite Prince–bossed the mines and energy grid that ran over all southeast Africa.  Nergal thought Ereshkigal, an Enlilite Princess, crowded him.  He attacked the Station to kill her, but instead, married her.

     Pregnant already, Ereshkigal bore Ningishzidda and ran the Cape Agulhas Station while Nergal ran the mines and energy grid. She sent Ningishzidda, to live in Great Zimbabwe with Enki.

     Damkina and Enki begat his lineage–his boys and their male descendants.  His lineage began with his and Damkina’s Nibiran-born son, MARDUK, then their Earth-born boys, NERGAL, GIBIL, DUMUZI and NINAGAL. Enki fathered SHARA with Inanna and Ningishzidda with Ereshkigal. He also fathered Ninsun with Ninmah.  

     Marduk expanded the Enki’s lineage.  Marduk begat SETH, NABU, and, OSIRIS, who fathered HORUS. Top Masons and today’s power elite revere Osiris.

   In Africa, Enki left mines to Foreman Ennugi.


       Enki went north, to the Great Rift Valley (southeast Africa) to study an intelligent, fire-using hominoid, Homo Erectus, the ancestor of modern Neanderthals (aka Sasquash, Bigfoot, Alma) as key to adaptations Nibirans would need to thrive on Earth. 

      Erectus reasoned, freed animals from traps.  He communicated telepathically rather than speak.  Enki thought Erectus 1) evolved on Earth from genetic building blocks Nibiru gave Earth when the planet Nibiru invaded the solar system, or 2) devolved from Homo Sapien colonists on Earth long before 450,000 years ago, or 3) evolved from humanoids terraformers planted on Earth.  Erectus, Enki reasoned, would evolve in a few million years into Homo Sapiens.  

      Enki built a lab in Zimbabwe to see if Erectus’ genes could help adapt the Nibiran genome to Earth. [Cremo, Forbidden Archeology; Devolution: 9-41; ZS, Genesis: 121; Giants: 16, 153: Pye, L., 2000,]


     The miners griped that boss Ennugi overworked them.
Mining for the Anunnaki2Nibirans mining




      Ennugi radioed Enki in Zimbabwe, but Enki sided with the miners.  He plotted with them to shrink gold shipments, lure Enlil to the mines and trap him.  Enki’d then save Enlil and free the miners from Nibiru as well.  All the Commander need do: let him, Ninmah and Ningiszidda engineer Earth-adapted miners.

      When the miners withheld gold for Badtibira, Enlil sent Ninurta to investigate.  Miners “were backbiting and lamenting, in the excavations they were grumbling.

      “‘Unbearable is the toil.‘”

      “Call Enlil to the mines,” Enki told Ninurta, “Let the Commander see how the miners suffer.”                              

       When Enlil and his Vizier, Nusku, arrived, “‘Let us unnerve Enlil,’ mine-working heros shouted.  ‘Of the heavy work let him relieve us.  Let us proclaim war, with hostilities let us gain relief.’  To their tools they set fire, fire to their axes they put.”  They held Ennugi hostage and, with tools as torches, surrounded the house Enlil occupied. 

      Enlil beamed Anu to shuttle to Earth and shoot the miners’ leaders and their instigator (implying Enki).  But the miners wouldn’t tell Ninurta who led or incited them, but Anu felt for them.  

      Ninurta wanted new miners from Nibiru.  Enlil wanted them executed as mutineers. 

      Enki said, instead, “Let us create a Lulu, a primitive worker, the hardship to take over, let the Being the toil of the Anunnaki carry on his back.  The Being that we need, it already exists.  All that we have to do is put on it the mark of our essence [genes], thereby a Lulu, a Primitive Worker, shall be created. [ZS, Enki: 124 -127; Encounters: 347- 380]

     Enki showed Erectus to Enlil and Ninurta, “Ningishzidda, my son, their fashioning essence [DNA structure] has tested; akin to ours it is, like two serpents it is entwined.  When with our life essence shall be combined, our mark upon them shall be, a Primitive Worker shall be created.  Our commands will he understand.  Our tools he will handle, the toil in the excavations he shall perform, to the Anunnaki in the Abuzu relief shall come. [ZS, Enki: 130]


      Enlil objected.  “Don’t create slaves.  Slavery has from Nibiru long been ended.  Tools are slaves, not other beings.”  

      Ninurta told Enki, “Make machines, not slaves.” [ZS, Wars: 130]

Earthlings we create,” said Enki, “shall helpers, not slaves, be.’” 

      Enlil shouted, “To create hybrid beings is in The Rules Of Planet Journeys forbidden.” 

      Enki responded, “A new species create we shall not; the Apeman is in his fashioning essence [genotype] as we of Nibiru are.  Our ancestor the Apeman is; into us he evolves.  Speed Apeman shall we, speed him but some millions of years to what has always been his destiny.” 

      Enki and Enlil beamed Anu and the Council on Nibiru.  Each brother voiced their say to the council–Enki, pro; Enlil, con–adapted mine slaves. 

           The King ruled and the Council ratified Enki’s proposal. Nibiru sent Earth: “Gold must be obtained.  Let the Being be fashionedForsake The Rules of Planetary Journeys, let Nibiru be saved. [ZS, Wars: 132]

      Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda experimented; they spliced genes into their genome.  They created combinations of their own genome and the genome of Erectus with other creatures (eg: centaur, griffin, cyclops, minotar).
Genetic experiments collage








        Ninmah (with her symbol, an umbilical-cutter) and EnkiEnki Ninmah Test tubes


      Enki and Ningishzidda serviced Erectus women but failed to impregnate them.  So they gathered their own seed, and, in test tubes, fertilized Erectus ova to create zygotes.  Then they planted the zygotes in Erectus women.  The first babies born of the Erectus women lacked vision, hand dexterity hand dexterity or internal functioning.    

      To beat these defects, Ninmah created the next zygote in a vessel of copper and African clay instead of a test tube. 

      But this zygote grew into a child who couldn’t talk. [ZS, 12th Planet, 352; Genesis: 164 -165, 201].

      Then “In the clay vessel the admixture they made, the oval of an Earth female with Anunnaki male essence they put together.  The fertilized egg into the womb of Ninmah by Enki was inserted.  There was conception. 

      “To a male child Ninmah birth was giving.
Ninmah birthing collage




       “Enki the boy child held in his hands, the image of perfection was he.  He slapped the newborn on his hindparts; the newborn uttered proper sounds.  He handed the newborn to Ninmah. ‘My hands have made it!’ victoriously she shouted.”
Ninmah holds ADAM


     The boy’s skin was reddish brown, like the clay of Africa; his penis sported a foreskin, which Anunnaki males lacked. [ZS, Wars 138 – 139]

      Once Ninmah had Adamu, the prototype for the primitive worker, she radioed the Med Center at Shurubak.  She said she needed seven doctors to volunteer their wombs for offspring of Adamu.  “‘His essence alone as a mold shall be!’”  Ninmah and the doctors swore they’d love and support the babes they’d bare. [ZS, Enki 141]

      “In seven vessels of the clay of Abzu made, Ninmah ovals [zygotes which Ningishzidda’s and Enki’s sperm fertilized] of the two-legged females placed.  The life essences of Adamu she extracted bit by bit in the vessels she it inserted.  Then in the malepart of Adamu an incision she made, a drop of blood to let out.

      “‘Let this a Sign of Life be; that Flesh and Soul have combined let it forever proclaim.’  She squeezed the malepart for blood, one drop in each vessel to the admixture she added.  ‘In this clay’s admixture, Earthling with Anunnaki shall be bound.  To a unity shall the two essences, one of Heaven, one of Earth, together be brought.’  In the wombs of the birth-giving heroines the fertilized ovals were inserted.”  Ninmah cut Adamu’s seven healthy boys from their wombs.  [ZS, Enki 141; 12th Planet: 352]

      Ningishizidda put ova from Ti-Amat into seven test-tubes.  Then he planted the seven ova in the same doctors who’d borne the hybrid males.  All the surrogate mothers carried female hybrids, which he removed surgically. 

      But when he told the doctors he needed their wombs again, Ninmah objected, “For my heroines too burdensome is baring more Earthlings. Too few are the heroines to bare numbers enough to work mines.”

      Enki brought Adamu and Ti-Amat to Edin.  He left the seven female and the eight male hybrids made from Adamu’s and Ti-Amat’s gametes together in an enclosure at his African lab. They copulated often, but the females didn’t conceive. 

      The miners again threatened mutiny if Enki and Ningishzidda didn’t bring slaves to relieve them.  Under pressure at the Med Center in Shurubak, Ningishzidda compared Nibiran genes and genes from Adamu and Ti-Amat.  He found the genes for reproduction.  Nibiran females had a recessive XY chromosomal allele in their genotype whereas Ti-Amat had only XX.


      To create a female, Ningishzidda planted a zygote made with Adamu’s blood in Damkina.  When the zygote grew to a viable female fetus, Ninmah excised her from Damkina.  Ninmah named the hybrid Ti-Amat (Mother of Life), “a sandy-blonde.” [Tellinger, Slave Species: 452]

       To make the hybrids fertile, Ningishzidda anesthetized Enki, Ninmah and Ti-Amat.  “From the rib of Enki the life essence he extracted; into the rib of Adamu the life essence he inserted.  From the rib of Ninmah the life essence he extracted; into the rib of Ti-Amat the life essence he inserted. 

       “He proudly declared, ‘To their Tree of Life two branches have been added, with procreating powers their life essences are now entwined.’” [ZS, Enki: 148]

      Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda hid Ti-Amat’s newly-installed breedability.  Ti-Amat and Adamu stayed in Enki’s Persian Gulf orchard while her fetus gestated.  Ti-Amat made leaf-aprons for herself and Adamu.


       Enlil saw Adamu and Ti-Amat wore aprons and made Enki explain.  Enki confessed; Ti-Amat’s fetus would, in turn, breed. 

       “The last bit of our life essence to these creatures you have given, to be like us in procreation knowing, perchance our[millions of years] life cycles on them to bestow,” Enlil roared. 

       Enki’s team had exceeded Enlil’s okay to create mine slaves in test tubes or with surrogate Nibiran mothers  


      “’My lord Enlil,’ Ningishzidda was saying, ‘knowing for procreation they were given, the branch of Long Living, to their essence tree was not.’ 

      “A longevity gene or genes known to Enki [and Ningishzidda] was deliberately excluded from the human genome when the ‘mixing’ of genes took place.” 

      “‘Then let them be where they are needed,’ Enlil with anger said. ‘To the Abzu away from the Edin, let them be expelled.’” [ZS, Enki: 149; Giants: 245]

      Enlil, Enki knew, would forbid the knowledge transfer the genetic team had planned for the Earthlings. So, hidden from the Commander, Enki started the secret BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE for a few of select Earthings whom he taught facts, technology and advanced thinking. [Tellinger, Slave Species: 145]

      Enki put Adamu and Ti-Amat in an enclosure in Zimbabwe.  She bore twins Kai-in and Abael, then others who, in turn, bred with each other and with Nibirans.      In a few thousand years, “the Earthlings were proliferating.  To be with the Anunnaki they were eager, for food rations they toiled well.  Of heat and dust they did not complain, of backbreaking they did not grumble. Of hardships of work the Anunnaki were relieved.”  

    In southeast Africa, from Mozambique to Botswana, Zimbabwe and beyond, where the descendants of Adamu labored for the Nibirans, “the extended ancient settlement covered an area much larger than modern Johannesburg, more than 500,000 square kilometers.” The Nibirans and Earthlings built circles of stone to leach gold.  They ran eight-foot wide lanes, lined with iron-rich, magnetically-charged granite among leach pits, workstations, terraces, dwellings, ceremonial centers and Enki’s Palace in Zimbabwe. [Tellinger, Slave Species: 125; Temples:53-82]


       When Nibiru crossed between Jupiter and Mars, Nibiru’s gravity jounced planets and disrupted Nibiru’s atmosphere. When, 300,000 years ago, Nibiru crossed, hurricanes and “brimstones” hit Earth’s Moon.  The crossing agitated atmosphere, ignited volcanoes, and loosed mighty earthquakes on Earth. 

        Nibiru’s crossing battered Mars too then.  It ruined the astronaut base, destroyed the smelting plant and wrecked the transshipment warehouses on Mars.  Marduk, Mars’ manager, asked Enlil to employ him on Earth.  

      Enlil beamed King Anu on Nibiru: No more gold transshipment from Mars.  Rockets had to take gold right from Sumer to Nibiru.


      “Keep Marduk as Astronaut’s leader and re-assign them to a moonbase,” Enki beamed Nibiru. “‘The netpull [Gravity] of Earth greatly exceeds Lahmu’s [Mars’]. To overcome it our powers shall be exhausted.  Let us an alternative examine: nearby Earth, the Moon.  Smaller is its netpull, ascent and descent thereon little effort will require.  Let us a waystation consider, let me and Marduk thereto journey.’ 

      “‘Let the Moon be first examined,’ Anu to Enki and Enlil the decision beamed.”  Though he approved the Mars trip for Enki and Marduk, the King shrunk Enkiite power, especially Marduk’s with Shamgaz and the astronauts.  Anu regretted he’d agreed Marduk’d succeed Alalu as Nibiru’s king. 

      Anu also suspected Enki, Marduk’s father, abetted both the Igigi revolt Anzu led and also the miners’ mutiny in Africa.  So Anu ended gold transfer on Mars and with it, Marduk’s job as Operations Boss.  He gave Utu, Enlil’s loyal grandson, rule of the new spaceport (from which the gold would rocket straight to Nibiru) at Sippar.  Now an Enlilite, Utu, not an Enkiite, Marduk, commanded the astronauts. 

      “In a rocketship did Enki and Marduk to the Moon journey.  In a place of rolling hills they set the rocketship down.  Eagles’ helmets [eagle-shaped helmets] they had to don; the atmosphere was for breathing insufficient.  In the rocket they made their dwelling.  For one circuit [orbit = one Earth year] they remained. [ZS, Enki:153-161] 


      Marduk, on the Moon with Enki, told him, “You, Father, are Anu’s Firstborn; yet Enlil and not you the Heir is.  Gold in the city of Ninurta is assembled, therefrom to send to or withhold.  The survival of Nibiru in his hands is, not mine.  Am I to fame and kingship fated or again to humiliated be.” 

      Enki hugged Marduk. “On that which I have been deprived [command of Earth] your future lot shall be. Your Celestial Time will come.”  Enki alludes here to the “Age of the Ram,” Marduk’s constellation, when Marduk should, with the calender he (Enki) created, rule.  Enki’s calendar assigned twelve equal segments to star constellations.  The constellation in front of which the sun rose on June 21, he said, showed the Anunnaki would rule all, and Marduk’s time to reign supreme would, in Celestial Time, come. [ZS, Enki:160-161]


      One of Nibiru’s approaches upset Earth’s climate and ruined the new crops. Earthlings adapted and foraged afar but made less food.  From 27,000 B.C., Earthlings’ standard of living worsened and they took again to the bush and cave-dwelling. “Following generations showed less advanced standards of civilized life.  From 27,000 to 11, 000 B.C. the regressing and dwindling population reached almost complete absence of habitation.”  Enlil prodded Enki to make them smart enough to farm and herd better.  Enki decided to raise Earthling intelligence and, at the same time, enjoy himself. [ZS, 12th Planet: 5 – 6]

      In his African reserve, “Enki in the marshlands looked about. With him was Ismud, his vizier, who secrets kept.  “On the river’s bank, frolicking Earthlings he noticed; two females among them were wild with beauty, firm were their breasts.  Their sight the phallus of Enki caused to water, a burning desire he had.
Enki sees mothers of Adapa and Titi

      “A young one to him Enki called, a tree fruit she offered him.  Enki bent down, the young one he embraced, on her lips he kissed her.  Sweet were her lips, firm with ripeness were her breasts.  Into her womb she took the holy semen, by the semen of the Enki she was impregnated.”  Enki then coupled with the second young Earthling. [ZS, Enki: 167 -168]

       One of the girls bore a boy, ADAPA; the other, a girl–TITI.  Enki kept his fatherhood secret.

Enki amd Damkina raised Titi & Adapa
Enki amd Damkina raised Titi & Adapa



       Enki’s wife, Damkina, “to Titi took a liking; all manner of crafts was she teaching.

      “To Adapa, Enki teachings gave, how to keep records he was him instructing.” Enki boasted, “A Civilized man I have brought forth.  A new kind of Earthling from my seed has been created, in my image and after my likeness. From seed they from food will grow, from ewes sheep they will shepherd.  Anunnaki and Earthlings henceforth shall be satiated.[ZS, Encounters: 47 Enki,: 168-170]

       Enki schooled his (albeit clandestine) son Adapa.  He had Adapa then teach his descendants–the enhanced Earthlings–to run farms, herds, estates and how to run less enhanced Earthlings.  Enki brought more Earthlings from Africa to Sumer for Adapa to train for the Expedition bosses’ homes and facilities.
ENki-as-Prometheus-and-Adapa1-cptioned for facebook   

      Adapa trained and oversaw the workers Anunnaki brought from Africa to work the bases in Iraq.  He watched over bakers, water system workers and fishermen and made sure they supplied the Anunnaki and fed themselves.  Adapa kept the stats—he was in charge of offerings to Enki.  


       Each generation, Enki mated with the prettiest females born to the hybrids; he multiplied the ratio of Nibiran to Erectus genes in our stock.

      Enki told him Nibirans ate “The Bread of Life” and drank ‘The Water of Life” to live hundreds of thousands of years.  Without those substances, Enki told Adapa, he’d likely die in a thousand years or so.  So Adapa, of course, begged Enki for the Bread and Water, for everlasting life.  Would he let King Anu give him immortality?  

Anu, in the meantime, heard of the genius Adapa.  Enlil had reported his spies saw Adapa fly a plane north in the Persia Gulf against prevailing winds or that Enki had some sort of HAARP device to alter local winds with sonar waves.  Anu ordered Adapa brought to him.  [ZS, Encounters:51 -55]


      Enlil sent King Anu on Nibiru: “Enki changed Gulf weather to blow Adapa south.”  The King sent Ilabrat, his Vizier, to Earth for Adapa.  Enki gave Ilabrat Adapa.  Enki sent his two unmarried Earth-born sons, Ningishzidda and Dumuzi, with Adapa to meet grandfather, Anu, and maybe find Nibiran wives. 

      On Nibiru, as Anu, to test Adapa’s intelligence, asked Adapa why Enki changed the wind south and sent him down the Gulf, Ningishzidda slipped the King a sealed tablet from Enki.  Enki, on the tablet, said he wanted Adapa to breed more enhanced Earthlings.  Enki confessed he enhanced Adapa and Titi; he’d impregnated adapted Earthlings descended from Adamu and Ti-Amat.  Ningishzidda already knew, from Adapa’s DNA, that Enki begat Adapa and Titi.  Enki asked Anu to send Adapa back to begat more hybrids, to father more ADAPITES–Civilized Humans. 

      The tablet asked Anu to deny Adapa food or elixir–the Bread of Life (probably monoatomic gold, the “Manna from the Heavens”) and the Water of Life–that would lengthen the lives of Adapa and his descendants.

      Earthlings descended from both Adam (Adamite hybids) and Adapa (Adapites), Anu knew, descended from him as well.  Enki and Ningishzidda–Anu’s son and son’s son–via their seed, passed Anu’s genes to the Earthlings, mixed with their DNA with Homo Erectus’ and created an illegal civilized species.  Enki wanted Anu to deny Earthlings the seeming eternal, lifespan Nibirans had, so the illegal species would stay long- quarantined on Earth.


      Enki lusted for Batanash wife of Lu-Mach, Workmaster of Earthlings in Edin.

      Enlil ordered Lu-Mach to work Sumer’s Earthlings harder, give them less food. When Lu-Mach told the Earthlings, they said they’d kill him if he tried to enforce Enlil’s order. To “protect” Lu-Mach and Batanash, Enki sent Lu-Mach to Marduk in Babylon, where Marduk would teach him to build cities. 

      Enki sent Lu-Mach’s wife, Batanash, to Ninmah at the Medical complex of Shurubak, “from the angry Earthling masses protected and safe to be.  Thereafter Enki his sister Ninmah in Shurubak was quick to visit.

    “On the roof of a dwelling where Batanash was bathing, Enki by her loins took hold, he kissed her, his semen into her womb he poured.”  From this encounter, she bore Ziusudra (Noah).         

      When Lu-Mach got back to Edin, “to him Batanash the son showed.

      “White as the snow his skin was.  Like the skies were his eyes, in a brilliance his eyes were shining.” 

      Lu-Mach: “A son unlike an Earthling to Batanash was born.  Is one of the Igigi [astronauts] his father?”

Lu-Mach, Noah and Batanash
Lu-Mach, Noah and Batanash



 Batanash: “None of the Igigi fathered the boy.”

      “Ziusudra,” Lu-Mach’s father added, “will the Earthlings guide through the Ice Age.” [ZS,Enki: 204]

      Ninmah loved and raised Ziusudra; Enki taught him to read what Adapa wrote.

      But “drought, plague and starvation stalked the Earthlings.


      Crops dried-up, Earthlings starved, plagues killed many. “Diseases overcame humans.  But Ninmah [said] ‘Let us the Earthlings curing teach, how themselves to remedy to learn.’” 

      Enlil refused. “‘Let the earthlings by hunger and pestilence perish.’”  In his mind the stay of the Anunnaki on Earth was nearing an end and he would rather wipe out all life before they departed for Nibiru.  “Nothing grew and winds, heat and drought haunted them. Tremors and quakes became regular events.”

      Enki implored Enlil, “Let us show the dredging of ponds and canals for surviving drought and famine.

      But the Commander responded, “Marduk–your eldest–the Igigi, and the with armies the astronauts breed with the daughters of Adapa, challenge me.  No ponds, no canals.  For Marduk, no more soldiers; let the Earthlings starve, every one.  When we, sated with Earth’s gold, toNibiru  return, leave no Earthling subjects for Marduk, no force for him, the homeplanet to invade[ZS, Enki: 204 -205; Tellinger, Slave Species: 470]

     The Earthlings at Shurubak (where Ziusudra lived) sent Ziusudra to Enki at the Persian Gulf for help.  Enki said he couldn’t openly help, but advised, covertly,  “The policy of Enlil protest, worship of the gods boycott.”

      Enki secretly fed the Earthlings from his corn.  He showed them how to get to and fish the seas.
ENki seals from oracc.museumupen
















When Enlil said Enki defied the decree that Earthlings starve, Enki said he didn’t know how Earthlings learned salt-water fishing.

      When Enki ruined his attempt to starve the Earthlings, Enlil instead waited for the next perigee when Nibiru’s approach to Earth would create a great flood. Just before that, Enlil, planned, Nibirans would quit Earth with all the gold they needed.  Nergal warned of a flood,  one that would kill off us troublesome slaves and hide fact we ever existed. [ZS, Enki:206; 1978, 12th Planet:292 -294]

      Nergal reported from Ereshkigal’s station on Africa’s tip.  The Antarctic ice sheet, he said built speed as it slid toward the South Sea.  When Nibiru reaches closest to Earth, the icesheet’ll slip into the Sea and push out mountainous waves.  The waves’ll bounce off each other and landmasses and combine in many ways.  The waters will, Nergal said, cover all Earth except great peaks.

      When King Anu and the Counsel on Nibiru got Nergal’s report, they beamed Earth: “‘For evacuating Earth and Lahmu prepare.’  In the Abzu the gold mines shut down; therefrom the Anunnaki to the Edin came; smelting and refining ceased, all gold to Nibiru was lofted.  Empty, for evacuating ready, a fleet of celestial chariots to Earth returned.


      “One spaceship that came for gold and Anunnaki returning to the homeplanet brought the mysterious white-haired Galzu (Great Knower).”  Galzu ceremoniously deplaned and presented a sealed message from Anu to Enki, Enlil and Ninmah.

“Enlil the seal of Anu examined; unbroken and authentic it was, its encoding trustworthy. ‘For King and Council Galzu speaks. his words are my commands.’ So did the message of Anu state.

      “‘I am Galzu, Emissary Plenipoteniary of King and Council, to Enlil,‘” said the mysterious visitor.”


      Galzu told Ninmah, “‘Of the same school and age we are.’  This Ninmah could not recall: the emissary was as young as a son, she was as his olden mother.”  Galzu told her she’d aged and he hadn’t because she and her brothers lived on Earth so long.  He said, they’d die if they returned to Nibiru.  Their bodies, adapted to Earth, couldn’t survive Nibiru’s gravity. 

      Galzu lied: “The three of you on Earth will remain; only to die to Nibiru you will return.

     Ninmah and her brothers must, he said, orbit Earth in rockets when the icesheet sped waves over the planet.  When the waters calmed, to live, they must return to Earth.  Commander Enlil read the rest of the order Galzu said he brought from King Anu, “To each of the other Anunnaki, a choice to leave or the calamity outwait must be given.  The Igigi who Earthlings espoused must between departure and spouses choose.  No Earthling, Marduk’s Sarpanit included, to Nibiru to journey is allowed. For all who stay and what happens see, in celestial chariots they safety must seek.” [ZS, Enki: 209-211]

  Enlil convened the Anunnaki Council–the Leaders’ sons and grandchildren–and the Igigi commanders.  He decreed the Earthlings drown in the deluge. 

     Enki objected, “‘A wondrous Being by us was created, by us saved it must be,’ Enki to Enlil shouted.”

      Enlil roared back,”‘To Primitive Workers knowing you endowed. The powers of the Creator of All into your hands you have taken.  With fornication Adapa you conceived, understanding to his line you gave.  His offspring to the heavens you have taken, our wisdom with them you shared.  Every rule you have broken, decisions and commands you ignored.  Because of you a Civilized Earthling brother [Abael] a brother [Ka-in] murdered. Because of Marduk your son the Igigi like him with Earthlings intermarried.'” 

     The Earthlings, Enlil said, must drown. 

     He demanded Enki and all Nibirans on Earth swear they would not warn us of our coming death.

     Enki refused to swear.  He and Marduk stamped out of the Council. [ZS, Enki:212-214]

     Enlil brought the Council back to order.  Astronauts with Adapite wives and children, he decreed, must move to the peaks above the waves.  He, Enki, Ninmah, their sons, daughters and descendants would orbit Earth.  Marduk must shelter on Marsbase and Nannar on the moon.  When the waters receded the leaders and kin would return to Earth.

    Enki and Ninmah buried their records and computer programs in diorite crypts under the rocket platform in Lebanon.  Underground, they made genetic banks to save Earth’s creatures from the flood.  “Male and female essences and life-eggs they collected, of each kind two by two they collected for safekeeping while in Earth circuit to be taken, thereafter the living kinds to recombine.”

Enki dreamed Galzu spoke “‘Into your hands Fate take, for the Earthlings the Earth inherit.  Summon your son Ziusudra, without breaking the oath[swear not to tell Earthlings] to him the coming calamity reveal.  A boat that the watery avalanche can withstand, a submersible one, to build him tell, the likes of which on this tablet to you I am showing.  Let him in it save himself and his kinfolk and the seed of all that is useful, be it plant or animal, also take.  That is the will of the Creator of All.'”

     Enki woke and pondered his dream. He stepped out of bed and kicked an actual physical computer file–one he had not put there– next to his bed. The file showed how to build a submersible craft in which Ziusudra and his followers could ride out the deluge. 

     Enki searched his home and grounds for Galzu but didn’t find him.  None except Enki (in the dream) had seen Galzu.

     “That night to the reed hut where Ziusudra was sleeping Enki stealthily went. The oath not breaking, the Lord Enki not to Ziusudra but to the hut’s wall [computer bank] spoke from behind the reed wall.

Galzu give Pgm to Noah




      In the drawing above (from an inscribed Sumerian tablet), Galzu (center) tells Enki (left–with his snake icon) to warn Ziusudra (right).  Galzu aims Enki’s hand to send the file to Ziasudra’s wall computer (Notice its screens and slots).  The disk leaves Enki’s hand en route to Ziusudra’s computer.

      “When Ziusudra by the words awakened, Enki said, ‘A calamitous storm will sweep, the destruction of Mankind it will be.  This is the decision of the assembly by Enlil convened.

      “Abandon thy house, Ziusudra.  Build a boat, its design and measurements’” on the file you see on your wall. 

      “‘A boatguide [Ninagal] to you will come.  To a safe haven the boatguide will navigate you. By you shall the seed of Civilized Man survive.           

      “‘Not to you,” Enki concluded, “Not to you, Ziusudra, have I spoken, but to the wall did I speak.'” [ZS, Enki: 220 -222]

      Ziasudra and his community built the sub.

      Ziasudra (as Enki’d prompted) told Enlil he devoted himself to Enki (Enlil didn’t know Enki fathered Ziasudra).  Ziasudra said he’d finish the boat and sail his community down to Africa, near Enki. Enlil, thinking Ziasudra and the Earthlings devoted to Enki would drown in the coming flood, let Ziasudra’s workers keep building.

      Let Enki’s followers leave Sumer, sail to Africa, and there die in the flood, thought Enlil.

      Enki prepared for the waves.  Before they hit, he sent Ninagal with boxes to Ziusudra.  The boxes held “DNA, sperm and ova, ‘the life essence and life eggs of living creatures it contains, by the Lord Enki and Ninmah collected.  From the wrath of Enlil to be hidden, to life resurrected if Earth be willing.’” 

      Ningishzidda prepared too; he inscribed “ancient wisdom on two great pillars and hid sacred objects and scrolls inside them. [Hauck, Emerald Tablet:s;22]

     13,000 years ago, “in the Whiteland, at the Earth’s bottom, off its foundation, the [Antarctic] icesheet slipped.  By Nibiru’s netforce it was pulled into the south sea.  A tidal wave arose, northward spreading.” “The tidal wave, several hundred metres high, moved northward from Antarctica at 500 km per hour, like a giant circle around the world; it destroyed all lands lower than 2,000 metres above sea level.” [Tellinger, Slave Species: 472 – 473]

      “The boat of Ziusudra the tidal wave from its moorings lifted, then plunged beneath the raging waves. “Though completely submerged, not a drop of water into it did enter. For forty days, waves and storms swept Earth, downing everything on the planet except those on mountaintops and in Ziusudra’s boat.  Ninagal surfaced, raised sail and steered to Mt Ararat.” [ZS, Enki: 227]

      “The orbiting Anunnaki surveyed the flood’s results.”

      “Enlil the survivors saw, Enki’s son Ninagal among them.  `Every Earthling had to perish’, he with fury shouted.  At Enki with anger he lunged, to kill his brother with bare hands he was ready.” Ninagal messaged Ninmah and Ninurta, “Bring your whirlers down quick.”

      “`He is no mere mortal, my son he is,‘ Enki to Ziusudra pointing.

      “`To a wall,’ said Enki, ‘I spoke, not Ziusudra.‘”

      Ninurta and Ninmah restrained the raging Commander.  Enki told them he’d seen Galzu in a dream, then, when he woke, found next to his bed, a file that showed how Ziusudra should build the sub.          

      Together, Enki, Ninurta and Nimah convinced Enlil “The survival of mankind the will of the Creator of All must be.[ZS, Enki:228-229].


      In 2025 B.C, Marduk announced, “‘In my temple house let all the gods assemble, my covenant accept.’

      “By his appeal for their submission, the Anunnaki gods were disturbed and alarmed. To a great assembly, council to take, Enlil them all summoned. Opposed to Marduk they all were.”  The Anunnaki would go home to Nibiru and leave Earth to Marduk, but they’d deny him the Sinai Spaceport.

      The Anunnaki Council, even Ninmah–but not Enki–agreed to use nuclear weapons stop Nabu’s advance through Canaan toward the spaceport  [ZS, Enki:308].

      Enki said he, “angry and distraught, the council chamber left, in his heart was smiling: only he knew where  the weapons were hidden, so did Enki think. For it was he, before Enlil to Earth had come,who with Abgal in a place unknown the weapons did hide. That Abgal, to the exiled Enlil, the place disclosed, that to Enki was unknown. Thus it was that without Enki needing, Enlil to the two heros [Ninurta and Nergal] the hiding place disclosed.”  [ZS, Enki: 306 – 307].

      Enlil messaged King Anu back on Nibiru: would he okay nukes against the Spaceport, the traitor-cities on the Salt Sea and Nabu and his human armies?

      Anu replied that Enlil must block Marduk from the Spaceport, lest he and his Earthling minions invade Nibiru.  Anu knew that the pact he’d made with Alalu gave Marduk the belief that he, not Anu, should now rule Nibiru.  So Anu told Enlil use the nukes to stop Marduk. 


      “By the darkening of the skies were the brilliances followed, then a storm began to blow, gloom from the skies an Evil Wind carried. From the Upper Sea, a stormwind began blowing, the dark-brown cloud eastward toward Shumer the death was carried. Where it reached, death to all that lives mercilessly it delivered.

      “The alarm Enlil and Enki to the gods of Shumer transmitted, Escape! From their cities the gods did flee.

      “The people of the land by the evil storms hand were clutched. Those who behind locked doors hid inside their houses like flies were felled. Those who in the streets fled, in the streets were their corpses piled up. Everything that lived perished.”

      The Anunnaki rulers escaped in their skycraft, but Sumer’s Earthlings, except for Enki’s, perished.  Enki evacuated his Earthlings at Eridu in time to escape the radiation.

      But Babylon, “where Marduk his supremacy declared, by the Evil Wind was spared.” [ZS, Enki: 312 – 313].

      After the nuclear holocaust, Enki and Enlil reconciled and left Sumer to Marduk, and the ascendancy of Marduk’s Babylon.

      Ningishzidda, before he left Yucatan in 311 B.C., promised he would return with Enki to Earth December 21, 2011 to help free us from the matrix of disrespect for consciousness to which we have been subjected all these millenia.

Michael Lee Hill writes, 

Here is the story of what happened to EA-Enki of the Anunnaki after the deluge. He became known as the Peacemaker to the Native American Indians.

“The Peacemaker’s message of the Great Law of Peace pledges peace among nations by giving each tribe a special role in how the Iroquois governed themselves.

Each village and clan would choose a chief to represent it at the council of tribes.

All decisions were made by at the council.

All voices had equal importance. Men and woman shared power. 

The Great Law of Peace is the oldest participatory democracy on the Earth and it had much influence on Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, and the authors of the Constitution of the United States, who also supported self-government and a peaceful union.

To this day, the Iroquois Six Nations live in unity, harmony, and peace based on the teachings of the Great Law from the Peacemaker and his disciple, Hiawatha.” [Robbie Robertson (From Hiawatha and the Peacemaker)


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