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ENKI & ENLIL RECONCILE; ENLIL LEAVES, ENKI MUSES Web Radio Episode 35, Enki Speaks from Book He Lost & Sitchin Found

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After Enlil (Commander of the Earth Goldmining Expedition to Earth from the planet Nibiru) ordered Sinai and Dead Sea cities nuked and the fallout wiped out Sumer but not Marduk’s Babylon, he ceded Earth’s rule to Marduk, reconciled with his brother Enki, Maruk’s father and the Expedition’s Chief Scientist who’d created us Nibiran-Erectus hybrids.In this episode Sasha and Janet read how Zecharia Sitchin constucted  the Lost Book of Enki from ancient sources.

Next Episode (36): How Sitchin found Enki’s Lost Book


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