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Tantrically Transcend Separate Self-Sense, link with Beloveds, Merge with Higher Consciousness: Tantra Theosophical Society’s Principle II

Re-script outgrown limits.   You learn how to share authentic relationship, open and honest. Discover soulmates, twin flames, friends and life partners after centuries apart and lifetimes shared. Experience each other’s intense, devotion and love. Directly experience loving oneness, the greatest gift beings can share. Feel one another, whole, complete, peaceful within, able to experience all the emotions of the human condition and to accept your oneness with everyone. In tantric meditation, hearts swell and overflow with divine love. Secure, united, fulfilled, expand our identity to all peoples, all creatures, Mother Maui, Glorious Gaia, Family Solaris, our Galaxy and Universe.

We invite loving adults to our temple to future-pace using the tantra techniques we teach in our temple to help others shed fears, inhibitions, judgments and to see beauty and divinity in everyone and everything. Our aim’s always to facilitate you to feel bigger than just the life within your bag of skin, to experience oneness with others. Surrender to love. Co-create tantric communities and show the world the new partnership with true equality for all that comes from celebrating all consciousnesses.

Honor and support everyone on all chakra levels, so that they can do what they love and love what they do.


In All-Chakra meditation, nature walks or everyday life, you experience the spiritual. You may love and feel oneness with all people and things; have peak experiences. You get ecstatic rushes, visions. Perhaps you sense your psychic powers, see synchronicities.

Maybe you meet archetypal guides, gods or extraterrestrials. You could sense yourself and everything in the cosmos as aspects of the Creative Force.

Spiritual visions, feelings and insights free you, make you more present. Cleansed, you drop grandiose drives. You empathize more, enjoy people’s differences. And relish nature. Spiritual experiences let you view yourself and your experiences as part of a divine plan.

[Maslow, A., The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, NY: Penguin, 1971.]

When you peak, you experience your High Self: clear, joyous, loving, blissful, timeless, absorbed, accepting, delighted, fascinated, at-one with the world.

You may peak when you orgasm, deliver, marry or revive. Or dance, hike, climb, run, swim, dive, sail, bike, ski, skate, row, paddle. Or enjoy a spectacular sight, achieve insights, or feel oneness with God. Or even wash dishes or live any aspect of your life with total appreciation.

The rite below suggests you integrate the qualities of peak experiences you’ve had into your everyday life.

Relive a peak you had. See, hear, feel, relive; taste, smell, feel.

Re-experience the central quality of your peak.

Say a word or phrase that captures the quality (e.g., clarity, power, love, peace, bliss) of your peak.

Imagine you radiate this quality to someone. Now radiate it to your community. To the world.

Subcultures, ethnic groups, social classes and sexual categories have diverse customs and linguistic charts of reality: they thereby have unique contributions for humanity. You grow by accepting the worth of your subcultures and those of others. Holotropic Breathing, psychedelic journeying and meditation may let you identify with the consciousness of such groups.

First, consciously identify with your own group’s distinctness.

Next, accept the distinctness of other groups. Reflect on your group from their perspectives.

Let the various ethnic and cultural groups dialogue in your mind until you realize you are a consciousness that includes them all.

The exercise below is best done with several partners.

Recall the history of your people (subculture, class or sexual category). lmagine their struggles, challenges and experiences from the beginning until now. Realize how they changed and how they stayed the same. Notice their special gifts.

Be aware of what you, as the personification of your group’s heritage and experience, have to contribute to humanity.

Tell the others what you are like, what you want what you really need, and what you have to give the species. As the spirit of your people, speak earnestly with representatives of other ethnic, class and sexual categories.

As the spirit of your group, state your existence and potential contributions to humanity. Say how you can cooperate better with other groups.

Morphogenic fields (M-fields) are habits of units of organization, such as atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, persons, societies, species, ecosystems, planets, solar systems, galaxies and the Universe. (
References: Brain/Mind Bulletin, Volume 6, Number 13, August 1981; Sheldrake, R. and Weber, R., “Morphogenic Fields: Nature’s Habits” in Re-Vision, Fall 1982. Sheldrake, R., “Morphic resonance” in Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science, Grof, S. (editor), Albany: State University of New York, 1984.)

Whenever one morphic unit, such as a person, learns new behavior, the causative field for its organizational category (all humanity, in this case) is slightly changed. If the new behavior is repeated long enough by enough people, it reaches a critical mass. The behavior and outlook of all humans then changes.

Such changes occurred when people began using plows, computerizing information and awakening to female rights. Likewise, human athletic performances keep improving, according to Sheldrake, because athletes draw on the M-field; they use the cumulative experience of everyone who ever participated in sports.

Center yourself. Embody deep wisdom, compassion and fairness. Suppose “each aspect of the universe expresses itself vibrationally, and that all vibrational expressions intermingle. Every aspect of the universe contains knowledge about the whole(s) within which it exists.” [Dychywald, K., “Commentary of the Holographic Theory,” in Re-Vision, Summer/Fall, 1978.]

Imagine that what you think, feel and do can be experienced by everyone.

Imagine yourself embodying idea-seeds of all concepts in the universe.

Choose one concept (such as the unity of humanity). Imagine you live by and magnify it. See yourself radiating the principle’s essence as though it is a white light. Imagine the light spreading among people until everyone is enlightened by the principle. It enters the consciousness of all people. Fantasize a typical day, week and year in a world living from the principle.

Relate your fantasy to someone you love.


[References: http://schooloftantra.com/articles/Anthropology/SitchinStudies.htm; Sitchin, Z., 1976 The 12th Planet; 1980 The Stairway to Heaven 1985 The Wars of Gods and Men; 1990 The Lost Realms; 1990 Genesis Revisited; 1993 When Time Began; 1995 Divine Encounters; 1996 Of Heaven and Earth; 1998 The Cosmic Code, NY: Avon; 2002 The Lost Book of Enki; Freer, N., 1999, God Games Book Tree; 2000, Breaking the Godspell, Book Tree.

Ancient records from Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Middle East and India indicate astronauts from a technologically advanced planet mapped Earth and established a mining colony on Earth around 450,000 years ago. They genetically engineered our species, homo sapiens, 300,000 years ago to be their lulus–miners, laborers, servants.

To make lulus, three astronaut-scientists–Ea (also know as Enki and Ptah), Ninti (Hathor /Ninharsag) and Ningishzidda (Thoth/Quetzlcoatl)–grafted their genes onto those of our homo erectus ancestors (who’d evolved on Earth and would’ve evolved toward the astronauts’ type anyhow).

The astronauts came from Nibiru, the long- (3,600 year), reverse-orbiting tenth planet in our solar system. Niburan astronauts–tall, blond, long-lived humans–were technologically a few decades ahead of where we now are in terms of space travel, weaponry, astronomy, geology and biology. They used the lulus for sexual servants and even mates. At one point, the astronauts who ran the orbit craft mutinied, came to Earth, and took earthling lulu brides by force. Yahweh/Enlil, the patriarchal Commander of Earth, was enraged.

13, 000 years ago, the astronauts determined that Nibiru’s return to Earth’s sector, would dump the Antarctic Icecap into the sea and cause global innundation, Yahweh ordered the astronauts off-planet, and swore them to allow the flood to kill off the homo sapiens. Enki defied Yahweh and left a computer message for Noah (know also as Atra, Utnapishtim and Ziusudra), teach him how to build a sub\ and supply him with genetic starts and a sub pilot to take him to Mt. Arafat in 120 days.

Returning to a ruined Earth, Yahweh and the Council gave Yahweh’s clan Iraq, Iran, Anatolia and Greece. Enki and his clan Egypt, Inanna (Ishtar, Kali, Shakti India, and Ninti Canaan and the Sinai). The astronauts ruled through homo sapien and mixed homo sapien sapien and homo erectus kings. Foremen/kings ran cities, castles, harems, canals, mines, orchards, herds, farms, trade, construction, etc for the god/head-of-an-astronaut-clan of the area. Humans were no longer just servants of powerful masters, they were now servants of gods ruling them though kings. Our hybrid ancestors were conditioned to serve a king, who, in tern, served a god or goddess.

Most of the world’s traditions teach unconditional, unthinking obedience to king and god. Yahweh’s general, Abraham, modeled blind compliance to his all-powerful, merciless, woman-hating, patriarchal rageaholic commander. Abraham, at Yahweh’s command, sent his concubine and first son to die in the desert and started to plunge a knife into the heart of his second son. What centered person would do such horrid things, even with the death threat Yahweh always posed to his servants?

Inanna started the female liberation movement and the use of transcendent sexuality to break free of the patriarchal, violent, hierarchical, warlike male dominator consciousness. The exercise below will help you extend Inanna’s revolution to the metamorphosis of our species to an awareness that of an existence other than God’s unquestioning servant and slave.

Become the lulu, Obedient Servant of Yahweh. As God’s Servant, how do you influence your person? How do you contribute to her or him? For what do you want your person to appreciate you for? What, Servant, do you want? Why do you want that? If you totally controlled your person, how would he or she live. What personality parts within your person do you oppose?

Disidentify with your inner Servant of God and center yourself. What did you learn from identifying with and then disidentifying with this subself.

Relate to the ideas that
a.) the gods were technologically superior astronauts–not morally superior deities–and that
b.) we have inculcated slave subselves as a result of our slavish deferment to the astronauts.

[Refer to Dallet, J., “Active Imagination in Practice” (in Jungian Analysis, Stein, M., editor, Boulder: Shambala, 1984) and Johnson, R., Inner Work (Harper and Row, 1986).]

Invoke an archetype–an image from humanity’s mind. Whatever archetype you get stands for a force in you and everyone else, too.

Maybe you’ll see Christ, Oprah or Spiderman. Take what you get–an image from meditation, breathwork, a dream, movie, novel, fairytale, sacred text, tarot, nature or fantasy. Or you may represent one of your moods, worries, mind-loops or compulsions. If a trait of your mate irks you, the trait may show up as an archetype.

Ask the image you get who it is, what it wants and why, what it’d like to show you. Accept its answers and the story it shows–even things you dislike or don’t understand.

Express your feelings to it. Tell it if it reminds you of a person, event or dream. If it says to do something in your head, do. If it suggests an ethical, reasonable outward activity, do that also.

But if the archetype suggests something destructive or extreme, refuse and say why. Tell it that–whereas its world’s eternal–you’ve committed to fairness and justice, to serve people, to love and relate to family, friends in the present world. You need to express all your aspects. You have to listen to other archetypes too and keep your practical life together. Talk, compromise.

Archetypes are predispositions of all people to enact certain roles. Archetypes (like Earth personified, hero, prophet, mother, wise one, and guardian) are potentials. You give them specific content from your experience.

You may not realize you are motivated by an archetype when, for example, you follow a political leader who seems to be a hero. You are responding to the projection of your own heroic potential.

Archetypes, common to whole cultures and all humanity, are internal models, like genetic potentials, based on the personalities and the very genes of the rulers of ancient Sumer as they and their descendants peopled and asserted influence over the territories of the planet. To this day, entire nations unconsciously act out archetypal patterns, such as judge or magician.

When you deny your archetypes, you see, hear and feel the world from their perspectives. When you know the archetypes, you gain their power and guidance.

When you know an archetype, you and it guide and empower each other. You serve one another, those you love and the growth of human consciousness.

Identify with each. Learn how they feel, sound and look. Then you know the cues, when they arise, that you are responding archetypally. You then can choose to do so or not.

Have a partner give you the directions below.

Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. With each breath, relax more.


Imagine you hear a voice softly calling you from once- upon-a-time.

You’re drawn by it to a safe, private place, perhaps one you knew as a child. There are pleasant scents here. It has a door leading to the wondrous realm. Open the door and see the steps down. Grasp the rail and step onto the smooth wooden steps. Descend ten steps to the landing. With each step, relax more. With each, breathe more deeply.

Get in a boat at the landing. Curl up on cushions in the boat. Feel safe and drowsy as the boat gently rocks and drifts. It beaches on the shore in front of the gate.


Encounter a creature or force who will help you pass the guardian. Recount aloud your meeting with your helper. Use the present tense.

[Note to guiding partner: Give your partner plenty of time to fantasize. Take at least ten deep breaths after your partner’s last utterance before you give the next cue.]


Approach the gate and its guard.

Shift roles and become the guardian. State your existence, guardian. Challenge the person approaching the gate.


Now become yourself and confront the guardian. Get aid from your helper. [The fantasy, thus far, is inspired by Masters, R. and Houston, J., Mind Games, New York: Viking, 1972. The rest of this exercise is adapted from Campbell, J., The Hero With a Thousand Faces, Cleveland: Meridian, 1956. Capra, F., The Turning Point, New York: Bantam, 1978. , pages 245-246. ]

Defeat or conciliate the guardian and go alive (or lose, die and go dead) into the realm. Relate your journey.


Experience and triumph in the greatest imaginable test. BOON. Gain the reward, take the boon.


If you are blessed by the powers, go under their protection. If not, flee, encountering obstacles. At the threshold, leave behind the powers of the realm and re-emerge with your boon.

Find the boat drifted on the beach. Get in and fall deeply asleep. Become dimly aware that the tide is rising, lifting and gently rocking the boat. Know that you are safe as the boat drifts back to the landing. Go up the steps to the sanctuary.


Become the boon, the gift you have brought back to the world. Say what you’re like–state your existence– as boon. Tell humanity your significance.

Now become yourself again, deeply relaxed. As I count from ten to one, become increasingly alert. Ten, nine, eight-you are becoming more alert. Seven, six five, four-get ready to be wide awake. Three’, feel relaxed and refreshed. Two, feel alert and wonderful. One-WAKE UP.

What comments do you have on his experience?

What as boon, is your significance to humanity?

In what ways are you the guardian-obstacle, ally-helper, dark powers and boon?

Archetypes symbolize your universal human potentials. Respect the expression of archetypes in your life. Integrate their power into your expanding self-sense. Meet the rivals of the archetypes you befriend. When you get to know this opponent too, you realize both are equally parts of you.

You learn much by noticing which archetype is emerging for you nowadays. Infer which is coming up from the themes in your life now or from a dream, problem or experience you have again and again.


[Inspired by Burney, C., “Jung’s Active Imagination: A technique of Western Meditation” in Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science, Grof, S. (editor), Albany: State University of New York, 1984, Dallet, J., “Active Imagination in Practice” in Jungian Analysis, Stein, M. (editor), Boulder: Shambala, 1984. ]

Close your eyes. Center and open yourself. Imagine yourself in a sanctuary where you can get messages from deeper consciousness.

Picture a Greek god, personified force (e.g., tidal wave, Mother Earth), or a Tarot, fairy tale, book, Bible or movie character that stands for one of your problems or concerns.

Identify with that image. As it, say your name and the archetype you represent. Say what you’re like.

Switch to yourself. Ask the archetype a question.

Change to the archetype; reply. Tell the person playing you what you want of her/him and what you need.

Play yourself. Tell the archetype your limits meeting its demands.

Make an appointment to contact it or another image at a time of mutual convenience in the near future.

Ask the archetype if it has a RIVAL. If so, invoke, dialogue with the rival. Question it, become it and reply. Let it say what it wants of you. Tell it your limits. Agree to speak further in the future.

* Record your dialogue in writing, drawing, sculpture, poetry or other medium. Don’t censor or edit. Translate what you learned from the dialogue into your life this week. Establish a similar dialogue with any rival archetypes suggested by the one with whom you initially spoke. Invoke rival archetypes to dialogue with one another until you and they feel unity your underlying unity.

[Inspired by Houston, J., The Search for the Beloved, Los Angeles: Tarcher, 1987.]

Process pain to its uplifting inner myth. Perceive the patterns pain pinpoints for you to improve. Pain, processed, propels progress–yours and humanity’s.

Grasp the bigger picture; rise above the particulars you experienced. Pain punctures your complacency so you can prune your patterns. Let wounding waken you.

In the rite below, tell the tale of your torment like a legend. Symbols and metaphors turn trauma to transformation. Sacred saga stimulates spiritual ascent.

Relive major emotional hurts in your life, how you suffered from conception till now. Recall when the womb, birth, illness or accident hurt you. Review times someone invaded, abused, raped, tortured or robbed you. Feel again when you lost trust, job, home, status, fortune, marriage, family, sanity, self-esteem, loved ones.

See the effects–good and bad–of each injury. What did you want in each situation? Find the motifs threaded through them.

Retell the history of your hurts again as a hero-myth.

Instead of saying “I,” speak of a mystical child, god, animal, plant, another person or being on another planet. Include a call to adventure, guides, ordeal, reward, maturity-gain. Start with, “Once upon a time …”

Forgive the people and forces who hurt or betrayed you.

Resolve the story in way that helps the hero and the world.

Fathom the moral of the fable, the purpose of the pain.

Next time you hurt, make it epic. Evoke an archetypal pattern that gives your personal loss meaning: growth for you, your group and the globe.


[Harner, M., “What is a Shaman?” in Shaman’s Path, Dire, G. (ed.) Boston: Shambala, 1988; Townsend, J., “Neo-Shamanism and the Modern Mystical Movement” in Dire, G., 1988, op. cit.; Walsh, R., “Shamanism and Early Human Technology: The Technology of Transcendence,” ReVision 12:1, Summer, 1989; “The Shamanic Journey: Experiences, Origins, and Analogues,” ReVision 12:2, Fall, 1989.]

The shaman served humanity since the Old Stone Age. The shaman–an otherwise ordinary farmer or hunter–sent his or her soul journeying into an alternate reality to heal other people. The shaman’s still an archetypal part of you. The shaman in you comes out in holotropic work.

It’s easier to take a shamanic journey in an All-Chakra Tantric Temple meditation than it was in the Old Stone days. To take a shaman’s journey, you attend lectures, watch slides, maybe miss a meal. Then you lie back and listen to majestic music. You return and share your visions with others.

But if you’d been a traditional shaman, you’d have fasted, stayed awake, skipped sex. Then you’d drum, rattle, dance, chant yourself into a trance. In some societies, you’d take a psychedelic.

Tantric or traditional, when you’re a shaman, you go into a trance. You meet power-animals, guardians, teachers, guides, the dead. They give you riddles, advice and visions of the future. You encounter animal and nature spirits and feel how their spirits join.

You go down into the lower world, rise to the upper or glide through the ordinary world with extra-ordinary power.

Animal, plant or natural forces guide you down the roots of the world tree (or central axis). You meet lost souls and angry spirits and, though your guide helps you, the spirits may rip you apart or eat you.

Then natural creatures or forces revive and repair you. They give you new powers and return you to everyday life to cure or ease the dying of others.

When you enter the upper world you climb a tree, peak or rainbow. Or you fly as a bird. Flora, fauna, humans and spirits in the upper world mirror your gifts or unconscious subselves.

The denizens of this realm tell you ways to heal yourself and others, ways fix relationships too. They show you how to help your community.

Sometimes, on a shamanic journey, you stay here, in the middle world, but your soul travels in space and time. You see what’s useful for you, others and the world.

Whether you go to the lower, upper or middle worlds, when you return, you remember anything. In the days to follow, you share what you remember. And you chop wood or go to the office. Here’s a rite for you to sample or deepen shamanic imaging before or after tantra temple work.

Play Journey of the Drums (or other shamanic drum music) while you lie on your back, eyes closed.

Imagine you’ve abstained from sex all week. You fasted, alone and awake, two days. Late this afternoon you steamed two hours in the sweatlodge, then jumped in the river. Now, as dark descends, you sit in the ceremonial hut, feeling the psychedelic you took at sunset coming on.

Your costumed and masked buddies and kin drum, shake rattles, click sticks, ring bells, dance, chant, support you.

To focus as you enter your trance, ask yourself:

What friends or relatives need help healing–bodily, emotionally or spiritually?

How do I want to help my community or the world?

What soul of the dead would be valuable to contact?

How do I need healing?

What perplexes me?

What challenges me?

What’s next?

Find yourself transported to a cave, peak or tree–someplace in nature where you can access the shamanic realm.

Encounter an Ally–a friendly animal, plant, spirit or force. The Ally helps you descend into the lower world, climb, fly or ride the a rainbow into the upper. Perhaps your Ally shows you how to send your soul through time and space on this world.

Confront the Guardian of the lower, middle or upper world. Identify with the Guardian, empathize with it. As it, block the shaman; overcome him or her. Or feel the shaman overcome you.

Be the Shaman again. Experience yourself–surviving or dismembered–reach your destination.

Meet a great power there.

Merge with this power. Notice what you’re like it.

Be Shaman again and tell the power what you seek, your questions.

Be the power and answer. Give the shaman experiences, visions, advice, commands, objects, information.

Take the shaman role again. Return to your clan; remembering all you experienced in the shamanic realm.

Translate what you learned on your journey into the life of the your community.

Return to modern times and your present body. Think of specific ways you can use what you learned in this rite.

* Describe your shamanic journey and write what you learned.

WITNESS [Inspired by Wilber, K., op. cit., 1977, page 273; 1981d, pages 128-130. 57. Wilber, K., op. cit., 1977, pages 71-75.]

As you reflect on your life through archetypal “images common to mankind” your awareness becomes “more universal.” You live as the transpersonal witness, an archetype impartially yet compassionately witnessing “the stream of events both inside and outside the mind-body in a creatively detached fashion.

Center yourself. Hear the chatter of your subselves. Feel the dialectic of mind and body. Feel your heartspace with your intimates. Imagine yourself to a creative gathering place for an assembly of humans, a beam of compassion reaching out from your family and friends to all people, to creatures and to the Earth.

Then slowly say each of these sentences aloud several times.

I have subselves and social masks which I wear when I choose. Since I am aware of choosing, I must be more than my roles. I have subselves and I am not my subselves.

I have a mind, a total personality which I can think and intuit. Since I can experience my integrated personality, I must be more than my personality. I have a personality and I am not my personality.

I have a whole, completely unified bodymind, capable of simultaneously intuiting, understanding intellectually and sensing bodily. I can observe my integrated organism and know that I must be more than my bodymind. I have a bodymind; I am not a bodymind.

I have shared consciousness with other humans. Since I am aware of extending my care concern and self-concept to others, I who am aware must be more than my social consciousness. I have social consciousness and I am not social consciousness.

I am the witness. I observe the flow of what is, the interplay of subpersonalities, the embrace of body and personality, the bonding of separate bodyminds into couples, the networking of humanity. I see the mythical, poetic and miraculous. “I am the witness.”

As witness, truthfully and lovingly see, feel and hear the life of the student, Humanity and Earth.

From your witness perspective receive God, manifest in symbols acceptable to you (Christ, Buddha, Burning Bush, Ninharsag, Voice, Presence, Etcetera). Use this symbol to transform your consciousness by living more and more from the spiritual breadth the symbol represents.

[ Inspired by Wilber, K., The Spectrum of Consciousness Theosophical Publishing, 1977.]

See, hear, feel and intuit an archetypal expression of God. Allow the deity to take form. Identify with the ‘vibrantly alive radiance” of this final archetype of your essential nature. As God, reabsorb the witness, the world, the hero, the socially enmeshed person, the organism, the personality parts of the student who has sought you in this exercise.

What was your experience when you identified with God? What is your existence as the archetypal deity?

Once you know the deity archetype is only a symbol, you realizelit is disunifying. It is separate from what it stands for. You are higher than the top story.

Detach from the embodied, envisioned, sound of the archetypal deity into formlessness. There’s no god-archetype, there is no student, “there is no awareness of the absence of these. There is only radiance. All prior levels, of themselves, arise moment to moment in an iridescent play of mutual interpenetration.”

(Click on Principle for expanded discussion} 


*  Tantra Theosophy has no connection to the theosophy system of Rudolph Steiner.  Theosophy‘s a generic term for the experience of divine enlightenment.

For more on theopathy, click here.

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