Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D.


Enki, Neptune, Ea, Aquarius

The universe teams with life. Many species are space-faring and have been traveling for millions of years.

Sentient life-forms and higher dimensional beings colonized our galaxy, solar system, and the Earth.

Earth has been home to space and interdimensional visitors since its creation. Terraformers visit, introduce species, take what they want. Life’s always getting seeded and destroyed over and over throughout the cosmos.

Life is fragile with incessant dramatic events in space–comets, asteroids, Nibiru, Planet X, Earth changes, cosmic collisions, wars, colonization, and other events that move life from one place to the next.
500,000 years ago, the giant people on the planet Nibiru, who later came to Earth as the Anunnaki, faced self-generated extinction.  They damaged Nibiru’s atmosphere and created infertility in themselves in a thermonuclear war just as we Earthlings might soon duplicate here.

 The Anunnaki colonized the Earth and hybridized themselves with Earth hominoids implanted on Earth by the Council of Hatona in Andromeda.  The Anunnaki intended the hybridization to strengthen them.

  They developed civilizations based on slavery of the Hybrids they created and earlier humans already on Earth.  The Anunnaki created conflict and wars to stimulate us to speed up technological development on Earth, for the time when they would abandon Nibiru and move to Earth.

While slavery and war speeds up development, it does not allow spiritual development to match technological development. 

Enki’s son, Thoth Ningishzidda, Hermes), discovered the Watchers who lived under the Earth in the Halls of Amenti.

Many cities, civilizations, beings, life-forms, plants, and animals exist inside our Earth. Many are space-faring and interact with the Federation and other organizations and species that colonize and govern the galaxy and Universe. 

The Anunnaki, long-lived, and semi-conscious species, have greater awareness how others live in the cosmos. But they still live in lower dimensions, 3rd, and 4th, and have not ascended. So they have a lot to figure out and will eventually reap their karma

They remained on and still completely control Earth. At least two factions are vying for the top of the pyramid, the all-seeing eye and mastery, and dominance of the world. They introduced us to war and the money/greed game and get what they want.

Humans are stupid in comparison, because the Anunnaki genetically altered us, dummied us down, and kept us down through programming, toxic food, pollution, and an unhealthy environment. Individually, we have brief lives, so we never figure it out. 

Enki, Ninmah, and Thoth created, loved, and supported us; they want us to not only survive but also to thrive. We never figure it out because the Anunnaki Marduk and his Anunnaki followers on Earth secretly rule here and control information.

Nibiru King Anu and his Council gave Marduk control of the Earth after the wars between Inanna, Nergal and Enlil vs Marduk and his son Nabu. Their fight ended with the nuclear holocaust of Sodom and Gomorrah. Many Anunnaki left Earth and left Marduk in charge here.

Most Anunnaki, especially those like Ninurta and Inanna in the Enlil clan, don’t see us as equals. We Humans behave much like the Anunnaki (who, after all, parented us).  We and they have the same prejudices and biases among races, genders, and religions.

Thoth (aka Ningishzidda, Hermes) discovered the Igigi Watchers (Nephilim) when he went to Inner Earth. The Watchers live by a portal between this world and beyond. A singularity exists in each sphere that connects via a grid to all other singularities in the continuum. Watchers use interdimensional portals to zoom across instantaneously the Universe.  The Watchers, origin beings created at the start, stay connected to Source since. 

The Watchers reminded Thoth of his eternal being and he reconnected with his Higher Self and Oversoul, back to his Origin being of existence, to Source. Once conscious, he returned to Earth and learned leave his body in stasis in the Halls of Amenti as he traveled into human forms. He became known as the thrice-born Hermes. He taught his father, Enki, and Ninmah, his father’s wife and auntie, how to travel into human avatars. 

Since then, Enki, Ninmah, and Thoth have sent fractals of themselves into human avatars to activate humanity further and help us develop in time to save ourselves. But, also, we must do better than the Anunnaki or we’ll repeat the Anunnaki’s mistakes. I’ve identified candidates in our human history that may have been Anunnaki avatars. When you think about who might have been fractals, some heroes of our Earth, like Jesus and Buddha, stand out and seem apparent. While incarnate in human form, they are human and subject to human frailties and make mistakes, just like the rest of us. 

I’ve identified some candidates in our human history that may have been Anunnaki avatars. When you think about who might have been fractals, some heroes of our Earth, like Jesus and Buddha, stand out and seem apparent. While incarnate in human form, they are human and subject to human frailties and make mistakes, just like the rest of us. 


Tesla is a magical being involved with ideas and technologies way beyond the norm. He may have been an alien himself, and like Omnec Onec (the woman from Venus) and Valiant Thor, he was probably from Venus. I believe Venus is an Anunnaki colony and that they colonized many planets in our solar system, especially Venus, Mars, and our Moon. 

There is a theory that Tesla was an alien. I believe not only is he an alien (meaning non-terrestrial in Origin), but he is also a fractal of Enki, the co-creator and father of humanity. Tesla had knowledge and information way beyond human norms. While Tesla was most likely the most intelligent man on Earth-like Enki was the most brilliant man on Nibiru. 

Tesla talked with aliens, probably was an alien, worked on energy systems, space ships, time travel, the Philadelphia Experiment, Star Wars, and more. In addition, it seems he was involved in helping the Allies during the war as alien forces were helping the Nazis. Also, after Tesla’s supposed death, and the FBI stole Tesla’s documents, notes, his technologies, and files. They made their way to Americans like William Tompkins (author of Selected by Extraterrestrials) to develop NASA’s space program and, weapons

The military recruited Tomkins right out of high school because of his extraordinary talents, and he ended up working with aliens because he could communicate with them telepathically. Many contactees, like me, can also telepathically communicate with ETs. However, not everyone can do that, so it seems. 

I have concluded that Michael Lee Hill and a few others are fractals of Enki. They exude specific energy, have higher intelligence, and are kind and conscious ideologically.

As human fractals of the Anunnaki, our bodies have brains with limited capacity. The Anunnaki do not let us use our entire brains.

The Gaia Project said many advanced species like the Anunnaki and other higher developed extraterrestrials and interdimensionals send emissaries into third-dimensional physicality to quicken us. Since we are up against elements not yet seen by us or revealed, there are factions well aware of our perils, so they periodically speed up the evolution of species to maximize their chances of survival.  

The Dr. Michael Newton Institute uncovered similar information about advanced level beings and how they send fractals of themselves where needed in the cosmos to guarantee positive outcomes and override dark forces. 

Sometimes it seems God has abandoned us, but actually, God-Source left us to our own devices to learn on our own. Like parents who must watch their children fall and learn how to pick themselves up again, we must learn how to walk independently. But while the Federation says humanity lives in a realm of non-interference, that’s nonsense. We have always been in constant contact, and other beings have interfered in our development since the beginning. Otherwise, it would take millions of years for us to strengthen, and here we are, the product of hybridization and constant interjections of ideas, advanced beings, DNA, rehabilitation after cosmic catastrophes, and more. 

We must learn how to walk independently. We have always been in constant contact, products of hybridization and constant interjections of ideas, advanced beings, DNA, and rehabilitation after cosmic catastrophes. 

God-Source and Origin beings bless us.  Thank the Anunnaki, the Watchers and  Source for our blessings.  Manifest a co-creation reality that meets our the needs, the Anunnaki’s needs and the needs of all beings and allows us infinite happiness and total bliss. We’ve paid our dues, and it’s time. It’s doable. 

Demand the Anunnaki help us.  Express love, gratitude, and appreciation for the extreme diversity we enjoy. Lack of diversity creates stagnation, boredom, and devolution. To grow, we’ve needed to appreciate our individuality and support the diversification of creation, which keeps our species and planet strong

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