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Organized religion, governments, media and academics–especially archaeologists and astronomers–mock those bold enough to challenge the evolutionary model of human development with the evidence of extraterrestrial alternatives.  Priests, rabbis, imams, rulers, journalists and scientists threatened by evidence in digs, clay tablets and monuments ignore or offer alternate interpretations congruent with established dogma.  Finally, when the collective evidence for human progress due to ET intervention is so overwheming that the establishment can no longer ignore it, administrations, religious functionaries, media heros and academic disinformation agents resort to ruining, pauperizing, discrediting, intimidating or even killing those who challenge the prevailing ideology.

Freer writes: “The major obstacle blocking us from peaceful species unity is religio-cultural conflicts taken advantage of by human anti-species elements [the elite] to manipulate world affairs for their own advantage.  Conflicts between religions as well as the religion vs science, creationist vs evolution conflicts can be resolved due to our having recovered information to restore our history as a genetically engineered species by the Anunnaki/Nefilim, the alien species from the tenth planet in our solar system who colonized Earth and created us as a slave species to work their gold mines.

“Religion has been the continuation and sublimation of that ancient master-slave relationship and the least evolved among us preserve their wealth based on competition for limited energy supply by deliberately suppressing developments that would make it limitless.”

Under the aegis of this greedy, hierarchically-obsessed elite, “We robotically slaughter each other and ourselves over whose ‘god’ is better or the only real one.  The concept of God, capital G, developed through cosmification of the various Anunnki rulers, Enlil (Jehovah/YHWA), Enki (Adonai, the Lord), Allah (El/Nannar/Sin).  We express the highest ideals of spirit in terms of union with cosmified and divinized abstractions of those same gods for whom we kill.  Anthropology, archaeology and astronomy tried shunning and ad hominem attacks.  We remain Babel-factored for good crowd control, broken into tribes.

“‘Gods’ known to all the early civilizations were real.  Belief that the Anunnaki must be fiction because the technology and weapons ascribed to them, their ability to fly through the atmosphere and space, to communicate over long distances, to create humans, employ atomic bombs and laser-like forces of destruction has been negated by our current level of technology [which is] equal to any described in the ancient documents.

“The ability to create humans is not just something ascribed to the Anunnaki, but is a 5 million dollar program to read our entire genetic code and in our laboratories in the ability to clone, to create.”   [Sapiens Rising: 5, 10, 13, 33, 35, 43].

Academics whose jobs, grants and careers depend upon senior professors who tow the evolutionary line continue to publically ignore evidence and astronomers whose observations are monitored by the government–lest they create upset in ideology and elite plans to survive while  we die from wars or damage from Nibiru’s perigee and that of its Lagrange point comets, meteorites and asteroid bits–keep publically quiet the fact that they’ve proven the existence of the planet Nibiru and its primary dwarf dark star, Nemesis.Nuke2Sodomby Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., (Anthropology, UCLA)


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The horrors perpetrated by Harry Truman, the U.S. President, when he ordered the civilian populations of Hiroshima, and, if that were not enough, Nagasaki also (to quickly end WWII and beat the Russians to Japan), were nothing new on this planet.   

3,663 years ago, Yahweh, known then as Enlil, a 9 -12 foot fully-Homo Sapien ET, from the Planet Nibiru, 49 astronomical units from Earth, ordered nuclear attacks on the people and cities south of  the (thence) Dead Sea in Canaan and on a spaceport he ran in Sinai.  The fallout immediately blew over and killed most of the Sumerian Earthlings–those loyal to Yahweh.  The moral: Those who support such horrid aggression experience, in their turn, the horrors they support.  This article’s a plea: DISARM NUKES, NEGOTIATE PEACE AND COOPERATION FOR ALL.

Nemesis, Nibiru & Solaris' Inner PlanetsNemesis, Nibiru & Solaris’ Inner Planets

From 300,000 to 200,000 years ago these Nibirans engineered their genes on a bit of DNA from a local hominoid, added Nibiran genes to every hybrid girl they wished. We resulting hybrids featured, every generation, more Nibiran genes, as the Nibirans enjoyed our women sexually.

Hybrids mine in s AfricaThe Nibirans on Earth, known as the Anunnaki (“Those from the Sky”), made us hybrids worship them as though they were gods. They commanded us to slave in their mines, farms, temples, factories , bedrooms and armies.

The seeds of their Nuclear War of 2024 BC were sewn 450,000 years ago, when ALALU, the deposed ex-king of Nibiru, landed his nuclear-armed rocket in our Persian Gulf. He and all Nibirans knew nuclear weapons, by the Laws of Planetary Settlement, were forbidden in space [Enki: 82, 130].

Alalu came ashore in a marsh, submerged nowadays, near Basara, in Iraq. Announced he had gold that could be powdered into monoatomic form and floated aloft to coat Nibiru’s atmosphere and prevent the atmosphere from deteriorating. Alalu also aimed the missiles his ship bore at Nibiru, and threatened to launch them if the sitting king, ANU, did not return his throne.

Anu was Alalu's cupbearer till he overthrew him
Anu was Alalu’s cupbearer till he overthrew him






Anu sent his son ENKI, who was also Alalu’s son-in-law to mediate with Alalu.  “Fill Alalu’s rocket with gold and send it back to Nibiru, next time Nibiru nears Earth,” said the King.
Enki contemplates planets
Anu ordered Enki, ‘Assembled, the gold, on Nibiru’s nearing, you must deliver. Repair the chariot, for returning to Nibiru make it fit.’  Nibiru was nearing its crossing point through the inner Solaris System. 

At night, next to Alalu’s  rocket, Enki landed his “skychamber” the flying lab from which he and pilot Abgal prospected Earth for gold. “The chariot they entered. A secret deed in the darkness to perform. The Weapons of Terror [nuclear missiles], the seven of them, from the chariot they removed.  To the sky chamber they took them to give hiding. By sunrise Enki with Abgal in the skychamber soared to Africa. There, in a secret place, did Enki the weapons hide; in a cave he stored them.”Pilot Abgal in eagle helmet

Pilot Abgal in eagle helmet




As ANZU, Alalu’s relative who piloted Enki and his men to Earth from Nibiru, repaired Alalu’s rocket and knew someone removed Alalu’s nukes.

Anzu, astronavigator, kinsman of deposed Nibiran King Alalu
Anzu, astronavigator, kinsman of deposed Nibiran King Alalu



“With anger Anzu cried out.” But Enki justified hiding the nukes, “ ‘Forsworn is the Weapons of Terror’s use. Neither in the heavens nor on Firm Lands shall they ever be harnessed.

Anzu protested, “‘Without The Weapons of Terror, no passage through the Hammered Bracelet [Asteroids between Jupiter and Mars] is safe.

“ABGAL, he who knows piloting, boldly toward the leaders stepped forward. ‘I shall be the pilot, the dangers I shall valiently face.” Enki agreed, Abgal would return Alalu’s gold-filled but nonnuclear-armed rocket to Nibiru. Anzu would stay on Earth with his kinsman, Ex-king Alalu. [Enki: 80 – 82]

Anu sent his heir, ENLIL, Enki’s brother, to command the goldmining expedition.

Then, after Enlil took over the Goldmining Expedition Commander, Anu sent his daughter, Princess NINMAH, who’d been Enki’s fiancé but Enlil’s lover to Earth.  Ninmah would run the medical facilities on Earth.

When she landed at Eridu, Enlil, obsessed with besting Enki, now the expedition’s Chief Scientist, courted her. Enlil had already had one baby, NINURTA, with Ninmah, and he wanted more. Enki also wanted babies with Ninmah so they could generate royals eligible to rule Nibiru.  Only Ninmah, half-sister of both Enlil and Enki, and only half-sister on Earth, could fulfill the brothers’ longing to establish their own ruler-line.  While Enlil and Enki toiled on Earth, only boys with Ninmah would build their royal lines.

Enlil told her Ninmah he’d bring Ninurta to Earth and build a center in Sumer for her doctors. The Commander then flew her to his place in Lebanon, perfect, he said, for her seeds from Nibiru. They’d make “euphoric elixer” from fruit from her seeds.

At his place, he held and “with fervor kissed her, ‘Oh my sister, my beloved!’ He whispered. By her loins he grabbed her.” But “Into her womb his semen he did not pour” [Enki: 108].

For many months, hurt and angry, Enlil mooned about his gardens. He saw Assistant Medical Officer SUD, Ninmah’s gorgeous cousin, bathe in his stream with other female medics. He invited Sud to get high on elixir made from seeds Ninmah brought. “Sud drank, Enlil drank too; to her Enlil of intercourse was speaking. Unwilling was the lass. Enlil laughed and embraced her, kissed her. His semen into her womb he poured.

Sud aka Ninti was Enlil Yahweh's wife here with babe maybe NannarSud aka Ninlil was Enlil (aka Yahweh)’s wife–here with babe, who may be Nannar .

“To Ninmah, Sud’s commander, the immoral deed was reported. Enlil, immoral one, for your deed judgement you shall face.’ So did Ninmah to Enlil in anger say.

“In the presence of fifty Anunnaki, Seven Who Judge assembled. On Enlil a punishment decreed: Let Enlil from all cities be banished. Let him exiled be. In a skychamber [aircraft] they made Enlil leave the Landing Place [Lebanon] to a “Land of No Return” in Africa.” The Tribunal told Abgal, the pilot, to choose Enlil’s exile site. [ZS, Enki: 112 – 114]

Abgal, recall, had helped Enki hide Alalu’s nuclear missiles.


In Africa, at the site he’d chosen for Enlil, Abgal secretly defected from Enki and allied with Commander Enlil. Enki thought the nukes hidden, but, Abgal told Enlil, “At the right time, seize the missiles and prevail over all rivals. With the weapons your freedom obtain!” [Enki: 114]

While Enlil viewed the missiles in Africa, in Sumer, Sud’s womb swelled. Enki and Tribunal sympathized with her and asked if she’d marry Enlil. If he made her Royal Wife, she would. So he returned to Lebanon, married her, and professed sexual conservatism. He kept secret his knowledge of the nukes’ cave. Sud, now called Ninlil (Lady of Command), bore NANNAR, the first Nibiran Royal born on Earth, then Adad. [Handbook: 7; Giants: 15; Lost Realms: 116].

Enki didn’t know that Abgal showed the missiles and told their activation code to Enlil.

In 2024 BC, when the hybrid armies of Enki’s son MARDUK/RA of Egypt and Babylon and Marduk’s son NABU in Canaan advanced on the Sinai Spaceport.  Enlil called a Council of the Nibiran high royalty on Earth.



At the Council, wrote Enki, “’Against Marduk, my firstborn, did Ninurta and my own son NERGAL speak, “vengeance in their hearts. ‘Ascendancy is not Marduk’s to grasp. With weapons I shall oppose him. Only with weapons will Marduk be stopped.’ Ninurta said.

“Utu, son of Nannar, master of the Spaceport, at Marduk’s son Nabu his wrath directed, ‘The Place of Celestial Chariots [Sinai Spaceport] he tried to seize. Into Marduk’s hands it must not fall.”

“INANNA/ISHTAR/KALI, twin of Utu, was furious of all; the punishment of Marduk for the killing of her DUMUZI she still demanded.

“‘Of Earthlings Mardu raised an army Babili [Babylon] as Earth’s Navel [capital] to declare,’ Nergal, Lord of the Lower Domain [South Africa] and Marduk/Ra’s brother shouted,’ Let the olden Weapons of Terror be used.’

”At Nergal, my own son, I gazed with disbelief:’ For brother against brother the terror weapons have been foresworn.’” But Enlil ruled: ‘Punishment there must be; Marduk and Nabu us of heritage are depriving. Let them of the Spaceport be deprived.’

“‘Let the Spaceport be scorched to oblivion,’ Ninurta shouted. ‘The One Who Scorches let me be.’

“Excited, Nergal stood up and shouted, ‘Let the evildoers’ cities also be upheavealed, the shining cities let me obliterate, let the Annihilator my name thereafter be.’

The Earthlings by us created, must not be harmed, let the Spaceport be obliterated, let the people be spared,’” said Enki.

Then, to Enki’s shock, Enlil announced, “a secret from Olden Times” he would reveal to Ninurta the Scorcher and Nergal the Annihilator.

“When Enki, angry and distraught, the council chamber left, in his heart was Enki smiling. Only he knew where the weapons were hidden, so did Enki think. For it was he, before Enlil to Earth had come, who with Abgal in a place unknown the weapons did hide.

“That Abgal, to the exiled Enlil, the place disclosed, that to Enki was unknown. Thus it was without Enki needing, Enlil to Ninurta and Nergal the hiding place disclosed and the secret of how the weapons from their deep sleep awaken, Enlil to them did reveal.”

The Anunnaki Council on Earth messaged King Anu back on Nibiru: would he authorize nukes against the Spaceport and against Nabu and his human armies? Anu gave his okay. Marduk, after all, believed he should rule Nibiru, as per a dynastic agreement between King Alalu and Anu. Marduk threatened Anu in every way. So Anu told Enlil use the nuclear missiles to stop Marduk.

Enlil evacuated the Igigi Astronauts from the Sinai and sent Ninurta and Nergal (the “angels” of the Bible) to confirm from his spies in Canaan–Abraham and Lot–that they should bomb Sodom, Gomorra and other cities allied with Marduk. Enlil gave his spies time to flee, then ordered the attack.

2024 BC, Enlil’s son Ninurta attacked the Sinai.




“The first terror weapon [a missile called One Without Rival] from the skys Ninurta let loose; the top of Mount Mashu [where the controlling equipment was housed] with a flash it sliced off, the mount’s innards in an instant it melted. Above the Place of the Celestial Chariots [rocketships] the second weapon [called Blazing Flame] he unleashed, with a brilliance of seven suns the plain’s rocks into a gushing wound were made, the Earth shook and crumbled, the heavens after the brilliance were darkened; with burnt and crushed stones was the plain of the chariots covered, of all the forests that the plain had surrounded, only tree stems were left standing.” [Enki,: 310]






Nergal bombed his brother Marduk’s forces in Canaan [Enki sired both Marduk and Nergal, ZS, Enki: 315 – 316]. 

Nergal, Lord of South Africa Nergal, Lord of South Africa

Nergal bombs Sodom

Nergal nuked Sodom, Gomorra, Admah and  other cities Abraham said allied with Marduk. Nergal’s nukes made the Dead Sea dead. To this day, “the water of springs surrounding the Dead Sea has been contaminated with radioactivity, `enough to induce any animals and humans that absorbed it…’”
Nuke3 Sodom populationNuke2SodomNuke area Dead Sea

Archeologists confirm the flooding, abandonment of the area and sudden deadening of life in 2024BC. “Over five cities Nergal upon each from the skies a terror weapon sent.  The five cities he finished off, all that lived there to vapor was turned. Mountains toppled, where the sea waters were barred, the bolt broke open.  Down into the valley the sea’s waters poured, by the waters was the valley flooded.  

[Scientists say 2024 BC marks abrupt changes in the area’s vegetation and rocks called tephera. Tephera are “burnt-through pieces of blackened gravel-like rock” usually associated with volcanos. Tephera still cover Sinai–which lacks volcanoes. Sinai’s tephera result from Ninurta’s bombing of the spaceport. The bombing left a huge black scar on the Sinai plain (where the shuttlecraft runway and launch platform had been) so large it can only be seen from satellite. Millions of black-blasted rocks, north northeast of the scar in an area where all other color rocks–no black–are found. {DeMenocal, in Science, 4/27/01 and Geology, 4/2000; Enki: 311;; Wars: 332-334}]

Nergal and Ninurta flew over the areas they’d just bombed.

The Place of Launching, the Spaceport, obliterated: the Mount within which the controlling equipment was placed was smashed; the launch platforms were made to fade off the face of the Earth. The plain whose hard soil the shuttlecraft had used as runways were obliterated, with not even a tree left standing.
Nuked sinai_small





Then, after the nuking, an unexpected calamity ruined Sumer: a nuclear storm cloud swept from the combined force of the nukes Nergal and Ninurta had fired.  Enki wrote: “By the darkening of the skies were the brilliances followed, then a storm began to blow, gloom from the skies an Evil Wind carried. From the Upper Sea, a stormwind began blowing, the dark-brown cloud eastward toward Shumer the death was carried. Wherever it reached, death to all that lives mercilessly it delivered.
Nuke fallout




“The alarm Enlil and Enki to the gods of Shumer transmitted, Escape! From their cities the gods did flee.

“The people of the land by the evil storms hand were clutched. Those who behind locked doors hid inside their houses like flies were felled. Those who in the streets fled, in the streets were their corpses piled up. Everything that lived perished.”

But Babylon, “where Marduk his supremacy declared , by the Evil Wind was spared.” [Enki: 312 – 313]. Enlil concluded that Marduk was now to be supreme on Earth, as his vision of Galzu had predicted.

Fallout killed Enlilites’ Sumer but not Marduk’s Babylon.  Click on this image by vlad9vt and it enlarges so you can read remarks by vlad9vt

After the nuclear cloud killed its inhabitants, “It took southern Mesopotamia a century to be resettled and another century to fully recover from the divine annihilation. By then the center of Mesopotamian power had shifted to Babylon” where Marduk, after 1800 B.C., gave Hammurabi a powerful techno-weapon which let Babylon extend its boundaries.

Marduk’s “extended family in northern Mesopotamia, the Aryans, invaded the lands to the east and Europe to the west, conquering Earthlings everywhere and imposing their Aryan supremacy on them.” The nuclear war of Atlanteans on the Rama–Inanna’s people of the Indus Valley was probably Marduk the Atlantian now the nuker, nuking Inanna’s Rama civilization. [Slave Species: 116]

Atlantis Nuked Rama


Atlantis Nuked RamaNukingIndia3Bodies





Nowadays, Alfred Webre  and many who claim communication with the Federation of Planets and a document they call “The Laws of Planetary Settlement, embodying, they  believed, the will of the Prime Creator.  Nibirans saw  the Prime Creator personified in GALZU, who made sure we hybrid Earthlings survived.   Webre says the Federation decrees Earth quarentined from advanced free-energy technologies until all Earthlings renounce war, nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.  Then the Anunnaki and other space civilizations can help us tap their own energy grid and end pollution of fossil fuel [Exopolitics]






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    To be precise, the Anunnaki are not our creators, but modifiers. Humanity is 560-570 million years old and was not created by Anunnaki. We are in our 5th seeding, which started approximately 75,000 years ago. This was preceded by a seeding about 800,000 years ago, and another one about 5 million years ago, then another one about 25 million years ago, and then another one about 250 million years ago. Humanity was wiped out on more than one occasion by invading forces. Modification of humanity took place at more than one time. The purpose was self serving, was not in the highest spiritual interests of humanity, which was to serve as a guardian race for this and other planets, to protect this galaxy from corruption. This mission nearly failed. However, will succeed, we will be teachers by example.

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