Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D.

PRESSYNE & MELUSENE: Anunnaki Mermaids & Mothers of European Nobility

Compilation & commentary by Janet Kira Lessin


Pressyne is the first mother of Europes’ Royals. In the time of the Crusades, Elynas, the King of Scotland/Alba, hunting, came across a beautiful lady in the forest. She was Pressyne, mother of Melusine. He persuaded Pressyne to wed him. She agreed on the promise that HE MUST NOT ENTER HER CHAMBER WHEN SHE BIRTHED OR BATHED HER CHILDREN. She gave birth to triplets. When he violated this taboo, Pressyne left the kingdom, together with her three daughters, and traveled to the lost Isle of Avalon.


Melusine is the second Serpent Mother of European Royalty. Formally, she is (Lusina), Princess Maelasanu, Melusine de Lusina (Milouziena des Scythe) Vere I, Scythian Princess of the Picts of Albha, the Dragon Princess and Fairy Daughter of Satan, Witch, Druidhe, Druid Fey de la Fontaine de Soif de Lusignan b.740 CE. Melusene’s an Anunnaki in mermaid form; she has legs but also has two tails, that she can hide from land-dwelling folk.

The Starbucks Logo: Melusine and her two tails

Melusine is the second Serpent Mother of European Royalty. “Melusine” was used as an abbreviation of the words ‘Mere des Lusignan’ or ‘Mother of the Lusignans.’ The House of Lusignan was a royal house of French origin, which at various times ruled several principalities in Europe and the Levant, including the kingdoms of Jerusalem, Cyprus, and Armenia, from the 12th through the 15th centuries during the Middle Ages.

On their fifteenth birthday, the eldest daughter, Melusine, asked her mother why she separated them from their father and took them to Avalon.

After she heard of their father’s broken promise, Melusine sought revenge and rallied her sisters. The three sisters captured Elynas and imprisoned him with his treasures, in a mountain. When Pressne learned what her daughters have done, Pressyne condemned Melusine to take the form of a fish from the waist down every Saturday.

Melusene is connected with Cyprus, where the French Lusignan royal house that ruled the island from 1192 to 1489 claimed to be descended from her.

Raymond of Poitou came across Melusine in a forest of Coulombiers in Poitou in France, and proposed marriage. Just as her mother had done, she laid a condition: that he must never enter her chamber on a Saturday. He broke the promise and saw her in the form of a part-woman, part-serpent, but she forgave him. She bore the count many children and erected for him a magnificent castle by her magical art. Their harmony was uninterrupted until the prying husband broke the conditions of their union, by concealing himself to behold his wife make use of her enchanted bath.

When, during a disagreement, he called her a “serpent” in front of his court, she departed with a loud yell of lamentation, assumed the form of a dragon, provided him with two magic rings, and flew off, never to return. She became the protectress of her descendants, and was heard wailing as she sailed upon the blast round the turrets of the castle of Lusignan the night before it was demolished.

MELUSINA of Luxembourg

Luxembourg family also claimed descent from Melusine through their ancestor Siegfried. When in 963 CE., Count Siegfried of the Ardennes bought the feudal rights to the territory on which he founded his capital city of Luxembourg, his name became connected with MELUSINA, the local version of Melusine. Melusina had essentially the same magic gifts as the ancestress of the Lusignans, magically making the Castle of Luxembourg on the Bock rock appear the morning after their wedding.

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