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U.S., ETs & Obama on Mars: Transporter Courier Basiago

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ANDREW BASIAGO is a Chrononaut & Mars Transporter Courier. He has been to Mars many times and observed surface water, the several human types as well as animals and plants there.

ALFRED WEBRE is a Judge for the International War Crimes Tribunal–the court that found BUSH, JR, CHENEY, RUMSFORD & BLAIR GUILTY OF MURDER AND GENOCIDE.
Bush Cheney Blair Canada War Criminals 09032009

Basiago and Webre outline the history of humans on Mars and detail the several human species that, to this day, dwell on the Red Planet. They review the documented facts about the Egyptian-Mars Civilization run by cone-headed Pharaohs like Akhenaton.  The Mars-Earth civilization was wiped out by Noah’s flood.  NAVAL-INTELLIGENCE/CIA RUNS PROGRAMS ON MARS to this day.

In this internet radio interview, Basiago documents activities of CIA operatives OBAMA and DUGAN IN THE TRANSPORTER PROGRAM on Mars and the lies committed by our erstwhile President to falsify his citizenship, Fulbright Scholarship information and connection to an Indonesian cult that considers him a savior.
Obama and Dugan on Mars

Obama and Dugan on Mars
Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interviewed Andrew D. Basiago and Alfred Lambremont Webre on the Sacred Matrix, Revolution Radio (, March 23, 2014, Studio B.  

Webre Alfred Webre 1

Exopolitics Mars: 9500BC – PRESENT: Webre’s thumbnail sketch: During the solar system catastrophe of 9500 BC, a fragment of the super nova Vela entered our solar system and collided with Mars, making it an oblate planet and destroying its surface ecology and civilization, and collided as well with Earth, destroying our ancient maritime civilization that Plato called Atlantis.  Atlantis, Webre saysrefers to this entire civilization on Mars, not a single locale.

Prior to Noah’s flood, around 10,500B.C., Webre says, Earth and Mars were a single interplanetary pyramidal cultural and society ruled by the predecessors of the Egyptian pharoahs the conehead Anunnaki ETs.  That’s why you see frescoes of conehead Egyptian rulers on Mars.

On Mars: Egyptian Pharaoh statue NASA denies.
On Mars: Egyptian Pharaoh statue NASA denies.


 Akhenaten Nefertiti and BabyTut

Akhenaten Nefertiti and BabyTut





Mars and Earth society have been formally separated since then.

In January 1901 the Martians sent a 70 minute signal to Earth that was picked up by the Lowell Observatory at Harvard.

Nikola TESLA built a Tesla machine in New Mexico in 1902 and began interactive communication with the Martians. All of this was in the mainstream press at the time.

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In the 20s and 30s that Martians organized tours of Mars for Earth elites that were conducted through the Vatican with pickup destinations at known locations including the southwest USA and Brazil. As Andy can testify, by 1970, Mars astronauts were conducting regular liaison visits to Earth (at a NJ base), where Andy and his father met several Martian astronauts visiting their counterparts in the USA defense establishment.

At that time it is thought Mars and Earth were building a common defense perimeter against an invasion of the solar system by a hyper-dimensional race, possibly the Orion greys and Draco reptilians. A new chapter began with the CIA Mars jump room program in the 1980s, and the apparent Executive decision by the USA to covertly colonize Mars, in contravention of the 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty.

We are now exposing this a moving for a Mars Protection Treaty to save Mars for the Martians. Here are some articles you can browse and read for background. Alfred 😉 Secret U.S. Mars program & Life on Mars

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