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“Free enegy devices already available for distribution (http://www.cheniere.org) distributed to third world countries as well as incorporated in advanced countries would eliminate dependence on coal, nuclear power and oil. They are being suppressed and people have died around it. Suppression comes from the industrial sector which sees them as a threat to their invested status quo and the military sector which, having appropriated technologies from alien domination or crashed craft and classified inventions from the human sector, wishes to keep them for the development of weapons to die for. Governments go along with this suppression because of fear of losing control of their populations because disclosure of the alien technologies means disclosure of the alien presence and religions being thrown into turmoil.” [Freer, N., Sapiens Rising: 50-51]

Ancient Sumer’s history warns us to cast off the hierarchical godspell and mind-set of the goldminers from the planet Nibiru–Enlil, the patriarchal and genocidal Nibiran Commander who left Earth in 2024 B.C., as well as woman-degraders Marduk (Ra) and Nannar (Allah) and mass-killer Inanna who stayed on Earth.

Sumerian gods taught us Earthlings to war, fight, slave, defoliate and pollute. Each god made us obey with no questions. Some of us fled mines and cities of the gods, hid in hinterlands far from abuse and wars, no longer fodder for spears, arrows, chariots, explosives, lasers, gas and biological agents.

Science confirms what Nibirans saw when they rocketed to Earth from beyond the visible solar system. The gods gave us physics, astronomy and biology better than we have now. Just nowadays, researchers verify genetic, metallurgical, geological, mathematic, astronomical data, predictions and principles inscribed on the ancient Sumerian tablets.

The truth of our origins frees us from the “godspell.” Philosopher Neal Freer defines godspell as our yearning for Nibirans’ return and rule. But Earthling religions under the spell of gods obsessed on genealogical status, hierarchy, male rule and war. They trained the Nibiran in each of us, the part that fights, kills and grasps.

The Homo Erectus in us–the hominid the Nibirans altered–resonates with Gaia, this planet. Our Gaian aspect cooperates. When we know and balance our Nibiran and Gaian energies, we break the godspell, become peers rather than servants of the gods. We embrace both our Nibiran and our Erectus natures. We and they evolve together to support, encourage, love and celebrate consciousness and its manifestations.

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