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From ANUNNAKI: FALSE GODS*–Techno-Savvy ET s From the Planet Nibiru Who Came For Gold, Created Us From Their Genome to Work the Mines, Posed As Gods, Decided to Let Us Drown, But Then Decided to Breed Us to Work For Them by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin

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After cooperating in land reclamation following Noah’s flood, skirmishes and the likelihood of destructive war grew between the lineage of Enlil, Commander of the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth and the lineage of Chief Scientist Enki. Then their darlings decided to marry.

“On the Landing Platform [Lebanon], Dumuzi and Inanna their eyes on each other set. Hesitant at first they were, he of Enki’s lineage, she of Enlil an offspring [son’s daughter].”

Two hundred Igigi astronauts occupied the Landing Platform in Lebanon, then flew to Eridu. They mixed with Earthlings and Nibiran Expedition people and watched Marduk and Sarpanit wed.  In some versions of the tale, Inanna and Dumuzi became lovers at this wedding.  

In any case, after Marduk and Sarpanit left for Egypt, the Igigi seized 200 women descended from Enki’s Hybrid son Adapa and forced Enlil at missile-point to legitimate their unions with the captive women.  

Enkiite and Enlilite elders hoped that if Dumuzi wed Inanna, deadly rivalry between their lineages would stop. “‘Perchance the espousing peace between the lineages truly will bring,’” Enlil to them all did say.” He ordered the Indus Valley developed as a dowry for Inanna and Dumuzi [Enki: 251; Giants: 215].

Enlil gave Enki & His Lineage Egypt and Africa; Enki gave Egypt to Marduk

Enlil separated the domains of his Enlilite lineage from that of  Enki.  Enlil gave Egypt and Africa to Enki and his lineage.

Enki moved to Elephantine (Abu) Island near Aswan (Syene). From Abu, he (now called Ptah) ruled Egypt. Enki’s Earthlings built dams, dikes, tunnels, locks and sluices and controlled the Nile’s flow.

Then Enki abdicated and gave Marduk, (now Ra) official rule of Egypt and its Earthlings. He divvied Africa among his sons. Marduk ruled Egypt, Nergal ruled southern Africa. Enki kept Gibil (whom he’d taught metalworking) in North Africa’s mining region and gave Ninagal the Great Lakes and headwaters of the Nile. Enki gave the grazing region, further north (Sudan) to his youngest son, Dumuzi.

Commander Enlil ruled that Enki’s earthlings, Ziusudra’s son Ham and Ham’s descendants, must stay in Africa. But Ham’s descendants defied Enlil and moved north, out of Africa and into Canaan (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and southwest Syria) on the Mediterranean side of the Arabian Peninsula.

Inanna’s Background

Rulers of Nibiru and Earth pampered Inanna, then called Irnini [later scribes wrote of Inanna as Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Annutitum, Aphrodite, Athena, Anat, Venus, Eshdar, Innin, Ninni, Kali and Shakti]. Nannar fathered her. Her mother, Ninlil, bore Inanna and her twin Utu (delivered before Inanna) on Earth, where Inanna’s grandfather, Enlil, rocked her cradle. The twins returned to Nibiru where Anu and his royal wife, Antu, raised Inanna. When Inanna returned to Earth, Ninmah educated her [Wars: 231; Enki: 250].
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Inanna and Utu, like homeplanet Nibirans, seemed immortal to Earthlings. But Nibirans born on Earth matured faster than those on Nibiru. “Who on Nibiru in diapers would still be, on Earth became a child; who on Nibiru began to crawl, when on Earth born was running around.” Inanna’s height, as well as her adolescence seemed stunted. She grew a mere 66 inches height, whereas most Nibirans born on the homeplanet stood over 84 inches. Ninmah and Enki experimented with plants that could, they hoped, arrest the fast aging that afflicted the Anunnaki and their children on Earth [Giants: 221; Enki: 152; King: 173].

Dumuzi’s Background

Enki’s spouse, Damkina, bore Dumuzi (a fast-maturing Earthborn like Inanna) long after she bore their son Gibil and after Enki begat Ningishzidda with Ereshkigal.

Dumuzi had gone with Ningishzidda and their hybrid half-brother, Adapa, to Nibiru. When Dumuzi returned to Earth from Nibiru, with Adapa, he brought sheep and goats. After the Deluge receded, Enki made Dumuzi, now his favorite son, boss of Africa’s domestic herds and herdsmen.

Jealous of the new favorite, Marduk made sure Dumuzi and Inanna didn’t, in Sitchin’s version of the tale, wed. In Hardy’s version of the Inanna-Dumuzi tale, they do wed. “Inanna and Dumuzi marry and live together happily a long time, and yet they can’t have any kids—thus no heir.” [DNA: 43].

Both versions of the tale say Marduk sent his sister Geshtinanna to subvert Inanna’s African takeover. In Sitchin’s variant, “To Geshtinanna Inanna revealed, “A vision of a great nation I have. As a Great Anunnaki Dumuzi there will rise. His queen-spouse I shall be. To Dumuzi I status give, the country I will rightly direct.’ Inanna’s visions of rulership and glory by Geshtinanna to her brother Marduk were reported.

“By Inanna’s ambitions Marduk was greatly disturbed; to Geshtinanna a secret plan he said.” Marduk had Geshtinanna go to Dumuzi.

As Marduk rehearsed her, Gestinanna told Dumuzi, “Before you your young wife in your embrace will sleep, a legitimate heir, by a sister born, you must have [to keep succession within the Enki Lineage]. Inanna’s son to succession shall not entitled be” [Sitchin, J.; Enki: 251].

After she got his ejaculate, Geshtinanna warned Dumuzi. “Marduk of raping me will accuse you, evil emissaries to arrest you he will send. To try you and disgrace you he will order, the liaison with an Enlilite to disunite.”

Dumuzi, aghast, fled to hide behind a waterfall but slipped into the rapids and drowned in Lake Victoria [Enki: 253].

Dumuzi’s brother Gibil fished Dumuzi from the lake. He brought the body to Inanna’s sister Ereshkigal in South Africa.


Before the nearing of Nibiru that caused the Deluge of 10,500 BCE, Marduk, his Hybrid wife Sarpanit, and their sons Osiris and Seth had sheltered with Marsbase’s Igigi Commander, Shamgaz, and Shamgaz and Seth bonded.

Osiris and Seth wed Shamgaz’s girls, Isis and Nephys. Osiris “to block Seth’s chances to have his descendants rule Egypt, took Seth’s half-sister Isis as his spouse. Seth then wed Nephys, his full sister.” The full siblingship of Seth and Nephys disqualified their offspring from rulership [Enki: 243, 244].

Osiris and Isis lived near Marduk in Lower Egypt. Seth and Nephys settled in southern Upper Egypt’s mountains, near Shamgaz’s villa and the Lebanon Landing Platform. Shamgaz and Nebat told Seth that while Osiris lived he and the astronauts would lack good fiefs on Earth. Osiris, Shamgaz argued, lived near Marduk.

“Osiris, said Shamgaz, “will succeed Marduk and rule of the fertile lower Nile. Only Upper Egypt for you and the Igigi” [Enki: 243, 244].


Shamgaz and Seth invited Osiris to an Astronaut and Royals banquet for Aso, Ethiopia’s queen. Shamgaz drugged Osiris’s wine. When Osiris passed out, Seth and Shamgaz sealed him in a coffin which they tossed into the sea.

Word of Osiris’s murder reached Isis, Sarpanit and Marduk. They retrieved Osiris’s coffin from the Nile.

“Now, said Seth, “I, as Marduk’s sole surviving descendant on Earth, rule all Egypt.”

Enki extracted semen from Osiris’s corpse and Isis inseminated herself with it. “I carry Osiris’ son,” she said. “Our son, not Seth, shall rule Lower Egypt(Later versions say Thoth-Ningishzidda revived and restored Osiris.) In any case, Isis hid and bore Horus (Horon) to fight Seth and avenge Osiris. Shamgaz and the astronauts ignored Isis.


Marduk’s brother Gibil tutored Horus to manhood. Gibil taught Horus to pilot aircraft, made multi-headed missiles for him and showed him and his Earthlings to smelt iron and make iron weapons.

Horus’ army marched on Sinai.

Seth, rather than face Horus’s better-weaponed army, dared Horus to an air battle.


Horus flew his fighter toward Seth. Seth shot Horus with a poison dart missile but Ningishzidda gave Horus an antidote and a “blinding weapon.” Horus hit Seth with the weapon, then with a missile called the harpoon. Blind, Seth crashed, his testicles squashed; Horus bound him and dragged him before the Council.

The Council let Seth, a wounded Enkiite prince, settle Canaan, which Enlilites considered theirs. Enkiite Earthlings loyal to the lineage of Noah’s son Ham ignored Enlil’s order they stay in Africa; they joined Seth in Canaan. Seth soon ruled Canaan.

Seth’s rule in Canaan meant Enkiites controlled the Giza Spacecraft Marker-Pyramid, the control tower and runways on Sinai, and the new Mission Control Jerusalem.


Inanna knew Marduk made Dumuzi die–though Marduk blamed a subordinate (the “evil emissary”).  With techno-weapons, she chased Marduk, who ran through the chambers of the Great Pyramid. 


Marduk radioed King Anu who beamed Inanna.  The King told her Marduk had weapons that would kill her if she caught him.

Anu ordered Enlil and his chiefs to surround the Pyramid.  “Your side, hear we shall, to decide if you or an evil emissary killed Dumuzi,” they told Marduk.  When Marduk came out, the Enlilites assumed Anu would approve their decision, convicted Marduk and sentenced him to die slowly with air but no food or water in the King’s Chamber of the Pyramid.  They sealed him in; after awhile, he lapsed into unconsciousness.


Marduk’s wife Sarpanit and son Nabu beamed Anu, who told the Enlilites, “My grandson Marduk is and must not be slain.”  Ningishzidda tunneled into the chamber and revived Marduk, whom the Council banished  to North America.  In Egypt, they now called Marduk Ra-Amen (Amen = hidden). [Wars: 221 – 228; Handbook:136].



Inanna intended, by the custom of LEVIRATE, to beget a son with Nergal, Dumuzi’s senior brother.  She was attracted to him and, most importantly, a boy she and Nergal could beget give her the right to rule Northeast Africa, Dumuzi’s fief, in his name.

But when Inanna got to Ereshkigal’s place, Ereshkigal barred her entry.

Ereshkigal With Inanna

Ereshkigal With Inanna

Inanna forced her way in, but Ereshkigal disarmed her.  “Of scheming an heir by Nergal, Dumuzi’s brother, Inanna was accused.” [Wars: 230; Enki: 255]

Erishkigal hung Inanna on a stake to die.

But “from clay of the Abzu Enki two emissaries fashioned, beings without blood, by death rays unharmed, to lower Abzu he sent them, Inanna to bring back.

“Upon the corpse the clay emissaries a Pulser and an Emitter directed, then the Water of Life on her they sprinkled, in her mouth, the Plant of Life they placed.  Then the dead Inanna arose.” [Enki: 255]

Enki’s androids rescued and revived Inanna

Inanna took Dumuzi’s body to Sumer and mummified him so he could rejoin her bodily on Nibiru, since, she said, Nibiran gods live forever.  Sitchin wrote that the biophysics of Nibiru, which rounds the Sun once every 3,800 times Earth circles it, made Nibirans live longer than Earthlings but didn’t let them live forever [Cosmic Code: 90, 96] .

*ANUNNAKI, FALSE GODS amazon.com/Anunnaki-Sasha-Alex-Lessin-Ph-D/dp/1490334246(Preview)

ANUNNAKI, FALSE GODS extends Zecharia Sitchin’s translations from clay tablets that underlie the Bible. Ten thousand years ago, scribes in ancient Sumer (Iraq) wrote on these tablets what they said the Anunnaki gods (tall people from the sky) dictated. Sitchin asked Dr. Lessin to keep public attention on his legacy by creating an educational program. 

The Anunnaki are Homo sapiens like us but who live hundreds of thousands of years. They said they rocketed to Iraq 450,000 years ago from a planet called Nibiru to harvest gold to send back (via Mars) to Nibiru to powder into an atmospheric shield. They mined abundant gold in Africa until, 300,000 years ago, their miners mutinied. 

To replace the mutineers, Anunnaki geneticists created short-lived slaves, called Adamites, adapted from their own genome but modified with a bit of clay, copper and genes from an intelligent hominoid, Homo erectus (Bigfoot’s ancestor) already living in Africa. Two hundred thousand years ago, Enki, their Chief Scientist, begat a line of Earthlings called Adapites with two Adamite girls. 

Fifty thousand years ago Enki and an Adamite beauty begat Noah, who carried Enki’s longevity genes and ruled the Iraqi city of Sharuppak. Enki saved Noah and many of his subjects from the Deluge of 13,000 years ago. The Anunnaki had Noah’s people and other flood survivors proliferate and build cities in the Middle East and Egypt with up to 50,000 inhabitants. 


The Anunnaki ruled the new civilizations as gods with descendants of Noah’s sons as intermediaries. The Anunnaki gave us the best and the worst of planet-wide civilization–kings, historians, taxes, temples, priests, bicameral congresses, record-keeping, law codes, library catalogs, furnaces, kilns, wheeled vehicles, paved roads, medicines, cosmogony, cosmology, festivals, beer, food recipes, art, music, music instruments, music notes, dance, textiles, and multicolored apparel.

Sumerian schools taught mathematics, architecture, theology, writing, grammar, botany, zoology, geography. They displayed but did not pass on a world-wide energy grid, air, submarine and interplanetary transport vehicles and advanced computers. 

They also gave us hierarchy, misogyny, violence, greed, slavery, debt and war that featured genocide and weapons of mass destruction. 

In 2024 BCE Anunnaki ruined their eastern Mediterranean cities with nuclear blasts and fallout storms. 

Most of the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru by 311 BCE. But some stayed. They and their descendants (the power elite) rule us to this day. They and their spawn created and perpetuate exclusive, hostile nations and religions to keep us divided. They addicted us to credit institutions to keep us slaving. 

Their tales of their stay on Earth before they made our ancestors, as well as what our forefathers directly saw, imprinted us with the values of their hierarchic, male-run, master-slave-enemy mentality. We assumed values of extraction, pollution, monetary monopoly and obsession with gold. 

The genetics team that created us also gave us the capacity and preserved the histories Sitchin and others translated so we can overcome the liabilities they left us. 

Recently, Anunnaki Royals returned to Earth, joining Enki and those who remained. The returning Anunnaki pledge to end the era of Marduk’s control on Earth (Kali Yuga), make sure he makes amends for the suffering he fostered here to secure his control, and usher in the Age of Enki (Aquarian, Satya Yuga). 

Next Episode: Post Flood: Sumer Started, Babil Bombed, Inanna Bedded Anu & Enki; Marduk Evicted Ningishzidda From EgyptAnunnaki Tablets, Part 12 


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