Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D.

Anunnaki from Nibiru mined deeply buried S. African Giants’ VEINS OF GOLD

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*THE NILOTIC MERIDIAN at 31 DEGREES EAST: the straight line from Giza’s Great Pyramid, Great Zimbawe, & Enki’s Calendar

*The vast area in Southeast Africa that fed the entire global network of Ancient Giants  

*How the monoatomic gold in the deep underground held diatomic gold in Giants’ fossilized bones

*The Anunnaki mined the gold in the veins of the fossilized humans in SE Africa.

*Each stone circle in the integrated network of circles is the cymatic pattern of the magnomenometer of Earth energy beneath it.

*The Book of Enoch says he was nearly 1-mile high.


“The vanished civilizations of southern Africa left behind more than 10 million circular Stone runes, that when you start looking at them from the air, each one is completely unique and some of them are very large some of them are small some of them look insignificant some of them look like beautiful flowers and they’re all connected to each other by these channels. They do not stand alone they have extended structures covered by soil that move away from the stone circles as we see them sticking out of the ground. You see the largest cluster of stone ruins found anywhere in the world today. They run for 100 by 100 kilometers, all connected.

“Something destroyed all of this a long long time ago and then a few of them have been rebuilt and restructured in more recent times. There are no doors and entrances so these circles cannot be dwellings for people or cows or other animals because clearly they were not built with doors and entrances they something else archaeological drawings from 1939 clearly indicate that they have no doors and entrances at their circular structures all connected to each other by these channels looking like a bunch of grapes and sometimes these circles are concentric and connected to each other all linking to each other and that is all seated in a large network of agricultural terraces that cover at least 450,000 square kilometers in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“The Anunnaki were growing huge amounts of food they were feeding all the other groups of beings around the world from one Central Food growing area.

The flagship among all these ruins in southern Africa known as Adam’s Calendar this site was the oldest working Sun calendar. It still works as you can see the shadow of the The Rock closest to us casts the shadow on the calendar Stone and it moves from the left to the right from the summer solstice to the winter solstice and when it reaches the right edge of that calendar Stone it comes back so you can still tell every day of the year based on the setting of that sun and the shadow where the shadow lands.”

Zulu Shaman said it was the known birthplace of the Sun in Zulu shamanic tradition where Humanity was created by the gods to be the slaves in the gold mines. so this is information that’s well recorded well in knowledge handed down for thousands of years among African shamans.

On the edge of the cliff there it drops down about 300 meters there and then goes into the Barberton Valley we have a horror Stone we have three stones the Orion stones that line up with the rise of Orion North is on the left. South is on the right and here we have another Stone over here that was removed in 1992 and put somewhere else.

The south north line that is South that is north and it goes right between the two calendar Stones if you continue North to to your left uh you get two Great Zimbabwe and if you carry on further north another 7 000 kilometers you’d get to the Great perimeter Giza all perfectly aligned on the 31 degrees East longitudinal line otherwise known as the Nilotic Meridian at Timbavati also sits on the Nilotic meridian.

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