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Abraham Abandons Wife and Son to Die; Would Kill Second Son as Enlil Ordered

Alalu’s Face at Cyndonia, Mars Before NASA Defaced It
Humanity Unchained: Overcoming the Godspell of the Anunnaki
Our Ancestor-gods on Nibiru: Succession to Rule Won by Lot or Wrestling Rather than War
Babel Gets Babble When Enlilites Bomb Marduk’s Bablylon Launch Tower
Enki Speaks: A Quote
Gods, We Claim Partnership: World History Revised
Homo Sapiens: Half Ape/Half E.T.
Inanna In Ancient Literature
Moonwalkers: Humans Trod the Moon Long Before Apollo Astronauts
Our Ancestor-gods on Nibiru
Stop Slavishly Playing Yahweh’s Servant
10th Planet Astronauts Mine Earth’s Gold
Ninurta and Nergal Nuke Sinai and Canaan
Ancient Anthropology & The Godspell
Ancient Anthropology & The Godspell
Nibiru meets Solaris and Tiamat
Ninmah, Mother of Humanity, Journeys to Earth
The Deluge’s Coming Again
Sitchin on The Children of Israel in Egypt
Why Nibirans Denied Our Ancestors Immortality
Why They Started Mutilating Our Phalluses
Wild & City Humans Were Contemporaneous
Yahweh & Moses


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