Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D.




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From ANUNNAKI: LEGACY OF THE GODS ** –Techno-Savvy ET s From the Planet Nibiru Who Came For Gold, Created Us From Their Genome to Work the Mines, Posed As Gods, Decided to Let Us Drown, But Then Decided to Breed Us to Work For Them by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin

But Anu overthrew Alalu and didn’t want Marduk, with Alalu’s bloodline, in line for Nibiru’s Kingship. Anu designated Enlil as his successor. Enlil then selected his son with Ninmah–Ninurta, Second in Command on Earth.

King Anu sent his three annoying and quarrelsome kids–Enki, Princess NINMAH and ENLIL (Anu’s legal heir and the father of Ninmah’s son, NINURTA)–to Earth. On Earth Anu had made ENLIL (Yahweh), now Commander of the gold mining expedition, obsessed with besting Enki (Adonai), who was now Chief of Goldmining and Science Operations.

On the Planet Nibiru, Princess Ninmah whom Papa King Anu had engaged to Prince Enki, bore Ninurta to her boyfriend Enlil. Anu, angry, forbade her to ever marry. Anu agreed to breed Enki and Damkina, son of usurper King Alalu for Alalu’s successor. Enki and Damkina conceived, and she bore Marduk as Alalu’s successor.


 Janet Kira Lessin, channeling her Ninmah fractal-archetype, writes: After he didn’t get Ninmah pregnant and instead Ninmah left to join Enki in Africa, Enlil, for many months, hurt and angry, mooned about his gardens. From concealment, he saw SUD, Ninmah’s gorgeous assistant, Sud. Sud bathed nude in Enlil’s stream with other women from the medical team.

After he didn’t get her pregnant and instead left to join Enki in Africa, Enlil, for many months, hurt and angry, mooned about his gardens. From concealment, he saw SUD, Ninmah’s gorgeous assistant, Sud. Sud bathed nude in Enlil’s stream with other women from the medical team.

One summer on Earth, Enlil retreated to his abode in the cedar forest which was much cooler than the Edin.  While he was walking in the forest in the cooler part of one of those hot summer days he came upon some of my young assistants.  They had been were assigned to me and were stationed in the Landing Place. They bathed in a mountain stream to escape the heat.  Enlil noticed the beauty and grace of my cousin and first assistant, Sud and instantly became enchanted.

 Sud is beautiful and I can understand his instant attraction to her.  He was probably lonely, feeling rejected after our last interchange.  He called her to him and she came over and he invited her to join him in his cedar wood abode. 

Come with me and share the elixir of Nibiru’s fruit that grows here,” he said to Sud.  Sud, young and quite naïve, was instantly, equally enchanted by Enlil and entered his abode.  Enlil poured some elixir into a cup.

Sud drank.  I purposely shielded my young people to the elixir for it’s far too potent for one of such tender years. I know Sud and I’m certain she did not realize the effects of the elixir and how it would cloud her judgment and make her head spin. 

Enlil drank the elixir as well and soon they were both quite tipsy.  Previously I had shared a batch of the elixir we just processed with Enlil and knew he knew how potent it was.

Enlil spoke to her of intercourse.  Sud was unwilling. She protested, “My vagina is too small. It knows not copulation,” and moved to the other side of the room away from Enlil.

But Enlil moved closer.  “My lips are too small. I’ve never been kissed,” she complained and attempted to move away again but Enlil was too quick. He laughed as he grabbed her hand and yanked her towards him. She protested but to no avail as he laughed again, then kissed her full on the mouth.  There was no escape, he was too fast, powerful and drunk. 

Enlil is a skilled lover and knows how to get quickly under gowns.  I don’t blame Sud.  There was really nothing she could do to prevent painful penetration and the inevitable.  Enlil poured his semen into her womb!

History repeated itself. I knew exactly what happened as I had been down that same road before. And as before, she, like I, was pregnant. Enlil has powerful semen indeed.

Humiliated Sud came to me the next day and reported the immoral deed to me, her commander, cousin and friend.     

“Enlil, you immoral one,” I cried aloud, “For your deed, you shall face judgment!”  I was very angry.  He got away with this once.  I vowed he would not do so a second time.

Fifty Anunnaki and the Seven Who Judge assembled and decreed a punishment on Enlil which read, “Let Enlil be banished from all cities and be exiled to a Land of No Return.”

They forced Enlil to leave the Landing Place with Abgal as his pilot.  They flew off to the Land of No Return and the intention at that time was that Enlil was to never return.  They journeyed together in a sky chamber to another land far away was their direction.  Amidst forbidding mountains in a place of absolute desolation Abgal landed the sky chamber.

Abgal decreed, “This is your place of exile.”  Enlil turned white.  “It is not by chance I have chosen this place,” Abgal said to Enlil.  “A secret of Enki is hidden here.

Abgal moved further into the mountain revealing, “In the nearby cave Enki has hidden seven Weapons of Terror.  Enlil, take the weapons into your possession and thus with these weapons you shall attain your freedom!”

Abgal then broke his work to Enki, had sworn he would never reveal this secret.  Oath broken, he departed from the secret place leaving Enlil alone to contemplate his fate.

Meanwhile back in Edin enough time had passed for Sud to realize that Enlil’s seed had found its mark and she had conceived.  “I am pregnant by Enlil,” she revealed to me, tears in her eyes. 

I had to do something, so I went to Enki and conveyed Sud’s words to him.  After all, Enki was the Lord of the Earth and on Earth he was supreme!

I didn’t want Sud shamed as I had been. And Enki felt for her as well.  We summoned Sud before the Seven Who Judge and asked her, “Will you take Enlil as your spouse?

She agreed.    

Abgal conveyed the message to Enlil back where he was exiled and he agreed and returned where he was pardoned by Enki and me. 

Thus we were happy for a while.  Sud was declared Enlil’s official spouse and the name-title Ninlil, Lady of the Command was bestowed upon her.  Time passed and soon a son was born to Ninlil and Enlil who was named by Nannar which means the Bright one by Ninlil.

We all celebrated, rejoiced for Nannar was the first of the Anunnaki conceived on Earth.  As we raised our cups we realized that one of Nibiru’s royal seed was born on an alien planet!  What an amazing event.  We have reached the stars and are now colonizing new worlds. Will we do better on this world than we have on our own?

Most left the celebration heading home to bed.  It was late, dawn was just a few hours away.  A peace fell over the room and at last  I was alone with my thoughts.  With all that had unfolded, there was much to contemplate. 

I was so deep in my meditation, my hand fussing with my empty goblet, I didn’t notice that Enki had approached me and now stood before me where I sat.  I sensed him first before I actually saw him and jumped, was slightly started as I thought everyone had gone. 

He paused for a moment to allow me to regain my composure. Once he knew he had my full attention, he waited till my eyes rose to meet his and gently spoke, “Come be with me in the Abzu! In the midst of pure waters I have established my abode.  I have embellished it with a bright metal we have named silver and have adorned it with deep blue stone of lapis lazuli. ”

I looked deep into his eyes.  Most times there’s so much going on.  I’ve not had time to really take a look at this man I love on some level more than any other.  I swear I saw a tear welling in his eyes.  He saw me wondering.  The moment perfect, he delivered his invitation, a message for me so profound it would change my life forever.  “Come be with me.  Your adoration of Enlil abandon!”

When he spoke of Enlil I realized that my heart had at last shifted.  I had already abandoned Enlil just as he had abandoned me.  Tonight was the formal recognition of our final separation and now I was free to pursue my heart’s desire. 

I realized how my thoughts had frequently drifted to Enki, wondering how he spent his days and if he thought of me.  I dismissed these thoughts for I believed I was destined to be with Enlil.  But when we were alone together it felt awkward.  Now I know why.

As Enki looked at me, his heart on his sleeve, at that moment that stretched forever throughout time, I realized my true destiny lie where it had started, with Enki, the man my father had chosen for me.  I stopped doubting and criticizing myself for my discrepancies that were horrible with huge, negative consequences on one hand. but on the other hand resulted in the creation of my love child, Ninurta, a boy I truly loved with all my heart. 

And now I could forgive myself for here was Enki forgiving me.  Despite all the pain I had caused him, now he reached for me reaching for me, wanting me to join him as his beloved in his home he had made for himself on a planet far, far away from the world we had called previously called home. 

He extended his hand to me to help me rise from the seat I had been on so long, I felt plastered to it.  I softly moaned, stretched tenderly so I wouldn’t cramp as he ever so gently help me get up.  He grabbed my elbow to support me and allowed my legs to straighten.  He gave me a moment to establish my center of balance before we walked away arm in arm from that room and that chapter of my life that I was relieved to leave behind.

The next day we journeyed to Dilmun.  What a wondrous place it was!  All the way there Enki spoke loving words to me.  He reminded me of how we were originally intended for one another. Endless, sweet words he whispered to me as he gently kissed me on the cheeks, warm breath intentionally sweeping past my lips.  So respectful, he tended to my every need. By the time we landed my head swirled, and my loins ached with desire.

We arrived at this holy place called Dilmun.  This land was pure, clean, the bright land of the living, the garden of the Great Gods and an Earthly paradise, located east of Eden.  This had come to be my home where I would live for a season during the Wheel of the Year when the Earth lay deep in slumber patiently awaiting the onset of Spring.

This is a land that knew no sickness nor death nor old age. The ravens uttered no cries, the lions and wolves did not kill. This was a land of peace and a time where the sorrows of widows and the wailing of the sick were unknown. 

We walked to the edge of the valley.  I stood in awe of the beauty that surrounded us.  I turned my head towards him.  He took me by the shoulders and turned me to face him fully, then I raised my lips to meet his.  My eyes fell into his. Like a deep well, it swallowed up my soul.  Then ever so sweetly, we kissed our first kiss.  My chakras ignited.  I felt as if I was suddenly on fire.  

“You are still my beloved,” he proclaimed lifting me off my feet.  He set me down once we were over the threshold.  He embraced me, kissed me, now fully on the mouth, tongues sought one another.   I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t realize where we were.

We fell into a bed.  My hand caught his engorged phallus and it was watering.  He came on top of me. I opened and willingly let him enter.  Time stood still as we became one.  We were one with each other, all beings, the Universe, God Source and the Creator of All.  I saw how we had always been one throughout eternity through many lifetimes throughout all time.  We made love for what seemed like hours.  With each orgasm, I thought I had peaked but kept going and there was more. Together we reached for higher and higher plateaus.  With each peak came a valley then another higher, bigger peak till all else faded and we were nothing and everything all at once. 

When I felt I had ridden so many waves my heart was about to burst, I knew my egg had come down and was waiting for my brother’s powerful sperm. He sensed it was time and as he ejaculated he roared, “Give me a son! Give me a son!”  I felt his penis pulse as his potent semen enter my womb. 

Exhausted, he slept.  I was exhausted as well but could not sleep for I had to stay awake to feel his seed impregnate me.  I focused on the subtle movements happening within my belly and saw the sperm penetrate the egg.  Then it traveled up to my womb and I felt it, I knew the exact moment the seed took hold.  I felt the egg divide and babe began life within my womb. My heart soured.  Love spread from the cells of my being through my womb, through the child and through both of us, enveloping our souls enfolding us in a web of love as the two of us as spooned. 

That night I dreamed of love and bliss. For the first time since coming to Earth, I felt all was perfect in this strange, new world. 

As I slept my soul traveled to the future and remembered it was here, in Dilmun where I, who would eventually come to be known as Ninhursag, the Earth Mother, Lady of the Stony Earth, Most Exalted Lady and Supreme Queen met and fell in love with Enki, the wise god of Magic and the Sweet Waters, the Patron of Crafts and Skills, the Lord of the Earth. 

I saw Enki and I standing together, holding hands, looking back over creation and through time.  We kissed as we looked over what had been created. It was our first kiss, the one we just shared starting our new life, looking at our home and the beginning of our time together, which is now.

From the future, I remembered that eventually it was said that I enchanted my dear brother Enki with that first, magical kiss. It’s true that with that kiss I wholly captivated him through the most profound of all bonds, a thread of enchantment, passion and love that has woven it way not only through our hearts, but through the hearts and souls of lovers since the beginning of love itself.  But was it I who enchanted him? Or perhaps it was he who enchanted me?  

So profound was the power of our first kiss and the feeling of love that swept over us that Enki proposed to me and we both found ourselves responding with the enthusiasm of a young lover’s heart.   We mated and were forever mates.  I knew we had always been together and somehow would always be.

As I looked around the land, this dry, parched stony land, I remembered the taste of his body and the wondrous moisture of the Sweet Waters of this God that flowed within myself.  I wondered whether the land could feel the same loving touch embrace it and make it flourish. 

I said to Enki, “Dear heart, I heard your heart speak to me last night and your wondrous moisture flow within me.  I look at the earth of Dilmun, which in a way is also my body, and I feel its longing, the thirst for the gift that you, dear one can bring.  With that in mind, I ask you, what is a land without a river quay and a city that has no ponds of sweet water?”

Enki, surprised, realized that while he had given his whole essence to his new beloved, he had neglected to look after her Earthly Body, the land.    He then rose to the challenge of providing water to the land.

He told Ninmah, “For the land of my lady’s heart, Dilmun, I will create rivers, canals, long waterways where water flows, quenches the thirst of all beings and brings abundance to all life.”

Enki summoned the Sun God, Utu who is also known as the Light of the Day.  They worked together to bring water from the depths of the earth to water the whole surface of the land.  They created waterways to surround the land with an endless source of fertile, sweet waters.  Enki created basins and cisterns to store water. 

From these fertile, sweet waters now flowed the four Great Rivers of the Ancient World which included the Tigris and Euphrates. 

From that day forward the Dilmun was blessed by Enki, who responding to the request of his beloved, created waterways and quays which allowed everlasting agricultural and trade superiority for the people of Dilmun and beyond.  They were able to grow fruits and grains which were sold and exchanged by the people of Dilmun and beyond.

I rejoiced the Enki’s mighty prowess.  I stated my wishes and he made my desires come true.  I said to him, “Beloved, I love the powerful touch of your sweet waters.  The essence of Mother Nammu lies deep within your soul and you have transformed the land, my stony body.  As I feel the life grow within me, I feel the power of life throbbing within soon revealed from my very depths as I joyously give birth and give sustenance to the marshes, reed beds that from this day forth shelter fish, plants, beasts and all that breathes.

I felt content as the child sensing that contentment grew happily within me.  But this strange world changed the rhythm of something was wrong. I had been pregnant before.  But this new environment changed me and one day of Nibiru was as a month of Earth for me.  Two, three, four days, each day was like a month of Earth.  Five, six, seven and eight days of months were complete and my belly grew quite large.  On the ninth month which would have been nine days on Nibiru, I found myself in travail. 


The child I birthed on the banks of a river in the Abzu was female.  The birth was easy and painless.  We had chosen a lovely place in nature to bring our first child into the world.  I looked down at her sweet face. She was the most beautiful child I had ever seen.  I was so happy. A daughter to Ninmah and Enki was at last born!  The world was now complete and totally perfect.  We named her Ninsar which means Lady Verdure or Lady Greenery, the Mistress of Vegetation, the green carpet of grass, leaves and flower beds that cover the surface of the earth.

Enki was overjoyed with the birth of their child.  He proclaimed, “How lovely, how perfect is our sweet Ninsar.  I already love this young Anunnaki goddess, the Mistress of Velvet Meadows, Green Fields and the woman in the girl-child.  My ties to Ninsar are strong, tempered by my great love for Ninmah for in her face I also see my beloved who is the one and only to my wandering heart.” 

“Kiss the young one,” I said to Enki.  He did.  But later, unknown to me, he confided to his vizier Isimud and said, “A son I desired. A son by my half-sister I must have.”

I told Enki. “I now call myself Nintur which means the lady who gives birth, the Womb of the Damp Lands by the riverbanks. I have birthed a child, my land flows with life-giving waters and my heart overflows with divine love.” 

Enki replied, “Ninmah, dearest Nintur, my beloved, how can anyone ever compare to you?  I cannot resist your wide and sweet ways.  Come lie with me again and fill my body, heart, mind and soul with your endless delights!  For you will forever be my fiercest love, my Great Spouse.  For you are passionate and loved very much.”

I laughed for I truly adored this Sweet Waters Lord and eagerly welcomed him inside me.  He kissed me by my loins. I grew wet, his phallus huge, wept.  We made love again and again until once again I grew big with child.   


I gave birth to a daughter who we named Gestinianna.

But unbeknown to me I didn’t know the disappointment he felt that the children I bore for him were girls.  He approached me again wanting to make love and create another child.  He whispered, “A son, a son by you I must have,” as he kissed me.

Holding my babe in my arms I returned his kiss on the mouth and said, “Soon my time to leave Dilmun for Spring is coming and I must return to the Middle World for the growing season.  You know how it is. Without me Spring cannot possibly return, the winds won’t blow chasing away winter, nothing with sing or mate until I’m there to show them how.  Without my loving touch, nothing will happen.  I have to return to my assistants. But I promise I will soon return to this holy, sacred land that I love at the beginning of the earth’s rest in the Middle World.

But before I go, remember the girls will grow in record time.  Ninsar is almost fully grown and I leave both my youngsters safely with you where they are far away from any illness, hatred or harm.”

And indeed Ninsar was nearly fully grown and like me, her mother, she was quite charming and graceful, a sight to behold.


Enki knew he would miss me.  And I would miss him terribly as well. But I have work to do back in the Middle world giving my essence and instruction to the others so that the land would grow happy and gay.  My assistants awaited me. I had projects we started so that all Anunnaki may prosper.

In my absence even though Enki missed me, he was equally busy.

It was the sacred duty of Enki, Sweet Waters Lord to oversee the fertilizing waters that flowed from Dilmun which fed the rivers, lakes and ponds of the Middle World.  He had to closely monitor the rise and fall of the water levels so that all conditions would be perfect and the land made ready when Spring came and it was time to plant delicate seeds.

Despite how much he would miss me, Enki could not abandon his duties and leave Dilmun before the waterways were filled.  He had to make sure that the people of the Middle World would have more than enough water necessary to grow their crops.  Lands had already been worked and plowed and now waited for sacred waters necessary for the new planting season.  Timing was critical.

In my absence even though Enki missed me, he was equally busy.  It was at the end of one of these long days where he had been totally absorbed in the mighty task of controlling waterways when  Enki saw Ninsar walking all alone in the marshlands.  Indeed she had grown into a lovely goddess.  When his eyes fell on the Maiden he felt a longing he could not define.  He only knew that since I left for the Med Center in Iraq departure no maiden had touched his heart in quite the same way as Ninsun.  As he watched her walking alone through the marshlands he was amazed how much she resembled me.

Realizing how lucky he was that she resembled me, Enki wasted no time and rushed to her side where he immediately began wooing her to make wild, passionate love with him there by the riverside.

Ninsar, young, virginal, curious was eager to experience the overwhelming power of love in her body, heart, mind and soul.  Enki, handsome, powerful and charming overwhelmed her.  In no time at all the young goddess of green fields and luscious meadows yielded to the Sweet Waters God and they made wild, passionate love. 

Despite the doubts, he felt deep in his soul, Enki remained with Ninsar for a while for he knew she could be pregnant with his seed.  Indeed she was; so he remained with her until the ninth day which is the ninth month on Earth and she gave birth to a girl child named Ninkurra, who would come to be known as the goddess of Mountain Pastures.   

But with the dawn, Enki looked into Ninsar’s eyes and found her to be a loving but pale portrait of his beloved Ninmah.  He wondered, “What is in her that last night I found so alluring but now, here in broad daylight has lost its substance. Indeed she is lovely but she is not Ninmah, the one I sorely miss.”


As before Enki rejoiced at the loveliness of his newborn babe, Ninkurra.  He loved her cheerful smile and sweet face.  He saw in Ninkurra twice the mark of his beloved Ninmah.

Ninsar sadly realized that while she had been passionately loved by Enki for this time, there remained a longing in his eyes. His mind, body and soul were elsewhere and nothing she could do could satisfy that longing.  “I was bonded to him but for a short while,” she thought.  Mine is not the body he longs for. Mine is not the soul and heart that holds his love for eternity.  I can have him only for a minute, so I’ll let him go now and forever.  I need to be more than a replacement for another.  I need to be loved for who and what I am.”

Ninsar grieved deeply when Enki left her and her young daughter Ninkurra, she found hope, meaning and sustenance in drawing from herself.  She accessed her all-oneness, inner and outer resources to heal, learn and grow from this experience.  She kept a close eye on her beautiful daughter, Ninkurra, who like all children born on Earth grew in record time. 

Lovely, resourceful Ninkurra climbed the highest heights, up to mountain tops, keeping her essence tied to the ground.  Ninkurra, nurtured this way grew to be the goddess of the Mountain Pastures, safe from all hatred and harm.

She remained to play in the mountain tops till curiosity led her to explore a well she found which surfaced out of the blue which helped water the greens and wildflower beds she had just made. She strained to clear her eyes as it seemed the well morphed and took the shape of a handsome god.  Surprised and delighted to find another person in her wildflower gardens, the god smiled as he looked up from his work checking his water system and walk towards her and introduced himself as Enki himself, the Sweet Waters Lord. 

Again Enki looked into the young maiden’s face and saw the image of his beloved Ninmah etched in her features.  Looking upon Ninkurra’s young and cheerful face, he felt an overwhelming desire to dive into her embrace.  Once again she looked in a way that reminded him of his beloved.  He longed for someone to still his wandering heart. And at that moment he felt that old familiar heart pang and wondered to himself had he fallen in love?

Ninkurra, equally lonely, had lived a sheltered life in the mountain heights.  Having seen few people at all during her lifetime, she was fully bewitched by the easy charms of the much older, experienced god.  Her heart soared and she joyously yielded to him.  They made love for nine days and nine nights straight. 

Once again, despite all the love he felt and shared, at the end of nine days his mind drifted, floated around the Earth and sought out his beloved Ninmah.  As lovely as Ninkurra was and despite the wondrous loving he made, Enki could not help himself and kept comparing everyone to Ninmah and of course, none could compare.


Nine days which are nine months on Earth passed and Ninkurra gave birth to another, equally as lovely girl-child named Uttu, the Spider, the Weaver of Patterns of Life and Desires.

Meanwhile, time had come for Ninmah to return.  Spring had come and her duties were done and it was time for her to return to holy Dilmun and her beloved Enki.

But when she arrived, the Great Lady who saw and wisely judged all life forms saw the sadness reflected in the eyes of her daughter Ninsar and granddaughter Ninkurra’s eyes and frowned at her beloved Enki’s unbridled lust.  Knowing Ninmah’s disapproval and feeling somewhat guilty at abandoning his lovers, Enki purposely kept his distance. 

Concerned, Ninmah knew just how charming Enki could be.  She turned to Uttu and warned her, “Avoid the river banks, no matter what. Or if you must go never go alone, unchaperoned.  Daughter, beware of the marshes and riverbanks and all places where Enki, the Sweet Waters god reigns as Sovereign.  If you go there he will see you, desire you and want to make you his own. But beware, once you are taken he will abandon you as he has done before.”

For a while, Uttu listened to her great-grandmother, the Great Lady’s advice and kept out of Enki’s lusty sight.  But it was inevitable that he would seek her out, lonely and curious as he was.  He brought her delicacies from the garden of delights: apples, cucumbers and grapes.  This and more he offered to the young goddess and she was swept away by his warm and seductive ways. 

Uttu, full of joy, opened up fully and welcomed Enki, the crafty god who embraced her with heartfelt glee.  Lying in her lap, laughing, content and happy soon made her feel safe and relaxed.   Soon loving strokes, kisses and hugs led to Enki’s seed finding its way to Uttu’s young, untried womb.

Afterward, still lying in Enki’s strong arms doubt entered her mind.  Remembering the warnings of the Great Lady, doubt penetrated her heart.  She wondered, “Tonight you loved me dearly and I was your spouse, your one and only, your dearest.  But when morning comes with you, o lustiest of all gods, stay with me forever in my arms and never let me go?  Will you dare love me for more than this one holy night and share with me through all times both happy and hard?”

Despite her doubts, her body doubted last. And she yielded and spent one more night with the Sweet Waters god.

But before long morning came and when she looked into Enki’s eyes she knew that despite all she gave, she was not the one who would hold captive his heart forever.  This she knew as Enki gave her a tender kiss, rose and took his leave.  This time he did not say when he was coming back.  Despite the lack of words, she knew and swallowed back stubborn tears.

As she wiped her eyes, catching a tear half-formed she made a decision to not surrender to loss and sorrow but proclaimed, “I vow not to be bonded to Enki and from this moment on if he doesn’t want me for myself and what we can create together, I will not carry his seed in my being.”

Uttu immediately ran to me for help and I, the Great Mother goddess, beloved by all knew just what to do to ensure the best results.  I took her to a special place I had in mind in a clearing where she and I alone began a sacred healing ritual. 

There’s great power in a ritual that touches the heart and allows deep healing the mind prevents.  I began by clearing a space I had selected for a special garden, an area that would get the right formula of sun, rain, and gentle breezes.  “Wipe out Enki’s seed from your body and bury it in the depths of the Earth,” I began. “With it bury the promise of the life you were to share with him.  Let the Earth receive the seed that you and Enki created and transform it.” 

I paused as Uttu took a trowel and made several rows of small holes in the rich soil.  We took the seed which would have become a child and placed it in a small, wooden jewelry box, and blessed it. All of life’s material is sacred and in due time Uttu would take another’s seed into her womb and bring forth the soul that was temporarily interrupted in its journey here to this Earth and through my lineage.  Of that, I am certain, that Uttu, lovely as she is, will find love and the next seed planted which blooms into a child will be created through love and not seduction. And if not, I personally promise this soul that he or she may partake of life’s journey through my body, if the time comes that I am once again open to love and ready to create new life through a process of true love and loving intentions from both its parents.

Uttu took the box, removed the contents, and placed a small piece of the sacred essence in each hole.  She wept and her genuine sorrow brought tears to mine as well.  I knew of her longings, of special love and attention reserved only for her.  With the planting of these sacred seeds, she buried the imagined future she believed she would have had with the Sweet Water God and by burying the past, letting go of what never was she prepared the way for what is to come and is meant to be. I told her:  “After all is done, my dear, take time to heal mind, body, heart, and soul.  I who have known love, pain, sorrow, and immense joy bless you daughter, with a very special blessing.  May you gain wisdom from this experience that you learn to ask for as much as you give from future lovers for as long as you live. For reciprocation is the balance, is the key for everlasting relationships.”

Every day we visited the site and on the ninth day eight plants, luscious and strong began to sprout.  I laughed and made a happy declaration for I was the one who planted seeds in the garden by now they looked as if they had grown from Enki’s seed. 

Out of the depths of the Earth, out of my stony womb eight plants emerge to bring blessings to the world.  Eight in number they are and from now on they will be fathers and mothers, the first Seed of a new group of beings that I shall call Plants. These creatures of green color will nourish, heal and grow in the glory of Dilmun and Middle Earth.”

Our garden grew and we named our plants.  The tree plant we called the honey plant.  We grew the vegetable, amharu, atatu, actaltal and amharu plants as well as the esparto and alfalfa grasses.  In time we would experiment, determine the best time to harvest and develop new recipes to prepare them.  We needed to let the plants grow and in time and with great care, we’d develop new foods for our people.

In the meanwhile, this was a good project for Uttu to share with me.  She enjoyed caring for the plants, watching them grow.  The garden was a special place for us with something in common to discuss, it created a bond needed by both of us for both of us were deeply hurting from Enki’s insensitive actions towards all of us.


Upon my return to the Middle World, I met with my brother, Enlil.  “I, Ninmah, have borne two children to Enki and what is my reward?” 

Enlil answered, “Thou Ninmah have borne a child for me.  In my city, I shall make weapons for thee.  One shall split open the head of a ram.  Another shall bore through his heart.  A third shall cast his eyes in the mire.”

Embarrassed I may have over-reacted while also being caught off guard by Enlil’s gallant defense of me I realized I needed to act in moderation around my brothers as they’ve always been far too competitive with one another.  I carefully sought the proper words to respond so as to not offend him nor fan the already out of control fire.  “Dear brother, I appreciate your love for me.  I will be fine.  Please, I am just hurt.  I am over-sensitive and just need time alone.  In due time I will return after I’ve licked my wounds.”

With that, I took my leave. I knew I had my brothers were a bit competitive with one another. But I had to admit Enlil’s response to such violence was somewhat shocking.  Was he serious? Would he indeed hurt or even kill our brother to protect my name or revenge my every complaint?

 I realized I must be careful around Enlil for it seems he is very literal.  But we were getting through some rough times.  Look how we got through the episode with Sud, now Ninlil. That worked out perfectly.  So while we’ve had our differences we’ve always made amends and remained friends.  He will defend my honor to the death as he is my brother and at the same time the first woman he has ever loved.


In due time Enki returned, happy and carefree as was his true nature.  With him came his vizier and friend, Isimud, who was known as the two-faced god.  They loved to take long walks along the riverbanks and fully enjoyed the pleasures that abounded in the marshlands.

They came upon Ninmah’s garden, saw the luscious plants that were well cared for and wondered, “What sort of beings are those, Isimud, my faithful servant and friend?  What is it about them that they appear new yet feel so old that my heart fills with desire and deep-routed curiosity?”

“I want to taste them,” Enki asked, “I want to know their composition.  What pray, is this plant?”

“My king, that plant is called the honey tree.”  Since his life is sworn to serve the Sweet Waters Lord and his desire is to please, he proceeded to cut a piece from the tree plant and gave it to Enki who immediately, greedily ate it.

This is good,” Enki beamed, smiling.  This fueled his curiosity to know the nature of the seven remaining plants.  He asked Isimud about their essence and content.  Isimud did his best to answer all his mater’s questions and named them as one by one he cut samples of each plant and passed them to Enki who immediately devoured each with glee.  “I need to know the destiny of each plant,” Enki, by eating the plants, in this own way grew to know the heart of the Plants World.

But I did not see it his way.  I saw that once again Enki had no respect or restraint.  Not only did he attempt to take over the young maiden goddesses and make them his own, but he sought to take over the Plants World.  This angered me beyond measure. 

I went to him and said, “I, the Great Mother, Mistress and Supreme Queen of the Earth am totally outraged and absolutely furious at your disdain for all beings, human or plants.  Enki, you’ve gone too far.  Taking over the hearts’ essence of young goddesses was bad enough. But also eating eight primeval samples of the Plant World is far too much.”

I struggled to control my anger, for I know once ignited it can lead to rage and a sharp tongue that once experienced I guarantee it’s never forgotten.  I took a couple of deep breaths in an attempt to center myself and continued, “I acknowledge it’s good to feel desire and experience that intense need to be with the Divine Beloved. But there’s a profound responsibility to fall in love and captivating someone’s heart, mind, body and soul.  You, Dear Heart, came out of the blue into many young maiden’s lives and set yourself up like a squatter in their hearts, capturing them only to leave never to return.” 

Enki squirmed, looked at me with his piercing aqua eyes.  Unconscious, his mouth opened in astonishment.  I continued with my verbal lashing, “But even then you weren’t satisfied in your lust to know young maidens and experience everything, so you turned to my newly created Plants World where you tasted each one of the eight sacred plants there in my garden, consuming them with greed.  You never asked.  You always took without giving back or even given a sign of acknowledgment, a thank you, or a simple caress.”

Despite all my attempts to maintain control, the more I spoke the more enraged I felt.  It was too late now. I could no longer contain myself.  I began again but this time my tone had raised an octave, “In your ways of being, how many did you cause a little death to their spirit.  How many hopes about a future with you were crushed?” I paused, allowing my words to sink in.  “For all this, you deserve a mighty lesson.  It’s time you, Enki, to learn in sorrow that which you did not learn in happiness.  From this day on I will never look at you with a life-giving eye.  May the suffering you inflicted upon others return to you threefold.  My face, the face of life, as long as I live shall you not see again!”

I had lost it. My final words were like a roar, it’s crashing wave consumed Enki with a vengeance.  Tears welled in my eyes. I was so angry and hurt, I had to get out of there before he realized how deeply wounded I felt, how he managed once again to make me lose my cool. 

I turned and walked away feeling conflicted and uncomfortable that I lost control and spewed forth those final words of intense anger.  I left knowing full well that by my leaving Enki was clearly divided emotionally between the joy of seeing me. his beloved, the key to his heart and his great concern over the intensity of my parting words.  Did I mean it?  Yes, at that moment I didn’t care what he thought or felt or did for that matter. I only knew I needed to get far, far away.

Unbeknown to me, soon after I left Enki’s health began to fail. A strange affliction caused eight organs of the body to fail and he grew progressively ill.  As the organs died in Enki’s living body, Enki suffered horrendously. The Anunnaki Great Gods were called and all were disconsolate with Enki’s ailments.

The Sky Lord, Father Anu and Enlil, Lord of the Air plus all the healer gods and goddesses were called. They tried everything and nothing helped. 

All realized that if only I, Ninmah could be found Enki could be saved.  But I was nowhere to be found and Enki’s health deteriorated little by little, day by day.

Enlil left Enki’s side, so immersed in despair, to sit in the dust, the worry was so great for his brother.  He grieved for Enki and bemoaned, “A world without the Lord of the Sweet Waters, Magic and Crafts would be a sad place indeed. Enki could simply not conceive of a life without his brother’s cunning, humor and energetic ways.

One of the Anunnaki tending to Enki, a woman whose cunning was so renowned that she was known by all as “the Fox” went up to Enlil as he sat grieving in the dust to console him. “I’ve seen the suffering of Enki and have witnessed the lament of the greatest of the Anunnaki for their beloved brother and Sweet Waters Lord.  We all know that only Ninmah can heal him, only the Mistress of All Creation knows how to make him whole again.  What would be my reward if I found her?”

Enlil answered, “If you bring Ninmah to me I shall erect two birch trees for you in my city and your name will be renown.”

I’ll do all I can to find the Greatest Lady of the Earth, the holiest Ninmah.  I am sworn to serve her, I adore and worship her and will do so till the end of my days.  I  know I will find her and bring her back here to accomplish this healing of Enki the sick god.”

I had of course returned to my lab, focused on training my assistants and kept busy teaching and with my former duties.  I loved Enki and needed space to think about our crazy lives.  If I had been a dutiful daughter, if only I had not succumbed to Enlil’s advances, none of this would have happened.  Long ago Enki and I would have wed, properly, as we were destined to do.

Yet so much has happened because of that critical moment in time, looking back it seems that what unfolded was perfect, was just what needed to happen, not only for me personally, for I love my son Ninurta and without my indiscretion, he would not exist but for the destiny of my home, my beloved Nibiru and all her people who would not have a chance to survive if we had not come to Earth.

And Earth, what a beauty!  I am astonished at how much I have fallen in love with this incredible world.  At first I felt it was some kind of punishment coming to this planet, that I was sacrificing all I had and everything I was to come across the cosmos to some strange and foreboding world. Yet Earth is anything but! 

And I see how everyone is captivated by Earth’s beauty, mystery and charm. There’s true excitement in their demeanor as Enlil plans his cities and Enki coordinates and cooperates, gets a chance to use his mind and problem-solving abilities in ways he could never have imagined, to save not one, but two worlds.  He’s more alive now than I’ve ever seen him before.

And even father seems happier. I’m certain he’s more relaxed with his three quarrelsome, troublesome children as far away as they can possibly get!  I know he loves us. But with one thrown and three alpha children, I’m certain a part of him wonders in the back of his mind which of his children might get a bit too ambitious and seek rulership before his or her time. 

In many ways, my indiscretion was the best thing that could happen for many, many people.

Damkina seems happily married to my brother.  I didn’t really get to know her very well before coming to Earth, but she seemed content raising her son.  And when I did see her together with my dear brother, they appeared to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. 

Sometimes arranged marriages can be some of the best, even though at first it seemed they had nothing in common.  Damkina and Enki seemed mature enough, civilized and evolved that they grew in love rather than fell in love.  They have enough intelligence and sophistication not to devolve to pettiness, jealousy and arguments should Enki choose to mate with another.  Damkina’s most secure in her legal wife status and knows what a prize she has in Enki for her husband.

So why am I so miserable and angry?  I have nothing and no one to blame for all that’s transpired but myself. And it seems my biggest mistake has resulted in such divine perfection for so many on two worlds, that I need to just find myself again and get past it all. 

I have such a temper!  Enki was just taking care of himself.  He’s so brilliant and simple all at the same time.  It turns out his infatuation for our daughters and their daughters was because he was/is madly in love with me!  How sweet. No matter how he tried to move past his addiction to me, he always returned to wanting me above all others, even his legal wife! He can have as many concubines as he wants, can satisfy his every whim. He can breed and make as many babies as time permits.  He can satisfy his every fantasy, every whim!  Yet no matter how many he loves or how stunning, brilliant or beautiful, he still wants me more than any other ever in all the worlds.  How sweet.

Then why was I so angry at him?  I just wanted something for myself. I’ve had everything taken away from me. I have been relegated to a 5!  Just about everyone on both worlds would have to die before I get a chance to rule!  And I don’t want anyone to die, really. It’s just, I am a good ruler, have logic and good instincts.  I would have been totally content to sit beside Enki all my life, the two of us solving problems, making decisions with the help of the council our savants for the rest of time itself.

But now that’s not possible.  And I’m here in a strange world, doing the best I can to find myself and my purpose in being. And I am smart. My work is rewarding.  I have so much.  I am a princess and many adore me. Yet, there’s something missing, a blank spot, a hole in the fiber of my being that sometimes takes over center stage and consumes me, makes me feel miserable. So I keep busy with avoidance and come from escape rather than my heart’s desires.  What is it that my true heart desires?

Oh, that Enki!  He infuriates me!  He has everything!  Couldn’t he have just left my garden alone? Doesn’t he have the slightest respect for me or my property?  That garden is my experiment. My science is my art, the one true passion I own, that’s purely mine. 

Everyone knows what a genius Enki is.  Enki’s a hero, has saved this world and Nibiru time and again.  I’ve never wanted to compete with him, with his genius. Who possibly could? He is the greatest mind our planet has ever spawned.

So I created my niche, my specialty which is perhaps a more feminine approach to the arts and science.  I love my plants and the study of genetics and the healing arts. I love to sacralize and ritualize for I nature and natural laws, recognize energy and its connectedness.  I remember union and my link to creation itself when I reflect and go within sitting in nature. There’s something raw, natural and pure about this planet that permits access to divine law more than anywhere else. 

Wow, just thinking about the beauty of this world anchors me while allowing me to propel my astral self all the way home to Source. 

I looked around this garden, a tropical paradise, laid down to nap.  A burbling brook nearby cleansed the air rendering it pure.  As I began to drift I woke with a start, “I really at this point have no idea of the destinies of those plants. For all I know, they could be poisonous!’

I laid back down.  This is not a good time to nap, I suppose.  I guess that’s part of it. I am concerned for Enki. What if there are adverse side effects? How can he be so foolish consuming untried plants from a strange world? 

I grew angry again just thinking about it.  That Enki, he needs to delegate, leave some things to others so that they might experiment, test and determine what is meant for consumption and what might be used for medicinal purposes. I am angry that he could be so arrogant and at the same time so disrespectful of me and my work!

“Your Highness”.  I turned to my right and there before me stood “The Fox”.   I didn’t know her real name.  She was always known as Fox and was recruited for this mission because of her tracking abilities.  She was extremely psychic, fiercely attuned to the environment around her and could see, record, analyze and evaluate in an instant, remembering all.  She’s uncanny. There’s no one quite like her.  I didn’t get to know her very well but she was one of my apprentices.

She was quiet and withdrawn, kept to herself and seemed consumed by her studies.  But she had been around me enough, given her abilities to know my habits and figured out where I would be. It was no secret I loved walking alone in the mountains, sitting by streams.  I guess there was a part of me that wanted to be found.  I had hoped someone would rescue me from my endless thoughts that left unchecked would torture me.

“My Lady, come quickly, there’s trouble, news I must tell you.”

Upon hearing of my beloved’s distress I immediately relented what I said and ran back to the center where a skybird was waiting, ready to launch. When it landed I leaped from the bird before its engines stopped whirling and ran to be near my dear Enki’s aid. 

I stopped for nothing bolted past everyone without saying hello or acknowledging who they were. They understood and graciously stepped aside and cleared the way directly to his chambers where my poor Enki laid in absolute agony. 

He looked pale and lifeless and with a wave of my hand I took command and dismissed all the healers, nurses and visiting well-wishers.  They willingly left to allow space for me to work her magic. Relieved I had come, they knew their work was done and my work had just begun.

I, the Mistress of All Creation got comfortable on the bed and with immense tenderness placed Enki’s head on my vagina.  He was very weak, his breath shallow. I leaned forward wrapped my body, arms, legs, and breasts around his body till I completely enveloped him.  I made him feel safe and protected by my warmth and my arms that felt strong yet sweet.  I created a nurturing womb for him. It was time to begin my healing ritual.

I bent down to his ear and asked, “Dearest, what hurts you?

In a soft, barely audible weak voice Enki managed to answer with visible effort, “Oh beloved, my whole body hurts me.

My heart ached for my sweet beloved and I rocked him back and forth like a babe in a cradle, with much care so as to ease his pain, “I know your body hurts, dear heart.  I am here to make you whole again by taking into my Womb of Abundance, the nest of creation the seeds you ate that made you ill.  I’ll take them into my body to neutralize and transmute them so they bring healing, not harm to all beings. It’s time now for us to begin the work.”

Enki was so weak he could barely move a finger.  I sent warmth spreading all over his body bringing healing energy, vitality and life force sending it into him. 

I stayed with him night and day and eventually he healed and we were able to make love again. 

For each of the body parts that hurt him, we made love till a child was conceived and born.  For the little ones to whom I gave birth I decided would not be lacking in rewards.

For the pain at the top of his head, I gave birth to the god Ab-u who shall become king of the grasses, master of plants.

For pain in the locks of his hair, I gave birth to the god Ninsikila (Nintulla) who shall become lord of Magan.

For the pain in his nose, I gave birth to the goddess Niniriudu (Ninsutu) who shall marry Ninazu. 

For the pain in his mouth I birthed goddess Ninkasi who shall be that which satisfies the heart, she who sates the thirst.

For the pain in his throat, I birthed the goddess Nazi who shall marry Nindara.

For the pain in his arm, I birthed the goddess Azimua who shall marry Ninjiczida (Ningishzida).

For the pain in his ribs, I birthed the goddess Nin-ti which means Lad of the Rib and the One who makes life and she shall become the lady of the month.

For the pain in his limbs, I bore the god Enshag who shall become the lord of Dilmun/Tilmun.   

We loved all the children we created and yet knew fully that these children were not officially sanctioned by father and thus had no ranking in the system that had been devised for rulers and kingship of Nibiru and the Earth.  While ranking may be important for some, even Enki and myself at times, we loved our children equally and wanted to make certain they had destinies worthy of their bloodline.

While father did not sanction nor recognize our union and the children who would spring from our lovemaking, Enki and I knew the fates could be fickle, destinies change and thus with that in mind planned for our children to lead, learn, rule and marry, have the best future possible within our power to instill upon them.   After all, it is the duty of all parents who love their children to do right by them.  And we did what we could and planned for them to stay with their father in his kingdom for it is there they would be received with the greatest level of respect.

As before with other births that I and my daughters and their daughters had here on Earth, each month on Earth was as a day on Nibiru. So for nine months which are nine days of Nibiru time, I carried then gave birth to a babe. For each of Enki’s eight ailments, I gave birth to a child. 

 That meant I spent nine Earth months times eight children for a total of seventy-two Earth months carrying then birthing these children. Seventy-two months divided by the twelve months that make an Earth year meant that by the time I was done birthing children and healing my beloved Enki, over six Earth years had passed.  I took no breaks for each birth brought great healing to my beloved and I could not risk him falling ill till all was healed, so I kept going till it was over.

When all was done he was free from pain and suffering.  His body felt no pain or ache.  He was truly revitalized, stronger than ever.  With each birth that symbolized my divine love for him, he, at last, felt the love needed so he was born anew. 

“I am alive again,” he said pulling me into this arms, his voice full of wonder.  While my pregnancies were delightful and birth’s easy, the process took everything out of me and I was genuinely exhausted. He continued, “Yet it feels so different from the moment I came out of the sea of mother Nammu or when I met Ereshkigal in the Underworld.”

Born anew Enki was now more sensitive. He must have noticed how drained I was for he said, “Now it is your turn, dearest heart,  to rest and receive great tenderness and appreciation.” Enki shifted position to allow me to rest my head on his chest. 

“You healed me with your love sending your soul deep into my body,” he said.  “This is the reason that you now are so weary.  This is why I feel so much more a part of you as a consequence.  How I could have been so stupid not to understand myself or you until now?  When I made love with the other maidens, it was you I longed for. I wanted your embrace. 

“Before I wanted you for me only and still desired all maidens for I knew not the extent of my longing for you and only you.  How stupid is was of me to think I should find your image in every maiden I came across just to leave them when I realized they were not you!

I looked in his eyes and kissed him passionately with all my heart.  We were truly reunited and one again, heart, mind, body, and souls. 

Enki interrupted me with a kiss, “Let me finish this for you, for us, dearest.  I, Enki, the Lord of Sweet Waters state that from this strong and solid rate the means Life, Love and Fruition the Waters of Life will flow forever in all world we dare to fare.”

“I would never bind you to me against your True Will my beloved.”  I meant it as who would want someone who wants another or wants to be free? “Because now you understand this great mystery, because you and I are two of a kind, let all worlds know that I now declare that from this moment on let it be known that I, Ninmah, the Earth Mother, Wisest beyond all beings in the ways of nature, built a house for my beloved and for myself on a Rock, steadfast and solid.

We kissed and hugged with great passion, sealed our shared Fate forever for as long as we wanted to be together.

For you I stayed in Dilmun, the place of delights, where we are safe from hate and harm.  Now I know I became ill because I needed to see the bond for you is stronger than friendship or love.  I now know that even if we cannot be together all the time we will never be apart.  But tell me, dearest love, did you really need to be so radical and cast upon me the eye of death?”

Indeed my dear Enki had at last returned to his normal, enquiring self.  I couldn’t help myself but burst out in joyous laughter.  With delight and being quite mischievous I replied, “This, my dear Enki, you will never find out!”

Enki chuckled, part disappointed, part amused.  He knew life with me, his dearest Ninmah would never, ever be boring.  I certainly will drive him nuts with my assertiveness, wits, passion and gutsiness many times in the future.  But I know now that we would forever be in each other’s future.  He wants me and I want him like no other.  We are Soul-Mates, Companions through this life and many others. I am his Rock of Strength, the inspirational divine feminine he needs to brighten up his life. 

I know even if Enki cannot have the last word with me, he knows how to quiet me in the sweetest and wildest ways for many moments at a time.

He came to me and with perfect skill and determination started to kiss me, his holy shrine all over.  No more need be said. 


Oft times our pledge to one another would be the only thing holding us together.  Over the years things would happen, we’d fight, have duties elsewhere and other things I’ll not reveal yet that would threaten to rip us apart.  But the realization that no matter what else happened, whether we were physically in the same location or worlds apart, we are always together in our hearts and souls, kept us from going crazy while at times the world went insane.  Every day from that day forth to this now and I imagine through the end of time if there is such a thing to forever, I will always think of Enki. And I know in my heart, every day he thinks of me.

Duty called and eventually, I had to return to the Edin.  In spite of all our lovemaking and all the children we gave one another, in actuality, I was never to be espoused.  Father Anu’s command was thus fulfilled. 

We had always known Enki’s separation from Damkina was intended to be a temporary one.  He was legally married to her. She is his legal wife and his son, Marduk, the legal heir to the throne. 

We knew the day would come when Father Anu would demand that Enki’s wife and his son, Marduk, would need to join Enki on Earth and begin his training with his father.  Besides rumor had it Marduk was a difficult child and neither his grandfather nor his mother quite knew how to handle him.  I agreed that the child, now a young man, would greatly benefit from the love of his brilliant father.  Enki could instill upon him a sense of duty and responsibility and teach the necessary skills required for a future king.

Next passing of Nibiru it was time again for others to come to Earth.  Since we established ourselves securely with one another and having defined the parameters and boundaries of our relationship, I felt comfortable when it came time for Enki to summon Damkina to come to Earth.  I realized Enki would, over time have more children that I would not bear. It was his duty to produce heirs by his legal wife and my brother, being the dutiful man that he is, enjoyed this duty more than any other.

Five more sons by his wife, Damkina and his concubines were soon born.  I understood that while it was both his duty and pleasure to create children, I knew that also even when he was with another, his heart, or at least a part of it, longed for me. 

These are the names of his sons and in the order, they were born: Nergal, Gibil, Ninagal, Ningishzidda and Dumuzi was the youngest.  Ningishzidda’s mother is Ereshkigal, granddaughter of Enlil. 

Meanwhile by his spouse Ninlil, Enlil had one more son.  His name was Ishkur and he was a full brother to Nannar and a half-brother to my son, Ninurta. Enlil had three sons in all and none were born by concubines.

Two clans were thus established on Earth, the Enlil and Enki clan. 

I had children to both brothers and my children belonged to both clans. These alliances would come into play much later in the game. For now, please note it was the men, fathers and the brothers that counted over women, mothers and sisters.  Eventually, the rivals of men, of these brothers and fathers would lead to wars.  These wars never really end and continue to this day. 


When we in our history, folklore and literature consider the appearance, perpetuation or re-appearance of gods, archetypes or walk-ins as inner fractals or independent beings, we think of them with the garb and elaborations we associate with them.  However our pictures of the gods vary, they represent models, paradigms, and explanations of how people, planets, extraterrestrials, and the Universe work. 

 Sometimes the same Anunnaki had varying names as he or she ages, as when Ea of the planet Nibiru became Enki and Asar in Iraq.  He becomes Ptah in Egypt; He’s the Peacemaker in North America.  In India, he’s Shiva Greece’s Prometheus, Rome’s Aquarius in Rome, Europe’s Lucifer.  For researcher Glenn Bouge, Enki is Jesus. For Jungians, Enki’s a savior archetype.  Whatever the moniker, Enki and the other Anunnaki were PEOPLE, not all-knowing, all-good, all powerful; none of them are what the Anunnaki call “the Creator-of-All,” Native Americans call “Great Spirit.”

We are learning of the elephant of history from the many perceptual perspectives of Earth’s cultures.  Celebrate the richness of our many heritages.

For the list of Anunnaki and their various overlapping names and histories, see ANUNNAKI WHO’S WHO at

Fire the gods of hierarchy, war, slavery & religion.

The giant gods of the ancient world and the rulers they choose created mind-sets that shackle us to short desperate lives.  These so-called gods rocketed to Iraq from a planet they called Nibiru.  The Nibirans who came to Earth called themselves “Anunnaki,” which means, “Those who descended to Earth from the sky.”

The Anunnaki, who bade us call them “gods,” stand way taller and live way longer than we. They said they bred us as short-term slaves and soldiers.  We killed in their names: Allah (Sumerian, Nannar and sometimes Marduk/Satan), Yahweh (sometimes Enlil, sometimes Adad, Lucifer/Enki) and Ishtar (Inanna)–mining expedition personnel all, all Nibirans.  They bred us to slave in mines, armies, businesses, schools, governments, farms, factories, brothels and building projects. 

The gods made us serve them and the “royal” lines of ever-murderous hybrid rulers and priests–the elite–they begat.  The ruling elite the gods left to govern us–especially those whom Satan controls keep us warring with weapons and trade. The elite give all contraposed social units credit to arm and trade. They also run religions to bring back the god of their faith and defeat the gods and followers of other faiths.

Study “ANUNNAKI, LEGACY OF THE GODS”, and help end the power of the lies of rulers to enslave, program, impoverish and decimate us. See how the elite manipulate us to war.  Realize how the matrix they modeled makes us recklessly exploit our resources and pollute our environment.  The elite have, until recently, made sure we never feel our unity as a planet of peace.

Lies of church and state have hidden technology, knowledge of our ET heritage and information about the Galactic Federation. 

At last we see Yahweh, Satan and Allah murdered masses; they hated women. These Nibirans lacked compassion, showed no love, certainly exhibited no divinity. 

When we embrace the oneness of all Earthlings and stop warring, our allies among the gods can show us the advanced astronomy, medicine, energy, rocket science and survival strategies we need now, as space debris nears Earth.  We can forgive them and synergize our gifts and theirs.

LEGACY OF THE GODS documents our planet-wide kinship.  All us Earthlings descended from the same genitors. We are kin.  Anunnaki gods and their hybrid overseers “the elite”–imprinted on us the same greed, one-upmanship and dominator consciousness that ran them.

Our Nibiran mentors modeled, dictated and indoctrinated




hate and

violence in us. 

Some 4,000 years ago, as most of them left Earth, the Nibiran leaders dictated their world view to their Earthling scribes. The perverse perspective they perpetrated prevails until we see the matrix, then nullify it.  Then we create a civilized world that honors everyone=s consciousness.

The clay tablets the scribes left say a royal military dictatorship ruled Nibiru.  From 450,000 years ago until 300,000 years ago (when they created us to work their goldmines) the Nibirans modeled hierarchic, male-run gold-extraction monopoly.

This book shows everyone on Earth as family, all descended from the same ancestors from space.  We can trash the master-slave-enemy mental matrix the gods scripted.  We can transcend the legacy of the so-called gods.

When we Earthlings remember our oneness, we survive together.  We plan together for the periodic returns of Nibiru and the Anunnaki, who plan to migrate to Earth when Nibiru becomes uninhabitable.





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