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Excerpted from Excerpt from Legacy of the Gods–Techno-Savvy ET s From the Planet Nibiru Who Came For Gold, Created Us From Their Genome to Work the Mines, Posed As Gods, Decided to Let Us Drown, But Then Decided to Breed Us to Work For Them 
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Around 500,000B.C. , volcanoes on the planet Nibiru, home of the Homo Sapien goldminers who settled Earth and adapted their genome to make disposable mine slaves—us–stopped erupting.  Ash no longer shielded the planet.  Its atmosphere thinned.  Scientists urged King Lahma to nuke the volcanoes and send miners to the Asteroids for gold.  They said they could refine gold into powder to coat and preserve Nibiru’s atmosphere.  Lahma ignored them and instead prayed to the Prime Creator.

Anu, Lahma’s successor, cancelled the planned marriage of Anu’s son eldest son Enki (called then Ea) to Ninmah, who’d borne a boy–Ninurta—with Enlil, Anu’s second son.  Enlil‘s mother, ANTU, was Anu’s half-sister.  She outranked Enki’s mother.

In 470,000B.C. or so, Prince Alalu killed Lahma and pacified Anu, Lahma’s successor.  Alalu made Anu his Cupbearer.

Alalu made Anu Cupbearer

Alalu made Anu Cupbearer 




Alalu gave his daughter DAMKINA to Enki, Anu’s first son.

Damkina and EnkiDamkina and Enki

The boy Enki and Damkina begat would succeed as Nibiru’s king.  Alalu ruled now, Anu would attend him as Cupbearer.  Damkina and Enki begat Marduk and prepped him to rule Nibiru.

Alalu nuked the volcanoes to spew an ash shield about Nibiru.  The bombs didn’t activate eruptions.  The atmosphere’s hole grew.  Alalu also sent fifty scientists to the Asteroids for gold. A rock hit their rocket and killed them all.
Asteroid incoming 






Around, 400,500B.C., Anu challenged Alalu to wrestle for rule.  Anu challenged Alalu to wrestle for rule.
Anu vs Alalu crude

“Anu gave battle to Alalu.  To hand-to-hand combat, with bodies naked, Alalu he challenged.  ‘Let the winner be king‘, Anu said.  They grappled with each other in the public square; doorposts trembled  and walls shook.


Anu won.

Alalu escaped to Earth in a rocket loaded with missiles for nuking volcanoes.  On Earth, he landed on marshy land–now underwater  where the Persian Gulf laps at Basara (Iraq). Then, four rivers–Tigris, Euphrates, Gehon and the mile-wide Pishon– flowed into the Gulf.
4 rivers of Iraq big

Alalu confirmed gold, targeted Agade with his nukes, and demanded return of his Crown.



King Anu gave Enki the job his half-brother Enlil coveted—charge of the mission to Earth to verify its gold.  The king told son Enki to mollify Alalu, who was Enki’s son-in-law.  Anu sent Alalu’s grandson, astronavigator ANZU and fifty men to Earth with Enki.  En-route, they landed on Mars and renewed their rocket’s water.
Mars lake






On Earth, Enki and Alalu set up base camp, called Edin (Sumer)-in seven days [Click for details on how they gave us The Week] and extracted sample gold from the Gulf.

Enki and ABGAL took the nuclear bombs from Alalu’s rocket and hid them in a cave in East Africa.  Then Abgal flew the gold back to Nibiru in the rocket.

On Nibiru, around 444,000 B.C., scientists powdered the gold.  Pilots flew the gold dust high above Nibiru. To spread spread the golddust, they used “crystal beams.” When Nibiru next neared Solaris, however, the sun’s rays blew the gold away.  Anu sent Abgal back to Earth for more gold.

Around 4442,000 B.C., Enlil, then Anu rocketed to Earth.
Anu to Nibiru flies




They and Enki drew lots for their jobs.  Anu, Alalu said, stacked the draw, and of course, drew Nibiru; Enlil got Command of the Earth Expedition.  Enki, with the short straw, got Seas, Science and Mining.
Drawing for jobs









Alalu watched Anu and his sons divvy Nibiru and Earth.  Enraged, he said, “Mastery of Earth to me was allotted; that was the promise when the gold finds to Nibiru I announced.  Nor have I the claims to Nibiru’s throne foresaken.  By Anu to share with his sons, it is a grave abomination.”

“By a second wrestling let our dispute be decided,” said Anu. [ZS, Enki: 94-95]

Alalu again wrestled Anu for Nibiru.  

“Anu on the chest of Alalu with his foot pressed down, victory in the wrestling thereby declaring, “I am King.”

But when Anu lifted his foot from Alalu, “swiftly he the manhood of Anu bit off, the malehood of Anu Alalu did swallow.” [ZS, Wars: 94]

Anu, hurt, held a trial that condemned Alalu to die in exile on Mars from the poison he’d ingested from the King’s penis.  Anzu said he’d stay on Mars with Alalu till the latter died.  Anu ordered Enlil to prepare a landing platform in Sumer for Nibiran spacecraft.   Anu blasted off for Nibiru.

Enroute back to Nibiru, the King ordered Anzu to plan a gold-transshipment base for Mars for Anzu to command.  Anu then had Alalu and Anzu, lowered in a “sky chamber” onto  Mars.

Back on Earth, Enki and Abgal traced the Gulf’s gold flecks to rich lodes in southeast Africa while Enlil planned centers in Sumer.

Enlil, now Commander, decided, Enki could keep Eridu (“House in the Faraway”) where he’d first sifted the Persian’ Gulf’s gold flecks.

For Mission Control, Enlil planned Nippur, topped with high towers atop a high platform. Nippur would stand in the middle, equidistant from the pairs of centers Larak paired with Shuruppak, Sippar, paired with Larsa, Badtibara, and Lagash.  In Mission Control, he’d build a secret chamber, the Dir-ga, that with a planetarium that projected space maps and the controls for communication with Nibiru.

Command Central, “Nippur”, in Akkandian, “Nibiru-Ki”–Earth Place of Nibiru, in Sumerian 


Command Central, "Nippur", in Akkandian, "Nibiru-Ki"--Earth Place of Nibiru, in Sumerian

Incoming shuttlecraft would align first with the light of Larak, the Beacon Center. Sumer’s Spaceport would be Sippar, “Bird City, The Landing Place.”  Laarsa, to the south, Enlil planned a red-light beacon to coordinate an orbiting platform for 300 astronauts (Igigi) who’d stay on an orbiting platform to coordinate shipments of gold to Badtibira, the smelting and refining complex. 

He’d make Shurrupak the Med Center, a place nearby where he’d build quarters for his sister Ninmah, who would be his Chief Medical Officer and, he hoped, his lover again as well. [ZS, Wars: 87]

The Nibirans build a fleet of rockets (which Enki designed) to freight gold.  They trained  astronauts to man the rockets and to run Earth’s facilities and transshipment stations from Mars and moons of the inner Solaris-system moons.

Anu sent daughter Ninmah with 50 female medical officers to Earth.

Princess Ninmah (with umbilical cutter) and her medical officers flew to Earth.
Princess Ninmah (with umbilical cutter) and her medical officers flew to Earth.

Enroute, she stopped on Mars.  She found Alalu and Anzu dead but revived Anzu, whose survival made him now head of the lineage of Alalu and rival to Anu, Enlil and Ninurta.  Ninmah and Anzu carved a statue of Alalu’s head on a rock mountain [Cyndonia].







She left Anzu twenty astronauts to build a way-station on Mars for the gold freighters and blasted on to Earth, where Enlil and Enki awaited her and each sought her womb for a male child.

She made landfall at Enlil’s headquarters.  He told her he’d bring their son, Ninurta, to Earth and build her a Medical Center at Shurrupak.  But when he tried to couple with her, she refused and instead joined ex-fiance Enki at his place in Zimbabwe.

(to be continued)


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