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YOUR OTHER LIVES AFFECT YOU NOW—Do-It-Yourself or Do-It-With-Partners Experiential Cues

 Past, parallel and future lives portray present problems and pleasures. Another life you access can exaggerate and explain your agony, ecstasy, confusion or compulsion.  The Do-It-Yourself or -with_Partners exercises lets you reprogram or embrace karmic scripts.

Treat another life you get in the exploration to follow as real; don’t judge or interpret.

In the cue sequence below you let yourself express pain, horror, shame as you live the main events of this life and relive its end. You may get how loss, hurt, guilt, grief, bitterness you felt that life led you to defend, rationalize and avoid resonances this life. You also, in the cue sequence, express also the joy, inspiration and sense of mission and growth you get as you process your deep consciousness.
You may image a life opposite yours now. Or see a series a life when you were enslaved, raped or killed, then a life when you enslaved, raped or slew. Forgive yourself and your enemies. You could view a past life when you parented the soul who now enacts your mother or father. If you’re male, you could view an earlier life where you were female and the women in your life now were men. A parent this life could be a mate in another; your wife now could have been your son in a prior existence.


Tell your partner to lie– eyes closed–on her or his back on padding.  Tell her him to take at least 10 deep breaths and relax deeply. Then open the cues to the page for the experience your partner had in the holographic visualization or to another experience she or he chooses.

Read each cue aloud.  Where you see 3 asterisks (***) wait for you partner to respond.  Give her or him plenty of time (Take several deep breaths), don’t rush her or him.) Read text enclosed in square brackets [   ] silently, to yourself—not  out loud.


Lie on your back. Breathe deeply; relax. Imagine a pastlife you may have had where your sex and romance were most satisfying, gratifying and delightful. 

Start your fantasy: feel the Body you wear in this sexually satisfying pastlife. Notice your feet–their color, size covering (or its lack). Notice your legs, your genitals (you could be male or female), the rest of your body, your face and hair. What, if anything, do you wear? Say what you feel like–your sensations, emotional tone, confidence, as you wear this body. 

Conjure a climactic scene where you live in the body you envisioned. Let this scene show a lovelife script you want in coming carnations. 

Whom from today’s lifetime do you see in a different body in the future you’d enjoy to the max? 

What do you and they say and do? Describe the action in the present tense, experience the emotions and body sensations as you describe what you and they do. 

Speak aloud to those with you. 

What script or program do you imprint from this experience? 

How and with whom do you enact aspects of this script in your present life?


 Think of an emotional or body problem that affects your lovelife. Do you have a relation problem, a Pattern that troubles you in your intimate relations?

 Have you got a loser script?

 Do you have an inner voice that comes out toward your lovers that harms them or your relationship with them?
Were you abused or neglected as a child in a way that affects how you relate to your intimates?

 See a scene, person or Image from your current life to stand for the problem, abuse, defeat, hurt body part or subself. 

 talk aloud to that person or image; tell it/him/her how you feel about the situation. Let out your feelings.

 Choose a few words to sum up what you feel in the problem, defeat or situation. (Example: “I messed up.”) Say your sum up sentence over and over until it takes you back to a story of a prior life.

See and describe the main Turning points of the prior life. 

Express your thoughts and feelings. Amplify and express the emotion even more powerfully.

If you get darkness, or no visions, imagine that means you died. Replay the story, just before it darkens. 

Forgive yourself and anyone you resented. 

Say your last words and thoughts, then 

Relive your death.

Separate from the body. As the separated soul, feel peace. Rejoin loved ones who already died. Float with them toward a light. 

Meet the karma committee and your guide. They review the lessons you learned in that life. 

They tell you how to bring the lessons of that life into this one.

 If ready to drop an old script about sex and relationships, negotiate New scripts with your karmic committee.How would you rescript these experiences may serve you better in your relationships nowadays and in the future? 

Take another person through the past life imagery exercise.


[If possible, have partner lie on her or his back, eyes closed, breathing deeply.]

RELAX. Focus on your feet.  Imagine they get heavier and warmer. Blood volume and warmth in your feet increase when you think of them.  Feel your heels sink toward the surface on they rest on. [Pause at least 3 breaths]

The heavy feeling moves up your ankles and into your calves, which press into the surface they touch.  [Pause 3 breaths] Feel weight move into your thighs.  [Pause]

Feel heavy now in your buttocks.[Pause] Your inner organs get heavy and sink inside you. [Pause].  Heaviness moves to the area between your shoulders; your spine drops between them. [Pause].  Heavy sensations move down each of your shoulders, arms, forearms, hands and fingers. Your neck widens and drops toward the Earth.  Weightiness spreads into your jaw as you relax it.  Your face gets heavy and relaxes. Your eyes get very heavy; allow this and let them stay closed. Visualize or think of FEET, feet in another time and place. Notice the size and color of the feet. 

Are they child or adult size? ***

Notice the rest of the BODY, its GENDER and its covering or lack of covering. 

Let yourself experientially INHABIT THIS BODY.  Observe what your face looks like in this body.

Expand your awareness to your surroundings and the scene in which something critical is about to happen.  Tell me WHAT’S GOING ON AROUND YOU. ***

Who and what do you notice in the situation? ***

Let the action develop into a critical event. [pause many breaths] Speak in the present, now tense and describe what’s happening in the critical event. ***

If your body in the life you’re accessing could speak, what would it say? ***

See and tell me the main TURNING POINTS OF THE LIFE you’re re-experiencing. ***

EXPRESS your thoughts and feelings. ***

If you get darkness or no visions, imagine that means you died. Replay the story, just before it darkens. ***

FORGIVE yourself and anyone you resented. ***

Come to the time when you die.  Who’s there with you? ***

What do you and they say? ***


RELIVE YOUR DEATH. If you experience pain, feel it now.

SEPARATE FROM THE BODY. As the separated soul, feel peace. Rejoin loved ones who already died. Float with them toward a light.

Go to the inter-life, the Bardo.  Bring before you those who harmed you and those whom you harmed, both those who’ve already died and those still alive when you leave this past life.

Tell me each of the people and animals who come before you in the inter-life.  Say what they and you say to each other as you and they review your relationships. ***                                                                                                          

What karmic scripts did you and each of those whom you encounter in the Bardo enact? ***

Meet the karma committee and your GUIDE. They review the lessons and scripts you learned in that life.  Become the Guide.  As Guide, tell the recently deceased (the “you” in the past life you just accessed) what scripts you and they ran while you lived. ***

As Guide, say who in this life carries the energy of the people in your past life.  ***

Tell the deceased (you) how to bring the LESSONS of that life into this one. ***

Disidentify with the Guide; become your present embodiment, the person you are now.  Reflect upon and tell me how your past life imagery experiences and HOW THESE EXPERIENCES MAY SERVE you. ***


Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Imagine you step into a chronovisor booth with a chair and two hand grips before a monitor display of future years, centuries, millennia, dimensions, planets, spaceships and environments. 

 Hold the hand grips.  Feel your body sensations as the booth, chair and your body become plasma-like, morph and transport you to a future time. Step out of the booth and look around. 

See the people, structures, vehicles and environment you’ve traveled to.  Especially notice people with whom you’re involved.  

Whom and what do you see, hear, smell, taste and experience emotionally? *** 

Go to your abode in this other time or place.  Describe your home. *** 

Who lives here with you? ***

Observe (and tell me as you do) the routine of the people, animals, devices you notice.  *** 

Notice and say the technology, resources, food, sanitary facilities. *** 

Focus on the adults, children and animals with whom you’re most involved.  Tell me how you relate to each and how they regard and treat you. *** 

What sort of status do you seem to have here? *** 

Live a day, a week and a year in this alternative time and/or place and relate them to me. *** 

Observe and tell me the work, play, politics, spiritual practices, social organization and sexual practices in the place or dimension. *** 

Something meaningful and significant for you in this future or same-time life, something that has implications for your existence back in the U.S. is about to happen.  Let it happen [long pause] and relate it to me. ***

See and tell me the main TURNING POINTS OF THE LIFE you’re re-experiencing. ***

Slowly open your eyes.

Do any of the people or situations in the alternate time and/or place to which you transported remind you of people in your present life? ***

 Let’s CHANGE ROLES now.  Read me the cues 

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