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Excerpt from Marduk: Anuunnaki King of Earth by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) & Janet Kira Lessin (Aquarian Radio CEO)

In 2291 BCE, while Enlil, Earth’s Commander, was in the Western Hemisphere, his granddaughter Inanna allied with Enki’s traitor-son Nergal.  They conquered Enlil’s domains in the eastern Mediterranean. 

Inanna, her consort, King Naram-Sin and the Akkadian armies captured Baalbek, the Landing Platform in Lebanon. They dashed along the Mediterranean coast for the Sinai Spaceport and inland for Mission Control, Jerusalem. Akkadians crossed the forbidden Forth Region, taboo to Earthlings (across the Jordan from Tell Ghassul) the private city of the Igigi Astronauts and their Earthling wives).  Inanna and the Akkadians conquered Jericho. Nannar, her father, lost Jericho. Now Jericho obeyed her.  

In 2255 BCE, she entered Uruk,  destroyed Anu’s temple there and sent Naram-Sin to attack Enlil’s minions at Nippur. Inanna’s armies, under Naram-Sin, joined Nergal’s Kuthians, and conquered Egypt. She declared herself supreme to even Anu, king of Nibiru and father of Commander Enlil, her father’s father. 

Enlil sent Ninurta with cavalry and his army of Gutians from the Zagros Mountains of northeast Sumer against Inanna, Naram-Sin and their Akkadian Earthlings. Gutians looted most of Sumer. They spared only Lagash, city of Ninurta, their master.

Inanna no label












Enlil had agents plant a scorpion to kill Naram-Sin for his attack on Nippur. Enlil ordered Inanna arrested but her parents, Nannar and Ningal, wouldn’t give her up. Inanna flew to Nergal’s Lower Africa. For 7 years, they plotted to overthrow Enlil and his Council [Enki: 303; Giants: 274].

When Ninurta returned to Sumer, the Gutians left Sumer for  the Zagros Mountains. Ninurta restored Enlil’s power and enforced a century of peace for Mesopotamia. Ninurta fixed Sumer’s water system and the controls Nergal had ruined in Babylon.  Ninurta, forced obedience to Enlil.

Ninuta flouted his huge new fighter-bomber, Black Bird, and demonstrated its enhanced firepower. Sumer, intimidated, accepted Enlil’s rule in Sumer another 200 years. Ninurta gave his Gutians horses and practiced them in cavalry tactics that stretched their reach thousands of miles. Then he left Sumer to Enlil and Nannar and flew off to explore lands to the northeast.




To control Sumer without Ninurta and his plane, Enlil gave his second son, Nannar, ruler of the city of Ur, rule of all Sumer. Earthlings liked Nannar—who’d been, unlike both Ninurta and Marduk, birthed on Nibiru. Earthlings also liked Nannar’s push for trade instead of war.  Nannar, unlike other Enlilites, had avoided combat in Anunnaki wars. Enlil chose him as Ur’s god to signal Earthlings, even in lands Marduk controlled: worship Nannar and you’ll enjoy peace and prosperity.  Enlil “dropped the ‘Ninurta Strategy’ and switched to a ‘Nannar Tactic,’ transferring the seat of national Kingship to Ur, Sumer’s thriving commercial and manufacturing center. Not only was Nannar an Earthborn son of Enlil, but also Nannar (unlike Ninurta) had an Akkadian name: Sin.”  Enlil sent Terah, the High Priest of Nippur, to Nannar in Ur to make sure people there followed Nannar and Zodiacal Time which extended Enlil’s rule. Terah brought his son, Abraham with him [Giants: 269, 70].













In 2113 BCE, Nannar and Enlil chose Ur-Nammu as king of Sumer/Akkad. “The choice signaled that the glorious days under the unchallenged authority of Enlil and his clan are back.” The king would serve under Nannar who’d dictate laws of obedience, justice and morality.  Enlil told Ur-Nammu to kill Amorites allied with Marduk and Nabu. Enlil gave the King a “divine weapon that heaps up the rebels in piles.

Enlilite gods of Sumer all gave Ur-Nammu blessing, honor, weapons and protection. Off he marched his army to attack the Amorites west of Sumer.” But “in the midst of battle in 2096 BCE, Ur-Nammu’s chariot got stuck in the mud. He fell off it, the chariot rushed along, leaving the King behind. The boat returning his body to Sumer sank with him on board.”

In Sumer, “People could not understand how such a devout king who followed gods’ directives with weapons they put in his hands could perish so ignominiously.” Support of Utu, Nannar, Inanna, Enlil and even Anu failed Ur-Nammu.
Ur-Nammu's death









Marduk’s son Nabu fanned doubts about Enlil and his lineage.  He said, ‘Enlilite gods deserted you. They hid from you that Nibiru’s almost here. Soon shines the homeplanet of the gods upon Earth in The Ram, Marduk’s constellation. Welcome the Era of Marduk the Redeemer, who shall conquer Sumer and Akkad, rule Elamites, Hittites and the whole world.’

From Sinai to the cities and islands of the Eastern Mediterranean Nabu exalted, ‘Nibiru comes, Marduk shall rule.”





In 2095 BCE Shulgi succeeded Ur-Nammu as Sumer’s king. Inanna invited Shulgi to Uruk and declared him “the man for the vulva of Inanna.” They wed, to Enlil’s disgust, in the temple where Anu had elevated her in tantric ritual.  Shulgi built the Great West Wall from the Euphrates to the Tigris to keep out Nabu’s forces. To ally with the Elamites, Shulgi gave them the city of Larsa and married his daughter to an Elamite. Shulgi’s Sumerians and the Elamites “subdued the western provinces, including Canaan but failed to protect Mission Control at Sinai or the Landing Place in Lebanon from Marduk and Nabu. Enlil ordered Shulgi killed”
[Wars: 262 to 264, 276 to 279; End: 52, 60, 61, 63 to 66].






In 2048 BCE Enlil installed Shulgi’s son, Amar-Sin, king of Sumer and sent him to stop a revolt in the north, then fight an alliance of five kings along the Mediterranean in the west. Enlil also sent his general, Abraham, trained in Hatti in Hittite military tactics, with cavalry to Canaan.

After Abraham left Harran (southeastern Turkey) for Sinai, Marduk allied with Adad, ousted Nannar, moved in and cut Sumer’s trade with the Hittites.  

In 2047 BCE, Enlil bade Ninurta leave his Elamite cavalry, fly to the Andes and supervise an alternate spaceport there. Ninurta’s Elamites, without Ninurta present to constrain them, again looted all Sumer except Ninurta’s Lagash [Wars: 286].

Marduk took Harran from Nannar, allied with the Hittites and cut Hittite trade to Sumer. Marduk’s Theban allies struck pro-Enlil northern Egyptians.

Meanwhile, Nabu, based in Bosippa (south of Babylon), brought cities west of the Euphrates as well as Canaan against Enlil. Marduk threatened the Spaceport.” 

In a Council Enlil convened, he scolded Ninurta. Ninurta had worked at Tiahuanco while his cavalry ran amok in Sumer. Nevertheless, Enlil rebuked Ninurta for his cavalry’s crimes.  Nergal tried to shift blame for the Elamites’ rampage from Ninurta to Marduk and Marduk’s son Nabu for the threat to Sinai that made the cavalry invade Sumer in the first place.  Enki told Nergal to shut up and support Marduk and Nabu or get out. “The council broke up in disarray.”

Enlil sent Ninurta and Nergal to check on their spies Abraham and Lot, whom Enlil sent to monitor Sodom and Gomorra, Caanite cities Marduk controlled. Enlil feared Marduk, from these cities, “would marshal his large number of human followers and control of all establishments on Earth, including the Sinai Spaceport.”

SOdom before






Nabu brought cities west of the Euphrates and Canaan against the Enlil while Marduk’s Egyptians in the south attacked Northern Egypt. 

Enlil ordered Abraham and Lot to the Negev desert on the border of Sinai. He equipped Abraham with the best chariots, finest horses, 380 well-trained soldiers and weapons that “could smite an army of ten thousand men in hours. He even sent Abraham and Lot to Egypt for more men and camels from the Northern Egyptians allied against Marduk” [Wars: 298; Enki: 302–306; End: 73, 78, 87, 88].

In 2041 BCE Abraham blocked Ninurta’s Elamites from the Spaceport and rescued Lot, whom the Elamites, as they retreated, had captured from Sodom.  The next year, Mentuhotep II, Marduk’s Theban pharaoh, took Egypt all the way to the western approaches to Sinai. Amar-Sin sailed to Sinai to block Marduk’s Egyptians but instead defected to Enki and became his priest in Eridu, Enki’s cult center in Sumer. But Enlil had an assassin kill Amar-sin with a poison insect, spider or viper. In Amar-Sin’s place, Enlil made Shu-Sin overseer of Sumer. Marduk returned to Babylon as Enlil and Ninlil left Sumer [Wars: 309, 317, 320; End: 68 to 72].

Galzu, in a vision, told Enlil to make Abraham (son of Ur’s High Priest Terah) General of Cavalry to keep Nabu and Ham’s descendants in Canaan from the Sinai Spacestation. Enlil kept the vis­­ion secret, but told Abraham, “Rule all lands from the border of Egypt to the border of Sumer.” 

Enlil sent Abraham and Terah to Harran [SE Turkey] at the foothills of the Taurus Mountains near the Syrian Border, where the Euphrates flowed to Ur. Harran dominated trade with Hatti, land of the Hittites, on whose trade Sumer depended. Harran straddled the trade and military land routes to the Spaceport as well.”

Ibbi-Sin succeeded Shu-Sin in 2039.

Marduk returned to Babylon as Enlil left Sumer [Wars: 289 to 297]

In 2025 BCE, Marduk menaced the Spaceport. He announced, ‘In my temple house let all the gods assemble, my covenant accept.’

By his appeal for their submission, the Anunnaki gods were disturbed and alarmed. To a great assembly Enlil them all summoned. Opposed to Marduk and Nabu they all were.”

All the senior Anunnaki except Enki agreed: “Leave Earth to Marduk. Keep the Spaceport from Nabu; nuke it.” 

Enki, “angry and distraught, the council chamber left, in his heart was Enki smiling: only he knew where the weapons were hidden, so did Enki think. For it was he, before Enlil to Earth had come, who with Abgal in a place unknown the weapons did hide.

That Abgal, to the exiled Enlil, the place disclosed, that to Enki was unknown. Thus it was that without Enki needing, Enlil to the two heroes [Ninurta and Nergal] the hiding place disclosed.”  Nergal had also looted nukes from Marduk’s and Enki’s temples as well as borrowed them from his lover Inanna.

The Anunnaki Council on Earth messaged Anu on Nibiru. The Council implored the king to okay nuking the Spaceport as well as Nabu and his armies at the south end of the Dead Sea. Marduk, Enlil reminded Anu, claimed rule of Nibiru as well as Earth, as Anu and Alalu had agreed. Marduk threatened Anu in every way. So Anu said, Bomb.

Enki thought nukes hidden











Enlil evacuated the Igigi Astronauts from the Sinai and sent Ninurta and Nergal to confirm from Abraham and Lot that Sodom, Gomorra, Zoar and other cities on the south end of the Salt Sea had allied with Marduk. Enlil sent Abraham to the Negev desert, then ordered the attack on both the reported defected cities and on Sinai space facilities.
Abe to Negev












In 2024, Enlil’s son Ninurta attacked the Sinai. “The first terror weapon [a missile called One Without Rival] from the skies Ninurta let loose; the top of Mount Mashu [which housed the controlling equipment] with a flash it sliced off, the mount’s innards in an instant it melted. Above the Place of the Celestial Chariots [rockets] the second weapon [called Blazing Flame] he unleashed, with a brilliance of seven suns the plain’s rocks into a gushing wound were made, the Earth shook and crumbled, the heavens after the brilliance were darkened; with burnt and crushed stones was the plain of the chariots covered, of all the forests that the plain had surrounded, only tree stems were left standing.”  Ninurta made Sinai’s tephra when he nuked the spaceport. His bombs made a huge black scar on the Sinai plain (where the shuttlecraft runway and launch platform had been) so large you see it only on satellite images. “The Place of Launching, the Spaceport, obliterated: the Mount within which the controlling equipment was placed was smashed; the launch platforms were made to fade off the face of the Earth. The plain whose hard soil the shuttlecraft had used as runways were obliterated, with not even a tree left standing.”
Ninurta killed the spaceport





Someone (it’s unclear who) nuked the Indus Valley settlements, possibly about this time



Nergal bombed his brother Marduk’s forces in Canaan. Nergal nuked Sodom, Gomorra and three other cities Abraham had identified as allied with Marduk. Nergal’s missiles made the Dead Sea dead. The the south shore of the Salt Sea flooded, people left and all life there died in 2024 BCE. “Over the five cities Erra [Nergal] upon each from the skies a terror weapon sent, the five cities he finished off, all that lived there to vapor [“salt”] was turned. Mountains toppled, where the sea waters were barred the bolt broke open, down into the valley the sea’s waters poured, by the waters was the valley flooded.”  [Enki: 306 to 308; 310, 311, 315 to 316].
Canaan nukedSodom ruins
























The Enlilites accidentally radiated Sumer. “By the darkening of the skies were the brilliances followed, then a storm began to blow, gloom from the skies an Evil Wind carried. From the Upper Sea, a stormwind began blowing, the dark-brown cloud eastward toward Shumer the death was carried. Where it reached, death to all that lives mercilessly it delivered. “The alarm Enlil and Enki to the gods of Shumer transmitted,‘Escape’  From their cities the gods did flee.” Enki managed to get his followers out of Eridu in Sumer before the nuclear storm killed them. The rest of Sumer’s Earthlings died of radiation poisoning while their Anunnaki gods fled. Bau (Ninurta’s mate) died with her Earthlings at Lagash, giving them medicine to ease their death. “The people of the land by the evil storm’s hand were clutched. Those who behind locked doors hid inside their houses like flies were felled. Those who in the streets fled, in the streets were their corpses piled up. Everything that lived perished.”
Nuke storm kills SumerBau











 But Babylon, north of the radioactive storm, “where Marduk his supremacy declared, by the Evil Wind was spared” [Enki: 312, 313].

Enlil concluded the disaster fulfilled the prophetic vision he’d had of Galzu: Marduk would achieve supremacy on Earth. Anu and Enlil officially declared “the title of Formost God, the Enlilship, passed over to Ra-Marduk 70 years after the nuclear holocaust that Anu, Enlil, Ninurta and Nergal unleashed.”

Enlil moved the Earth-to-Nibiru communicator (Bond-Heaven-Earth) to the Sun Pyramid Ningishzidda designed in Teotihuacan, Mexico.  For the next 80 years, most Anunnaki on Earth went first to Adad’s spaceport at Nazca, then in rockets back to Nibiru. Some, however, “dispersed from Sumer with their followers to lands in the far corners of the Earth; others remained nearby and rallied their supporters to a renewed challenge to Marduk.” Marduk’s “extended family in Northern Sumer, the Aryans, invaded the lands to the east and Europe to the west, conquering humans everywhere and imposing their Aryan supremacy which, to this day, persists”
[Wars: 331 to 334; End: 122; Enki: 312, 313; Slave Species: 116; DNA: 177225].

Part 4 of Enlil-Yahweh–Not God

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