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From ANUNNAKI, EVOLUTION OF THE GODS*–Techno-savvy ET s from the planet Nibiru who came for gold, created us from their genome to work the mines, posed as gods, decided to let us drown, but then decided to breed us to work for them” by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) & Janet Kira Lessin (CEO, Aquarian Media)


In boats, seven Mayan tribes, including the Toltecs and the Aztecs left Aztlan in Guatemala and boated to Mexico. Their boats carried a computing device and “four Wise Men who brought with them ritual manuscripts.” These Wise Men “knew secrets of the calendar and could get the computer to speak to them. The seven boats dispersed, but the Wise Men, the Aztecs and the Toltecs reached a spot the computer indicated in the Valley of Mexico. predetermined chosen for their ritual center and capital. They called it Teotihuacan.*

The Wise Men and the Toltecs and Aztecs built Teotihuacan around 1325 CE. Teotihuacan featured two pyramids, one built to the Sun and the other to the moon. They buried their kings under Teotihuacan so the kings could join the Great Anunnaki in an afterlife.

“At some point, the tribes began to abandon the holy city. First to leave were the Toltecs, who left to build their own city, Tollan. Last to leave were the Aztecs, led by Mexitli. His followers were the Mexica [‘The Annointed’].” The last migration was given to the Aztecs/Mexica by their war god, Huitzilopochtli [perhaps Huitzilopochtli was Marduk, during his exile to North America for fratricide or Huitzilopochtli might have been Nergal], who ordered them to listen to the computer the shaman carried until “they would see an eagle perched on a cactus growing from a rock surrounded by water. They were chosen people destined to rule over the other tribes.

The Aztecs arrived a second time in the Valley of Mexico around 1140 CE and reached Tollan, where Quetzalcoatl- Ningishzida ruled. Though the Toltecs were kin of the Aztecs, the Toltecs at Tollan didn’t welcome the Aztecs. For two centuries, the Aztecs lived on Tolan’s central lake’s marshy edges.

The Aztecs gained influence through alliances with other tribes and war with others.” The Aztecs “established their own city, Tenochtitlan, which meant City of Tenoch [Enoch]. Aztecs became the dominant power in central Mexico, lording over allies and subjugating enemies.” Aztec worshipped as “gods” the same Anunnaki individuals Sumerians called Anu, Antu, Thoth-Ningishzidda [Thoth was Xuihtecutlli to El Salvetore’s Maya, Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs]

Later, when the Aztecs left Teotihuacan in search of Atzlan, their shaman carried a stone computer too. The computer directed them to Tenochtitlan [on an Island in Mexico City’s Lake Texcoco]. [Lost Realms: 38-39]

Some versions of Mexican history cite a pre-Mayan Black Olmec civilization in Yucatan, in the La Venta area, where they used calenders that pre-dated calendars the Maya used.  But at La Venta too, archeologists found a sculpture of the Thoth as Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent.  [Lost Realms: 20-110; Newman, 2018]


30 miles North of Mexico City, Thoth, West African administrators and bearded Middle-Easterners built two great undecorated Sumerian-type pyramids –the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon–along a five-mile-long North-South avenue of administrative buildings, shrines, temples.  The avenue slopes 90 feet and channels water from the Moon Pyramid at its north end to the Sun Pyramid at its south end.  The builders erected double walls at a right angle to the avenue to create “six subterranean compartments open to the sky.” They lined the compartments with mica.  The compartments collected then released water to flow from the Moon Pyramid to the Sun Pyramid “until it reached a channel that diverted water from the San Juan River.

The external steps of the huge pyramids, 745 feet above sea level, let Thoth’s scientists study astronomical movements and let his technicians pan placer gold as the water washed ore down the steps.  


Teotihuacan buried the city’s founder in the central plaza and dead citizens under their houses. The city revolved around the dead founder.  In public rituals, the living king punctured himself with a stingray spine to invoke spiritual energy from the buried dead. Then he spun around, sprayed his blood, infused with ancestral energy, toward the assembled citizens.

After Thoth left them Mayan priests escalated bloodletting to a level he’d forbidden; they tore hearts from living people as blood sacrifices to gods in the underworld or sky.

The reigning king wore a headdress that either showed the god for whom he spoke (this is Ebert’s interpretation) or the headdress depicted the aircraft the god used (Sitchin’s interpretation). [Ebert: 2;17/28:24]

Mesoamericans wore headdresses and masks to let spirits of gods and ancestors speak through them.  The world of the dead possessed the Maya each night when the world of the dead slid out from the underworld at sundown.

Mesoamericans’ bloodletting invoked help from gods. They bled themselves to remember they’re blood descendants of the gods.  Below, a Mayan noblewoman has punctured her tongue with a thorn-studded rope to open up to a god’s power.  The god depicted above her on the right is Bolem Yakte, the Mayan version of Enki-Lucifer.


Crude stones and stucco holds ten million cubic feet of “mud bricks, adobe, pebbles, and gravel” together for the Pyramid of the Sun.  A central cavity in front of its central external steps “contains steps twenty feet down to the entrance to a horizontal tunnel Thoth had enlarged, roofed with heavy stones and walled with smooth plaster.  150 feet from the stairway the tunnel sprouts two long side chambers under the Sun Pyramid’s first stage. From there the 7-foot tall tunnel continues another 200 feet. It has floors with drains to an underground watercourse.  The tunnel ends below the fourth stage of the pyramid in a hollowed-out cloverleaf. Adobe columns and basalt slabs support the hollow.  [Lost Realms: 48, 51-55]

Around 3500 BCE, Toltecs “began drifting in” to Teotihuacan, which Black Olmec ran.  The Toltec worked as manual laborers, learned Olmec picture-writing, goldsmithing, astronomy, calendar and worship of Sumerian gods.  Much later, Teotihuacan built the Quetzalcoatl Pyramid along the avenue in an administrative-business area (“the Citadel). 

Eventually, Olmecs left Teotihuacan to the Toltecs, who added administrative and commercial buildings (the “Citadel) and another pyramid, the Quetzalcoatl Pyramid, along the avenue.  Unlike the Olmec Sun and Moon Pyramids, the Toltec’s Quetzalcoatl Pyramid featured decorated outer walls. 

Teotihuacan’s Temple of the Sun

Stone markers, two miles out, lined up with The Temple of the Sun on its east-west axis; its other axis is north-west at the time it was built on the model of the Giza Pyramids.  Teotihuacan’s Sun Pyramid’s 745 feet per side on its base.  The Anunnaki built the Sun Pyramid of “mud bricks, adobe, pebbles, and gravel held together by a sheath of crude stones and stucco with an aggregate mass of 10,000,000 feet.” The Sun Pyramid rises 250 feet. [Lost Realms: 49]

1000 years after the Toltecs drifted in, they, like the Olmecs before them, left Teotihuacan. Conflict broke out among the Toltecs over the demand of their priesthood for human sacrifice to appease the War God, Huitzilopochtli. The Toltec King, Huemac, an adherent of Quetzalcoatl (who opposed human sacrifice) “convinced the Toltecs that Tollan must be abandoned.


Around 700 CE the Toltecs created Tollan on the bank of the Tula River as a mini-Teotihuacan.  Tollan’s rulers claimed they descended from Quetzalcoatl. When he left the Americas the Toltecs moved 1,000 miles back to Yucatan, where they built Chichen Itza.

In Tolan, archeologists excavated 15-foot statues of giant Anunnaki gods holding spear-throwers, arrows, and what is either a flamethrower or a plasma pistol.


Ningishzidda-Thoth, though Earthborn, is an Anunnaki (a person whose ancestors came from planet Nibiru to Earth), son of Lucifer (Enki–Lord of Earth).   Thoth bore the names Kukuklan and Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, Central America, and South America, organized gold and copper mining operations, and structured Mayan Civilization from Mexico to Peru.

In 3113 BCE Thoth brought Black West African Administrators, bearded White Semitic Advisors, and beardless Brown South American “Indians” from the Andean realm of his cousin Viracocha (known in Sumer as “Adad”) to Teotihuacan.  Thoth’s team mined the gold and refined the copper into tin for the Anunnaki Middle Eastern cities.  The team shipped the gold to Viracocha’s spaceport at Tiahuanacu atop the Andes; Viracocha rocketed it from Nazca to the Anunnaki transshipment base on Mars.  From Mars, Astronauts rocketed the gold to Nibiru.  Nibirans refined the gold into white powder of monoatomic gold and floated it up to the atmosphere to shield Nibiru.


From 1000 to 450 BCE Chichen Itza, near where Thoth first landed in Yucatan, became “the principle sacred city of Yuctan.

Toltecs migrated from central Mexico, gradually populated Teotihuacan, then migrated south to Chichen Itza to be near the sacred well where Thoth came ashore and would return. By 450 BCE Chichen Itza became “the principle sacred city of Yucatan.” The Itzas, migrants from the south, built their ceremonial center–the great central pyramid and the observatory–near where Thoth first came ashore in Yucatan.

At Chichen Itza, the Toltecs reproduced sculpture of the Sumerian stories of the Celestial Battle which included the astronomical events that killed Tiamat (the proto-Earth) and resurrected Tiamat as today’s Earth. The Toltec art shows the exact position of the Earth from the outside to the inside of the inner solar system. Toltecs built a 9-stage pyramid. They dedicated this pyramid to Thoth and decorated it with carvings of him. The carvings incorporated calendar motifs into its structure and duplicates the pyramid in Tula.

Toltecs, in the sacred well at Chichen Itza, threw 40 virgin girls as sacrifices, as well as gold, silver and copper ornaments made from metals refined from ores Mesoamerica lacked. Art on the ornaments showed bearded Sumerian types, as well as Sky Gods [Nibirans].

The Toltec pyramid to the Plumed Serpent at Chichen Itza reaches 185 feet high; it duplicated the pyramid the Toltecs left at Tula.

Toltec centers in the Yucatan had ballcourts where rival teams enacted the astronomical events from the Anunnaki account of Earth’s creation. Toltecs beheaded the losing captain of the losing team (usually recruited from captive enemies) to mimic how Nibiru, the Anunnaki homeplanet, decapitated Tiamat, the Proto-Earth or how Enki sacrificed a comrade when he created the first hybrid Homo sapien.

The Maya decorated the main ballcourt at Chichen Itza “with scenes of the Sumerian Tree of Life and the standard winged and bearded Anunnaki.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mayan-ballgame-w-caption.jpg


Every Mesoamerican city featured an “i” -shaped ballcourt. Two to four players–teams of opposed gods–clashed in a narrow V-shaped depression between two artificial hills.  They scored points when they got the ball (sometimes it was the head of the defeated team captain) through the hoop.

The story of Mayan ballcourts in the Popol Vuh is the ideological charter of the Mayan religion.  In the Popol Vuh, gods of the underworld challenged, defeated, and beheaded two Maya ballplayers and fixed their heads with other losers on a calabash tree.  One Mayan loser’s head spit on a daughter of an underworld god.  She fled to the surface world, then bore twins, the ballplayer heros of Mayan civilization.

The twins went to the underworld, passed tests, tricked the underworld gods to revive their father, pretended to wield the power of resurrection, killed the underworld gods whom they promised resurrection in the living world, but then didn’t resurrect them.  Their father, a bearded Semite, reincarnated as the god of maize.

When a new king ascended a Mayan throne, he bled himself and had captives his men captured play ball.  Priests beheaded the losers and pulled the bleeding hearts from the new king’s captives.  The priests made the losing ballplayer captain’s head into the ball for the next game [Akroid, op. cit.].

Regarding the Western Hemisphere from the Southwest of the United States all the way to South America, Sitchin concludes the evidence is overwhelming. THE SAME ANUNNAKI GIANTS REGARDED AS GODS FROM THE SKY WERE THE SAME PEOPLE IN EVERY ADVANCED CULTURE ON EARTH.


Maya area statue carved into boulder Olmec Nibiran or other Et
Guatamalan statue carved into boulder Olmec Nibiran or other ET. Ninghzidda/Thoth/Quetzacoatl brought his Olmec assistants to Mesoamerica

Scattered throughout Central America, the remains of buildings or facilities, designed to support manned aircraft and other self-propelled vehicles can be found. These ancient airports were used and maintained, thousands of years before the Aztecs emerged on the scene, by unknown people possessing advanced knowledge of cosmology, aeronautics and other sciences.

The most notable of these airports is Teotihuacan, just south of Mexico City. With its massive central runway and pods and platforms to support a wide variety of aircraft, Teotihuacan served as one of the largest traveling centers in the America’s and may have shuttled thousands of people around our planet on a daily bases.

Earth Ancients: Startling Discoveries from our Planets Distant Past, features a number of these early airports, and relics from a number of locations around the world. You may be asking – how does he know they were airports, and what proof does he have that air transportation was their designed purpose? To this, I can answer in just two words, satellite photography (or imagery.)

Many of these ancient airports may have been modified in the years following a global cataclysm that wiped the planet clean of the civilizations that occupied them– but these modifications were to buildings, runways and other features which supported the lift-off and landing of aircraft. The clues to these facilities can be found in the remains of markers, and other land-based features that were designed for aircraft pilots to see and for onboard instruments adjustments.

In my search for evidence or relics from Central America’s aeronautic past, I’ve discovered a number of artifacts that highlight, what must have been, a sophisticated industry of air and space travel.

With no written records to use, and many buildings modified in the years after these people and their machines were consumed in a Global cataclysm, my search has been conducted in the museum, pre-Columbian auctions, private collections, and most importantly, the native traditions of those that remain. In this short article, I’ll highlight one of the better examples of ancient air travel artifacts with a discovery I made in 2009, “The Guatemalan Pilot.” I discovered the small figurine in an eBay auction in the Fall of 2009.

Having traveled extensively throughout Mexico – I knew that looters were selling artifacts by the thousands to anyone willing to pay their asking price, and eBay was one of the best sources for a quick transaction. I’ve reported a number of amazing finds on eBay and in a few instances have purchased items myself. The seller claimed that the small figure came from Guatemala and was part of a collection recovered from a remote portion of Tikal. At approximately 3.5 inches tall by 2 and ¾ inches wide, the figure wears what can only be considered a pressure suit. His helmet, which completely covers his head, eye goggles, and mask appear to be attached and to part of a chest panel.

Because we are completely at a loss to explain the science behind the development of his outfit – we can only speculate on the round device positioned in the middle of his chest and the items which lay below his belt and complete his suit. He’s a complete figure, except for his left and right forearms, and legs which may have been damaged when he was removed from, what must have been an aircraft. One thing to note is the entire suit as a whole.

The pilot is wearing a partial pressure suit and not a full pressure suit which would be required for travels outside the Earth’s atmosphere. What is a pressure suit? A pressure suit is a protective suit worn by high-altitude pilots who flies at altitudes where the air pressure is too low for an unprotected person to survive. Such suits may be either full-pressure (i.e. a space suit) or partial-pressure (as used by aircrew). Partial-pressure suits work by providing mechanical counter-pressure to assist breathing at altitude.

The region from sea level to around 10,000 ft. (3,000 m) is known as the physiological-efficient zone. Oxygen levels are usually high enough for humans to function without supplemental oxygen and decompression sickness is rare.

I strongly suspect that the figure was part of a larger piece that may have been similar to the Istanbul rocket ship discovered by Zacharia Sitchin over a decade ago, with the pilot sitting in the cockpit of the vehicle.

This must have been a memento or toy and provided enough detail to be cherished as a reminder of the full sized pilot and craft.

I’ve provided a number of comparisons of modern toy and model pilots wearing similar suits, so you can see the different components of each.

In conclusion, what you’re viewing is part of an unknown history of our world, purposely left out of historic records and journals because it doesn’t fit in a linear perspective of time. Artifacts like this pilot are not acceptable to archeologists, anthropologists, and when found, are stored or placed in vaults away from the general public’s viewing. But, times are changing, and I’ve dedicated myself to unraveling some of the truths from our ancient past.

*Anunnaki traditions repeatedly relate to computing devices made of stone. Andean people relate how a leader they called Naymlap consulted an Anunnaki whose voice came through “a green stone in the boat from which he led a fleet of Anunnaki giants in balsa-reed boats from the West to Paracas Bay in Bolivia or Cape Stata Helena in Ecuador, and then up the Andes to Tiahuanaco. When Naymlap’s finished his mission, “he was given wings [ie, flew] by the Anunnaki who spoke through the stone. Nayamlap flew heavenward to join the Anunnaki. Moses too was directed by a portable stone computing device, a dir, the Israelites carried in their trek through the Sinai wilderness.

*ANUNNAKI, EVOLUTION OF THE GODS by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) & Janet Kira Lessin, (CEO, Aquarian Media) updates the late Zecharia Sitchin’s summary of Sumerian tablets Enki a Scientist from Planet Nibiru dictated in 2016 BCE. Sitchin asked his students, Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin, to keep Enki’s story of our planet-wide kinship in the public eye.

The Anunnaki, people like us, rocketed here 450,000 for gold to send home for gold powder for a sky shield. 200,000 years ago, their miners on Earth mutinied. To replace them, a team of geneticists from the planet Nibiru ( Lucifer [Enki], Lilith-[Ninmah] and Thoth [Ningishzidda]*** created us from the Nibiran genome, copper, clay-embedded minerals, copper and genes from Bigfoot’s African ancestor, Homo erectus.

The Anunnaki gave us math, architecture, writing, botany, zoology, geography, kings, taxes, temples, priests, record-keeping, laws, libraries, kilns, wheeled vehicles, paved roads, medicine, festivals, beer, art, music, instruments, dance, and textiles.

.But they also imposed hierarchy, misogyny, violence, greed, slavery, debt, and war. In 2024 BCE they ruined their Mediterranean cities with nuclear bombs and fallout.

Most of them returned to Nibiru, but some stayed and, with their hybrid kin, have kept us pitted against each other in dominator consciousness. Recently, however, Anunnaki Royals returned to Earth, joined Enki, and pledge to usher in the Age of Enki.

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Giant humans, the Anunnaki from Planet Nibiru, bred, blessed, cursed and challenged us.

They came for gold.

They grafted Homo erectus genes onto their genome to make us to get dig the gold for them.

They gave us






















But they

*imprinted dominator-consciousness on us,

*shortened our lives,

*got us to obsess on status and greed.

They inflicted




* nationalism




*gold lust,




*propaganda, and

*ignorance on us.

They pledge us an Aquarian Age free from the god-spell, nation-bane, materialist-compulsion, master-slave curse, god-devotee hypnosis, boss-worker hex, and lord-tenant model they imposed.

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