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Sitchin: “THOTH CREATED YUCATAN’S MAYA.” Web Radio, Article, Illustrations

by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Thoth, known to Maya as Kukuklan, emerges from his aircraft–shown as Serpent’s head. When he left Yucatan, Maya show his flying serpent craft  swallowed by the night sky, shown as a Jaguar swallowing the flying serpent

Thoth/Ninghzidda (now called Kukuklan, Quetzalcoatl, Xiuhtechtli, Winged Serpent), with Black Africans (known as Olmecs) and bearded Middle Eastern and Egyptian followers, boated to Mexico’s Gulf Coast in 3113 BCE.  Thoth organized gold mining and refining at Teotihuacan in southern Mexico. Some to the beardless Indians from northern South America–descendants of Cain, whom Thoth had genetically marked with beardlessness–worked in Mexico for Thoth and his staff. Collectively the Nibirans and their Earthlings in Yucatan, Guatemala and El Salvador created the advanced Mayan civilization.

Thoth left, saying he and his father Balam Yokte (Enki) would return on December 21, 2012, and challenge the forces of evil on Earth. Thoth and his accompanying Nibirans “left Yucatan, presumed to be swallowed by the ruler of the night, the Jaguar; and the image of Thoth was henceforth covered by the jaguar’s mask through which serpents, his symbol, emerge.”

Enki, Thoth, and seven other Nibiran/Anunnaki are said to have returned Dec 21, 2012, to bring peace to Earth

Around 2463 B.C., Marduk, a prince who’d once been Pretender to the throne of the planet Nibiru, returned to Egypt, where people called him Ra,  found his brother Ningishzidda, now called Thoth and Thoth’s hybrid Nibiran/Earthling staff ruling Egypt.

Thoth/Kukuklan in EgyptThoth/Kukuklan in Egypt

For the next 350 years, the armies of Ra and Thoth warred over Egypt. Finally, their father, Ptah/Enki/Balan Yokte) ordered Thoth to leave Egypt to Ra.


We hybrid Earth-adapted Nibirans–the worker race–called the Nibiran gold miners “gods,” though they were merely technologically-advanced, eight- to twelve-foot tall people like us Earthlings (as they called us).


Olmecs, through whom Ningishzidda ruled the Mayan, were genetically African, as huge statues like this one from Yucatan show.


Mayan-Olmec Pilot

“Maya cities were open-ended ceremonial centers surrounded by a population of administrators, artisans and merchants supported by an extensive rural population. “From a base abutting the Gulf of Mexico, the cities of La Venta, Tres Zapotes and San Lorenzo formed the area of Olmec settlement and cut southward toward the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Guatemala. By AD 900 the realm of the Maya extended from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Mayan civilization spread “southward across Mesoamerica by 800B.C.. Thoth organized the Maya into four domains, 4 parts, each with a capital. Palenque was the capital of the West, Calakmul was capital of the North, whose rulers conquered Palenque. Copan was the capital of the South and Tikal, the East.

map cancun

Palenque with plumbing

Palenque with plumbing

Palenque ruin with written history carved in stonePalenque ruin with written history carved in stone





From Palenque, a focus on the twelve-foot king buried under a pyramid:Mayan Astronaut Lord Pikal AAstros Season 4, Disk 1

Capstone on Lord Pacal’s sarcophagus

Palenque Spaceman, Lord Pacal, in spaceship, model made on basis of carvings atop Lord Pical’s sarcophagus [from Ancient Aliens, Season 4, Disk 1, Tsoukalos narration]
MayanDepictionAstronaut&ModernMayan Astronaut demo2

Mayan Astronaut Lord Pikal Close up showing breathing tube 2 AAstros Season 4, Disk 1

Mayan Astronaut Lord Pikal Close up showing exhaust flames AAstros Season 4, Disk 1
Mayan Astronaut Lord Pacal Closeup showing exhaust flames

Mayan Astronaut Lord Pikal Close up showing exhaust flames 2 AAstros Season 4, Disk 1Ancient Aliens illustrates exhaust from Lord Pacal’s rocketMaya Kuklukan1

Tsoukalo's display of probable source of the Mayan, Indian and Chiese saw as a dragon or plumed serpent: Anunnaki rocket. [Ancient Aliens, Season 4, Disk 1]

Kukuklan emerges from rocket

Kukuklan emerges from rocket

 Kuklukan Emerging from Flying Serpent craft

Mayan cities all had large playing courts, decorated with frescos of bearded Sumerian gods–the Nibirans–for ballgames that decapitated the captains of losing teams. The main ballcourt at Chichen Itza was “decorated with scenes of the Sumerian Tree of Life and the standard winged and bearded Nibiran.

Mayan Ballgame beheads losing teams captain

Thoth tutored the Maya in both phonetic and character writing; they made ink and paper books. The Maya produced monumental sculptured art, carved jade, hand-held lights, weapons, flamethrowers and tools fitted with mirrors. Thoth taught them the principles of place value and zero which let them, with the advanced astronomy he dictated, so they could know when Nibiru neared Earth and when Nibiran “gods’ came and went.

He showed them how to make calendars that showed Venus circled the sun every 6000 years. Thoth also taught the Mayans the more-than 26,000-year Precession of the Equinoxes on Earth.

He showed them how to make and use telescopes, and had astronomer apprentices raised in the dark to better see the heavens through the telescopes. The accuracy of their predictions over time validates Nibiran presence and influence on Earth. [Tsarion, M., 2012]

Thoth left Earth.  He said he and his father Balam Yokte (Enki) would return on December 21, 2012, and challenge the forces of evil on Earth. Thoth and his accompanying Nibirans “left, presumed to be swallowed by the ruler of the night, the Jaguar; and the image of Thoth was henceforth covered by the jaguar’s mask through which serpents, his symbol, emerge.”

Bolam Yakte/Enki/Ptah/Shiva/Aquarius

Kuklukan Emerging from Flying Serpent craft

The night (jaguar) eats Kukuklan

The night (jaguar) eats Kukuklan

Indian descendants of Cain killed remaining Olmec Blacks and white, bearded Sumerians in Central America.

Priests encouraged blood sacrifice, ostensibly to bring back the  gods, but then to execute prisoners and control people. Kings and Priests kept blood sacrifice–at first those of rulers, then of enemy rulers, then anyone they needed to control.

Mayan priests ask Kukuklan to have a heart and return


Chichen Itza Yucatan south east map very large mex1Chichen Itza mex2

Chichen Itza, Yucatan

From 1000 to 450 B.C., Chichen Itza, near where Thoth first landed in Yucatan, became “the principle sacred city of Yucatan.

Chichen Itza by 450BC, “the principle sacred city of Yucatan,” boasted a sacred well. The Itzas, migrants from the south, built their ceremonial center–the great central pyramid and the observatory–near where Thoth first came ashore in Yucatan. The Toltecs, who had migrated from central Mexico, gradually populated Teotihuacan, then migrated south to Chichen Itza, to be near the place Thoth came ashore and would return.

At Chichen Itza, the Toltecs reproduced sculpture of the Sumerian stories of the Celestial Battle including the astronomical events that killed Tiamat, the proto-Earth and resurrected Tiamat as Earth. The art shows the exact position of the Earth from the outside to the inside of the inner solar system. They built a 9-stage pyramid dedicated to Thoth, decorated with carvings of him. The decorations incorporated in its structure calendrical aspects and duplicates the pyramid in Tula, capital of the Toltecs from Teotihuacan.

Toltecs, in the sacred well at Chichen Itza, threw 40 virgin girls as sacrifices, as well as gold, silver and copper ornaments made from metals refined from ores Mesoamerica lacked. Art on the ornaments showed bearded Sumerian types, as well as Sky Gods [Nibirans].

Maya cast virgins into sacred well.Maya cast virgins into sacred well.

“Olmec sites were abandoned gradually, first in the older metropolitan center near the Gulf, circa 300BC, later on more southern sites. Abandonment of Olmec centers followed by vengeful destruction lasted several centuries as the Olmecs gave up sites and retreated southward. The negroid Olmecs and the Bearded Ones” were from the Eastern Mediterranean” and both were massacred by Indian revolt.

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