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SETH SPOKE & STILL SENDS SENSE–Barry Gellis Grounds Guru’s Guidance


Seth is a nonphysical personality or “energy personality essence” who no longer needs the camouflage of physical reality. He communicated through the medium Jane Roberts from 1963 to her death in 1984.

Seth dictated 30 books and hundreds of class transcripts and sparked the new-age movement.  Seth introduced the ideas that

“You create your own reality.

“The present is the point of power.

“You’re as dead right now as you’ll ever be and more.

“Become accountable in a loving way for your own life—while helping and not harming others.

“Empower each person to find their own answers.

“Love, compassion, and goodness inhere in of us.

“We created the physical plane and chose to exist in the first place.”

We’ll graduate from the reincarnation cycle.

Seth spoke through Jane Roberts. Jane held her Seth Classes in her living room in Elmira, New York and Barrie Gellis is a former member of these classes (one of the New York Boys). Anyone who wishes to contact Barrie Gellis with comments or questions may email him at

In the series of interviews below, Barrie discusses Seth’s concepts about
viruses and epidemics,
the afterlife,
probable realities,
dreams, and
simultaneous time.

Anyone who wishes to contact Barrie Gellis with comments or questions, may respond to this post or email him at



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