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SECRET SPACE PROGRAM Kidnaps, Enslaves, Kills & Revives Kids For Body Parts & The Dark Fleet On Mars–PENNY BRADLEY Reveals All


Penny writes, “This episode is about my trip to Mars in 1964 through the New York Jumpgate. About my time in Schule with the German colonists’ kids on Mars. About the war between the Germans and the Mars Raptors and Mantids [that the Germans started] and my service in Mars Defence Force. MDF is a combo of local police, national guard and coast guard that defends the colony and it’s ‘airspace’.”

Penny talks about her time in Mars Defense Force and how she survived experimentation at Montauk, childhood CIA assassin training, and 60 years in an U.S. Navy exchange program with the Deep Space fleet and Mars Colonies. After her service she was reaged and sent back to earth to live out the remainder of her life with health disabilities.
“Star Trek called it the Prime Directive and said it was to not interfere with the development of a less advanced race. In practice, they broke it regularly.
“AR Bordon called it simply The Prime, and if he defined it clearly, I haven’t found it. He described it in fuzzy terms, that if an advanced race created a “new life stream” that they were responsible for parenting it until it was ready to be a responsible citizen of the galaxy.
“I’ve been interacting with the Guardians and Council of 5 for several years now, sitting in the audience for trials. [Yeah, there is a lot I don’t share.] I’ve not seen the law codes, but I’ve gotten a feel for how The Prime is enforced by the Galactic Authority [Guardians and Council of 5].
“First off, there are only a few outcomes:
“You are innocent and let go. [Not often.]
“You are guilty and executed–and your soul is turned over to the Lords of Karma for justice.
“You are guilty and repentant–and you are given probation basically attached at the hip to a Guardian ready to execute you if you screw up again.
“And if you twist words or make excuses or blame the victims, they assume you are lying and find you guilty.
So what is The Prime? From how it is enforced, it is a body of law that regulates the interactions between advanced and primitive races. Primitive races are protectorates of the Galactic Authority. Advanced races must have permission to interact with them at all. To do so without permission is a violation. To experiment on them requires more permissions and regular reports, and must be shown to have a benefit to the primitive race in the view of the Guardians. To take a primitive race and turn it into a slave race, as was done to us, is a blatant violation of this set of law.
“I’ve been shown the history of the Galaxy from the perspective of 4 different races and the only thing that they all agreed on was that ET DNA was used to engineer Homo Erectus into Homo Sapiens [and they laugh at that name]. They don’t agree on which race did it. Actually, there are 25 races to have claimed to be the creators of Homo Sapiens and want our undying loyalty in space for it. None have taken responsibility for us to the Guardians.
“So, our creation was a violation of The Prime. And the next part, that Bordon described, has also been violated. Two races, the Draco and the Zha.a.mi, left hybrids in charge of us. Those hybrids have interbred with each other and us to consolidate their power over us over the millennia. This is not fulfilling their responsibility under The Prime to teach us to be responsible members of the Galaxy.
“I have been involved in the arrest of one Draco and several Zha.a.mi for violation of The Prime as well as Crimes Against a Sentient Race. So far all have been convicted and executed–except for MAR.DUK, who is claiming repentance. He is also charged with Corruption as EL [holder of the Tablets of Destiny–kind of a keyboard for the computer that runs our reality simulation].
“There is one thing that you should really know about all this as a member of a protected race that has been violated. You really have to learn to say no. OUT LOUD. Just like the archaic rape laws, the perps can’t be convicted if you haven’t said no. That is another part of Galactic Law that the hybrids left in charge are lying to you about with their crap that “what you resist persists” and “the Universe doesn’t hear no”. The Galactic Authority is helpless until you say no out loud.
“How have we been convicting these guys? Simple. Preverbal children say no by kicking and screaming. We are convicting them on how they have treated our babies. The adults are too ignorant to say no.
“So we have 25 races who are going to be showing up in the near future to get the Galactic Authority off their backs about parenting us as a race. We have the right and obligation to say no if we don’t want them. They have abandoned us up til now.
“But those of us in space are in violation of every law there is out there and are being sent back to the Solar System. We will not be allowed back into the rest of the galaxy until we can live in peace with each other here.
“Unless we decide to tell the Galactic Authority that we don’t want to be a protectorate anymore. I personally don’t think that is a good idea. I recommend that we as a planet and Solar System continue under the GA. In part, that will protect us from having to answer for our own crimes in space. Also, it will keep every Tom, Dick and Harry off-world until we have some idea how to interact with them. We have earned the right to have a say in how we are treated. Let’s show some wisdom about it.
“The Galactic Police are really called the Guardians. They are made up of the best and brightest and most ethical members of all the races in the Galaxy. They are more of a military than a police force as we know it on Earth, because by the time that most races encounter them, they are Galactic Level Zero Civilizations.
“That means that the planet has one basic culture, one basic authority that answers for the population. They provide for the survival needs of every individual regardless of individual merit or ‘wealth’. That means food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care and electricity for life support [heating/cooling/cooking food]. The population is free to pursue interests and talents rather than slave labor for survival. There would be no slavery. They are usually telepathic at this level.
“Until you reach that level as a culture, you are generally a GA protectorate.
“Our people have been overriding this with seances and CE-5 events at least since Sir John Dee made contact with the Enochians in Queen Elizabeth I’s reign. That means, we have been inviting in anyone who can hear us for almost 600 years. That is how we got the Draco and the Greys. There are far worse out there too. And if you have invited them it, it takes an armed conflict to remove them–that may destroy your entire population.
“So Earth is in a pickle. We have invited in some nasty critters, and are committing atrocities across the entire Sagittarius arm of the galaxy in violation of galactic law. We are nowhere near evolved enough to merit membership in any of the Federations in the galaxy.
“Our actual options at the moment are to be trapped in our Solar System until we learn to live together in peace–as a GA protectorate–or be shoved back into the Stone Age to try again. And yes, we have to make that decision as a whole race, not just individuals.
“The Germans in space told the Guardians ‘eff you’, and have had several of their colonies destroyed. Their entire armada is engaged in time travel to rescue those people. They are now following orders and returning the rescued to the Solar System. That is what those ships coming through the Sun’s portal are.
“I am not sure where the people are being taken to resettle. We already have bases and or colonies on all the planets, moons and many asteroids. The Germans are not welcome on Venus or Saturn by the folks that already live there.
So keep in mind that real options are few and limiting.”

 Human Trafficking In The SSP & Her Experiences With The Dark Fleet

The message is clear from Penny; business as usual needs to stop in the SSP programs. This is interview is not so much about Forgiving and much more about Revealing. Penny is one of the leaders in exposing human trafficking in the SSP. Why is this true? Your answer is the most important one.

Benjamin Fulford wrote, “Human trafficking is the largest industry in the world.  Penny was the navigator of a freighter that shipped human cargo all over the place.  She was ‘woken up’ by an NSA agent. She doesn’t know why he did it. He told her code word over and over until she woke up and had to deal with memory seals with booby traps: 1. suicidal program – kill your self and 2. harm the holder – kill someone else.
“She was warned in Oct 2016 that the NSA agent that woke her up would be killed. She told him. He was killed in Dec 2016 during a routine visit to a PA hospital – no reason he should have died. He resided in Wash DC.“Penny was shot with an energy weapon in Jan 2016. They opened up a portal in her home and shot the energy weapon. This can be done just by knowing the coordinates.  They told her she can be killed anytime. Most super soldiers her age are dead. 20 people left Facebook super solder self-help group after they learned that NSA agent was killed. They are all at risk.
“Entire SSP program is based on criminal activity. They kidnap little kids, drown them until their minds fracture, use them as slave labor. When they do return them home they are damaged. They keep using them until they die. This is what happens to the ones they like. The ones they don’t like, they turn them into a cyborg super soldier and sell them to ET’s so they never come home. So these cyborg’s are created out of human beings whether they are kidnapped earth humans or clones.  They are now doing 100,000 cyborgs per day between the various factories. This is how many humans are being converted into cyborgs – 95% are being sold off-world to ET’s.  Sale of human cyborgs to ET’s is funding most of the SSP. They only us the head for the cyborg. The rest of the human body is sold off too (food, genetic material).”SSP WANTS METAGENES FROM US

Fulford says the SSP wants “the METAGENE that “allows one to create his own reality. Other super advance ET’s don’t have this and they want to keep us from using ours. A chronovisor that lets you see into a parallel reality. The CIA has this so they can see what happens in the future that negatively affects them. So they time travel back in time, and change the outcome.

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