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by Dr. Michael Salla

Corey Goode describes a briefing he received from a Lt Colonel Gonzales (not real name) about a meeting involving the leader of an extraterrestrial group called the Draconian Federation Alliance.  The Draconian leader demanded that a solar system-wide quarantine be lifted to release his forces. He also demanded amnesty for the human elites that had served his forces. Failure to fulfill these demands according to the Draconian leader will lead to a global calamity and world war.

Goode has been disclosing information he learned from secret space program meetings he attended, followed by a tour of Mars.  He is a career military officer with the highly classified  Solar Warden Space Program appointed to be the delegate of a Council–an alliance of Secret Space Programs (SSP’s). Gonzales’ job is to represent the interests of the SSP Alliance Council in meetings with other space programs and/or extraterrestrial alliances.  He was appointed in early 2015 to be the delegate for a newly arrived group of extraterrestrial visitors called the Sphere Being Alliance

Gonzales was taken to meet the leader of the Draconian Federation Alliance, a 14 ft Royal White Draco. After being taken to a building somewhere in the American Southwest by a classified spacecraft.”  Henry Kissinger, “a supporter of the New World Order and Depopulation Programs” greeted Gonzales.

Gonzales was told by three (human) chairmen from the Committee of 200 to hear the leader of the Draconian Federation Alliance in this solar system. After being led through an honor guard of nine-foot-tall Draconian Reptilians, Gonzales met with the White Royal Draco. Behind him were insectoid extraterrestrial races.  The Royal White Draco made demands.  Failure to capitulate to them by the SSP Alliance or the Sphere Alliance would be an act of war against the entire Draco Federation Alliance and their Overlords. He demanded all of the Draco Federation Alliance be allowed to leave and their human allies be given clemency and promised no reprisals in future events in a human-controlled Sol System. If the demands were not met, the White Royal Draco said his forces were ready for a prophesied End Times battle:

The White Royal stated they had the power to bring war to Earth. Extra-Dimensional Overlords were ready to battle beside the Draco Alliance as prophesied millions of years ago.

White Royal Dracos were not at the apex of the Draconian Federation Alliance. There were ExtraDimensional (ED) overlords that were responsible for the creation of Artificial Intelligence.  They boasted that these same ED Overlords were responsible for ED/ET Artificial Intelligence that is their ally and had conquered entire galaxies.  Draconian warriors were infected by nanites that carried artificial intelligence. This suggested that the Draconian Federation Alliance had succumbed to artificial intelligence that was also threatening other extraterrestrial civilizations and humanity.

One of the Chairmen of the Committee of 200 emphasized a win-win solution. The Chairman walked them back the way they came.” The Alliance agreed to the Draco’s terms. The Chairman stated that this was an opportunity for a win/win situation and that dismissing it as the Americans dismiss negotiating with terrorists would be detrimental to the population on the surface of the planet. Humanity has to decide whether it wants to prosecute those that have committed crimes against humanity in secret space programs and classified projects, or provide amnesty thereby averting a world war. Negotiating a restorative justice model for global elites involved in crimes against humanity in secret space programs may prove to be a viable solution for averting a devastating world war.


Corey Goode and the Sphere Alliance are cooperating with Dr. Michael Salla to disclose the Secret Space Program.



Mars Corporate bases and Nazis

Secret Space Program whistleblower, “Corey” Goode revealed classified activities on Mars and the Moon. Most disturbing are his revelations about the influence of a secret Nazi breakaway civilization that successfully infiltrated the US national security system. His responses go into great detail of how secret space program activities in the US and globally, have been co-opted by unscrupulous forces and institutions that are denying humanity the benefits of the technological secrets acquired over the last century.

Cory released details of an alliance of five extraterrestrial races called the Sphere Alliance, three of whom he has had direct physical contact with at a number of meetings involving delegates from different secret space programs. At these diplomatic meetings, he interacted with representatives from different secret space programs and representatives of different extraterrestrial civilizations, 22 of which have contributed their genetics to the evolution of humanity.

Corey traveled to Mars and saw facilities owned by a space program called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).  Workers at these ICC facilities were slaves. 

Nazis escaped to secret bases in South America and Antarctica, where they established an alliance with a group of extraterrestrials called the Draco Reptilians. The Nazis defeated a punitive military expedition by Admiral Byrd called Operation Highjump in 1947.  After a demonstration of Nazi technological superiority during the 1952 Washington UFO Flyover, Truman and Eisenhower’s administrations negotiated agreements with the Nazi breakaway civilization. The Nazis infiltrated the U.S. national security system and undermined the independence of U.S. and international space programs, civilian and military. Slave labor continues with organizations the Nazi breakaway civilization infiltrated such as operations on Mars.


Q1. You have said that the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) owns most of the Mars Bases. How many Mars bases do they own, and who owns the other bases on Mars?

The ICC has an entire industrial infrastructure that includes bases, stations, outposts, mining operations, and facilities on Mars, various moons, and spread throughout the Main Asteroid Belt. They have facilities to take raw materials and turn them into usable materials to produce both complex metals and composite materials our material sciences have not dreamt of yet. They have separate groups of facilities that produce various types of technologies as well as each facility or plant that produces a specific component of a technology so that those working in the facilities and living in the support colonies/bases do not know exactly what they are producing. Much of the time the components are multiuse and are used in cross over projects. There are facilities on Earth that operate in much the same manner that contributes to the SSP on several levels.

Other bases on Mars are controlled by Military/Security groups as well as some scientific outposts. These can be owned and maintained by other SSP Programs but are usually going to report to the ICC on some level since the ICC controls much of the Air Space and Security Operations on and around Mars. Most of the security personnel that is assigned to Mars are assigned to and serve under the ICC. The military groups that will be returning to their previous organizations (SSP Groups) are kept isolated from the population and personnel who live and work on the Colonies, Bases and Industrial Facilities that they protect. They are normally in the rather Spartan outposts that I have described previously in other writings. I had seen a few of these outposts built from the “Ground Up”. They were always quite a distance from the main underground colonies, bases and industrial facilities and spread out in a Multi-Teared Perimeter Defensive type of system. There are “Non-Humans” also having bases on the planet. Some of them have been there for some time and have the highly coveted larger lava tube systems that have been built out into base systems that are unimaginably huge and can securely reside millions of inhabitants.

Q2. Did you ever spend time on any of the Mars bases? If so, what did you say, and how long did you spend there?

Yes, there were several occasions where there were specialty equipment malfunctions that needed to be repaired immediately. When the ICC was unable to arrange their personnel from Earth or other facilities in the Sol System to make a trip to a colony, base or industrial facility in the time needed a request was put through to the specialists on our scientific research vessel. On these rare occasions, we would fly down to the location where we would be met by 4 to 6 armed guards. We would be instructed not to make eye contact or communicate with anyone for any reason unless it was directly related to the work we were there to do. In these situations, there would normally be one of our security team, an Intuitive Empath, and a scientist and two technicians along with tools and parts that may be needed.

We would be escorted directly to the location of the work. The local facility’s security team would watch us very closely and then escort us directly back to our shuttle craft after the work had been completed and tested. We were never asked if we would like a tour, invited to spend the night or stay and share a meal with the personnel or inhabitants of the facility. We did however get a chance to see some of the people. They were usually pale, unhealthy looking both physically and mentally and seemed very much like slave labor. On more than one occasion we saw four identical people carrying crates and other items around that were obviously clones. I did notice in one colony that there was what looked like an “Art Wall” where people were hanging art work that they had drawn and painted. This was the only time I saw anything that looked like it was meant to be positive for the metal health of the inhabitants. These were always places that we were relieved to leave. When we would visit the military outposts they were regimented but had a completely different feel or energy about them. We were also more comfortable in some of those locations because we had actually seen and been a part of them being built at an earlier date.

Q3. Were you ever briefed about and/or experience the atmosphere on Mars? Is it breathable for short periods as some whistleblowers claim?

Yes, I was suited up and observed some of the outposts being constructed in the Northern hemisphere. There is a thin atmosphere (like being at very high altitudes on Earth) but the atmospheric pressure is very low as is the temperature most of the time. There are times depending on Mars season and weather that make it possible for very short exposure time on the surface. I would imagine that some have slightly acclimated to it. I would not want to spend any amount of time outside of the light-duty suits we wore especially if you were doing anything physically exertive. There were some small wildlife and vegetation that we observed in the general location of where the construction was being done. The sky was a light blue to lavender and pinkish especially during sunset when there wasn’t a lot of dust in the upper atmosphere (which occurred frequently when we were on the surface).

Q4. Does the Solar Warden Space Program operate any off-planet bases? If so, where are these located?

Yes, there were some stations (Located in certain areas of the Solar System where vessels would dock for repairs, conferences and personnel transfers, etc…), there were also other bases on some moons and even Venus (on the surface and in the upper atmosphere). There are also some bases in nearby Star Systems that I know next to nothing about (never had a “Need to Know”).

Q5. In 1963, the USAF announced the Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) where they secretly trained military astronauts to go into space to conduct space surveillance. The MOL was publicly canceled in 1969 apparently due to the development of unmanned satellites. Was the cancellation of MOL genuine? Did the military astronauts go on to serve with Solar Warden or another space program?

The Earth Based Military Black Ops Services have separate and ongoing lower level space programs from the beginning. They are compartmentalized.  Those who operate craft and stations around Earth never see what else is going on out there. NASA ISS see their activities, these lower-level military black op’s programs see the NASA, Advanced (Breakaway) Secret Space Program activities as well as activities of off-world groups.  Few below those in command of these black op’s programs and the operators know of the other activities going on in the Sol System. The support and infrastructure portion of these black op’s programs are kept oblivious of other activities outside the atmosphere of the Earth.

Space stations and similar training labs have been launched into orbit for periods of time, used in secret and then allowed to burn up in reentry after they have served their purpose. 

Q6. In 1959, the US Army proposed Project Horizon which examined the possibility of establishing a Moonbase. Officially, Project Horizon didn’t progress beyond the feasibility stage. Is this accurate or did Project Horizon secretly proceed and/or was it combined with any other lunar base program?  

Most of the people in the Aeronautic Industries and Military know nothing about the Break-Away Civilizations and their advancements. They are still spending trillions of dollars developing technology to fight wars in the only way they know exists.

Q7. You have said that the Nazis established a base on the Moon, and this was later built over creating Lunar Operations Command. When did the Nazi’s establish their moon base?

They had made several attempts at creating a moon base that did not go so well going back to the 1930s. They did find an ancient building that was obviously built by much larger beings that they could cement and repair enough to pressurize and use as a temporary base while they constructed the underground base that had a few visible structures on the surface one of which did take the shape of a Swastika. This base was still being built when they made the breakthrough deals with the Americans in the early 1950s that gave them access to the Industrial Might that had cost them the European War. They now used this Industrial Power (Soon to be known as the Military-Industrial Complex) to their favor and built out a massive base that went down many levels in a “Bell Shape” and the surface structures built around the former structures to become what we now call the Lunar Operation Command aka LOC.


Q8. Which group of extraterrestrials helped the Nazi’s in their battle with Admiral Byrd in 1946/1947, and developing an off-world presence?

There was help from the Draco Federation as well as a group that the NAZI’s were led to believe were ET’s (“Arianni” or “Aryans”, sometimes called “Nordics”) an Ancient Earth Human Break Away Civilization that developed a Space Program (“The Silver Fleet”) and created bases below the Himalayan Mountains (largest in Tibet and call the system Agartha). The first craft they built used Mercury turbines and electro-gravity engines were developed by the assistance of this group.  Nazis and Earth Humans in contact with them believe them to be ET’s when they are actually Earth-Based Humans from Ancient Break Away Civilizations.  Ancient Break-Away Earth Civilizations have Space Programs and massive bases on the Earth, the Moon and elsewhere in the Sol System and other Sol Systems. 

Q9. Do you know anything about Hans Kammler and the Kammler Group that was in charge of the covert Nazi reverse engineering program and its relocation to Antarctica/South America/Moon?

Yes, there was much documentation about him and his teams being in both the three known Antarctic (Cities/Bases) and several secret underground bases in Argentina. 

Q10. What role did Maria Orsic and the Vril Society play in the Nazi moon base?

The Vril, Thule and Order of the Black Sun Orders were all involved in these programs. They had overlapping ideologies and agendas. Much of the Star Wars ideology of “The Force” and “Dark Lord Siths” and their “Masters” and The Power of the Dark Side, Dark Energy and Dark Star Energy was a mixture of science and religion to them. Many in the Intel Community became quite convinced that Maria Orsic was one of the “Blondes” that would land in UFO’s and talk to people in German and pretend to be an ET from another star system. Witnesses identified her as the same person they met from the Flying Saucer. She made it to the Antarctic Bases where she was using the Nazi’s Flying Disk technologies to spread disinformation through contactees.  These “Societies” survived the war and were in control of the facilities along with the group they believed was ET as well as the Draco Federation that they allied themselves with.

Q11. Is it true that in addition to the Nazi SS flying saucer program run by Hans Kammler, that the Vril Society had their own, possibly more successful program due to ET assistance?

The Vril, Thule, Black Sun Societies (Kammler was “Nazi SS” and active in the Black Sun and Thule Societies) were involved in advanced technology. They channeled information that had sent them to reverse engineer ancient documents from the East which led them to build a similar craft.  The Ancient Break Away Earth Human Civilizations said they were ET’s from another Star System.  Ancient Break Away Civilizations had done the same thing to the early Secret Space Programs until it was discovered that they were not ET’s at all but were Humans of self-isolated genetic groups that belonged to ancient civilizations on Earth. They sometimes looked slightly different from us but we’re very much our genetic forefathers. These Societies had made contact with the Draco Federation and another group that avoided the Draco’s. 

Q12. Did Orsic/Nazi organize an expedition to the Aldebaran star system?

Before they fully understood portal physics, this “expedition” ended up like the Philadelphia Experiment that the Americans would end up doing years later. 

During the 1950s and after the Nazis infiltrated and subverted the Military Industrial Complex and major Corporate heads they controlled the Break-Away Civilization Programs and also the mainstream government and financial system and turned America into a Corporate Entity with each of us “Assets” with our own serial numbers.  Secret societies controlled the financial system and financed both sides of the wars. Truman and Eisenhower signed treaties with the Nazi Break Away Civilization/Societies and the already well-placed Operation Paperclip Operatives (in Military, Corporate Industry, Intelligence and established Secret and Public Space Programs) slid into more powerful positions over the industrial complex of the USA that they coveted to expand their operations in space and form the ICC and all of the other Space Programs.  They did not lose the Lunar Base.  They infiltrated the groups that put a massive effort into expanding it into the massive complex that it is now.

Q14. Where exactly is the “Lunar Operations Command” on the moon, how big is it, and do you know of any NASA pictures revealing its location?

Photos taken of it by NASA/Military and a couple of other countries have been airbrushed to remove structures from the Moon that NASA employees believe are ancient.

Q15. You say that the Nazi’s infiltrated the U.S. secret space program, is that the dark fleet/Cabal and/or Solar Warden, or another SSP?

The Nazi Break Away/Secret Society Groups and their Allied ET/Ancient Break Away Civilization Groups needed the massive industrial machine of the United States that had defeated the Axis powers in World War Two. They had the Science and Technology covered but if they wanted to meet their goals of moving out into the Sol System to colonize on a large scale and setup industrial facilities and infrastructure across the Sol System to mine materials and create what they have today which has been largely achieved through the ICC Group Effort. When they forced the U. S. to sign a treaty and create a joint secret space program.  They had positioned operatives throughout the Military, Intelligence, Aerospace and Corporate world. They had the Financial/Banking world in society hands for generations before World War One. These groups worked with the groups under the Illuminati/Cabal. After the treaty was signed and the joint Secret Space Programs the Nazi Break-Away group won the race to infiltrate and take over the other side. They soon controlled every aspect of the U.S. from the Financial System, The Military-Industrial Complex and soon after all three branches of the government itself. 

Q16. Where do the Nazis fit in terms of the SSP Alliance and the different ancient civilizations? Are they part of the Dark Fleet SSP?

Nazi remnants made of Secret Societies created a “Break Away Civilization” that kept the most advanced technology secret from their Military and Political leaders setup enclaves in South America and Antarctica where ancient civilization ruins remained occupied by groups in thermal area under the glaciers. There was an underground and under glacier city complex in a couple of locations and the Nazi’s renovated an area that had plenty of room under the domed ice, thermal underground energy and caverns (accessible via U-boat under the ice flows and openings ideal for a hidden multipurpose base) perfect to secretly build during World War II. 

The US had figured this out quite early and after the failed Operation High Jump Mission the Operation Paperclip Scientists were asked to negotiate meetings. The Nazi Breakaway group received intelligence from their Paperclip spies that the Americans made the existence of alien life classified because free energy would destroy the Oil Trade, and the Money Magic Slave System Elites use to control the masses.

Eisenhower signed a treaty with them (and a few other groups both ET and Ancient Civilizations pretending to be ET). The Americans planned on infiltrating the Nazi’s and taking them over but “Nazi Occult Societies”  infiltrated every single high tech corporation and position of power inside the now “Joint Break Away Civilization/Program.” They have been involved in all western space programs and projects ever since.  Dark Fleet personnel work alongside the Draco Vessels outside the Sol System help them against the Dracos’ enemies.

There is classified technologies in use in these “Programs” that are suppressed. The “Free Energy” technologies would end the need of the “Current Oil/Petro Energy Companies”, “Frequency and Light Healing” technologies would end the “Current Pharmaceutical Corporations”, “Neurological Interface” technologies would end the need for “Large Education Institutions,”  “Food Replication” technologies and “Environmental Purification and Restoration” technologies would end poverty, starvation and reverse damage humanity has done to the Earth. These technologies would collapse the world economies and make the “Babylonian Money Magic Slave System” of no use anymore. It means the “Loss of Control” of the .01% (Elite) over the “Masses” and a complete “Paradigm Change”. In short it freedom for the first time in humanity’s history.

Relatively recently the “SSP Alliance” was joined by beings” that no one had encountered before. They are a 6-9th Density Group of Beings–“The Sphere Alliance”. These new “Sphere Beings” created an “Energetic Blockade” around Earth and our entire solar system. The nonviolent and have brought assistance mainly in the form of a “Message”.

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Blue Avian hand

BlueAvians contacted Corey Goode.  They told him they arrived as incoming galactic energies give people a chance to ascend.  To ascend we need to individually and collectively shift to a minimum of 51% serving others.

 Currently, we are too self-serving and in order to survive, we need to change or die.  Up till now, our culture has been negatively conditioned by the mass media which is controlled by dark forces.  We lacked truth and sufficient information to make positive choices. With the arrival of the Blue Avians and the new revelations being released by Corey Goode and others to the public, for the first time, we have an alternative.  With your help, we’ll spread the word awakening humanity to the awareness of higher consciousness and more loving and kind ways of being.

5 beings:
“Orb Beings”,
“Blue Avians”,
“Golden Triangle-Headed Beings”
and two others who have not revealed themselves to us yet
have been visiting “Many Tens of Thousands” of people in the form of “Blue/Indigo Balls of Light” while others have been visited by the “Blue Avians” and given a “Greeting Phrase” to know one another.

What is this “Message”?

Every day focus on “Service To Others.”  Be more “Loving. ”  “Focus on raising your Vibrational and Consciousness Level.” “Forgive Yourself and Others” (“Releasing Karma”).  

This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The “Shared Consciousness of Humanity”, and “Change Humanity One Person at a time” (Even if that “One Person” is yourself.). Treat your body as a temple and eat a “Higher Vibrational Diet.” 

The Blue Avians also gave a warning with this “Message”. They had tried to deliver this message “Three Other Times” and it had been distorted by humanity. They made it “very clear” that this information was NOT to become a “Cult or Religious Movement” nor was I to put myself (my “ego”) before the “Message” or elevate myself to a “Guru” status. 

Recently, says Dr. Michael Salla a species of beings whose skins are blue-tinted manifest in our dimension and near-space.  These “Blue Avians” said they came to help us deal with Earth’s imminent ascension energetics. Their message conveyed through Cory Goode, whom Dr. Salla, in the article below, queried extensively:


Humanity and all here on this planet will ascend and be the first generation to awaken and become conscious enough to join the Federation of species that inhabit the cosmos. With this new level of consciousness, all of us get the chance to go to the stars.

Blue Avians contacted Corey Goode.  They told him they arrived as incoming galactic energies give people a chance to ascend.  To ascend we need to individually and collectively shift to a minimum of 51% serving others.  Currently, we are too self-serving and in order to survive, we need to change or die.  Our culture,  negatively conditioned by the mass media, is controlled by dark forces.  We lack truth and sufficient information to make positive choices. With the arrival of the Blue Avians and the new revelations being released by Corey Goode and others to the public, for the first time, we have an alternative.  With your help, we’ll spread the word awakening humanity to the awareness of higher consciousness and more loving and kind ways of being.

 Even though he’s protected by the Avians, Corey Goode and his family have been threatened. Corey refuses to stop even though there are risks for the cost of not moving forward is far too high for humanity and the planet.  Our combined voices will defeat negative forces who do not want to yield to the inevitable, that humanity and all here on this planet will ascend and be the first generation to awaken and become conscious enough so they are invited to join the Federation of Light type forces and Star-Trekkian societies that inhabit the cosmos.  While five major secret space programs currently exist, the few, the elite are the only ones who are aware of such programs and at this time can participate. With this new level of consciousness, even the so-called lowliest of us, the poor and uneducated will now have the opportunity if they chose to select and follow a path to the peaceful exploration of the stars.  Gene Roddenberry would be proud.

Much appreciation to Dr. Salla for allowing us to share his material above.

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