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REPTILIANS CAN FRIEND US–Dr. Sasha & Janet Kira Lessin interviewed Nancy Tremaine on Nancy’s Reptilian Lover & Father of their Child

In Nancy Tremain’s Symbiosis, the true story of her relationship with a Reptilian friend, teacher and lover, “she shares the loving messages” he gave her to share with humanity. Together Nancy and her Reptilian mentor begat a son who’ll help us ascend to a new era of empathy and understanding.

In Symbiosis Nancy’s colleague David Chace reviews the data on Reptilians.  He finds Reptilians often have “skin covered with scales, facial features reminiscent of a lizard, fingers tipped with claws, webbed hands, central forehead ridge, eyes with vertical slit pupils and a bright yellow iris, flat nose, mouth a slit, muscular build, height close to seven feet.  Some Reptilians have tails, some not.

“Reptilians are sexual like us.” They like sex for enjoyment as well as using sex to create Hybrid Earthling-Reptilians like Nancy’s son. Chace writes, “Female contactees experienced sexual arousal when a familiar reptilian male came to them, even when he was in a dematerialized, interdimensional state. There is something about the presence of a reptilian that can enable a person in their sixties to perform like they were twenty again.

“Reptilians,” says Chace, “often take the role of protector.”

Nancy Tremaine is a lifetime experiencer, a participant in the hybrid project and a messenger.  She is alien by nature, human by choice and here on a mission, she believes she signed up for.  She is here to share the downloads and loving messages she receives from Mr., a Reptilian that has been with her in many lifetimes and the “collective mind.”

Nancy’s main mission is to a assist humanity in this spiritual evolution by urging them to come forward and lose the fear by stepping out of their safe zone and complete the contracts they signed up for.  She has spent the past 6 years reaching out to be heard despite the many people that tried to ignore her hoping she would go away and despite the many that worked so hard to silence her.  These are the very people that contributed to her becoming the warrior she is today.

Radio host Kevin Estrella and Nancy describe their encounters with ETs and discuss ET’s showing up at UFO Conferences. this show.

Symbiosis: A Love Beyond Space and Time Paperback

Nancy Tremaine was born in Detroit, Michigan, the middle of five children. She is a lifelong experiencer, messenger, and participant in the hybrid project. Symbiosis is the true story of Nancy’s lifetime relationship with a Reptilian being she has named Mr. He is her friend, teacher and sometimes lover. In this book, she shares the information she receives in the form of downloads and the loving messages she has been asked to share with humanity.
Two of Mr.’s  22 messages*:
“We are you–we are all one.
“Your destiny is to learn what you are and then express it perfectly.”
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Loving synchronicity, which placed in her path of those that tried so hard to silence her, has also equally contributed to her role as a warrior of truth. Nancy shares how despite her age, menopause and a Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation at the age of thirty, she became pregnant with her hybrid son, Drax. She also shares why and what his purpose will be for the new Earth. For over six years, despite severe frustration and pain, and after failing to receive the support of her family, Nancy has nonetheless continued to reach out, hoping to be heard and find joy in a world in which she often feels she does not belong…

Aquarian Radio at

 Listen to “Sacred Matrix with-Nancy Tremaine & Kevin Estrella – Hosts Sasha and Janet Lessin-2017-07-02” on Spreaker.

The 1st illustration from Nancy is a picture of a hologram.  She writes, “I discovered these infected looking scratches as I was putting on make up.  There was absolutely no feeling to them and in a matter of 4 hours or so they were nearly completely gone.  I was later given a vision of bonding with my son Drax.  It was his little hand grasping my breast as we bonded.  The year was 2012.
The 2nd illustration is of me on board in 1961 and the beings placing the cylindrical rod in my hand which contained information I would not come to know for over 50 years.  The message was, “take this baton and run with it, be an Ambassador.

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