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OUR ET ALLIES, EBES FROM SERPO, HELPED US CREATE AN INTERSTELLAR FLEET: Hear Len Kasten Share Defense Information Agency Documents

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1963, WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, NEW MEXICO: Just after sunset, runway lights flooded the runway where President Johnson and fifteen of his highest military and civilian bosses saw the disk from our ET allies–the Ebes–pop in and settle down.  Our people knew already regarded the Ebes as allies; they’d saved us from the Nazis in 1947 when we feared the Nazis in Antarctica would strike America with fighter disks like those they used to beat Admiral Byrd’s armada in the Antarctic battle of the Weddell Sea.  The disks the Ebens helped us develop warded off a Nazi invasion.

Now, in ’63, a tall, lanky extraterrestrial humanoid, Ebe2, emerged from a hatch; she wore a coverall dark blue bodysuit.  She was here for a four-hour visit.  Ebe2 announced in English that she had as gift to Earth, the Yellow Book.  The Yellow Book, she said, shows the viewer all Earth’s history and the history of the galaxy as well. 

Len Kasten, in Secret Journey to Planet Serpo writes that as Ebe2 and the Americans spoke a screen in her translation device showed a printed form in both Eben and in English.  She read the form aloud in English. 

Her two flight companions loaded their craft with the nine bodies of the Ebes who’d died in the Roswell and Kingman scout-disk crashes and landings.  They also loaded the body of Ebe1, the mechanic who’d survived one of the crashes.  Ebe1 had helped us contact Serpo and arrange for the exchange program, Crystal Knight, that would bring twelve Americans to Serpo in the Zeta Reticula system, 240 trillion miles from earth.  Ebe2 said she and an Ambassador would return to Earth in two years.  The Ambassador would remain and help the U.S. for twelve years while twelve Americans lived and study on Serpo. 

The meticulously documented record of the exchange program Kasten gives us in “Secret Journey” lets us see proof of the exchange program and the Yellow Book?  President Kennedy made it happen. 

The Ebes had been helping us since 1947, in a program run by President Eisenhower’s MJ 12 Committee and the Nazi-infiltrated CIA.  MJ 12 included the “deep throat” whistleblower who put the story on the web.  Kennedy wanted to cut off Allan Dulles, a Nazi sympathizer and the CIA chief (which was rife with pardoned ex-Nazis) from the Serpo Exchange Program.  Kennedy felt the CIA had marred his presidency with their failed invasion of Cuba.  He wanted the Serpo exchange program to be his triumphant legacy.  And he wanted the program out of the hands of Dulles and the CIA.  So Kennedy created the Defense Information Agency to take over all defense coordination. He charged the new agency to, as much as possible, share to our governments agreements with aliens and the technology they shared that could improve life on Earth.  Thank Kennedy and his DIA for the documents and leaks to the website www.serpo.org.

The website leader, probably a member of MJ12, wrote,

“The Yellow Book is an 8 x 11 inch object 2 1/2 inches thick made of a clear, heavy fiberglass. The border of the book is bright yellow.” When the viewer puts his eyes near the book and the device reads his electromagnetic aura, images appear, as do words in any of the 80 human languages the viewer uses. “Pictures tell the story of the Ebes lives, their exploration of the universe, their planet, their societal life and the Ebes longtime relationship with Earth.”  The Yellow book showed their first ambassador to Earth, some 2000 years ago, was Jesus.

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 “Once a reader put the Yellow book down then picked it up again later, it replayed all he’d already seen from the beginning.”   No one could keep reading the Yellow book more than 22 hours straight.

The Ebes returned two years later to take our team to Serpo and leave an ambassador to coach our engineers on the antigravity craft  they were making. 


In “Secret Journey to Planet Serpo” Len Kasten documents how ETs from a planet in the Zeta Reticula system came to snoop on our nuclear facilities but then saved us from Nazis and Draco Reptilians in Antarctica who’d given them fighter-disks.

The Nazis and the Dracos coveted Earth and its Galaxy. In 1947, when the Nazis retreated to their warm-water cave under Antarctica, the U.S. sent Admiral Byrd’s fleet to get them. Fighter-disks appeared at the cave’s mouth, shot down Byrd’s planes, sunk a ship, killed 64 marines, and forced his retreat.

Our military feared defeat from the disks. Fortunately, people (called EBEs) from the planet Serpo who had been monitoring our nuclear testing sites gave us disk technology that let us make our own antigrav disks able to repel Nazi disk.

The EBEs and the U.S. created an exchange program. Twelve American men would live 13 years on Serpo, the ETs homeplanet while an ambassador from Serpo would brief the American military making our disks. The Ambassador would assist President Kennedy’s Defense Information Agency in its mission to disclose our ET exchange with Serpo. A Pentagon insider had Spielberg mostly tell the true story. I say only mostly, because Spielberg added two women exchange-team members in his movie. He also showed his movie team blast off dramatic Devil’s Tower, whereas Kasten’s authenticated documents from the DIA shows they blasted off visually-boring Nevada nuclear testing grounds. The music scene, of course, was Spielberg’s pure Hollywood entertainment genius. But thanks, Steven, you showed us lots.


Secret Journey to Planet Serpo is a true Story of Interplanetary Travel.  It documents how 12 people, as part of a top-secret U.S. government program, traveled to the planet Serpo and lived there for 13 years.  It is based on the debriefing of the Serpo team and the diary of the expedition’s commander and explains how the aliens helped us reverse-engineer their antigravity spacecraft and develop technology to solve our planet-wide energy problems.   Secret journey reveals how our government has an ongoing relationship with the Serpo aliens.
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On July 16, 1965, a massive alien spacecraft from the Zeta Reticuli star system landed at the Nevada test site north of Las Vegas. Following a plan set in motion by President Kennedy in 1962, the alien visitors known as the Ebens welcomed 12 astronaut-trained military personnel aboard their craft for the 10-month journey to their home planet, Serpo, 39 light-years away. In November 2005, former and current members of the Defense Intelligence Agency–directed by Kennedy to organize the Serpo exchange program–came forward to reveal the operation, including details from the 3,000-page debriefing of the 7 members of the Serpo team who returned after 13 years on the planet. 

Working with the DIA originators of the Serpo project and the diary kept by the expedition’s commanding officer, Len Kasten chronicles the complete journey of these cosmic pioneers, including their remarkable stories of life on an alien planet, superluminal space travel, and advanced knowledge of alien technologies. He reveals how the Ebens presented the U.S. with “The Yellow Book”–a complete history of the universe recorded holographically, allowing the reader to view actual scenes from pre-history to the present. He explains how the Ebens helped us reverse-engineer their antigravity spacecraft and develop technology to solve our planet-wide energy problems–knowledge still classified. 

Exposing the truth of human-alien interaction and interplanetary travel, Kasten reveals not only that the Ebens have returned to Earth eight times but also that our government continues to have an ongoing relationship with them–a relationship with the potential to advance the human race into the future.


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— Len Kasten’s Research http://wp.me/p1TVCy-47u 

YOUTUBE & Slideshow: Click https://youtu.be/WNj8OyqRfRw” 

In 1909, the SOCIETY OF GREEN MEN who lived in an subterranean colony in Tibet and their Reptilian allies had Germany’s emissary to Imperial Japan, KARL HAUSHOFER, train Hitler, ally Germany with Japan, “conquer Russia, rule the Eurasian landmass, confront the West European and Anglo-American alliances,” and conquer our segment of the galaxy by 5000 CE.

“The Green Men were connected with the underground empire of Reptilian extraterrestrials from Alpha Draconis, said to extend from southwestern Tibet across India to Benares, India. This empire is called PATALA, “SNAKEWORLD,” HOME OF THE NAGAS SERPENT RACE AND GREYS from Zeta Reticula–a seven-level complex of huge caverns and tunnels deep underground.”

The Nagas “in alliance with extraterrestrials from Orion had already enslaved civilizations in twenty-one star systems in a nearby section of the galaxy. They chose the South Polar colony as a jumping-off point for their missions in this galactic neighborhood. Nazis had a pact with the Reptilian in 1933 that resulted in the transfer of advanced technology to Germany, including ANTIGRAVITY DISCS.”

The Reptilians invited the Nazis to build a colony next to the one they and their Grey allies kept in Antarctica. The Germans designed their Antarctic base, called Neuschwabenland, as “a joint German-alien scientific and technological development for interplanetary conquest.”

In 1943, Nazi Himmler picked ten thousand blond, blue-eyed 17-24 year-old Ukrainian women and 2,500 SS soldiers to Neushwabenland–four women for each soldier–and sent them to Antarctica in subs to breed Aryans for the Nazis.  

Stalin told Churchill and Truman that HITLER himself fled to Neushuabenland and had his double killed back in Berlin.

“The rest of the German population was left to perish in the Allied onslaught. THIS CORE ARYAN COLONY would breed the new race. With superior weapons and extraterrestrial friends, the Neushwabenland civilization would establish the Fourth Reich, take over and enslave the inferior races on the rest of the planet.”

When, as they expected, Earth’s poles again shifted 90 degrees, most people would die but Antarctica would “move to a temperate climate near the equator” and the Antarctic Aryans “would remain safe in their secure redoubt under the two-mile mantle of ice.”

The British twice attacked and the Germans at Neushwabenland twice beat them. In 1945 the Nazis sent, after they build their own craft, German and Japanese astronauts in one of the antigravity craft to Mars.

In 1946 Truman sent “thirteen ships– two icebreakers, two destroyers, two tenders carrying three seaplanes each, two tankers, two supply ships, one submarine, two helicopters, the aircraft carrier Philippine Sea, carrying six DC3 twin-engine planes, the flagship Mt Olympus and 4,700 marines” and announced this combat fleet would just explore, that’s all.

In 1947, after the Nazi craft defeated the Byrd expedition to Antarctica, “the U.S. military, alarmed about the Nazi antigravity fighter disks housed in their secure ice-bound redoubt in NEUSCHWABENLAND in Antarctica, knew the U.S. was vulnerable to invasion by these craft and defenseless against such an assault. American fighter jets could not be successful against aircraft that could hover, fly at supersonic speeds, and change direction instantly.

Consequently, when friendly EBEN ALIENS from Zeta Reticula offered a diplomatic exchange program that would expose us to their technology–far ahead of anything the Germans possessed–we could not refuse. It was necessary for the American military to quickly adapt in order to win. Eben scientists were here already and helping us develop antigravity technology.” [Kasten, L., 2013, Secret Journey to Planet Serpo 12-13]


Byrd’s “fleet encountered several flying discs that emerged from the water and attacked the ships in a twenty-minute engagement in the Weddell Sea. The discs were protecting the entrance to the tunnel.

“Flying discs sunk the Pine Island and killed sixty-eight marines; discs also zapped one of the seaplanes and killed three seamen onboard. Truman ordered the invasion canceled.

Byrd wanted Antarctica nuked, but Truman had him silenced.

The U.S. military had already seen a German made disc “without wings or rudder” overtake and explode our Liberator plane leading a formation of allied aircraft over Switzerland, then zoom out of sight. Byrd’s defeat convinced the U.S. was defenseless against the Nazi craft. The NAZI craft had “direct gyroscopic stabilization, television-controlled flight, vertical takeoff and landing, jam-free radio control, radar blinding, infrared search eyes, electrostatic weapon-firing, hyper combustible gas combined with a total reaction turbine and antigravity flight technology. The Germans and Japanese had already successfully landed one of these craft on Mars in 1945.

Kasten writes that Americans directed by the CIA’s Alan Dulles rescued the main NAZI criminal-scientists in the mind control, weapons of mass destruction development, germ warfare and ethnic cleansing.  After debriefing, these genocidal NAZIs were placed in defense-industry contractors, the intelligence services, military, oil  and drug industries that rule North America to this day.

After the Americans lost the battle against the NAZIs in Antarctica,  6-fingered human ETs from Serpo (descendants of Lyrans from Apex and exile in space) in the constellation Zeta Reticula who were snooping on our nuclear bomb research gave our clandestine military antigravity craft which saved us from the Nazi-Reptilian conquest with such craft.  A shuttlecraft from a Serpo mother ship crashed while it spied on our nuclear weapons–which they lacked–in New Mexico.   A crash survivor, Ebe1, and U.S. scientists made two-way communication with the ETs mothership and homeworld. 

The ETs gave us an antigravity saucer-ship and helped our clandestine military back-engineer the craft so we could block Nazi recovery and their conquest of Earth and beyond.  NAZI scientists, Kasten says, already run America.

In 1965 the U.S. sent ten military men and two military women (a doctor and a linguist) in the ETs rocket in a nine-month journey (through “space tunnels” without having to travel at light’s speed) to Serpo to get military and technological info.  While an ambassador from Serpo stayed on Earth to help our scientists, our team lived on Serpo thirteen years.  Seven of our people rocketed back to Earth; three stayed on Serpo the rest of their lives.

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>Inner Earth NAZIS WON 1947 ANTARCTIC BATTLE AGAINST U.S.  http://wp.me/p1TVCy-47u


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