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NINMAH (Lilith): “Here’s what I did with my brothers, ENLIL (Yahweh) & ENKI (Lucifer)”

Enki, Ninmah & Enlil--Chief Scientist, Chief Medical Officer & Commander, Goldming Expedition from planet Nibiru to Earth 430,000 years ago
Enki, Ninmah & Enlil
Chief Scientist, Chief Medical Officer & Commander
Goldming Expedition from Nibiru to Earth
430,000 years ago


by Janet Kira Lessin 

Excerpted from Legacy of the Gods *, Techno-Savvy ET s From the Planet Nibiru

En route to Earth, some 440,000 years ago, King Anu’s daughter Ninmah, whom the King had designated as Chief Medical Officer for the gold mining expedition from Nibiru to Earth isolated herself in her cabin to reflect on her relationship with her two half brothers, Enlil, Commander of Earth and Enki, the expedition’s Chief Scientist. King Anu begat Enki, Enlil and Ninmah with different mothers, but only Enlil’s mother, Antu, was Anu’s official Queen.

Alone, in her cabin, Ninmah reflected:

I, espoused to Ea, father’s firstborn son and my half brother, our offspring were to be the legal successors to the throne. I had it made. Why then did I fall for my brother Enlil? Enlil’s dashing and very seductive. He’s Legal Heir, the firstborn son of Antu, father’s half-sister and spouse.

Anu granted his firstborn son, Enki–then called Ea–son of a concubine, right of succession through sons born of me, Ninmah, Anu’s eldest daughter. As Ea’s spouse, I’d rule through my sons–the closest I could get to ruling Nibiru since I’m female.

But no more. Not only did I make love with Enlil, but I bore him a son, Ninurta. Father, severely angered, forbade me never to wed.

I truly love Ea and desire to fulfill my destiny. And yet, I betrayed him, my father and my people. I don’t understand myself sometimes. I thought all was lost. But then came an interesting turn of events. My mistake turned into a blessing in disguise.

In the reign of Anshar, fields diminished their yields. Fruits and grains lost abundance. From circuit to circuit the heat grew stronger when near the Sun. When in the faraway abode, the cold was more biting. Learned savants were summoned to the court. They found a breaching was occurring in the atmosphere. Volcanoes, creators of the atmosphere were becoming dormant. The atmosphere grew thinner, the protective shield greatly diminished.

The fields forgot their abundance. The people’s fertility diminished. In the palace, fertility was totally absent. The King adopted Lahma, a child placed at the palace gateway. In the end, he ascended to the throne.

The council of the learned gave Lahma two suggestions to heal the breaches. One was to use a metal called gold, the only substance that could be ground into a fine powder and suspended in the sky to create a new shield for the atmosphere and heal the breach. While rare on Nibiru gold was found to be plentiful within the Hammered Bracelet–Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars. Celestial fleets were to be launched for gold to take to Nibiru.

The second proposal: make Weapons of Terror to shake the ground lose, split the mountains and wake volcanoes to make their belching increase.

Feeble Lahma could not choose. Four shars–14,000 Earth-years–passed. Savants came and went from court, counselors rushed in and out. The king paid no attention to their words. Strife was abundant in the land. Food and water scarce, the unity of the land was gone. Accusations rampant, weapons retrieved, rebellion stirred.

A prince of the palace, Alalu, was the first to take up arms. He agitated the other princes. They rushed the gate of the palace. With their numbers, they barged through the barricade to the throne room. The king escaped to the tower. Alalu pursued. In the struggle, Lahma fell to this death. “Lahma is no more,” Alalu shouted, glee in his voice. Alalu rushed to the throne room, seated himself. He pronounced himself king, without right or council. Some rejoiced at Lahma’s death while others were saddened by Alalus deed.

The Seven Who Judge summoned Alalu. Alalu made his plea. Though neither Legal Heir nor Firstborn, Alalu claimed he was of royal seed.

From among the princes a young prince, my father, Anu stepped forward. In front of the council, he challenged Alalu’s right to the throne. After hearing both arguments, the council agreed with Father. He clearly showed that he had the better claim to the crown–direct descendent from Niburus first rulers, King An and Queen Antu. Father’s even named Anu after his namesake, An.

Alalu, very uncomfortable with the prospect of losing his throne, extended his arm to prince Anu and said, “Though by different offsprings, we are both descended of one ancestor. Let us live in peace and together return Nibiru to abundance.” Alalu proposed that he remain king and Anu be his successor.

As a compromise Anu’s son, my beloved Ea, and Alalu’s daughter, Damkina would wed. Their sons, not mine, would have the right of succession.

Father, always the peacemaker, agreed to be Alalus cupbearer, his successor-in-waiting. This union, while insuring peace, guaranteed that I could never wed my dear brother.

Thus Alalu on the throne remained seated. Once again sages, savants and commanders were consulted. Celestial boats were constructed to seek gold in the Hammered Bracelet. In the Hammered Bracelet the boats were crushed. None returned.

Next Alalu ordered Weapons of Terror launched from sky-borne chariots. They bombed volcanoes to activate them. Mountains swayed, valleys shuddered. With great brilliance thunder roared. The people rejoiced. They expected great abundance.

In the palace, Anu remained Alalu’s cupbearer. For nine shars (32, 100 years), our planet’s revolutions around Solaris, Anu bowed at Alalu’s feet, set the drinking cup in his hand. All that time, Alalu treated Father like a servant.

Still no relief. Every shar, every time our planet neared the sun, the heat grew harder to bear. When Nibiru came to the outermost skirts of Earth’s solar system, the furthest point in our the orbit–the cold grew harder and harder to suffer. Solutions to heal the planet were still not found. Crops failed, rains withheld, winds extreme, spring never came. Children were not being born. The people ceased to revere their king. Alalu failed to bring relief. While he remained comfortably seated on the throne, his subjects grew more and more miserable.

For nine counts, Alalu remained king. In the ninth shar, Anu could bear no more, challenged Alalu. Naked they fought in hand-to-hand combat. As per the customs of our people, the winners declared king. So that all could witness, they grappled in the public square.

Alalu bent his knee then onto the ground, fell on his chest. Dad, victorious, alone remained standing. He was escorted to the palace.

Alalu defeated, fearful of dying like Lahma before him, snuck away through the crowds. Unbeknownst to us, Alalu crept to the place where the celestial chariots were stored. He selected a missile-throwing craft and crawled into its hatch. Switching on the guiding launch lights, a bluish aura filled the chamber. Fire stones stirred, their musical hum enthralling. Rockets roared, reddish brilliance eradicated all shadows. Alalu free from Nibirus gravity, set course towards snow-hued Ki.

Ninmah’s reverie aboard the Earth-bound rocket was broken by her assistant, her young cousin Sud. Sud brought Ninmah a comm-disk from Enki. The disk had been downloaded for her on Nibiru. She inserted the disk in her computer, and listened to Enki’s voice:

Enki said, “I’ve come to peace with what happened between us. I’m happy with my life now; it’s what was meant to be. I admit I’ve not been without my emotional responses, some of which were huge and negative, not to mention reactions and judgments that were less than spiritually evolved. I’ve been through some very dark times, one night (maybe two) that I would call my “dark nights of the soul.” But I’m sophisticated enough, an old soul who’s been incarnated many times in many forms and spent enough time in this one to gain a bit of wisdom and insight into the nature of reality, especially this one that has its fair share of challenges. There are no victims in this passion play. And I’ve certainly not been one in our dynamics. Things are as they should be (and I don’t like shoulds, you know that). So here we are and now we have this relationship. So be it.

“Many times I fantasize about our life, how it could have been. I see you by my side, as my Queen and spouse, partner for life. Our children run at our side, grow up to be fine adults, intelligent, beautiful, excellent leaders each in their own right. I see us living in true partnership, balanced, equal mates, Queen and King, sharing leadership, guiding where each is best suited to lead, as it was long ago in our own history, the story of our civilization where it was meant to go long ago before our world started to fall apart, the atmosphere leaking into the heavens, our people dying en masse, the stress, strife, distrust, and war.

“War, so evil, so senseless. And here we are, people, who knew our fair share of such things. And now we are on the brink of extinction, payment for our folly. We have much karma to clear. And that is why I must thus attempt to clear any resentments and misunderstandings that stand between us and what we now must do.

“I know what’s coming. It’s inevitable that you’ll be asked to come here with a group of your finest healers to help me figure this out, to save our home, our world and now that I’m here and better understand a few things, to create and develop this one. Ninmah, this place is incredible. Its beauty must be much like Nibiru once was, long before we evolved as the dominant species and screwed everything up so horribly that nature itself and the Creator of All align against us to expel us from the planet, like parasites, like pests that must be destroyed or destroy their hosts.

“We must wake up, become conscious and do things better. We suffer our karma. Yet, we are growing up, becoming wise, and as long as I breathe, I dedicate my life, my very existence to my People, and, to you dearest, dear Sister.” So concluded Enki’s communication.


Ninmah and her 50 female medical officers landed on Mars, where she revived Alalu’s kinsman, Anzu and left him with 20 men to establish the gold processing and transshipment base there. Then she and her doctors rocketed to Earth. They made landfall at Enlil’s headquarters in Iraq.

Enlil, Ninmah’s former lover, obsessed with besting Enki, courted her again. He and Enki both wanted male babies with her, their half-sister and only half-sister on Earth. Nibiran law held that only with boys Ninmah could beget with them, would build their royal lines.

Enlil said he’d bring their son Ninurta to Earth. The Commander promised her a center in Sumer for her doctors. He bragged of his plans to layout Expedition settlements in lines across Iraq that would show incoming rockets where to land.

Then Enlil flew Ninmah to his place in Lebanon, perfect, he said, for her seeds from Nibiru. They’d make “euphoric elixer” from fruit her seeds would grow.

At his place, he held and “with fervor kissed her, ‘Oh my sister, my beloved,’ Enlil whispered. By her loins he grabbed her.” But “Into her womb his semen he did not pour” [Enki: 108].

For many months, hurt and angry, Enlil mooned about his gardens. Then, one day, he saw Sud, Ninmah’s gorgeous assistant. He hid and watched her bathe in his stream with other Med-Corps women. Gorgeous Sud would help him get over Ninmah.

He asked Sud to get high on elixir made from seeds Ninmah brought.

“Sud drank, Enlil drank too; to her Enlil of intercourse was speaking. Unwilling was the lass.

‘My vagina is too little. It knows not copulation,’ to Enlil she was saying.

My lips are too small, they know not kissing.”
Enlil rapes Sud

Enlil laughed and embraced her, kissed her.”

“His semen into her womb he poured.

“To Ninmah, Sud’s commander, the immoral deed was reported.

Enlil, immoral one, for your deed judgment you shall face.’ So did Ninmah to Enlil in anger say.


“In the presence of fifty Anunnaki, Seven Who Judge assembled. On Enlil a punishment decreed: Let Enlil from all cities be banished. Let him exiled be. In a skychamber [plane] they made Enlil leave the Landing Place [Lebanon] to a “Land of No Return” in Africa.” The Tribunal told Abgal, Enki’s pilot, to choose Enlil’s site. [Enki: 112 – 114]

Abgal had helped Enki hide Alalu’s nuclear missiles.


In Africa, at the site he picked for Enlil, Abgal secretly defected from Enki and allied with Commander Enlil. Abgal showed Enlil the missiles in the cave where he and Enki hid them after they sneaked them out of Alalu’s rocket.

Enki thought the nukes hidden. But, Abgal told Enlil, “At the right time, seize the missiles and prevail over all rivals. With the weapons your freedom obtain.” Abgal also gave Enlil the codes to activate the missiles.

Enlil chose, for now, to keep secret the fact that he knew where the nukes hid and how to activate them. [Enki: 114]


While Enlil viewed the missiles in Africa, in Sumer, Sud’s womb swelled. Enki and the Tribunal sympathized with her and asked if she’d marry Enlil. If he made her Royal Wife, she would.

So Enlil returned to Lebanon, married her, and professed sexual conservatism. He concealed his knowledge of the nukes’ secret cave.

Sud, now called Ninlil (Lady of Command), bore Nannar, the first Nibiran Royal born on Earth, then Adad. [Handbook: 7; Giants: 15; Lost Realms: 116].

Ninmah spurned Enlil. Now she could explore with former fiancee Enki. Enki told her, “Come with me in the Abzu [Africa], your adoration of Enlil abandon.”

In Africa, at his palace in Great Zimbabwe, “Enki to Ninmah words of loving spoke, sweet words he spoke, ‘You are still my beloved‘’ to her he said, caressing. He embraced her, he kissed her, she caused his phallus to water. Enki his semen into the womb of Ninmah poured.

Give me a son,‘ he cried.” If he could beget a son with Ninmah, the boy “would be considered a rival to Enlil and the sons of Enlil.”


But Ninmah bore Ninsun, a daughter. Enki copulated with Ninsun and begat another daughter and asked this child, his daughter’s daughter, her to begat a son with him.

Ninmah “was enraged, her pride wounded. “She brewed an irresistibly delicious and intoxicating elixir full of deadly herbs. As Enki drank” she cursed him. He fell to the ground, cup in hand. She wanted him to suffer. He began to shrivel up and age rapidly, his skin turning a putrid yellow.

King Anu pleaded with Nimah to end her curse and heal Enki. Enki begged Nimah to forgive him. “To distance himself from Nimmah’s vulva, Enki by raised arm swore; from her curse, Enki was freed. Though she cured him she never again let herself trust men.” To the Edin, Ninmah returned.” [Ferguson, 1995; 32 -33; Enki: 115-116]

Enki consoled himself; he flew Ereshkigal (Enlil’s son Nannar’s daughter) to Cape Agulhas on South Africa’s tip. Enlil had sent Enki to take granddaughter Erishkigal to run the Cape’s astronomical, climate and earth-monitoring station.

Enroute Enki seduced Ereshkigal.

Then Enki sent to Nibiru for his wife, Damkina, and their son, Marduk. Anu blocked Marduk from Nibiran succession and instead elevated Enlil and Enlil’s son Ninurta now in line to rule the home planet.

Enki delivered Ereshkigal, pregnant with his child, to the Agulhas Station in South Africa. There, Enki’s son, Nergal–bald, limping (since birth)–a powerful Enkiite Prince–bossed the mines and energy grid that ran over all southeast Africa. Nergal thought Ereshkigal, an Enlilite Princess, crowded him. He attacked the Station to kill her, but instead, married her.

Pregnant already, Ereshkigal bore Ningishzidda and ran the Cape Agulhas Station while Nergal ran the mines and energy grid. She sent Ningishzidda, to live in Great Zimbabwe with Enki.

Ningishzidda bridged the clans of Enlil and Enki. Enkiites–descendants of Enki–could trust Ningishzidda since Enki fathered him. Enlilites–descendants of Enlil–could also trust Ningishzidda, who also bore Enlil’s genetics–Enlil was Ereshkigal’s grandfather. [Wars: 111 – 112, 117, 176; Enki: 188-193, 195]


by Sasha (Alex) Lessin Ph. D. and Janet Kira Lessin

ET Homo Sapien giants from the planet Nibiru created short-lived slave–that’s us–from their genome to work goldmines. We called them “Anunnaki–Gods-From-The-Sky. They taught us violence, greed, slavery, debt. 

Their Chief Scientist begat Noah with an Earthling. Since the Deluge, Anunnaki have ruled through Noah’s descendants. Most Anunnaki returned to Nibiru after they nuked Canaan and Sinai and accidentally radiated Iraq. 

Some Anunnaki stayed to run Earth. They and their power elite still control us, playing us off against each other with wars, nations, empires, religions, and debt. 

Anunnaki, Legend of the Gods, helps us perceive the perverse perspective they perpetrated will not prevail. Peruse this volume, see the matrix they made. Nullify the Anunnaki Legacy and we can create a civilized world that honors everyone’s consciousness.


The Anunnaki, people like us, rocketed here 450,000 for years ago for gold to send home to powder for a sky shield. 

200,000 years ago, their miners on Earth mutinied. To replace them, the Anunnaki created us from their genome, copper, clay-embedded minerals, copper and genes from Bigfoot’s African ancestor. 

The Anunnaki gave us math, architecture, writing, botany, zoology, geography, kings, taxes, temples, priests, record-keeping, laws, libraries, kilns, wheeled vehicles, paved roads, medicine, festivals, beer, art, music, instruments, dance, and textiles. 

But they also imposed hierarchy, misogyny, violence, greed, slavery, debt, and war. In 2024 BCE they ruined their Mediterranean cities with nuclear bombs and fallout. 

Most of them returned to Nibiru, but some stayed and, with their hybrid kin, have kept us pitted against each other in dominator consciousness. 

Recently, however, Anunnaki Royals returned to Earth, joined Enki, and pledge to usher in the Age of Enki.

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