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NIBIRU’S MOONS, THEN NIBIRU, HIT EARTH: Lessin Article, Web Radio Show, Sitchin Youtube

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NIBIRU HIT EARTH 4 BILLION YEARS AGO Sitchin’s Lost Book of Enki Tablet 2 youtube

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by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Our Solar System grew from a gas cloud that circled its own center counterclockwise, cooled, and formed both our sun and, in Lloyd’s formulation, formed also a dimmer pair-star, a subbrown dwarf–Nemesis. Both the sun and Nemesis developed planets that circled them. Tiamat, the very watery planet that would become Earth orbited the sun between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars.

The ancient Enuma Elish describes how, four and a half billion years ago, our sun created Tiamat, then Mercury. The sun then, says the Enuma, sent Mercury with water and gold–comets and meteorites–to Tiamat. Planet-pairs formed: Venus with Mars, Jupiter with Saturn, Uranus with Neptune. These planets orbited the Sun counterclockwise, as did Tiamat. “There was no planet between Venus and Jupiter, where the Earth now resides and Pluto was a moon of Saturn.”

Tiamat lacked a partner-planet, but one of her moons, Kingu, enlarged. Kingu started to partner with Tiamat. Then Kingu could orbit the Sun, not Tiamat.

But, four billion years ago, before Kingu could orbit the Sun, either Nibiru or Nemisis invaded the Sun’ inner planetary system. (I call the invader Nibiru, but it could be Nemesis.) Nibiru, newly formed, belched fire and radiation. Neptune’s gravity pulled into the inner solar system, where it changed the orbits of all Solaris’ planets. When it approached Tiamat,” both Tiamat and Nibiru sprouted moons. [Lloyd, Dark Star: 41, 122 -124; ZS, 12th Planet: 219]

Nibiru, still plastic then passed Uranus, orbiting counterclockwise. Uranus’ gravity tore matter off Nibiru. This matter formed four moons (called South, North, East and West Winds) that orbited Nibiru clockwise.

Nibiru’s Apparent Orbit

Nibiru incoming (Public domain image)
Nibiru incoming (Public domain image)









Crop circle in UK that depicts Nibiru invading the inner solar system (public domain image)
Crop circle in UK that depicts Nibiru invading the inner solar system (public domain image)









Hit One: Nibiran Moon North Wind hit Earth: In the first Proto-Earth vs Nibiru clash, the planets didn’t hit but some the moons formed around Nibiru as it passed Uranus, hit Tiamat [Lloyd, Dark Star: 122 -124; ZS, Giants:111 – 114].

When Nibiru pierced our Solar System, it lost three of its moons and tore four moons from Uranus. When Nibiru passed Uranus, it tilted Uranus’s orbit.

One orbit of Nibiru into the inner solar system forced all Tiamat’s new sprouting moons from counterclockwise orbit into clockwise orbit. Tiamat’s new moons then circled Nibiru (instead of Tiamat). They formed “retrograde orbiting comets.” Nibiru’s perigee sucked off Kingu’s air and blocked Kingu’s orbit around the Sun. Kingu remained Earth’s moon.

Hit Two, Part 1 (of 4): Nibiran Moon Evil Wind Hit Earth: Some 200 million years ago, as Nibiru again transited the inner solar system, the gravity of Jupiter and Mars tore three more moons, Evil Wind, Whirlwind and Matchless Wind, from Nibiru. Evil Wind struck Tiamat. The collision knocked bits of Tiamat and its waters into clockwise orbits, we know them as retrograde (=clockwise) comets.

Nibiran Moon, Evil Wind, hit Earth, (Public domain image)
Nibiran Moon, Evil Wind, hit Earth, (Public domain image)








Hit 2, Part 2: Nibiru and its moons knocked Tiamat to pieces. 

Hit 2, Part 3: Nibiru hits Earth, forms Pacific Basin and Pangaia (Public domain image)
Hit 2, Part 3: Nibiru hit Earth, formed Pacific Basin and Pangaia (Public domain image)







The collision gouged a huge gap, the Pacific Basin, in the upper remains of Tiamat. Nibiru knocked all the remaining landmass into a single continent on the side opposite the Pacific gauge.

Then Nibiru itself hit Tiamat and split Tiamat into two parts, upper and lower; enuma calls the upper chunk the head. It calls the lower chunk the body. The collision gouged a huge gap, the Pacific Basin, in Tiamat’s severed head. Nibiru knocked all the remaining landmass into a single continent on the side opposite the Pacific gauge.

Hit 2, Part 3: North Wind Kicked Tiamat’s head toward Solaris. Nibiru’s moon North Wind, then hit the poor dented head again, and knocked it from its place between Mars and Jupiter into a  place between Mars and Venus.  In this new place, the head stabilized,  rotated on its own tilted orbit and orbited Solaris.

Nibiru’s moon North Wind, then hit the upper part and knocked it from its orbital position between Mars and Jupiter into a new orbit, between Mars and Venus. From this new orbit, Earth stabilized and began to rotate on its own tilted orbit as it revolved around Solaris.

Hit 2, Part 4: Nibiru knocked Tiamat’s body chunk to bits between Jupiter and Mars.: The next time Nibiru passed through the inner solar system, Nibiru hit the lower part of Tiamat’s remains. We call these shards, which careened into space, “asteroids”; Nibirans called them “The Hammered Bracelet.” , careened into space. Earth’s what the collisions left of Tiamat.











Earth’s crust formed 4 billion years ago on continents, but formed 200 million years ago under the Pacific. The crust,12 – 45 miles deep on land, lies but 3.5 – 5 miles under the Pacific Ocean. When North Wind and Nibiru hit Tiamat, no crust remained in the Pacific Gap, only a gaping hole. After collisions, silt ran into the gap from the land and volcanoes spewed lava into it; they created the thinner crust under the Pacific.

North Wind and Nibiru broke Earth’s crust into slabs. Then Earth “attained the shape of a globe dictated by forces of gravity. Waters gathered into the cavity on the torn-off side. Dry land appeared on the other side of the planet. Breakup of the Earth’s crust, plate tectonics, differences between continental and oceanic crusts, emergence of a Pangaea [a single continent] from under the waters, the primordial encircling ocean” led our scientists to confirm the Nibiran model of Earth formed after North Wind then Nibiru hit Tiamat. [ZS, Genesis: 96 -105].

The tilt of Earth 21 – 24 degrees on its rotational axis–the basis of our seasons and shifting days the equinoxes (apparent stand-stills of the Sun’s and other stars’positions) due to Earth’s wobbles–were caused either by the collision of Nibiru and its moon with Tiamat or the massive meteor that struck Earth 65 million years ago. [ZS, Time:62]

When North Wind and Nibiru hit Tiamat, they gave it rare molybdenum, needed for enzymatic reactions. Nibiru and North Wind set a “single genetic code for all terrestrial life.” In the Pacific, waters and life-seeds of Nibiru and Tiamat evolved together. [ZS, 12th Planet: 255 -256; 2010, Giants: 109-114]. ]

Nibiru stabilized into a clockwise 3,600-year orbit. But in 10,900 B.C., Uranus drifted away from the Sun and sped Nibiru toward Earth sooner than 3,600 years. As Nibiru flew by, Uranus caught Miranda, a moon of Nibiru. Miranda, now a moon of Uranus, circled it instead of Nibiru. From 10,000 B.C. on Uranus speeded Nibiru’s orbit to 3450 Earth years rather than 3600. Nibiru returned to perigee in 7450, 4000, and 556 B.C. and next returns to the inner solar system in 2900A.D. rather than 2012 as it would on its earlier, lengthier 3600-year orbit (though the debris 180 degrees from Nibiru on Nibiru’s orbital path, its far LaGrange point moving in harmonic procession always opposite Nibiru, is upon us now). Nibirans could communicate with and even travel to Earth both before and after Nibiru’s perigee–the two “Heaven’s Gates. The Infrared Imaging Satellite and the Naval Observatory confirmed Nibiru’s existence 1983 -1984. “NASA attempted to hush-up” Nibiru’s discovery in an published then denied the IRAS sighting. [Freer: Sapiens Rising. Part 1; Lloyd: Dark Star: 75; ZS, End: 315 – 317]

“Thick atmosphere protects Nibiru against the long periods of cold while deep in space when the planet is farthest from the Sun as well as hot periods when it is closest to the Sun. Their wounded atmosphere brought the Anunnaki [Nibiran Mining Expedition personnel] from Nibiru to Earth.” When Nibiru nears the sun, people on Earth see Nibiru without telescopes. [Tellinger, M., Slave Species: 88]

Nibiru’s perigee’s the “cross” we and Nibiru both suffer and enjoy. We suffer when Nibiru sweeps through the Oort Cloud of comets which shower Earth “causing a clockwork extinction pattern [Lloyd, Dark Star: 58]. We suffer Nibiru-caused rain, floods, earthquakes but we also enjoy technology Nibirans give us. Nibirans lose some of their gold shield when Nibiru nears us.

Nibiru’s also the “winged globe. Rulers of Sumer and Akkad, Babylon and Assyria, Elam and Uratu, Mari and Nuzi, Mitanni and Cannan, Hittite Kings, Egyptian Pharohs, Persian Shar’s–as well as the ancient Hebrews–thought Nibiru the home of the supreme god. All the peoples of the ancient world considered the nearing of Nibiru a sign of upheavals, great changes and new eras, expected to cause rains and flooding, [due to] its strong gravitational effects, which include an arrest in Earth’s spin on its own axis for one day. Earthlings thought when they saw Nibiru, peace and justice would settle upon Earth and the Lord shall judge among the nations and repute many people in rains, inundations and earthquakes.

Nibiru appears “from the south and moves clockwise.” It first aligns with Mercury “30 degrees” to the ecliptic. As it nears Earth, Nibiru rises another 30 degrees,” crosses Jupiter’s orbit and reaches perigee at “the Place of Crossing” where Nibiru struck Tiamat. It can be seen with telescopes “slightly south of the ecliptic” [the plane to the sun’s inner planets]. Then Nibiru starts “back into distant space.” to its aphelion, 20,000 astronomical units from our sun, around Nemesis. Nibiru crosses the ecliptic north of Sagittarius. [Lloyd, Dark Star:78 -83; ZS, 12th Planet: 237 -246]


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More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

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