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by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Enki, Chief Scientist of the Goldmining Expedition–the Anunnaki–from the planet Nibiru to Earth, some 250,000 years ago, beget Adapa and Titi on two fetching descendants of Adamu and Titi (the original breeding pair of Erectus/Nibirans).

A nearing of Nibiru to Earth a few centuries later devastated the Mars Transshipment Base Enki’s eldest son, Marduk (at one time, Pretender to the Throne of Nibiru), ran for the Expedition.

Ancient Rocket

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Schema of Adapa/Ezekiel’s journey to Nibiru/Heaven


Enki, Chief Scientist of the Goldmining Expedition–the Anunnaki–from the planet Nibiru to Earth, some 250,000 years ago, beget Adapa and Titi on two fetching descendants of Adamu and Titi (the original breeding pair of Erectus/Nibirans).

Nibiru & Nemesis 3







A nearing of Nibiru to Earth a few centuries later devastated the Mars Transshipment Base Enki’s eldest son, Marduk (at one time, Pretender to the Throne of Nibiru), ran for the Expedition.

Enki’s son Adapa, whom Enki tutored, showed such genius, that King Anu ordered Adapa, accompanied by his half-brothers Ningishzidda and Dumuki (but not Marduk), to Nibiru.

Adapa, Enki's Half-Breed son
Adapa, Enki’s Half-Breed son








 Marduk, now without a command, rocketed with Enki to the moon, and there Marduk complained that Enki’d sent Ningishzidda and Dumuzi, not he (Marduk) to Nibiru. Nibiru’s King Anu did not want Marduk–a potential rival to Enlil (Anu’s heir)–to return as a  hero to Nibiru. On the moon, Enki said Marduk, when Marduk’s celestial constellation namesake, the Ram, was ascendant, would rule Earth.

In the south of Africa, from Mozambique to Botswana, Zimbabwe and beyond, where the descendants of Adamu labored for the Nibirans, “the extended ancient settlement covers an area much larger than modern Johannesburg, more than 500,000 square kilometers.” The Nibirans and their Adamite slaves built circles of stone linked by a never- ending web of over 500 kilometers of roads or connecting channels lined on both sides with over 500 million large iron-rich, magnetically-charged stones. The roads climb hills too steep for animals.

Stone connecting channels for the Anunnaki gold works run all over the south of Africa

The Nibirans and their hybrid laborers in South Africa sent capacitated energy generated by sound along connecting lanes. They moved goods and water with “a levitation device that tapped into the magnetic content of the stones–in the same way modern trains float above their electromagnetic tracks and helped them lift stones heavier than 10 tons. They used a floating substance, the same monoatomic gold that they shipped back to Nibiru to save its atmosphere. The roads connected pits to leach gold, houses, terraces, workstations and ceremonial centers. Three of these South African cities that contained 1086 million circular stone ruins covered 10,00 kilometers.”
stone circles of s Africa





70,000 years ago, poison gas and dust a supervolcano at Lake Toba in Sumatra swept over the ancient African goldmining complex. Survivors fled Africa. These refugees were the early Bantu (devotees of Antu’s wife) fled to India, after “prevailing winds from the supervolcano carried most of the dust and poisonous gasses westwards towards eastern and southern Africa [and] caused a mini ice- age. The most affected area: southern Africa, where the first civilization lived.” The refugees carried the memories of the earth-moving equipment, astronomy, metallurgy, writing, architecture, energy generation, aircraft and weaponry of the Nibirans, but did not know how to make the tools. [Tellinger, M., Temples: 53-82, 122-125;]


Adapa and Titi, Enki’s son and daughter, mated. Titi bore twins, KA-IN and ABAEL, the first ADAPite humans, humans with far more–due to Enki’s genetic infusion–Nibiran genes relative to Erectus genes than their mothers, the ADAMite girls Enki impregnated.

Enki schooled his (albeit clandestine) son Adapa.Enki Tutored Adapa slide w caption

Enki and Damkina with Adapa and Titi
Enki and Damkina with Adapa and Titi









Adapa trained and oversaw the workers Anunnaki brought from Africa to work the bases in Iraq.  He watched over bakers, water system workers and fishermen and made sure they supplied the Anunnaki and fed themselves.  Adapa kept the stats and supervised offerings to Enki. 

Enki ordered Adapa to teach his descendants–the enhanced Earthlings–to run farms, herds, estates and less enhanced Earthlings. Enki brought more Earthlings from Africa to Sumer for Adapa to train for the Mission bosses’ homes and facilities.

Adapa worked, studied, pondered. He learned Nibirans ate the Bread of Life and drank the Water of Life to live hundreds of thousands of years. Without those substances, he’d die in mere thousands of years. He begged Enki for the Bread and Water, for immortality.

Adapa, “a busybody in charge of the services for which the primitive workers were brought over to the Edin, supervised bakers, assured water supplies, oversaw fishing for Eridu [Sumer, Iraq] and tended offerings.” Enki, either with a device that changed the wind that blew down the Persian Gulf to blow Adapa north in a sailboat or he sent Adapa in a rocket. In either case, a Spy told Enlil, Commander of the Expedition and Enki’s rival, that he saw Adapa speed North. [ZS, Encounters: 51 -55]


Enlil beamed King Anu on Nibiru “Enki changed Gulf weather to blow Adapa south.” Anu sent his Visier Ilabrat to Earth for Adapa. Enki gave Ilabrat Adapa and sent his two unmarried Earth-born sons, Ningishzidda and Dumuzi, with Adapa to meet grandfather, Anu, and perhaps find Nibiran brides.  Anu let Enki’s sons Ningishzidda and Dumuzi—but not Marduk, his potential rival for rule on Nibiru, rocket with Adapa to Nibiru.



On Nibiru, King Anu asked Adapa why Enki changed the wind south and sent him down the Gulf.

Ningishzidda slipped Anu a sealed tablet from Enki. Enki’s tablet said he wanted Adapa to breed more enhanced Earthlings. Enki confessed fathering Adapa and Titi with Earthlings descended from Adamu and Ti-Amat. Ningishzidda already knew, from Adapa’s DNA, that Enki begat Adapa and Titi. Enki asked Anu to send Adapa back to begat more hybrids, to father more ADAPITES–Civilized Humans.

Anu said,”


Enki’s tablet asked Anu to deny Adapa food or elixir–the Bread of Life (probably monoatomic gold, the “Manna from the Heavens”) and the Water of Life–that would lengthen the lives of Adapa and his descendants.  “Nibiru’s got a month window to rocket Adapa and my royal boys back to Earth.  I need Adapa to breed superior Earthlings.*  


Anu gave Ningishzidda grain seeds and told him to take them and Adapa back to Earth. “Adapa  with Enki, teachers of Civilized Man be,” said the King.  


Anu told Dumuzi, “On Nibiru stay, animal husbandry to master till Nibiru next nears Earth. [3,600 years] then to Earth return” Dumuzi would bring sperm and female goats and sheep to inseminate. He’d teach his nephew Abael to tend the animals.[ZS, Encounters: 49 – 65; Enki: 173 174]

* Rockets from Nibiru reached Earth best when Nibiru neared the Sun, at perigee. But at perigee also, Nibiru ‘s gravity perturbed planets and Nibiru’s atmosphere. Nibirans shuttled to and from Earth to match the best launch times, a span of 13 to 18 Earth months before Nibiru gets closest and, leaving, before it gets to far from Earth.

While Nibiru “continued its vast elliptical orbit, the spaceship followed a shorter course and reaches Earth far ahead of Nibiru or, for a shorter stay on Earth, the rocket launched “when Nibiru was midway back from apogee,” a few years ahead of Nibiru.

When the rocket neared Earth, “it went into orbit around the planet without landing and released a shuttlecraft to land.

“Some of the earlier arrivals ascended to an Earth module and rejoined the spaceship for a trip home.  To return, the shuttle had to rejoin the mother ship, which had to fire up and accelerate to extremly high speeds to catch up with Nibiru.”  Shuttles took gold Earthlings mined to and from the base on Mars. [ZS, 12th Planet: 282 – 271]

Prior Episode, The Lost Book of Enki, Tablet 7

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