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Anu ordered Marduk from exile in North America to Tiahuanaco.  Anu’s predecessor Alalu, remember, had married Enki to his daughter Damkina and she bore Marduk.  Though Alalu and Anu agreed Marduk would succeed Alalu as Nibiru’s King, Anu deposed Alalu.  Marduk enraged Nibiru when he married hybrid Adapite Earthling, Sarpanit.  Then Marduk supported the Igigi when they seized 200 Earthling wives and at Baalbek.  The Nibiran Council punished Marduk: banned him and forbade him to ever rule Nibiru. 

Anu thought he hurt Marduk when he favored Marduk’s brothers Dumuzi and Ningishzidda and invited them, but not Marduk, to Nibiru.  Anu wondered if “by Dumuzi and Ningishzidda to Nibiru inviting, Marduk’s ire I myself have caused.” 

Marduk and Nabu came to the King and told him Sarpanit died.  Anu pardoned Marduk and commuted his exile. [ZS, Enki: 272]


“Anu said [ZS, Enki: 275],

‘If Mankind, not Anunnaki, to inherit the Earth is destined, let us destiny help.  Give Mankind knowledge, up to a measure secrets of heaven and Earth them teach, laws of justice and righteousness teach them, then depart and leave.

After Anu and Antu flew back to Nibiru, their rocket filled with gold, Marduk raged at the regions of influence Anu gave his rivals.  Marduk said Inanna blamed him for Dumuzi’s death which she herself caused.  Now, Marduk whined, Inanna consorted with Anu, who gave her reign over the Indus Basin, as well as Uruk.  Enlil told Adad to guard the Enlilite South American facilities from Marduk while the other Nibiran Earth Mission leaders returned to Sumer. [ZS, Enki: 275-276]


Enlil named the era, his, “Age of the Bull.”  He had his sons and grandsons declare themselves and other Nibirans descendants “gods.”  Mixed Nibirans and Earthlings were demigods, who would direct Earthlings to build temples and cities to serve the gods.  He ranked the gods.  His father, King Anu, he ranked 60. 

Enlil numbered himself and his successor, Ninurta, 50s.  Enlil ranked Enki 40, Ninghzidda 52, Nannar, 30. Nannar’s son Utu ranked 20, Utu’s sister Inanna, 15.


 Ninurta asked Enki at Eridu for computer programs (MEs) he needed for a city.






Ninurta: Enlil’s Duke








Ninurta had his Earthlings create KISHI, the first city an Earthling king he appointed ruled. Then Ninurta had his men build LAGASH, a city with a hangar for his aircraft, an armory for his missiles and a temple-home for himself and his wife, Anu’s youngest official daughter, BAU.

 UTU rebuilt SIPPAR, home of Sumer’s Supreme Court, and made laws for the Earthlings.  NANNAR ruled the city of URIM.  Adad returned from the Andes to a temple in the mountains north of Sumer.  Marduk and Nabu moved to Enki’s place in ERIDU.   [ZS, Encounters: 68; Enki:275-278]

Enlilites now upleveled Sumerian Civilization; they introduced SCHOOLS and taught Earthlings to WRITE and PRINT on clay; how to find, extract, transport, REFINE and alloy minerals.  Through their kings’ administrations, Enlil’s sons introduced silver MONEY so Earthlings could buy and sell and so Earthlings could be manipulated by the monetary policies they were given. 

“Sumerian cities were highly organized, with central government and social class structures.  Each city was populated by up to 10,000 people, rising to 50,000 by 2700 B.C.. Agriculture still took the majority of workers, but created stable food so other citizens could work as masons, bakers, weavers and tradesmen overseen by municipal bureaucracy.”

 Kings had assemblies frame laws and choose COURT JUSTICES.  “Procedings, judgements and contracts were recorded.  Justices acted like juries.  A court was three or four judges, one a professional, the others drawn from a panel of thirty-six men.”

Ninurta’s staff taught Earthlings to use PETROLEUM–bitumens and asphalts–that just oozed out of the ground in Sumer as fuel for kilns.  With the kilns, men made molds and bronze objects.  They used petrol for to surface roads, to make cement, to calk and water- proof buildings and even make artificial lapis lazuli.

 Earthling kings learned to “carry out major CONSTRUCTION work with architectural plans, organize and feed huge labor forces, flatten land, raise mounds, mold bricks, transport stones, bring rare metals from afar, cast metal and shape utensils.  Sumerians built many types of ships, some able  “to reach faraway lands in search of metals, rare woods and stones.” [Lloyd, Dark Star: 33; ZS, 12th Planet:12- 49]


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(to be continued)
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