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GOLD: Did Anunnaki Prince Marduk use white powder of monoatomic gold to rephase his loyal Egyptian pharaohs?

Did the giant Anunnaki humans from the Planet Nibiru also use monoatomic gold to extend their life-spans and lighten loads for transport?

From MARDUK, ANUNNAKI KING OF EARTH by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)


The Anunnaki, Homo Sapien ETs from the planet Nibiru who came to Earth 450,000 years ago, came here for gold.  They needed gold, which they powdered and floated into the atmosphere of their home planet to patch a hole in their atmosphere.  

On this planet, Earth, the Anunnaki may have used the powdered gold to lighten loads they moved about over hundreds of miles that ring their southeast African goldmines.  There and all over the planet, the Anunnaki mined gold with labor from a slave race–that’s us– which they adapted from their genome when they added a bit of copper, clay and a few proto-Bigfoot (Homo Erectus) genes.  

The Nibirans developed a world-wide electromagnetic wave in their pyramids scattered about the Earth and on their bases on Mars and relayed the wave on quartz-rich obelisks on both Earth and Mars.  

They apparently used the gold for electronic equipment, medicine, and life-extension.

Anunnaki Prince Marduk, Lord of Egypt, heard that his enemy, Commander Enlil’s granddaugher Inanna told her Earthlings in her Sumerian fief Uruk that gods like her lived forever. He saw Inanna’s Uruk King Gilgamesh and other Earthlings obsessing to live forever. Anunnaki “Gods” lived long but died after millennia or someone could kill them. Their lives shortened on Earth. Their Nibiran/Earthling descendants lived even shorter lives. But to shorter-lived Earthlings, Anunnaki seemed immortal.

Marduk Promised Pharaohs Eternal Life on Nibiru.  He used his pharaohs’ wishes to live forever to control them. If loyal to him, he’d mummify them too and rocket them to Nibiru to share eternity.

Marduk may have used monoatomic gold to change the phase of pharaohs who served him well.

Botswanan scholar Benson Saili, citing Ningishzidda’s Book of the Dead writes that, from the first to the forth Egyptian dynasties, they “simply changed dimensions. They voluntarily translated from this physical realm to the spiritual realm using monoatomic gold (ormis) with which they were smothered or which they ate and experienced painless death.

“In the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pharaohs disembodied and embarked on a journey through a tunnel to the spaceport in the Sinai Peninsula, where they boarded an etheric spacecraft which transported them to Nibiru–not the physical Nibiru but its subtler equivalent.  

“Lawrence Gardner in Genesis of the Grail Kings wrote ‘The Pyramids were constructed with the technology of the superconducting highward firestone (Ormus), found in their respective King’s Chambers. In the 9th century AD, when the first explorers tunneled their way into the sealed chamber, they found in there a “lid-less, hollowed, granite coffer, containing Ormus. The Kings Chamber was a superconductor capable of transporting the pharaoh into another dimension of space time through the Meissner Field (a body’s polar magnetic aura) where the pharaoh’s rite of passage was administered in accordance with The Book of the Dead.” 

We now know how to make and use white powder of monoatomic gold.  See the youtube below and learn how.  Be aware that conventional commentators deny its efficacy for healing. 


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