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Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

 Individual and collective tellhar fields we generate from medition, prayer, visualization, abreactive catharsis, existential reflection, trance-dance, tantric unification, musical jams, entheogen facilitation, athletic exhilaration and loving generosity can, IMHO, make morphogenic field perturbations.

When 1 to 3 percent of us meditate in our own unique methods, everyone can, beneath the tears rage and fears that have kept us from empathy, see each others’ inner light, and know that light runs through all the apparent others and shines within us too. When 1 to 3 percent of us meditate we can move humanity from the materialist matrix to the transcendent truth: we are one. We generate geometric fields from meditative practices. In groups our field generation’s synergized; it equals more than the field each of us could generate alone.

Go inward at Angor, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu or Serpent Mound, and you send the passion of loving oneness to all beings, even to the hearts of today’s national pharaohs.

If our meditations, whatever their form do not change humanity, we’ll at least enjoy unity consciousness ourselves.  

The Anunnaki, other extraterrestrials and then the ancestors of humanity on every continent built megalithic–big rock–sites on Earth’s ley lines–oscillating telepathic internet fields where all who worship fuse their consciousness into one group mind and can communicate with people and their knowledge at other megalithic sites. aaa ley lines captioned

Giant telluric waves, undulating vertically and linked to the geomagnetic field of Earth, create a network of crisscrossing lines all around the planet.” The builders marked crossing points with temples and standing stones.  Elongated shapes–mehir, steeples or towers) acted as antennae, attracted “cosmo telluric waves” that continue to flow through the worldwide network. 

“These cosmo-telluric lines” let the Anunnaki, other ETs on Earth and our ancestors “gather a whole body of knowledge.” Hardy contends we can, at these sites, “trigger a shift to a heightened and more spiritual state of consciousness.”  Though the ETs chose the sites, our ancestors in every era and on every land anchored them with stones and buildings. Once fixed, our forefathers’ reinforced the broadcasting power when they prayed at the sites. Our genitors experienced “planetary consciousness when they did rituals at the big-stone sites.” [Sacred Network: 4 – 8]

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