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For a few decades on Nibiru Marduk (aka Ra, Ra-amon, Amon, Aten, Bilulu, Bel, Nimrod, Ares, Mars), son of Damkina (King Alalu’s daughter) and Enki (Enki was son of Anu, Alalu’s successor), could succeed Alalu.  Until Anu overthrew Alalu, both Anu and Alalu proclaimed Marduk Heir Presumptive.

Marduk’s father’s brother Enlil (Commander on Earth) gave Marduk rule of the transhipment facility and the Astronaut Corps on Mars.  But 350,000 years ago, Nibiru neared Earth and brimstones rained on Earth and Mars, loosed earthquakes and volcanoes on both planets, trashed Marsbase and forced the Corps to leave it.  So Marduk lost his command.  Enki took Marduk to the moon.  They surveyed the moon as an alternative base.  On the moon Enki gave Marduk vast scientific information.  Enki told Marduk he’d help him reclaim his right to rule.  9780 BCE.: Enki gave Marduk rule of Egypt and its Earthlings.  Marduk divided Egypt between his sons Seth and Osiris.

Marduk said he’d marry Sarpanit, a hybrid daughter of  Enmeduranki (Enoch–a direct descendent of one of Enki’s Earthling sex partners.
















Marduk’s marriage would bind the Earthlings to him; he’d wield them as weapons, and defeat Enlil on Earth.  Then with armies of Earthlings, he’d reclaim his right as Alalu’s heir to rule Nibiru.  Enlil let Marduk and Sarpanit proclaim they’d wed at Eridu.  But Enlil ordered the couple, after they wed, to Egypt.  200 Igigi astronauts occupied the Lebanon Airport, then flew to Eridu.  After the wedding, each astronaut seized an Earthling woman.










The Nibiran astronauts took the 200 Earthlings back to Lebanon and radioed Enlil: “Bless our Earthling marriages or by fire all on Earth shall we shall destroy.”  Marduk, the astronauts’ Commander, demanded Enlil ratify the unions.  Marduk and Sarpanit stayed with other Igigi families in Lebanon and begat Nabu. When Enlil ordered the Indus Valley developed as a dowry for Inanna and Dumuzi, Marduk had his sister Geshtinanna seduce their brother Dumuzi.  















Dumuzi (as Adonis) and Inanna











After she got Dumuzi’s ejaculate, Geshtinanna said, “Marduk of raping me will accuse you.”  Dumuzi drowned as he fled Marduk’s agents. Inanna chased Marduk through the chambers of the Great Pyramid.  When he came out, the Enlilites convicted him and sentenced him to die.  Anu had Ningishzidda rescue Marduk.  The Enlilites exiled him to North America.  In Egypt, they now called Marduk Ra-Amen (Amen = hidden) In 8670 BCE Inanna & the Enlilites again defeated Marduk and his armies.

Marduk and his forces fled to the mountains.  Inanna blasted them with “an explosive beam and forced them south.  Marduk, Gibil, Seth, Horon and Enki escaped into the Great Pyramid at Giza.  In exchange for a peace treaty, Enki surrendered and replaced Marduk with Ningishzidda as ruler of Egypt.

In 3850 BCE Anu inspected the Earth Project, and at the Peruvian Spaceport pardoned Marduk.  Sarpanit had died; Marduk and Nabu moved to Enki’s place in Eridu.


The extraterrestrials from the planet Nibiru who adapted their genome to Earth to create us as their servant-race, deliberately imprinted deadly competition ameliorated with debt-producing trade upon us. The Nibirans on Earth had us call them “Anunnaki”Sky Gods.” Though the Anunnaki had advanced technology, they numbered less than a thousand. We numbered hundreds of thousands. The Anunnaki trained us to distrust and periodically war with neighbors and those whose worship differed from ours, the matrix of separation and hostility that guides world politics to this day.

Back in 3450 BCE, we all spoke the same language, until a prince among the extraterrestrials decided to challenge the Commander of the Nibirans on Earth. The prince, Marduk, had once been in line to become King of Nibiru, when his mother’s father, King Alalu died. Marduk’s father’s father Anu, however, killed Alalu, denied Marduk the Crown and seized it for himself.

Marduk joined the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth and settled at Bab-il, just north of his father Enki’s place in Northern Iraq. Marduk married Sarpanit–a part Anunnaki/part hybrid to show he aligned with us of the servant race. Marduk also allied with the shuttle-service astronauts (the Igigi) and developed his own priesthood in Egypt. He challenged Enlil, who ruled Earth for Anu. Today Marduk fought for rule of Earth, tomorrow, he’d take his birthright, the Throne of Nibiru.

In 3460 B.C.E. Marduk “decided he would extend his father’s privilege” of a base in Sumer at Babylon (within Eridu), as his headquarters.”  Marduk had his Earthlings built  a “tower whose head shall reach the heavens–a launch tower.  Nabu gathered Earthlings and Marduk taught them to make bricks for Babylon, his spaceport. With a spaceport, he’d challenge the Enlilite spaceport on the Sinai.

  Launch Tower under construction












 But Enlilites bombed the tower and Marduk’s camp at Babylon and he fled to Egypt.












Enlilites scattered Marduk’s Earthlings and gave them different languages and scripts.


“Marduk, after a long absence, to the Land of the Two Narrows [Egypt] returned, Ningishzidda as its master he there found.”  For the next 350 years, armies Marduk and Nigishzidda clashed over Egypt.  Finally, Enki ordered Ningishzidda to leave Egypt to Marduk.    Enki hadn’t passed rule of Nibiru to Marduk, but maybe he could settle Marduk in Egypt.  Enki gave him computer programs to make Egypt prosper; he gave him all his knowledge except how to revive the dead.  Marduk replaced Ningishzidda s image on the Sphinx with Osiris’.  Marduk told his pharaohs he’d mummify and rocket them to Nibiru for eternity with the gods.  He rallied Egypt against the Enilites.

In 2316 BCE Sargon and Inanna invaded Babylon, filled an urn with Babylon soil and planted it in Agade, symboling she’d build her own tower to launch rockets to Nibiru.  Marduk returned from Egypt to Babylon.  When Marduk fortified Babylon and diverted rivers to it before they flowed to other Sumerian cities and said he’d build his spaceport in Babylon. Marduk’s waterworks stopped water to Sumer’s Enlilite cities, Inanna loosed lasers on his Earthlings and he shot laser beams at her armies. The Anunnaki Council told Nergal to restore Sumer’s water and disarm Marduk and Babylon.  In Uruk, Nergal allied with Inanna and asked Inanna to help thwart Marduk.  Nergal and Inanna made love and planned to conquer the Earth.

Nergal and his Africans marched to Babylon, where Marduk greeted them.  Nergal promised Marduk if he’d leave Babylon for South Africa, he’d get weapons–Alalu’s hidden nukes–and computers hidden there.  Marduk said that if he left Babylon, the waterworks would fail, and Sumer’d suffer floods, dried-up crops and cholera. Nergal said he’d respect the waterworks.








Marduk & Nergal palaver







Reassured, Marduk went to South Africa.  Then Nergal destroyed the system and created floods, dried-out fields and canals throughout Sumer.

Marduk took Harran from Nannar and cut Sumer from trade with the Hittites.  Nabu roused the cities west of the Euphrates and Canaan against Enlil.  Marduk and Nabu threatened both the Spaceport.

Nergal nuked Marduk’s forces in Canaan. 

Nabu escaped westward to an island in the Mediterranean.  The nuclear cloud blew to the Enlilites’ Sumerian turf and killed all Sumer except Marduk’s Babylon.  Marduk made Babylon Capitol of Sumer and, around 2000 BCE, proclaimed himself God of the gods.  He renamed Nibiru, after himself, “Marduk” and created New Years Celebrations there to enact “his” entry into the inner solar system and creation of Earth, then of Earthlings.  He renamed Mercury, “Nabu.”  Marduk developed a priesthood which studied omens and a horoscope that predicted the effects the planets–and their namesakes–had on Earthlings.  He degraded Sumer’s astronomical observations, compassionate support of citizens, and the status of women, who were generally excluded from high office and the exercise of art.

In 587 BCE, forces of Marduk’s Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar overran Enlil’s forces in Jerusalem.  Nebuchadnezzer installed a king there, ordered worship of Marduk. In 539 BCE, Marduk “welcomed” Cyrus of Persia to Babylon. The Persian king Xerxes, in 482 BCE, decided to destroy the tomb of Marduk, who’d recently died.  Alexander of Greece conquered the Persians.  “Alexander reached Babylon in 331 BCE, Alexander went for blessings to Marduk’s temple, but saw Marduk there, preserved in oils.

Reports of Marduk’s doings on Earth and Nibiru indicate that he was revived and is to this day a major player in Earth’s politics.


Around 6th to 8th Century CE, 300 of the 400 Anunnaki on Earth obeyed Marduk. If he united Earth, he might win Nibiru too.

Back on Nibiru, King Anu created a succession opportunity to unite his descendants against Marduk. The King beamed Royals on Earth, “Return. A new King, his selection to be decided.”  Anu lifted the ban from Nibiru he’d imposed on Marduk so Marduk could hear who would next be King of Nibiru.

“Enlil and Enki returned to Nibiru to lobby for their interests. Anunnaki in the American Midwest, southeast and southwest, Africa, Japan, coastal China, Korea, Nepal and Tibet passed on farming and animal husbandry technology to their Earthling followers before they left Earth

When Enlil and Ningal, Ninurta, Adad, Inanna, Nergal, Ereshkigal, Asan and Nanshe got to Nibiru, to win their support against Marduk, Anu gave them jobs.  He made Enlil Treasury boss (Nunerimtar) and Enki Science and the Quantum Computer (Dirgam) Secretaries czar.  He gave Ninurta the Defense and Interplanetary Affairs (Nunurusar) department, and chose Nergal as Diplomatic chief and Enlil’s son Utu-Shamash Space Operations boss.

On Nibiru Marduk told Anu’s Council that he, Marduk, not Anu nor a successor Anu named should rule. When Anu deposed King Alalu and Ninmah witnessed Alalu dead, “I, Anu and Alalu vowed, Nibiru’s legal King became.  Grandfather Anu reneged on his word and kept Nibiru. His loyalists harass me on Earth.”


Around 1000 CE, Marduk and “some 300 loyalists and supporters returned to Earth.  He took control over all major religions to manipulate the population and divide and conquer.”  He rewrote history “to erase knowledge humans had of their own history and origins.  He put himself in the position of God Almighty” and rewrote the Babylonian Enuma Elish.”

Marduk “is still worshipped as God in secret societies such as the Freemasons (unbeknownst by most members except those at a very top level above the 33rd degree).”  He rewrote Masonic history and its “secret and occult manuals” and converted the secret societies “into intelligence cells.

Until 2012 CE, the 300+ technologically-advanced Anunnaki on Earth used “a few thousand human hybrids (The Global Elite) as CEOs over Marduk’s empire.  Marduk’s hybrids ran politics, business, education, media, entertainment, banking and think tanks. They pulled strings as Marduk ordered. “With their banking system they keep whole nations under their thumbs and make people dependent on money for their survival.” Marduk’s banking control stares at us as the All-Seeing Eye on our dollars.













Marduk’s top 12 agents in NATO, Russia, China, Japan, OPEC, the Vatican, Brazil, South Africa, the G8, Iran and North Korea did things to scare all and kill many of us. The agents evoked crises for us to cry for help then “save” some of us with what Marduk planned all along.

Back on Nibiru King Anu preferred Enki as Nibiru’s ‘s next king but, when he considered Nibiru’s Succession Law, he’d better not give Enki the Crown. The Law said that when the King dies, his son with his Father’s half-sister succeeds him. Anu “could not go against tradition by choosing second-ranking heir Enki and slighting the official one, Enlil.”  If he made Enki King, “it would split the Nibiran people and their “biomind–the power of the entire Nibiran population to act as one.

Neither could Anu choose Enlil.” If he chose Enlil as the next King that would “split his own clan and those who serve the Kingdom having to choose sides in a battle with no clear winner.”

Anu told Ningishzidda that he wanted him to be Nibiru‘s King.  Ningishzidda said no and that a Nannar reign could unify Nibirans.  Ningishzidda said Nannar would better focus Nibirans; he reacted like Anu and could inspire consensus.

Nannar Agents Invaded Marduk’s Earth Network

Nannar sent agents to Earth around 1400 CE to depose Marduk. They infiltrated his elite groups and killed some of his agents.


The Anunnaki Loki, Marduk’s close friend and chief, took Michael Lee Hill to meet Marduk in 2008. They met in a round gazebo in the New York woods.  Michael said, “Marduk wore a glowing, white-hooded robe and his face was not human but he exhibited sculpted features, very beautiful. He seemed transparent, his face translucent.”

An Anunnaki man and woman in the gazebo flashed shiny instruments and pointer-lights on him.”  One device looked like a small wand with a bright purple/blue LED on it. They told Hill they removed memory blocks.  Hill said the devices up leveled him mind and his “third eye.

When they finished, the male said. “I heard that you wanted to meet us and that you filmed our craft over Lake Erie.” Marduk said he responded to Hill and that they were both of the Anunnaki Serpent Lineage.

Marduk said he had a new “game plan” for humanity and that Hill and someone else were born here now to help Earth with its end time changes.

Hill asked Marduk and his people if he could see their faces, and they said, “Not now; tomorrow.”  

Next morning, Hill saw Marduk and his Anunnaki consort coming to his tent. To Hill, Marduk said, “Good morning, Commander Michael.

Hill then saw Marduk’s radiant blue eyes. He and Hill spent the day together; Marduk made dinner for Hill.  This encounter led Hill to find Bordon and help spread the news that Marduk now pledged us reform, assistance and amends for suffering he needed to cause us for our spiritual growth.

Marduk told Michael that the Galactic Federation’s Galzu has ended the difficult Nannar vs Marduk period. Instead Marduk’s or Nannar’s rule, we get peace among the  Anunnaki factions that fought for control of Earth. The factions must cooperate with Enki, whose era–the Age of Aquarius–dawns upon us.

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