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“KILL, CONQUER, ENSLAVE, INDEBT” Legacy of The Sumerian Gods

Nabu Prophet of Marduk
Nabu Prophet of Marduk

Click the arrow below and you’ll hear a gripping internet radio drama. Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin summarize how Homo Sapien ET goldminers from the planet Nibiru trained the slave race–that’s us–they created out of their genome for obedience, debt, violence, mass murder, slaving, enslaving, lust, breeding, eternal enmity and revenge.

God-Zeus-zuesANUNNAKI TAUGHT US TO WAR 10,000 – 1,000 B.C.

by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Author of Anunnaki, Gods No More: Techno-Savy ET Goldminers Who Posed as Divine







1000 Anunnaki (People Descending From the Sky)–8′ -12′ tall Homo Sapien goldminers from the planet Nibiru–rocketed to and settled Earth from 450,000 years ago.







To adapt their genome to our planet, their scientists, Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda added a few proto-Bigfoot genes, copper and clay to create us Earthling slaves 300,000 – 200,000 years ago.






After the Deluge of 11,000 B.C., the Anunnaki reclaimed the flood-ruined Earth. They told the Earthling survivors with Noah, the half-breed son of their chief scientist to multiply.  They told descendants of Enki’s half-breed son’s son Ka-in who’d survived on an island in the middle of Lake Titicaca atop the Andes, to breed.  The Anunnaki had Earthlings breed profusely to supply millions of domestics, laborers, soldiers, sailors, smiths, priests, astronomers, architects, physicians, scribes, farmers and sex workers.






In this essay, I summarize how the Anunnaki created a matrix of violence, hatred and warfare in us from 11,000 year ago to 1,807 years ago, when the Moses led the descendants of Enlilite-branded Earthlings from Egypt.

After the world-wide flood of 11,000 B.C., the Anunnaki and Ziasudra’s dependants (whom Enki and Galzu saved) dug Iraq out of the mud. They rechanneled the buried Tigris and Euphrates and dug an irrigation system Sumer. Water under control, they renewed Sumer’s crops and gave us new food plants and helpful animals. The ETs ruled us ever-multiplying Earthings through Ziasudra’s sons–Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Noah's sons oversaw Earthlings for the Anunnaki
Noah’s sons oversaw Earthlings for the Anunnaki








The Nibirans gave us brick and bronze technologies to build cities.  Nannar of Ur, a son of Anunnaki Commander Enlil-Yahweh, programmed us for systems of money and credit to keep us working for the Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki, including Prince Marduk, left the ruined Mars spaceport. On Earth, the rocket runway and warehouses in Iraq (Sippar) lay deep beneath mud. Now they couldn’t transship gold from Sippar to Mars and from Mars to Nibiru.









From 11,000 to10,900 B.C., the Anunnaki renewed Earth’s crops and beasts and created the Age of Domestication (Neolithic). Enlil’s eldest son and Champion Ninurta built dams and drained floodwaters into rivers for Sumer.

Ninurta – Ares -Indra Commander Enlil’s Heir



Ninurta - Ares -Indra Commander Enlil's Heir
Ninurta – Ares -Indra Commander Enlil’s Heir









Enki reclaimed the Nile Basin.

Enki -Adonai - Ptah
Enki -Adonai – Ptah








Ningishzidda built new Sinai Spaceport with controls on Mt. Moriah, the Jerusalem to-be.









In 9380 B.C., Marduk divided Egypt between his sons, Seth and Osiris. Seth killed Osiris, ruled the Nile. In 8970, Osiris’ son Horus beat Seth, who fled, seized Sinai and Canaan.

Seth kills Osiris
Seth killed Osiris










pyramid war






In 8670 B.C.., Inanna, Granddaughter of Commander Enlil and her lineage, the Enlilites, defeated Marduk and the Enkiites–descendants of Enki.

Ninurta, son and champion of Enlil pursued Marduk into the Great Pyramid, where he captured him.  Ninurta knew he might have to withdraw from Nile, so he destroyed the weapons, devices and programs he couldn’t take. What he could use, Ninurta took–weapons, energy generation machines and communication devices.

Ninmah, the Anunnaki Chief Medical Officer, convened a peace conferance.NinmahNinmah

At the conferance, Enlil and Enki replaced Marduk with Ningishzidda as Nile Ruler.









The Anunnaki, around 8500 B.C. developed Jerico for themselves and their hybrid offspring—off limits to Earthlings.

In 7400 B.C., Ninuta built Kishi with fifty programs (for math, smithing, pottery, beer, wagons, wheels and law) Enki gave him.

King Anu visited Earth in 3840 B.C..








 In Iraq, took Inanna as lover, then flew to Lake Titicaca, where he inspected Adad and Ninurta new spaceport. At the spaceport, the King pardoned Marduk.

Ziasudra’s sons ruled for the Nibirans–Shem’ s descendants settled the ex-spaceport area of Iraq and the Landing Place at Lebanon. Japhet’s issue ruled lands in Asia Minor, the Black and Caspian Sea areas, also nearby coasts and islands. Enki and his descendants ruled Egypt and Africa (though successors of Ziusudra’s son Ham the Dark). Ham’s line ruled Canaan, Mizra’im, Cush, Nubia, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Libya from the highlands. Ham’s descendants spread to the reclaimed lowlands. Ninmah reigned for Nibirans and their descendants in Sinai.

In 3760 B. C., Inanna chose the first King, the Lugal, to work Sumer’s Earthlings for the Anunnaki. Enlil’s Sons and grandsons, through the Earthling rulers of Noah’s line, gave us assemblies, courts, schools, writing, printing, prospecting, mining, road- and ship building in a bitumen-fueled money economy.
Sumerian city







In 3460 B.C., Marduk challenged Enlilites’ exclusive rule in Iraq; he added Babylon on the Euphrates River to Enkiite fief at Eridu.









Marduk aligned himself with the Earthlings; he wed one in 3450 B.C..

Enlil and Anu let Marduk marry Earthling Sarpanit. The King’s council forbade Marduk to ever rule or even to return to Nibiru, despite Anu’s pledge for Marduk’s reign after Alalu’s. Marduk coordinated his wedding so his astronaut (Igigi) allies who attended revolted. They abducted Earthling women, conquered the Baalbek Landing Platform, forced Enlil to recognize the women they kidnaped as legal wives.









The astronauts made Enlil grant them estates on Earth. They warned Enlil they’d man the interplanetary launch platform Marduk would build in Babylon. But Enlil sent Ninurta to bomb them.

Babel Bomb






.Enlil had survivors of Marduk’s bombed launch tower (Tower of Babel to Bible-writers) and other Earthlings speak mutually unintelligible languages, so the separate Earthlings groups could never cooperate to overthrow the Anunnaki gods.

Marduk deposed Ningishzidda and took back Egypt.

Marduk, now called Ra had his agents run his brother Dumuzi to death over a cliff so Dumuzi wouldn’t marry Inanna and challenge him in Africa.









Inanna went to Dumuzi’s brother Nergal so he’d impregnate her for Dumuzi. Nergal’s wife Ereshkigal killed Inanna but Enki’s robots revived her.





From 3100 to 3113 B.C., Ningishzidda and his Olmec and Sumerian assistants built Avebury and Stonehenge in England.








Then Ningishzidda and his men helped Adad design observatories and smelting facilities at Tiahuanaco, Peru.









Enlil’s dynasty ruled Sumer from 2900 B.C. to 2024 B.C.. and put Inanna in charge of the Indus Valley (Pakistan) Civilization.
Indus Valley





Inanna also ruled Uruk, in Sumer.








In Uruk, one of her servant-kings, Gilgamesh –3/4 Nibiran, 1/4 Royal Earthling—journeyed to the Sinai Spaceport to demand transport to Nibiru so he could live forever, as he thought the Nibirans did. Gilgamesh destroyed Enlil’s robo-guard but failed to find a ride to Nibiru. He again sought immortality and life-extending herbs the Lebanon. He found but lost the herbs and died in 2600 B.C..

Snake, symboling Enki, snatches life-extension herb from Gilgamesh.
Snake, symboling Enki, snatched life-extension herb from Gilgamesh.







.Gilagamesh’s successors buried him with his friends and attendants at Lagash.
Around 2500 B.C., the Nibirans shipped and flew Black Olmec managers across the Atlantic to Mexico.

In 2371 B.C., Inanna and Sargon launched the Akkadian Empire from Agade.

Inanna, Sargon, and our ancestors.
Inanna, Sargon, and our ancestors.








In 2316 B.C., Sargon invaded Marduk’s empty stronghold, Babylon. Inanna and her Akkadian armies captured the Lebanon Platform and Jerico in 2291 B.C.. She wrecked Anu’s temple in Uruk and shouted,, “I rule the whole Earth.

In 2255 B.C., Naram-Sin (Sargon’s grandson), Inanna’s latest king-consort, led her armies to victory against Enlil’s at Nippur. Naram-Sin conquered all the Enlilite lands in Iraq-Sumer except Ninurta’s fort at Lagash. Inanna even sent Naram-Sin’s armies against Marduk in Egypt.

But in 2250 B.C., Ninurta’s Gutians beat Inanna and occupied Sumer. She fled to Nergal in Lower Africa.

The Gutians stayed in Sumer until 2220 B.C., then returned to the Zagros Mountains where Ninurta gave them horse cavalry, which extended their reach thousands of miles. Now Enlil’s Champion, Ninurta ruled Sumer. Ninghzidda and Lagash’s King Gudea built a temple, hangar and Zodiac Time Observatory to proclaim his reign.

Lagash, Sumer, Ancient Iraq
Lagash, Sumer, Ancient Iraq








.By 2180 B.C.,Marduk’s forces were confined to upper (southern) Egypt.  Ninurta flew to the Andes to assist Adad there.

With Ninurta and his military gone from Sumer, the Enlilites expanded the commercial trade, credit and money system his brother Nannar was developing  to keep us Earthlings working for them.

In 2113 Nannar, choose the half-breed son of Nibiran Princess Ninsun, Ur-Nammu, as King of Sumer. Enlil sent High Priest Terah from Nippur to represent him at Nannar’s court in Ur and see if commerce could supplement war. 

In 2096 B.C., Ur-Nammu, who represented the Sumerian ruling line the gods favored and whom they said they’d protect, died in a chariot accident. Then the boat with his body sunk—ill omen for the Enlilites–said many Earthlings.

Inanna, however, showed the Sumerians she still fought for them. She married Shulgi and made him her new king-consort. She held a love-in with him in Anu’s temple.

Shulgi and Elamites conquered Canaan. But they failed to drive Marduk’s son Nabu from Sinai.  Shulgi also failed to block Marduk’s Thebans under Mentuhotep I.  Marduk’s pharaohs advanced from Thebes in the South toward Northern Egypt. Combined forces of Nabu from Canaan and Marduk from Egypt directly threatened Enlil’s grandson Utu and his crew at the Sinai Spaceport.  In 2049 B.C. Shulgi built a wall to defend Sumer’s western border.

Enlil saw Shulgi’s wall as a public admission that he’d decided to defend Sumer against Marduk, rather than push Marduk back from the Spaceport. The wall prompted Enlil, already unhappy about Shulgi’s wedding orgy, ordered the king killed. 

Enlil replaced Shulgi with Amar-Sin.  He sent Amar-Sin to crush a revolt in the north and then fight an alliance of five kings along the Mediterranean in the west.

Enlil had also sent his general, Abraham (son of Ur’s High Priest Terah), trained in Hatti in Hittite cavalry tactics. Then Enlil sent Abraham with cavalry to Canaan.

Abraham & Cavalry
Abraham & Cavalry







Marduk occupied Hatti and cut Sumer’s trade with the Hittites.

Nabu Prophet of Marduk
Nabu Prophet of Marduk


In 2047 B.C., Marduk’s son Nabu brought cities west of the Euphrates and Canaan against the Enlilites.





Marduk’s Egyptians in the south attacked his enemies in Northern Egypt. Elam’s King Kudur-Laghamar threatened the Spaceport.

In 2041 B.C., Abraham with Enlil’s men and camels and Northern Egyptians blocked both Nabu’s forces and Ninurta’s Elamites from the Spaceport. Seven years later, Mentuhotep II, Marduk’s Theban Pharaoh, took Egypt all the way to the western approaches to Sinai. Amar-Sin sailed to Sinai to block Marduk’s Egyptians, defected to Enki and became his priest in Eridu, Enki’s cult center in Sumer.

Enlil had a scorpion kill Amar-Sin then made Shu-Sin Overseer of Sumer. Shu-Sin built a shrine for Inanna’s son Shara at Nippur. In 2039 B.C., Ibbi-Sin succeeded Shu-Sin. Marduk returned to Babylon as Enlil left Sumer.

In 2025 B.C., as Marduk menaced the Spaceport, Abraham and Lot told Ninurta and Nergal the cities of south area of the Dead Sea defected to Nabu.

Enlil sent Abraham to the Negev Desert, then to Canaan. To brand Abraham’s men as loyal Enlilites, Enlil made them circumcise each other. Abraham’s principal wife, Sarah, bore Isaac in Canaan. Enlil ordered Abraham to leave his secondary wife, Hagar, and Heir-Apparent Is-mael in the desert so Isaac, Abraham’s son with Sarah, would rule Enlil’s troops in Canaan.






Enki, who thought Alalu’s nukes safely hidden, bolted from meeting of the Anunnaki Council which voted to use lethal force against Marduk and Nabu. After Enki left, Enlil told Council he knew where Enki hid the nukes. With Anu’s okay, Ninurta bombed Sinai; Nergal nuked Sodom, Gomorra, and killed the Dead Sea. Fallout engulfed Sumer, killing all south of Babylon except people from Eridu whom Enki saved.
1 Gomorra






Sumerians fled throughout the Mediterranean and along the Volga to Geogia, Sumara and Finland. They settled along the Danube to Dacia and Hungary. They migrated also to India and the Far East. Marduk, now supreme, made Babylon Sumer’s capital. Four years later, for forty days, with a crystal-tipped electrum stylus, Endubscar, Master Scribe of Eridu, Sumer, wrote on a lapis lazuli tablet what became the Lost Book of Enki—what Enki dictated about the nuclear holocaust and its background.

In 2000 B.C., Marduk proclaimed, “I’m the gods’ God.” He renamed Nibiru “Marduk,” and held New Year rituals that enacted how he invaded the inner solar system and made Earth, then Earthlings.


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 More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)




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  1. Nice site, nice illustrations, sober lines of reasoning, but, maybe, for one that pertains Nibiru. The problem is that if the excessive planet of that size and mass were indeed cycling our Sun, this would produce observable disturbances in the movement of other planets. But this is not the case, as far as I know.

    And one recommendation. It would be good to make the audio file downloadable.

    1. There are noticeable disturbances in the other planets and that’s why scientist have been looking for Nibiru aka Planet X for many years.

      Go to our Spreaker account at http://www.spreaker.com/aquarianradio and you can download all our episodes. Also they are available at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio. Spread the downloads and links everwhere. Time to wake up this world best we all can.

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