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THE EARTH’S HOLLOW: Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin read from Genesis for the Space Race by John Leith



A 700 mile-thick mantle crusts Agartha, the civilization within our hollow Earth.

Our sun creates gravity inside the planet.

Passageways lead into the hollow inside of our globe.

Satellite photos show huge holes at each pole. Earth’s hollowness causes horn and bell sounds during quakes. Our rulers hide Earth’s hollow structure from us. They enforce no-fly and no-satellite zones over the poles. But over the poles readings show a “shadow zone where seismic waves almost disappear only to return further. Halfway inside the crust gravity goes the other way which makes the seismic waves split.

“Landmasses inside Earth have housed the advanced civilization for millions of years. The vast majority of Agartha’s people once lived on the surface before they went underground. Ancestors of Hyperborea, Atlantis, Lemuria and Nazi-Germany went underground long ago. Nowadays, all Agartha’s people live peacefully. They keep contact with both extraterrestrial-skyfaring people as well as selected Earth-surface nations.

Many species extinct on the surface, like mammoths, saber tooth tigers, trees hundreds of yards tall and grapes that grow big as plums” live in Agartha. Some Agarthan cities house people over 12 feet tall.

Daylight never ends in Agartha. “A smoky sun–Earth’s nucleus–hovers in the center of the hollow Earth. This inner sun makes an orange hue and keeps Agartha’s temperature at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water covers 1/4 of Agartha; Land comprises ¾ of Agartha, upon which Agartha’s people built about one hundred crystal-like cities.”


The Ramayana indicates inner areas of the Earth’s crust as well as a hollow cavity. Example: after Ravena kidnapped Shrimati Sitadevi Shree Laksman swore to Rama he’d chase Ravena to the “dark caverns of the Earth.” In chapter 8 of Kishkindya, Rama shoots an arrow which “pierced through seven palms, a rock, the INNERMOST region of the Earth and in a minute again came back to the quiver.”

Huge caverns and openings exist within the Earth. Underneath the midwestern United States there is a huge aquifer under various states in caverns in the Earth. Finally,the Ganges flows into the hollow earth from an ocean in the opening which the Brahmanda Purana mentions is situated in a “northern ocean,“ and into which the Sons of Sagara entered “with great delight.”

In the Puranas, Sagara’s sons searched for the sacrificial horse stolen by Indra to interrupt sacrifice of Maharaj Prithu. They went Northeast and crossed a Northern ocean and entered into the bowels of the Earth. There, they found the horse at the hermitage of Kapila Rishi.  Vedic culture flourished in the hollow Earth; Kapila Rishi had his hermitage there, and the Kalki avatar will make His appearance there.

“The Puranas say that, at the end of Kali Yuga, the Kalki avatar will be born in the best Brahman family of Shambhalla- a city identified in both Puranic as well as Tibetan lore as a city in the hollow earth and that He will anniliate the miscreants on the entire surface of the globe. Vedic culture will be re-established on the surface by the civilization within, to begin another cycle of yugas, ages.

The age of Kali is a part of the Puranic cycle of destruction and renovation, and by the end of the Kali age, the world is described as a desolate place. Harmful radiation causes the Kali Yuga for those subject to them on the surface. Those who live within the hollow Earth are protected from the radiation. A man of 15 years will be considered very old, and human beings will have practically no memory, no intelligence, be a few feet tall and wander in packs in a barren and desert-like surface Earth.


In 1572 Portugal King Sebastian I hired a German named VON LUCKNER and 250 German soldiers, each with a wife to build a Portuguese fort on the upper Amazon. Indians ambushed the Germans and burned their ships. The Germans retreated into a cavern entrance. They found the cavern opened into a series of warm tunnels littered with traces of human occupation. They found a 80-100 degree, 75-square mile cavity with a 300-foot high ceiling, fresh water and a rich soil floor and built a village there. In 1650, Wagner from Von Luckner Village found another habitable cavity and built a village. They grew barley that photosynthesized the glow of the rock walls.

Deeper in the tunnels, the Moles met hostile groups already settled in cavern pockets. The earlier subterrantean settlers told the Moles several races fled underground to avoid upheavals and floods on the surface. These earlier refugees built hundreds of cities 350 feet to many miles under the earth and seas. By 1632 the Moles built their own chain of underground towns–Hagner, Brightter, Sillisteen and Kitchiner. They built a chain of rails to join them the towns.


In 1647, the German Moles dug into a huge cavity under the ocean bed between New Zealand and Australia. A “faint, man-made orb” lit and warmed the cavity. The people there called themselves New Atlanteans or Atturians. They drove horseless, four-wheeled cars and flew “silent, roundwing craft.” They said they enjoyed very long, healthy lives.


Atturians asked the Ambassador from Bodland–another Lower World continent–to help them deal with the Moles. The Bod found the Moles and he spoke the same German root language. He took the Moles to Bodland.


The Bods said that 30,000 years ago their ancestors in Iran, Syria and Pakistan—then called BACCHIS–went underground to escape “a vicious race” with superior weapons and aircraft. The invaders leveled the Bacchi cities and killed millions. “Many years later, the Bods reached the Inner World via tunnels and pockets in the Earth’s mantle.”

The Bodlanders asked the Atturians to settle the Moles “on a relatively unoccupied continent adjacent to Bodland in the Southern Hemisphere” on the condition that “they live in peace and friendship and never return to the surface.” The Moles accepted the condition.

Early in the 1700s the Moles, now called “The New Germans” (to distinguish them from the Old German Bodlanders) let the New German royals send their eldest sons to the Upper World’s Germany. Bods swore the boys to secrecy and flew them in antigravity craft to the surface to attend universities in Upper World Germany. In Upper Germany, the New German students passed as sons of rich German planters along the Amazon. One of the boys, Crown Prince Von Luckner, returned to Inner Saxony with the German printing press and in 1853 the Moles brought an Upper German engineer to Lower World Saxony to shorten their rail system.

During World War I the Moles sent a volunteer regiment to the Upper World Imperial Germans. The Mole regiment did not fight and instead, sought descendants of the relatives of the original Moles who’d gone to the Amazon in 1572. Imperial Germany demanded as a condition of ending World War I, “free access through Antarctica via the South Pole to Inner Earth.” American representative Col. House showed the German demand to England’s P.M, Lloyd George. George said “Give the Germans that Icicle land.”


We base our account here on “The Smoky God” by Willis Erickson. Erickson interviewed and published the notes of Norwegian sailor Olaf Jansen.

Norweign Sailor Olaf Jansen said that a storm drove him and his dad in small fishing sloop near the North Pole into the Inner Earth. They returned to the surface world in Antarctica, near the South Pole, where the Dad drowned. “We left Stockholm in our fishing-sloop on the third day of April, 1829,” said Olaf. “We sailed through the Hinlopen Strait, coasted along the North-East-Land, and sailed along Franz Josef Land to its West Coast. In 24 hours, we came to a one or two acre warm and tranquil inlet. In front of us to the North, lay open sea. They sailed due north for thirty-six hours till they lost sight of Franz Josef Land but the sea felt warmer than Norway six weeks before. Then a storm hit them and drove them “at terrific speed.

Olaf wrote, “Most of our provisions tumbled out and swept away before the wind died down. Before us “lay an iceless channel ten or fifteen miles wide, with a few icebergs far away to our right and an intermittent archipelago of smaller icebergs to the left. “We found less than one-third of our provisions remaining. Our water-casks had been swept overboard during the violent plungings of our boat.”

“We saw banks were covered with trees and vegetation.  “The compass still pointed due North and moved on its pivot, as it had at Stockholm. The ‘dipping of the needle’ ceased. We were perplexed; our direction was now South. “We sailed three days along the shore, then came to the mouth of a river of immense size, like a great bay. Into this we turned our craft, slightly Northeast of South. We continued inland into a mighty river, the HIDDEKEL.” After 10 days, “we attained a distance inland where ocean tides no longer affected the water, which had become fresh.” Olaf and Jens replenished their casks and sailed farther upriver. They saw huge trees in forest that stretched miles as they sailed. “We landed,” wrote Olaf, near a sandy beach, waded ashore and found nuts that were palatable.

Five months since the Jansens sailed from Stockholm they heard harps and people singing and saw, Olaf wrote, “a huge ship glided downriver toward us, lowered a boatload of six men of gigantic stature who rowed to our sloop. They spoke a strange language, but we knew from their manner they were friendly. The leader motioned to ask whether we’d to leave our craft to board their ship. Within a few minutes we were onboard the ship. Half an hour later our craft had been lifted by hook and tackle and set on board.

There were several hundred people on board this mammoth ship, which we discovered was called Naz (Pleasure Excursion). “All the men onboard stood over 12 feet tall. “They all wore full beards and had beautiful faces, fair, with ruddy complexions. The hair and beard of some were black, others sandy, others yellow. The captain was fully a head taller than any of his companions. The women averaged from ten to eleven feet in height. Their features were especially regular and refined, while their complexion was of a most delicate tint heightened by a healthful glow.

“Both men and women seemed to possess ease of manner. My Father’s six feet three did not lift the top of his head above the waist line of these people. Each one seemed to vie with the others in extending courtesies and showing kindness to us. They were richly attired, men in handsome tunics of silk and satin belted at the waist. They wore knee-breeches and stockings of a fine texture and encased their feet in sandals adorned with gold buckles.

“We were given”, Olaf wrote, “into the charge of Jules Galdea and his Wife to learn their language. “The vessel retraced its course upriver; its machinery, while noiseless, was very powerful. Banks and trees on either side rushed by. The ship’s speed surpassed any railroad train, even here in America.

“We lost sight of the Sun’s rays, but the dull-red Sun, gave out white light greater than two full moons. In twelve hours whiteness passed out of sight and the twelve hours following corresponded with our night.

“The ship was equipped with electricity and soft lights. (In 1829 we of the ‘outside’ surface of the Earth knew nothing then of electricity.)”

After two days, The Naz stopped at the city of Jehu. The city featured big, well-made houses; the hillsides sported vineyards; the valleys, grain.

“Gold was everywhere–door-casings inlaid and tables veneered with gold, domes of the public buildings, gold. Gold was used generously in finishings of great Temples of Music.

“Vegetation grew in exuberance. Fruit of all kinds possessed the most delicate flavor. Clusters of grapes four and five feet in length, each grape large as an orange, and apples larger than a man’s head typified things “inside” the Earth. Along the foothills of the mountains vast herds of cattle were seen.”

Olaf and his Dad, “learned to speak the language [much like the Sanskrit] of this people, an envoy from the Ruler at “Eden” came to see us” he wrote. “For two days my Father and I were put through questions–from whence we came, what sort of people dwelt “without,” what God we worshiped, our religious beliefs, the mode of living in our strange land.

“The compass which we had brought with us still pointed North, although we had sailed over the edge of the Earth’s aperture and were far south on the “inside” surface of the Earth’s crust, three hundred miles in thickness from the “inside” to the “outside” surface.

“The luminous cloud or ball of dull-red fire-fiery-red in the mornings and evenings and daytime beautiful white light, [is called] “The Smoky God.” This sun seems “suspended in the center the Earth held to its place by power that draws or repels with equal force in all directions.

“The base of this sun is dark and non-transparent save for small openings in the bottom of the altar of the Deity; lights through these openings twinkle at night and seem to be stars except larger. “The Smoky God,” with each daily revolution of the Earth, appears to come up in the east and go down in the West. The people believe the Smoky God is stationary and that night and day is produced by the Earth’s daily rotation.”

“We were taken, Olaf blogged, “overland to the city of Eden in an electrical contrivance that ran on a single iron rail at high speed up hills, down dales, across valleys and along mountains. The car seats were huge, high above the floor of the car. On the top of each car high geared fly wheels on their sides adjusted as the speed of the car increased. Jules Galdea explained that these revolving wheels destroyed atmospheric pressure [so] the car is as safe from falling to one side.

“We learned that the males do not marry before 75-100 years old, a little less. Men and women frequently live from six to eight hundred years.

“We were brought before the Great High Priest, Ruler over all the land. Our craft had been brought before him. He was richly robed, taller than those about him–he was fifteen feet in height. The immense room in which he received us was finished in solid slabs of gold studded with jewels.

olaf-and-high-priest-w-caption“Eden” is located in a beautiful valley on the loftiest mountain. [Here] fruits, vines, shrubs, trees, and flowers grow and four rivers–the Euphrates, the Pison, the Gihon, and the Hiddekel–that have their source in a mighty artesian fountain, divide and flow in four directions.

“We were given an audience of two hours with the High Priest, who seemed kindly disposed and considerate. He asked us numerous questions about which his emissaries had failed to inquire.” The High Priest asked the Jansens whether they wished to remain in his country or return to the “outer” world. Olaf reveals that his father replied: “’It would please me and my Son to visit your country and see your people, your colleges and palaces of music and art, your great fields, your wonderful forests of timber; and after we have had this pleasurable privilege, we should like to return to our home on the ‘outside’ surface of the Earth. This Son is my only child, and my good Wife will be weary awaiting our return.’

“’You will find it difficult to return’, replied the Priest, “Visit the different countries with Galdea as your escort. When ready to return outside, your boat shall be put in the river Hiddekel’s mouth, and we will bid you Jehovah-speed.’

Olaf continued, “We visited villages, towns, and the cities of Nigi, Delfi, and Hectea. Father was called upon a half-dozen times to go over the maps he gave of “outside” Earth.

“We came to a forest of gigantic trees, near the city of Delfi. The people there are exceedingly musical and learned in arts and sciences–especially geometry and astronomy.”

In Cities the underworlders built “Palaces of Music where twenty-five thousand voices of this giant race swelled forth in mighty choruses. “ Inner world children don’t go to school until they reach 20 years old. “Then their school life begins and continues for thirty years, ten of which are devoted by both sexes to the study of music.

The Jansens saw Inner Earth industries– architecture, agriculture, and horticulture. Inner Earthers raised huge cattle herds and built travel vehicles.

Three-fourths of the “inner” surface of the Earth, according to Jansen, “is land and one-fourth water. He cites huge rivers as wide as thirty miles that run from the Inner World to the Outer. The waters from the inner freeze and “are then pushed out to sea like huge tongues of ice, by the abnormal freshets of turbulent waters that, twice every year, sweep everything before them.

Prolific birdlife–including birds with 30-foot wingspans–greeted the Jansens from seashore to mountain. “Galdea,” says Olaf, “took us to an inlet where we saw thousands of tortoises along the sandy shore. They were from twenty-five to thirty feet in length, from fifteen to twenty feet in width and fully seven feet in height. One day we saw a great herd of elephants–must have been five hundred of these, tearing huge boughs from the trees and trampling smaller growth into dust. They average over 100 feet in length and from 75 to 85 in height.

“A hazy mist goes up from the land each evening, and it rains once every twenty-four hours. In places the level valleys stretched away for many miles in every direction. “The Smoky God,” in its clear white light, looked calmly down.”

“We spent more than a year visiting cities of the “within” world and intervening country, and more than two years from the time we had been picked up on the river.”

The Jansens told the High priest they wanted to return to the surface world.  “Our hosts” Olaf says, gave Father maps showing the “inside” surface of the Earth, its cities, oceans, seas, rivers, gulfs and bays.  They offered us bags of gold.

“We returned to Jehu and spent a month overhauling our sloop. The ship “Naz” that originally discovered us, took us onboard and sailed to the mouth of the River Hiddekel.” The winds blew from the northern opening of the Earth toward Olaf’s sense of south, but which, by the Jansen’s compass was directly north. Olaf’s father said: “To return by the same route as we came in is impossible now. The only thing we can do is go south.” He turned the craft about and started–ignoring the compass–for what he felt was really due south. In forty days, Olaf says, “we arrived at Delfi, a city near the mouth of the Gihon river. Here we stopped for two days, entertained by the same people who welcomed us on our former visit. We laid in provisions and set sail for the south they sensed.

“On our outward trip,” Olaf related, “we came through a narrow channel separating water between two considerable bodies of land. We waded ashore to rest up for a day before continuing the outward hazardous undertaking. There was a mild, luminous light from the outer Sun shining in from the South aperture of the Earth. The atmosphere grew colder. Winds filled our sails from the warm climate “within the Earth. The compass behaved in the same drunken fashion over the southern curve of the Earth as it had on our inbound trip at the northern entrance.”

An iceberg hit the Jensen’s boat. Olaf’s father, Jen, drowned. A whaling ship, The Arlington picked Olaf up. When Olaf recovered, the Arlington Captain, Angus MacPherson, according to Olaf, asked “where I had come from, and how I came to be alone on an iceberg in Antarctic Ocean. I replied that I had come from “inside” of the Earth. I told him how Father and I had gone in by way of Spitzbergen, and come out by way of the South Pole.”

MacPherson threw Olaf in irons. Olaf wrote, “I heard the Captain say I was crazy and must remain in confinement until I was rational enough to give a truthful account of myself. I decided to invent some story that would satisfy the Captain and never again refer to my trip.” Olaf paid the Captain off and went to Stockholm, where he found his mother had died. A relative got him committed to a mental institution there for 28 years.


In 1909, the SOCIETY OF GREEN MEN who lived in an subterranean colony in Tibet and their Reptilian allies had Germany’s emissary to Imperial Japan, KARL HAUSHOFER, train Hitler, ally Germany with Japan, “conquer Russia, rule the Eurasian landmass, confront the West European and Anglo-American alliances,” and conquer our segment of the galaxy by 5000 CE.

“The Green Men were connected with the underground empire of Reptilian extraterrestrials from Alpha Draconis, said to extend from southwestern Tibet across India to Benares, India. This empire is called PATALA, “SNAKEWORLD,” HOME OF THE NAGAS SERPENT RACE AND GREYS from Zeta Reticuli–a seven-level complex of huge caverns and tunnels deep underground.” The Nagas “in alliance with extraterrestrials from Orion had already enslaved civilizations in twenty-one star systems in a nearby section of the galaxy. They chose the South Polar colony as a jumping-off point for their missions in this galactic neighborhood. Nazis had a pact with the Reptilian in 1933 that resulted in the transfer of advanced technology to Germany, including ANTIGRAVITY DISCS.”

The Reptilians invited the Nazis to build a colony next to the one they and their Grey allies kept in Antarctica. The Germans designed their Antarctic base, called new-germany-opening-4Neuschwabenland, as “a joint German-alien scientific and technological development for interplanetary conquest.”


new-germany-train-tracksIn 1943, Nazi Himmler picked ten thousand blond, blue-eyed 17-24 year-old Ukrainian women and 2,500 SS soldiers to Neushwabenland–four women for each soldier–and sent them to Antarctica in subs to breed Aryans for the Nazis.






Stalin told Churchill and Truman that HITLER himself fled to Neushuabenland and had his double killed back in Berlin.


“The rest of the German population was left to perish in the Allied onslaught. THIS CORE ARYAN COLONY would breed the new race. With superior weapons and extraterrestrial friends, the Neushwabenland civilization would establish the Fourth Reich, take over and enslave the inferior races on the rest of the planet.”

When, as they expected, Earth’s poles again shifted 90 degrees, most people would die but Antarctica would “move to a temperate climate near the equator” and the Antarctic Aryans “would remain safe in their secure redoubt under the two-mile mantle of ice.”

The British twice attacked and the Germans at Neushwabenland twice beat them. In 1945 the Nazis sent, after they build their own craft, German and Japanese astronauts in one of the antigravity craft to Mars.

In 1946 Truman sent “thirteen ships–two icebreakers, two destroyers, two tenders carrying three seaplanes each, two tankers, two supply ships, one submarine, two helicopters, the aircraft carrier Philippine Sea, carrying six DC3 twin-engine planes, the flagship Mt Olympus and 4,700 marines” and announced this combat fleet would just explore, that’s all.

Byrd’s “fleet encountered several flying discs that emerged from the water and attacked the ships in a twenty-minute engagement in the Weddell Sea. The discs were protecting the entrance to the tunnel. “ Flying discs sunk the Pine Island and killed sixty-eight marines; discs also zapped one of the seaplanes and killed three seamen onboard.







Truman ordered the invasion canceled.

Byrd wanted Antarctica nuked, but Truman had him silenced. The U.S. military had already seen a German made disc “without wings or rudder” overtake and explode our Liberator plane leading a formation of allied aircraft over Switzerland, then zoom out of sight. Byrd’s defeat convinced the U.S. was defenseless against the Nazi craft. The Nazi craft had “direct gyroscopic stabilization, television-controlled flight, vertical takeoff and landing, jam-free radio control, radar blinding, infrared search eyes, electrostatic weapon-firing, hypercombustible gas combined with a total reaction turbine and antigravity flight technology. The Germans and Japanese had already successfully landed one of these craft on Mars in 1945.

The Nazis and their Draco allies coveted Earth. Our military feared defeat from the disks.  Fortunately, people (called EBEs) from the planet Serpo who had been monitoring our nuclear testing sites gave us disk technology that let us make our own antigrav disks able to repel Nazi disk.

The EBEs and the U.S. created an exchange program. Twelve American men would live 13 years on Serpo, the ETs homeplanet while an ambassador from Serpo would brief the American military making our disks. The Ambassador would assist President Kennedy’s Defense Information Agency in its mission to disclose our ET exchange with Serpo.

AGARTHA VISITOR–Leith 1977 Interview

So now we come to Leith’s 1977 interview with P. Harammaann in the U.S. with an Iceland Visa. Haramann’s from ATTURIA, one of the old German-speaking nations of the Inner Earth. Leigh describes Haamaan: “Six-foot three, built like a football player but his hands were slender like a pianist’s. He looked like a modern Scandinavian.” Haammaan’s “a professor at an Eastern university.  He has been harassed by officialdom for talking and is afraid of deportation.”

Haammaan’s Atturia is a country of 300 million people.  He lived in the Atturian capital, SHAMALA, a city of several million Sanskrit-speaking people.

Shambalans ride magnetic spacecraft, air-cushioned electric trains and four-wheeled cars, trucks and buses powered by magnetic, hydroelectric, nuclear fusion as well as solar energy from their artificial sun. “Electric outlets are located at roadside intervals of 25 miles from which a three-minute charge of renewed power is drawn at no cost. Cars have a driving range of 100 miles. Free energy vehicles are also used.”

Atturians make concrete blocks and glass tiles. They make highways with grooves that mesh with car tires and prevent spinning out.

Agarthans may travel to any Inner World country without a visa; all are at peace backed by Bodlanders’ antigrav craft. There is at the same time a colony Eskimos who continue their traditional livestyle in Agartha.

“We have,” Said Haamaann, “a private enterprise system (as do Bodland and Vikingland. We have an hereditary king (as do Vikings, Bods and Old Germans).The present Bodland Monarch, King Haakkuuss III was appointed for life in 1928. In Atturia, a Prime Minister is in charge and is elected by parliament on recommendation of the King. He presides over the upper and lower houses of parliament. The King and Prime Minister must approve all bills. Term of office is 15 years. Lower and upper houses are for five-year terms by citizens.” Atturia forbids lobbying.

Agarthans hold Inner World Olympic games with the Vikings, six different German Kingdoms and the Bodlanders.  For leisure, Agarthans hike, race, sail, play and watch baseball, football.  They watch movies in theaters and shows and TV at home.

Haamaan told Leigh, “Harmful ultraviolet rays cause death to those on Earth’s surface.  Your upper sunrays also kill certain fruit and vegetable cells that contain life support elements.

“We Atturians have an artificial sun 600 miles in diameter. Our artificial sun lights up our interior world.  That sun takes its energy via crystal receivers from the outside sun and stores it, but the harmful rays are not transmitted. Our inner sun is activated in part through the solar sun shining through the Poles throughout the year. This artificial sun was built in Atlantis,transported inside by our space ships and first charged by the real sun after being orbited in Earth’s interior. Our lead-protected ‘ray men’ go in periodically and check the lantern for replacement parts. The refractory crystals are everlasting.”

In 1946, “The paper currency of each nation is freely converted. All currency is collected annually to prevent hoarding; new serial money is then issued. Coins are mostly gold; Haamaann says “Our central government treasury owns all our gold.”

Atturia has full-time gradeschools, college geared to each student’s abilities and interests. Bodland students must attend a state-run, tuition-free high school. Youth of both sexes serve two years in defense forces, then all hold fulltime jobs while young. “ ‘We have,” Haamaann said, “ ‘a standing airforce of you call unidentified flying objects. We Atturians have had 11,500 years of peace. [since Noah’s flood on the surface] ’” and the Bodlanders 30 millenia.”

Retirement’s voluntary retirement and citizens may opt for part- or full-time employ while old. Medical care’s free for all. Atturia wiped out all diseases of aging and many live up to 900 years. Atturians have skin grafts, synthetic bones and implant tooth buds when needed.

Atturian “married men and women live apart but have houses for sexual visitation. Bodlanders are more family oriented than Atturians; Bodlanders live, play and entertain as a unit until the children leave home. There are no divorces in Atturia or Bodland. Childbearing age in Atturia is from 25 to 60 years of age. Marriages take place after 25. Children live with their mothers till ten and afterwards are trained by the state. The family connection is never broken. Women are permitted to have only two children.”

Guns are illegal in Atturia. Atturians consider crime mental illness; first offenders go to the state’s psychiatric hospital. Third offenders are banished to an island prison and a judge may order a painless death for murder, kidnapping or rape.

Atturians grow rice within Agartha and also buy it from China. Atturians also grow wheat, barley, string beans, soybeans, okra, eggplant, cabbage, turnips and carrots. They eat fish, quail and drink milk.


Haamaan told Leith the Earth’s mantle’s, honeycombed with underground tunnels and caverns which open to the surface in specific, policed places. “There are tunnels at various depths containing very ancient and vast civilizations. We use the tunnels to commute between [the Atturian capital], Shamballa and the subterranean Kingdom of the Far North under Siberia. Openings exist in the USA. There are major cities supported by steel domes under the Ice Caps of the Polar Regions. The Antarctic, ice-covered polar cities connect by train tunnels to subterranean mantle cities. A third of the tunnel cities are natural and the remainder man-made.

“There are 28 cities underwater each being reached by saucer craft as well as tunnels trains.

agartha5The undersea city near San Juan PR is round in shape and ten miles in diameter. It is occupied by millions of our Atturian people. All our underseas cities are connected with Shamballa. Atlanteans, Bodlanders and Athenians occupy the inner Earth as well as domed cities on the bottom of the oceans.

* I cannot remember where I got the article on Kalki (I didn’t write it) to credit its author; please help me: give me the proper reference to it. Thanks.

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Inner Earth Hollows Hold Surface Refugees, Advance Civilizations, UFOs & Nazis Who Beat Byrd In ’47
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