Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D.


Four billion years ago most Lyran System humans fled to 110 scattered planets (in Orion, Tau Ceti, Pleiades, Procyon, Antares, Alpha Centauri, Aquarius, and other star systems) to escape Draco Reptilians from Thuban (Alpha Draconis).  The Lyrans ultimately federated to fight the Dracos.  

Reptilians from Venus and Lyrans from Mars, Maldek and the Pleiades Created Proto-Earthlings

Some Lyran refugees (who later evolved and self-modified into a Grey race) fled to Apex, but Draco bombs forced them underground, then off Apex and into space.


Lamiroy writes that millions of years ago in our galactic neighborhood, several humanoid species dwelt in Constellation Lyra.  Most Lyrans were Caucasians, who looked just like modern Caucasians on Earth nowadays, but taller. The descendants of the Lyrans of the planet Apex fled into space and evolved into what we call Tall Greys.

Lyran refugees colonized nearby Vega (25 light-years from Earth), where they found and interbred with brown-skinned Vegans.  From Vega, the descendants of the Lyrans and their now combined brown and white populations explored and planted colonies in the Orion, Sirius, Altair and Alpha Centauri systems. In Orion, Lyran-Vegans–but mostly Vegans–allied themselves with Reptilian races. (Greys came to Orion later)

Reptilians from the Draco constellation formed a huge empire from Thuban in Alpha Draconius.  They colonized a huge empire with humanoid worlds they conquered or which joined voluntarily. The Dracos colonized Alpha Draconis, Epsilon Bootes, Zeta II Reticuli, Polaris, Rigel (Orion), Bellatrix (Orion), Capella (Alpha Aurigae).


The Lyran-Vegans fought the Dracos in the Ring Nebula over planets each sought for themselves. Dracos attacked the Lyran home planets and killed millions of Lyrans. Lyrans from Orion hit Reptilian colonies there; the Dracos hit back.   Vegan settlers and local Reptilians on Orion-neighborhood planets joined Lyrans against the Dracos. All these forces became the present FEDERATION OF PLANETS from Lyra, Andromeda, Pleiades, Hyades, Iumma [Wolf 424], Procyon, Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, and Epsilon Eridani, all of Lyran-Pleiadian heritage.

The Federation, Lamiroy says, includes “non-physical races, Sirian groups, Orion organizations as well as Koldasians and Dal civilizations from a parallel universe.  Some Reptilian worlds joined the Federation to escape Draco’s rule.  Cooperating Vegans and Reptilians of Orion began the Orion Empire around the time the Federation started.

Lyran aristocrats in the Sirius constellation created a royal dynasty to unite all Syrians. 

Many people in Sirius, however, refused loyalty to the new dynasty. So members of the new royal dynasty left Sirius and settled on Nibiru, a planet that survived the Nova explosion of Sirius C and shot out of its original orbit around  Sirius C into to a path that crosses our inner solar system then clockwise in an elongated orbit to Nemesis.  Nemesis–the somewhat cooled remains of Sirius C– was Sirius C before it went Nova and became Nibiru.

These Sirians became our ancestors, the Nibirans.  The Nibirans—“Anunnaki” to us–adapted their genome to Earth to create us.


One Lyran refugee group who fled to the Pleiades, the Atlans, refused to join the Galactic Federation and fight Dracos.  Atlans wanted to restore the civilization in Lyra they had before the Dracos came; they hated life in the Pleiades as a mere refugee coalition.

Atlans, like most Lyran, sported blue or green eyes and blond or red hair.
 Some Lyrans flew to Mars and a (now extinct) planet called Maldek in the Solaris System.  

Maldekians tried to control the Martians, but the Martians resisted without overt hostility.

Meanwhile, the Dracos vowed to kill the Maldekians and the Martians and claim the entire Solaris System.

Dracos in Death-Comet Menaced Maldek & Mars

The Dracos hollowed out a planet-sized comet with a rocky core.  They armed it, stocked it with an internal ecosystem (with dinosaurs to eat), aimed it at Solaris, and timed it to intercept Maldek’s, Mars’, and Earth’s orbits as the comet flew past.

Meanwhile, in the Solaris System, Maldekians threatened their fellow Lyran refugees, the Martians. 

Martians got a defense shield machine from the Khoom (people from Sirius A) to defend against the Maldekians and the Draco comet. 

When the Maldekans saw the Draco Comet heading for them they begged the Martians for help.  The Martians, though reluctant, let the Maldekians shelter with them under Mars’ surface. [Swerdlow, 2002: 17-19]

 The Dracos within the comet intended it to orbit as Venus between Mercury and Earth. From Venus, they’d control the whole Solaris System.  

Dracos inside the comet shattered Maldek with a Planet splitter ray or the comet’s gravity force.  Maldek’s fragments from the Draco Comet’s attack now make up the Kuiper Belt asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, where Maldek had been.

“Some of the fragments of Maldek developed into the rings of Saturn and Uranus.  Most of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are captured asteroids from the Maldek explosion. As the pieces were projected outward, the gravitational pull from Jupiter and Saturn captured the remnants that became their moons.” [Swerdlow 2014: 12]

After the comet killed Maldek, it neared Mars.  The comet’s gravity pulled most oxygen, surface ice, and water off Mars and into space. 

“The ice comet diminished the magnetic field of Mars, vaporized the oceans, and pulled most of the atmosphere off that planet.  The ice comet caused fissures to open up, allowing some of the water to be absorbed into the interior.

“The survivors and refugees went to the inner part of the planet.'”  There they quarreled.

 Draco Comet’s Passage Raised Two Continents–LEMURIA & ATLANTIS on Watery Earth

The comet continued toward the sun; it neared Earth.  Earth, then ice- and ocean-covered, housed only non-technological, aquatic lifeforms.  The comet’s gravity melted enough Earth’s ice and drew off enough water-cover to raise two continents–Lemuria (Mu) centered in the Pacific Basin and Atlantis, centered in the Atlantic Ocean Basin.

The Draco comet moved past Earth toward the Sun and orbited between Earth and Mercury.  The sun vaporized the comet’s ice into a cloudy cover.  Dracos within orbited it as the planet Venus and built seven domed cities on the surface.

Venus’ Dracos built Luna, a hollow, unspinning moon.  They put it next to Earth.  From the moon, they colonized Lemuria on Earth. 

Dracos stocked Earth’s Lemuria Continent with Dinosaurs, the Draco food-source life form.  The dinos migrated and evolved further throughout most of the Earth.

 Martians underground with hostile Maldekian guests asked the Galactic Federation to take the Maldekian refugees elsewhere.

The Galactic Federation of Lyran refugees decided to clear the Solar System of Dracos.

The Pleiadian Council had asked the Federation to oust the militaristic Atlan Lyrans from the Pleiades. The Altans asked the Federation to send them to fight the Reptilians on Earth. The Maldekians underground on Mars asked the Federation to remove them before the Martians escalated their quarrels with them.  The Maldekians asked the Feds to take them to Earth to join the Atlans’ war against Earth’s Dracos. 

The Federation sent the Atlans and Maldekians against the Dracos on Earth. The Federation would get rid of its undesirables” from the Pleiades and Mars–Atlans and Maldekians–who’d “occupy the Reptilians” and give the Fed “time to build forces against them.”  Fed forces and the Martians could drive them from Venus, Luna and Lemuria.

The Atlans settled Atlantis (under the Caribbean Basin now; its peaks: Azores and Canary Islands, some U.S. East Coasts).  Atlanteans now, the Atlans killed Earth’s dinosaurs.  Earth’s Dracos attacked the Atlanteans, who got to Earth before the Maldeikians.

The Maldekians landed and settled in the Gobi Desert, India’s north and, Iraq.  They joined the Atlantean attacks on Earth’s Dracos. The Martians joined the fight against the Dracos on Venus.

Atlanteans bombarded Lemuria with electromagnetic pulses that sunk it. The Hawaiian Islands, California’s Coast, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, Japan, Philippines, and Taiwan stayed above water.

Federation forces ousted the Dracos from Luna and Venus. 

“Inner Earth became the homeland for most surviving Reptilians of Lemuria.” 

On Atlantis, “whenever the Atlanteans detected underground Reptilian activity, they blasted the inner Earth

Underground, the Dracos built the cities–HYPERBOLEA, SHAMBALLA, AGARTHA, AKKADIA and ran speed shuttles among them.

On Atlantis, “whenever the Atlanteans detected underground Reptilian activity, they blasted the inner Earth with lasers and electromagnetic pulses.  This weakened the Earth’s upper crust and mantle.  After several millennia the Atlantean continent started to break up.” [Ibid: 19-26]


Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy convened the Council of Hatona.  Earth’s Atlanteans, other human and Reptilian groups on Earth, and Reptilians from Earth’s caverns attended.  Contenders colonizing Earth swore peace. They agreed to separate genetic and conditioning experiments on a prototype-Earthling they would each begin, to see the hardiest they could create.

Twelve human and one Reptilian group contributed to the original Earthling prototype in areas they controlled.

The Reptilians contributed the brainstem or reptilian complex, with autonomic, emotional and instinctual powers. The Reptilians believed they programmed the amygdala to prevail, by a process we know as “amygdala highjacking,” over the other genetic models for dominant Earthling.

The Nibirans-to-be created the Sirian Unity Kingdom and declared themselves its Royals.  When they failed to forge the Empire they wished, they moved to Nibiru.

Members of the Unity Kingdom dynasty settled on Nibiru.

These Sirian Unity Royals on Nibiru became our ancestors, the Nibirans.  The Nibirans–Anunnaki to us–adapted their genomes to Earth when they added genes from a hominoid, Homo erectus, whom the Council of Hatona in Andromeda had placed on Earth as a result of the Council of Hatona in Andromeda.

Nibiru’s still the home of tall white mostly Homo sapiens geneticists who came to Earth 450,000 years ago, adapted their genome to create us to mine gold for them and told us to call them the Anunnaki, or the Lords (“el”).  Lyrans and the Nibirans they bred are human like us (we’re adaptations of the Nibirans), “5.7 -9 feet tall.  They have snow-white hair, almond-shaped oval eyes and white skin.”  Nibiran men usually sport beards. Nibirans on Earth nowadays live near Nellis Airforce Base, Nevada. By the time they started mining Earth for gold to save Nibiru’s atmosphere, Nibirans “were a mix of more than one species, working in unison. One these other species on Nibiru was Reptilian.”

Enki (Known to Christians as “Lucifer”, the Nibirans’ Chief Scientist for the Nibirans who came to Earth 450,000 years ago), wrote, “After eons of time [on Nibiru] our own [Lyran Homo sapiens] species sprouted, by our own essence an eternal seed to procreate.  As our numbers grew, to many regions of Nibiru our ancestors spread. Some tilled the land, some four-legged creatures shepherded. [Akkadians, who didn’t appear on Earth until Nibirans repopulated Iraq after Noah’s flood of 11,000 BCE, called the Nibirans “Anunnaki” which means “People Who Came Down from the Sky.” Silva uses the term “Anunnaki” to refer to ETs (or they could be subterranean or, other-dimensional, submarine beings.)

On Nibiru, “Rivalries occurred, encroachments happened. Clans gathered into tribes, then two great nations each other faced. The nation of the North against the Nation of the South took up arms. A war, long and fierce engulfed the planet; brother amassed against brother. Nations of the Nibiru’s North and South nuked each other. There was death and destruction both north and south. Nuclear explosions and fallout left many Nibirans sterile and killed a huge percentage of men.  For many circuits [3,600 Earth-year orbits of Nibiru around Solaris] desolation reigned the land; all life was diminished.”

654,000 years ago, “truce was declared; then peacemaking conducted. ‘Let the nations be united,’ the emissaries said to one another.  ‘Let there be one throne on Nibiru, one king to rule over all. Let a leader from the South or from the North by lot be chosen, one king supreme to be. If he be from the north, let the South choose a female to be his spouse. Let their firstborn be the successor; let a dynasty thus be formed, unity on Nibiru forever to establish.’ ”

Since the nuclear war had killed many more men than women, An ordered men, “Take principle and secondary wives, official concubines, too.”  His successors set the Law of Succession: WHEN THE KING DIES, THE SON THE DECEASED KING BEGAT WITH HIS FATHER’S HALF-SISTER SUCCEEDS. This law will long-plague the Earth because it legitimated the contribution of the line of female-transmitted mDNA in the Merovingian French royals descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. [Lost Book of Enki: 25-26; Slave Species 98]


Since Nibiru used to near Earth (reach perigee Solaris) every 3,600 years.  “For a time in cold is Nibiru engulfed; for part of its circuit by the Sun strongly is it heated.  A thick atmosphere Nibiru envelops, by volcanic eruptions constantly fed.  All manner of life this atmosphere sustains.  In cold periods, the inner heat of Nibiru it keeps about the planet, like a warm coat that is constantly renewed. In the hot period it shields Nibiru from the Sun’s scorching rays.”

But 500,000 years ago, Nibiru’s protective shield weakened.  The thick atmosphere thinned. This forced Nibirans to mine Earth for gold to powder into Nibiru’s air, save their atmosphere, and keep the heat they needed. [Lost Book: 24; Slave Species: 88].

By the reign of Enshar, the sixth king descended from An, “Nibiru’s air has thinner been made, the protective shield diminished,” scientists said.  Enshar’s son Duuru failed to create a hereditary heir, but the Council of Counselors made his adopted son, Lahma, King. 

To Lahma, “In the councils of the learned, to heal the breach in the atmosphere, were two suggestions. Use gold, within the Hammered Belt [Asteroids] abundant.  To finest powder, gold could be ground, lofted high to heaven, suspended it could remain.  With replenishment, the breach it would heal. Let celestial boats [rockets] the gold to Nibiru bring over.  Let weapons of Terror [nukes] be created, the missiles the volcanoes to attack, their dormancy to bestir, their belching to increase, the atmosphere to replenish, the breach to make disappear.”

“For a decision Lahma was too feeble; what choice to make he knew not.” Every 3,600 years, Nibiru, as it circled Nemesis and crossed through Solaris’s ecliptic, lost more oxygen.  For four orbits, Lahma vacillated whether he should nuke the volcanoes or send miners to the Asteroids.  While he pondered, Nibiru’s air bled into space. 

Intense radiation afflicted the planet, but Lahma ignored his counselors and instead heeded his wife, Lamaha.  She told him, “Beseech the Great Creator of All. Beseeching, not actings, provides the only hope.”


Prince Alalu, descended from Nibiru’s forth king, Anshurgal (and a concubine) led his fellow princes. “Let Lahma the king be no more,” he roared. “Let decision supplant hesitation. Come, let us unnerve the King in his dwelling, let him the throne abandon.”

The princes rushed the palace gate, then the throne room. Lahma retreated to his tower, where Alalu caught him.”

“We need a king who acts now. Not you; you dither. I’m taking over now, before we lose all our air.” Alalu hurled the King from the tower. “Now I’m King.”

Anu said he, not Alalu, should rule. Anu descended from King An’s youngest son (Enuru) contested Alalu’s claim. Anu said he, as Pretender, not Alalu, should rule.

Alalu told Anu, “Wed our children–my daughter Damkina; your son Enki; I rule and civil war we forestall. My Cupbearer shall you be, always near consulting me.”

Anu agreed; he canceled the betrothal his daughter Ninmah had with Enki, Nibiru’s greatest scientist. [Click and learn more.]


Alalu appointed Ex-Pretender Anu as Cupbearer (Crown Prince).

King Alalu kept Cupbearer Anu near, so he wouldn’t have a chance to build a faction and to remind him of their deal–Enki’s son Marduk (not Anu’s legal heir Enlil) would rule Nibiru as King when he (Alalu) died or abdicated.


To raise overcast to hold Nibiru’s air, Alalu had rockets shoot nuclear missiles into Nibiru’s volcanoes. This, however, didn’t release enough ash to plug the hole in the atmosphere. The hole grew.

Alalu also explored the gold-dust shield option. Earth and its asteroids hold most of the gold in the solar system, so he sent a rocket to the inner solar system.  But the vessel crashed into an asteroid. All aboard died.

Nine more Nibiran years (9 sars, orbits of Nibiru around the sun, 32,400 Earth years) passed and Alalu still hadn’t stopped Nibiru’s air loss.

Cupbearer Anu seethed when Alalu failed to protect and replenish Nibiru’s atmosphere. Anu cited the Nibiru succession law that Alalu had abrogated. 

Anu proclaimed himself rightful king and challenged Alalu. “To hand-to-hand combat, with bodies naked, Alalu he challenged.  Alalu in combat was defeated; by acclaim Anu was hailed as king. Anu to the palace was escorted.“

But “Alalu to the palace did not return. From the crowds he stealthily escaped; of dying like Lahma he was fearful. Unbeknownst to others, to the place of the celestial chariots [rockets] he hurriedly went. Into a missile-throwing chariot Alalu climbed; its hatch behind him he closed. The forepart chamber he entered; the commander’s seat he occupied. In the celestial boat Alalu from Nibiru escaped. To snow-hued Earth, Alalu set his course.”


460,500 BCE or so Alalu piloted his nuke-armed rocket to Earth. Despite Galactic Federation rule that forbade nuking in space, Alalau used some of his nuclear missiles to blast asteroids from his path, lest he collide with one and perish as had the miners he’d sent for Earth when he was King of Nibiru.

He landed on marshy land near Basara, on the Persian Gulf, and waded ashore. (Most of the land Alalu explored rests now under the sea. Two of the rivers he found, the Tigris and Euphrates, still flow through Iraq. But when Alalu arrived, the Tigris and Euphrates joined the Gehon (Karun) river, which ran through Iran and joined the Euphrates. In 2010, ultrasound showed that the merged Tigris, Euphrates and Gehon, further south, joined the Pishon River to make the four rivers of Sumer that tablets show. Sumer’s four combined rivers then flowed into the Persian Gulf. Noah’s Flood of 9703 BCE buried the Pishon with mud.)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1_a__a_aa_1_2_A__Rivers_4_of_Iraq_Basara.jpg

When Alalu landed, he donned his eagle helmet [oxygen mask] and wetsuit. He waded ashore, then returned to his rocket and took the helmet off. He extended the rocket’s “tester, which breathed the planet’s air, compatibility it indicated.” So again he waded ashore, this time with “sampler, a weapon and dark goggles to protect his eyes from sunlight he found unbearably bright.” But he left his oxygen mask and frogman suit in the rocket. When he sampled the waters of the marsh, his sampler indicated gold.

Alalu targeted Nibiru with missiles. “The Speaker-of-Words he stirred up; toward Nibiru the words to carry, ‘On another world I am, the gold of salvation I have found. The fate of Nibiru is in my hands. To my conditions you must give heed! Return my throne’


416,000 years ago, Anu rocketed to Earth to create chain-of-command and deal with Alalu’s threats.

On Earth, Anu put three straws in one hand, held them out to Enki and Enlil: “Which ever of you, my sons, draws the long straw, rules Nibiru. Draw the short straw and you command Earth. Draw the middle-sized straw and you run mining and sea transport.”

“By their lots the tasks they divided; Anu to Nibiru to return, its ruler on the throne to remain.


When Anu and his sons divided rule of Nibiru and Earth, “Forward toward Anu Alalu stepped, shouted, ‘Mastery of Earth to me was allotted; that was the promise when the gold finds to Nibiru I announced! Nor have I the claim to Nibiru’s throne forsaken.’”

Anu wrestled Alalu. They grappled.

But when Anu lifted his foot from Alalu, “swiftly he the manhood of Anu bit off, the malehood of Anu Alalu did swallow.

Enlil subdued and tied Alalu while Enki gave Anu first-aid. Anu groaned, “Maroon Alalu on Mars, I shall. Slowly will he die from my flesh ingested. “His flesh killed anyone who ate it.

Minoan Greece practiced an initiation cult centered on Demeter, a conflated fusion of Ninmah, Yahweh-Enlil’s wife Ninlil-Sud, and Ninlil’s granddaughter Persephone-Ereshkigal.  Princess Ereshkigal belonged to Enlil’s lineage–the Enlil-ites.

Before the Anunnaki geneticists created our race, Enlil sent Ereshkigal to the Anunnaki weather station at Point Cape Agulhas on the southernmost tip of Africa.  Enki (Lucifer) conveyed her to the station, impregnating her enroute.

Hades (Enlil’s son Nergal) ruled South Africa and ran the volunteers from Nibiru who had come to work the mines of Southern Africa for gold to ship to Sumer, rocket to Mars and then to Nibiru (to float as monoatomic gold into Nibiru’s atmosphere and plug the hole in the Nibiran ionosphere).  He resented the intrusion of Enlilite Princess Ereshkigal into his domains.  

Nergal came to Ereshkigal’s station to kill her as an Enlilite agent.  She saved her life: she told Nergal that his dad, Enki, had impregnated her.  She came onto Nergal sexually.  She said she’d marry him and spend Fall and Winter with him in Absu (the Anunnaki name for Africa).  When she delivered Enki’s child Ningishzidda (later known as Hermes), she sent the boy to Enki in his home in Zimbabwe.  In Springtime, Ereshkigal got to return home to her mother Ninlil in the Spring.  She came back to Africa and Nergal for Fall and Winter [Gods No More: 199].


In the conflated Minoan Greek version of Ereshkigal’s story, “The Eleusinian Mysteries in Ancient Greece” which preceded Zeus-Marduk’s Olympian-Mycenean religion, “centered around Persephone [as the Minoan version of Ereshkigal]  and her mother Demeter [Ninlil]–goddess of Agriculture, growth and nourishment.”  In this version, “Persephone was abducted by Hades and became the queen of the underworld [Africa, on Anunnaki maps, is “under”–ie south of–the Greek world].

Ereshkigal-Persephone’s mother, Ninlil-Demeter, grieving and desperate, kept relentlessly searching for her. The Earth became barren, nothing would grow anymore and life faced extinction.  Hermes then crossed to the underworld and took her back to her mother. However, she had to spend the season when the vegetation stops growing and rose back to earthly life with springtime. Hermes, the Mycenean conflation of Ningishzidda, the son of Ereshkigal, the Sumerian archetype the Marduk-Zeus’ priests labeled as Persephone. 
[Hardy, 2020: 38]

However, Persephone had to spend the season when the vegetation stops growing and rose back to earthly life with springtime. [Hardy, 2020: 38]

“In 2000 BCE Crete entered the Middle Minoan period when in the civilized world the Goddess was displaced by warlike male gods. People the Anunnaki influenced still revered as [or conflated with]–Hathor and Isis in Egypt, Astarte or Ishtar [Inanna] in Babylon, or as Arina in Anatolia.” But Satan (AKA Zeus, Marduk)-controlled areas considered Lilith secondary–a consort or mother of more powerful male gods.  Male dominance, wars of conquest and counter-conquest gripped most of Eurasia. Once nomadic people of the steppes got bronze weapons, they took Lilith’s domains and spread war and Satan’s influence in Europe and India.

“But on Crete where the Goddess was still supreme, there were no signs of war.” Cretans traced descent lines through women, not men. Crete, the last bastion of Lilith’s partnership-based society, represented god as female.

In Crete, even into the later Marduk/Zeus/Mycenaean period, “Worship of nature pervaded everything. Priestesses of the Goddess, not priests, play the central role in rituals.” Life on Crete “was pervaded by ardent faith in Nature, the source of all creation and harmony. This led to the love of peace, a horror of tyranny and respect for the law. People of different racial stocks worked cooperatively for the common good.

“There was sharing of wealth” and a high standard of living even for peasants.”

The Minoan capital and port, “Knossos, had one hundred thousand inhabitants, streets paved and drained, fronted with neat three-story houses. Exercise and sports involved men and women. Public ceremonies, mostly religious, featured processions, banquets, and acrobatic displays, among them bull games in theaters and arenas. [Eisler: 30-31, 35-36, 43]

Lilith preached sexual, ethnic and domestic partnership. Her lands touted nonviolence, trade and travel. Her peaceful unfortified cities lacked arms caches, armies or slaves. People worshipped her across the Eastern Mediterranean islands in the Minoan Federation (named after the Minos, King of Crete).

Crete’s partnership society gives us a model of the belief that “government should represent interests of the people” rather than the interests of the rulers.

Top-Down Polytheism with Zeus/Satan/Marduk at the Top

Satan’s Aryans (AKA Kurgians) and his Prophet Nabu brought Satan’s model of top god with lesser gods in charge of specific tasks to Greece and other European lands who worshiped  Lilith, the Great Goddess. 

People worshiped the Great Goddess across the Eastern  Mediterranean islands in the Minoan Federation (after the Minos, King of Crete).

In the 16th Century, BCE Aryans migrated south in Greece toward the Aegean.  They became the MYCENAEAN Greeks; they worshiped Satan/Marduk whom they called Zeus

The Minos, the Goddess’ King in Crete, got the Mycenaean Kings to send him their heirs as hostages at his palace at Knossos.  The Mycenaean Kings dared not war lest the Minos kill their kids. The hostage princes and princesses formed teams of bull-vaulters with bulls they trained.  They vaulted at rituals High Priestess Ariadne led. 

Ariadne took Theseus, the hostage from Thebes for her lover.  They planned a hostage revolt.  An astronomical event–probably Nibiru’s nearing– caused the eruption of Thera (Stromboli) and the Nile floods of Moses’ time.  In Crete, tidal waves sunk the Minoan Fleet at Knossos Harbor.  In the chaos, Ariadne, Theseus and the Royal Mycenaean hostages overthrew the Minos and his empire and sailed away.

In the chaos of the storms, Ariadne and Theseus’ revolt succeeded. 

He abandoned her and her priestesses on the Isle of Lesbos and sailed back to Thrace.

Such was the fate of Lilith’s partnership-based societies throughout Eurasia as Satan in his many personas trained us to think in terms of dominator-consciousness.  Lilith’s devotees practiced spiritual, political and domestic partnership rather than the dominator-consciousness of the religions spawned by either Yahweh/Enlil (in his role as Yahweh) or  Marduk (in his guises as Ra, Yahweh and Ahura Mazda).  To the Mycenaean, Marduk was Zeus; his son Nabu, Dionysus.
[Eisler, 1988: 27-77]


The Mycenaeans displaced the Minoans and merged Minoan gods (the Anunnaki gods) with Marduk-Zeus’ lineup of Anunnaki Royals.  Mycenaeans blended Marduk’s New Years’ enactment of the planets with their blended version.  They conflated  Lilith/Ninmah with Gaia (Goddess of Earth).  Alalu and sometimes Anu became Uranus to the Greeks.  In a dramatic turn-about, Mycenaeans said Cronus (Anu) castrated  Uranus whereas Lucifer/Enki wrote that it was the other way around, that Alalu “bit off Anu’s manhood.”  The Greeks regarded Enki as Prometheus and blended him with his brother Epimetheus.

Aryan cattle keepers and their priests who embraced Zeus’ now warlike preferences invaded southern Europe from the Asiatic and northeast Europe.   The invaders replaced Ninmah’s partnership-based, matrilineal (trace descent and inheritance through females). 

Minoans and Ninmah-devoted societies practiced matrilocality(men moved to their wives’ homes) and farmed in a settled area.  Goddess societies created large planned towns.  Their spiritual beliefs, “focused on the agricultural cycle of birth, death, and regeneration embodied in the female principle, a Mother Creatrix.”

Instead of the Great Mother as the spiritual pinnacle for society, the invaders forced Zeus’ Anunnaki model of religion and male war gods, suppression and sacrifice of women, arms races, slavery and pervasive hierarchical suppression.  Zeus “exalted virile, heroic warrior-gods of the shining, thunderous sky.  Dagger and battle-ax “represent the gods’ powers” and dominate the invaders’ symbolism.

The invaders lived in  “patrilineal, socially stratified herding units which lived in small villages or seasonal settlements, grazing animals over vast areas.   

In Greece, Goddess-based cultures succumbed to the Mycenean, then Dorian Greeks and became patrilineal, patrilocal, and obsessed with hierarchy and ever more lethal bronze and then iron weapons “to kill, plunder and enslave.”

Eisler writes, “The invaders placed a higher value on the power that takes–symbolized by the masculine blade– rather than gives life. The invaders worshipped the blade in their dominator society, ruled by gods and men.  Male dominance, warfare, and enslavement of women became the norm.  The glorification of the lethal power of the sharp blade accompanied organized slaughter of other human beings, destruction, and looting of their property and subjugation of their persons.”  Where the invaders encountered goddess-worshippers like the Minoans, they “massacred most of the local men and children but spared some of the women, whom they took for themselves as concubines, wives or slaves” whom the invaders sacrificed when the men who took them died.  [Eisler:43-50]

In former areas of Goddess worship, “towns and villages disintegrated, painted pottery vanished; as did shrines, frescoes, sculptures, symbols and scripts.”  Where Marduk’s minions prevailed, “we find warrior-chieftain graves with human sacrifices of women, children, animals and caches of weapons surrounding the dead chiefs.” Instead of the unwalled residences of Goddess times, the invaders created fortified structures on hilltops.” Former Goddess areas of Europe ceased display of the ubiquitous female figurines [Eisler: 51-53]

Mycenean Greeks equated the Nibiran King Anu with Chronos, the Titan King.  They made the Anunnaki Chief Scientist Enki into Prometheus, a god whom Zeus punished for giving classified technology to humanity as in modern times when Pakistan gave nuclear secrets to North Korea.


Anunnaki men from the planet Nibiru, posing as gods since Noah’s flood, created war, political fanaticism and religion to secure obedience to them and hierarchic, top-down authority with them at the top.

In Anunnaki-promulgated dominator religions men boss women, control resources and often condone killing non-believers.   They manipulate guilt and shame around food, sex and pleasure.  Anunnaki religions are viruses.  They infect families that poison the minds of their descendants through generations.

Enlightened individuals and groups within every Dominator religion transcend rigid hierarchy, status-obsession, female suppression, slavery and murderous leadership of their traditions and instead embrace spiritual experiences, universal empathy, partnership and nondual awareness.


Janet Kira Lessin writes,

Is your amygdala stuck in the “on” position? Situations in life arise that may throw you into a fight or flight response. If you ask yourself if you are safe and your response is no, your amygdala will launch you into a rapid response to save your life. Due to our current world and political situations that are volatile, many of us are stuck in alert mode. Covid, violence, conflict, climate change, political madness create stress that threatens to overload and overwhelm everyone individually and collectively. Your ability to maintain composure and make correct responses are based on your “Emotional Intelligence” and are more critical now than ever.

What happens when your brain misfunctions and you find yourself facing an amygdala hijack? Will you even recognize that you’ve lost your mind and are acting up and acting out?

There’s always been a part of the population that’s vulnerable to those who use fear porn to manipulate the masses (fear porn is irresistible images that scare and fascinate you). Fear of dying and going to hell was an early strategy of religions. The ability to analyze and empathize is critical when it comes to making decisions that affect you individually while you simultaneously hold and understand how your decisions affect the world. Empathy’s the key. Compassion puts you in a hierarchy. Empathy allows you to feel the other person, imagine that you walk in their shoes, and when you have empathy, you make decisions that benefit yourself and them as well.

Janet copied the info below from Wikopedia, for your convenience:

What Happens in the Brains of Trumpists?


Speaker 1: It’s great to have back on the program today Bobbie Azarian, who is a cognitive neuroscientist, blogger for Psychology Today, and also a writer of The Substory Road to Omega. Bobby, it’s great to have you back today.

Speaker 4: Thanks for having me,  David. Appreciate it.

Speaker 1: So maybe to start with, you know, many of us have been seeing I mean, we can go back and talk about during the pandemic.  We can talk about January 6th in many different ways and from different people.

We’ve been seeing behavior that seems dysregulated at a minimum and other words that we could apply to it at worse if we want to. Can you talk first from a neuroscience standpoint? What is it that is happening when people are the way?  I would as a layman say it, their common sense seems to be almost hijacked in a sense, and they behave in ways that many of us find hard to imagine ever behaving ourselves.  What is it that’s taking place? 

Speaker 4: So I guess the first thing I’d say is that if we don’t look at what’s going on through the lens of science, in particular, psychology and more specifically a theory called terror management theory, we’re going to be completely lost about what’s going on.

Things will just seem completely random and chaotic and unpredictable.  And in a sense, they are certainly chaotic,  but they’re not totally unpredictable. So if we’re looking at things from the perspective of psychology and we look at all of the events that have transpired since really the emergence of Trump, really you can go back farther than that. Then we see that a lot of these responses were due to events that call cause existential fear in people.


Emergence of Trump himself was a response to fears over ISIS and fears over immigration when Trump took power. Then, for people on the left,  their fear was having an incompetent leader that Stokes division in the pandemic hit.  And there’s like it’s the biggest form of existential fear. We’re all freaked out.

So when you have those conditions, basically that fear creates certain psychological effects that promote tribalism, that make us more aggressive towards people who don’t share our world view. And once that process happens, it’s very hard to reverse that because there are certain psychological phenomena like something I can talk about in a minute called amygdala hijack,  where basically we’re controlled by our fears.  


We’re sort of programmed rather than being these rational thinkers. And once this happens, one side becoming more extreme, polarized, the other side that’s trying to balance that. And then you get on this trajectory where you’re going towards just a more divisive state. And so if you don’t do something to get a hold of that, basically we’re headed towards disaster. 

Speaker 1: So let’s think a little bit like,  for example, when I hear you say that a lot of this can be triggered when we’re around people that don’t share our world view and it creates this Luban cycle with something like the anti-vaccine, anti-mask protests. I’m not seeing the pro-vaccine and pro mask people behave the same way as the anti, although in some general sense maybe it would happen because both are being challenged in terms of their worldview.  

That doesn’t make sense to us as progressives, but it can do things that so the left will be more like gung ho about wearing masks and taking precautions. So I not that it’s not that extreme behavior is always bad. Extremism is bad when the ideas are extremely stupid. So you can have radical good ideas that can transform society.  And when you have a situation where there’s this looming existential threat like the pandemic, it can catalyze civil rights movements or it can catalyze civil wars. And really, when the threat is so extreme, it kind of does both those things at the same time.

So going back to what you said, I would argue that it’s not fully on the right and on the left. It manifests itself in different ways, for example. Yeah. So, for example, you have the Black Lives Matter movement and that really exploded after the George Floyd murder. And that was in May, just right at the beginning of the pandemic, when in us we started seeing these like warnings to wear masks, not go outside and stuff like that. And that explosion that protests like nationwide protests occurred because everyone was so fearful because of the pandemic.

Pin on Monika ursinus


And then you had this like countermovement. You had people like saying blue lives matter in response to  Black Lives Matter and. That was problematic, didn’t even make sense because the whole point of Black Lives Matter was saying black lives should matter as much as everyone else’s life.  So it was really all lives matter from the beginning. It’s very ironic that like the other side started saying, all lives matter when, like, that was what the first movement was about.

Anyway, you get this defund the police movement in response to like this right-wing blue lives matter, all lives matter thing. And like that slogan like is very extreme. And now I  see political campaign ads using that slogan to scare people away from Democrats. So I  would say that the left matches the right. They just do it in completely different ways.

Speaker 1: Right. And that’s interesting. You bring up the defund now being used against some on the left. From the beginning, I said I don’t think this is a productive slogan, and here’s why.  And it’s very interesting that you point to that. I do want to get you to mention the amygdala hijack. Can you talk about what that is?  So we’re all on the same page with it.

Speaker 4: Yeah. So basically, when we go through life, we’re kind of mostly on autopilot.  And some studies have shown that the famous LIBET studies on free will basically we’re programmed and we have a certain set of beliefs and goals and we kind of behaving according to those. But a lot of times our programmed behavior won’t be optimal. So if we’re fearful, we might get aggressive.

When that happens, there’s another part of the brain that is responsible for kicking in and producing rational behavior where we analyze the situation and then we make decisions where we’re more in control than being controlled by our instincts and reflexes. So the two brain areas that are important are the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex. The amygdala is involved in processing threats and it is associated with the fear response.

So when we do perceive a threat,  basically it triggers the amygdala, and that puts us in a sort of like a fight or flight mode.  And then the prefrontal cortex, which is a newer part of the brain evolutionarily, evolutionarily.  And that part is supposed to calm the amygdala.  And the problem is, in times where fear is superhigh, the prefrontal cortex can’t do its job because the amygdala is just constantly being triggered.

How Can We Stop An Amygdala Hijack?


There are also some interesting studies that show correlations between impaired prefrontal cortex function, which is responsible for this.  We call it cognitive control or executive control regulating your emotions.  And so we see impaired executive control with people who are religious fundamentalists or we see it with people who score high on surveys of racism.

We see it in people with drug addiction. So basically those people are less in control. You could say they have less free will because they’re unable to override this programming and this effect that you have when basically the amygdala hijacks the cognitive system. So what we can do about that becomes aware of that and simply becoming aware, having what’s called meta-awareness can give you control over that. And then there are exercises you can do, like practicing mindfulness to kind of strengthen the prefrontal cortex because it really is like a muscle.

Speaker 1: Thinking of that, I ask this not to excuse me morally, ethically, or legally the actions of the January 6th rioters, but I ask it in order to try to understand, is it a type of situation where you’re in this mass of people and someone decides to start busting down doors or breaking windows and going in?  

Is it possible that you sort of experience an amygdala hijack there and you just kind of are riding high and carried in and participating,  not because you went intending to do that, but because the situation around you sort of puts you into that state? Is that a situation where this happens?

Speaker 4: Definitely, and I would like to say that it’s really important to understand these people because we don’t understand the mindset we’ll have will be completely lost in terms of how to get through to them. So when you talk about empathy for these people, it’s not so much about,  like wanting to be a better human being, to have empathy, empathy for them. It’s really more about being practical, finding a solution to the problem.

So these people, just like you said during the capital attack, they’re tuned into social media. They’re plugged into the people who are stoking that fear constantly. They’re responding to the others around them and things that are happening in real-time.  And so you kind of get this collective effect where it’s like.

The amygdala hijack is kind of like spreading from person to person. And once that happens, if there’s not someone that comes out and says,  hey, everybody like this is kind of crazy, right? It’s just going to snowball.

Speaker 1: Is is mob mentality kind of a layman’s term for group amygdala hijack?

Speaker 4: Yes, definitely, it’s related to that, it’s also related to tribalism. I didn’t go into terror management theory. I know we talked about it last time. I could talk about that a little bit in relation to, like, this mob mentality. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, I would be interested in hearing that because I mean, what we’re you know, many of us are starting to say, is this going to happen again? How likely are these folks who in some online spaces are saying, if we don’t get X, it’s going to be time for January six, part two, or whatever? I think it would be important to understand what it is that could get them there, but also what could prevent a.

Speaker 4:  Yeah, absolutely, so I think to prevent it,  I think to get an understanding of what’s actually going on, we have to understand terror management theory.

So terror management theory starts with the fear of death. So at some point in the evolutionary development of man or humans, should say, we became intelligent enough to be aware of our own mortality, that someday we’re going to inevitably die and be gone and possibly forgotten. And that realization can be paralyzing if you don’t have a  psychological mechanism for coping with that. 

So when that happened, that necessitated the invention of cultural worldviews like religions, political ideologies, national identities, cultural worldviews basically act as death anxiety buffers by giving us a sense of purpose and meaning in life.  Actually, they are said to offer paths to immortality.

So a religion offers a path to literal immortality through the concept of an afterlife.  And national identities offer a path to what’s called symbolic immortality through feeling like you’re part of this bigger movement, this bigger idea that will outlive the individual.  

On theists believing ridiculous, unscientific things, and Terror Management  Theory | Jonathan MS Pearce


So what terror management theory says is that if cultural worldviews are how we deal with existential fear, then in times when there’s some existential threat looming or we’re reminded of our death for some other reason, we are going to cling to our cultural worldviews more. We’re going to become more tribal and we’re going to become more aggressive towards people who have different worldviews.

So really, it explains tribalism. It’s interesting because the world is basically you needed some sort of worldview to emerge to have human civilization because it’s what binds people together under a common idea. But at the same time, if you have people in different parts of the world, different cultural worldviews are going to emerge. So the thing that unites people within the group is the very same thing that can that divides people into tribes.

So one of the ways to deal with this is to look at your different world views, look at what you have in common, like, for example, look at the things that the right are complaining about and they’re fearful about that are valid. Now, there are going to be a lot of things that are valid, a lot of crazy things that just have nothing to do with reality. 

But there are going to be some things that are legitimate concerns, things that they care about.  And we try to align interests at that point.  And if we can do that, we can start to create some sort of unifying worldview and we really need to do that consciously. It doesn’t happen by accident. So there will be a second capital attack, something not necessarily have capital, but something that’s like that.

Right. We’re headed there. And if we don’t do something very consciously to change that trajectory, I would predict that it will happen for sure.

Speaker 1: So would I. So would I.

We’ve been speaking with Bobby Azarian, who’s a cognitive neuroscientist, blogger for Psychology Today, and also writes The Substance Road to Omega. Bobby,  it’s always great having you on. I appreciate it.

Speaker 4: Great. David, can I mention the road to a megaproject? Yes, that’s really what I and some colleagues and friends and allies have started to design, which sets out a solution for all of this. So everything we talked about, the problem of tribalism, understanding that a Bayesian reasoning system, a logical reason, reasoning system to fight misinformation and conspiracy theories. And that plan is up that road to a mega subsect dotcom. English

Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman coined the concept of the amygdala hijack as part of the theory on Emotional Intelligence/Quotient (EI/EQ). He defined EQ as ‘the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.’

Watch Daniel Goleman explains his theories of emotional intelligence

In my post “Letting Good Emotions Roll” I gave an overview of how performance is determined by our emotional intelligence. Hay Group identifies EQ as twice as important as IQ in determining future career success. EQ demonstrates an intrinsic link between individual and company performance, and the EQ of its leaders. Emotions are contagious! In leadership teams, hijacks can jeopardize decisions, collaboration, and teamwork. The potential of negative impact and lasting damage is considerable.

Leaders can mitigate hijacks using their EQ – self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and social skills. Self-regulation requires understanding and acknowledging your feelings. This strengthens your ability to regulate and control brain function, empowering the rational part of the brain. ‘Affect Labeling’ our responses can help to identify and understand our triggers and take effective action.

Highly successful leaders recognize and identify with the emotional landscape, defusing and managing situations. Employing effective tools positively to de-escalate an issue, using humor and empathy rather than a negative contagion of anger. Goleman observed that the best leaders get people to laugh three times more often. His research showed EQ as a key differentiator for leadership success, becoming increasingly important the more senior people become.

EQ has a considerable impact on performance and on how people perceive you. There are some tactics to help maintain control during challenging times:

  1. Understand your trigger points and know when you are reaching your threshold
  2. Plan ahead, recognise risk factors and potential derailers, plan accordingly
  3. Wait at least six seconds before responding; breath deeply
  4. Acknowledge your feelings and create choices
  5. Take a considered choice, enable your prefrontal cortex to operate
  6. Check and modify your behaviour accordingly
  7. Acknowledge when you have been hijacked, identify and label the trigger for the future

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