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From TANTRA FOR ALL CHAKRAS by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Dean, School of Tantra) & Janet Kira Lessin (CEO, Aquarian Radio)
 Balance the reciprocities in your intimate relationships.  To sustain and maximally enjoy your lovers,  balance giving and taking.  Please your intimates, let them know how to please you in return.  It isn’t a strict tit-for-tat exchange, but a general balance of giving and taking between you.

If you give way more than you get, you exhaust yourself and wind up resenting your lovers.  If you don’t give as much love your lovers can feel and appreciate as you get, they deem you selfish and withdraw.  What you give is what you get.
With each of your sexual intimates, reserve 2 hours of uninterrupted privacy to experience exercises that uplift how you relate.  In the exercise below, you learn to safely express much, build mutual trust, understand and feel each other when you hear, paraphrase and empathize then commit to improving.

Take turns; read the following cues to your lovers.  Where you see three asterisks (***), have them respond.  3 pound signs (###) instructions for you to read aloud.  You read instructions in square brackets [ ] silently.

Sit on this cushion–the place for your CENTER, where you hear your inner selves.
Tell me about your Pleaser, your nice part, that makes other people happy. ***
What’s your Pleaser voice like? ***
What does it do for you? ***
Shift to a new position, a seat for PLEASER.
Sit on this seat–the place for your CENTER, where you hear your inner selves.

Tell me about your Pleaser, your nice part, that makes other people happy. ***
What’s your Pleaser voice like? ***
What does it do for you? ***
Shift to a new position, a seat for PLEASER.
Hi.  Enact Pleaser.  Say what you do fo     [Partner’s name]. ***
When did your life as distinct Pleaser subself start? ***
What’s your history, Pleaser? ***
How do you protect     [Partner’s name] from hurt, fear and insecurity? ***
What have you contributed to her or him? ***
Say what you’d like     [Partner’s name] to acknowledge and appreciate. ***
Thanks.  Let     [Partner’s name] return to Center position.  [Wait till Partner moves]
Hi, Center; I call you     [Partner’s name]–the whole person who contains all the subselves.
Tell me about your TAKER, the part Critic calls “Selfish”, the subself that wants you to have what you want and why you want what you want. ***
Move to a seat for your Taker.  Be Taker.  Say, Taker, what you do for [Partner’s name].***
Say the main times you emerged, times you helped     [Partner’s name]. ***
What would you like       [Partner’s name] to appreciate you for? ***
Relate when, nowadays, Taker, you’d like     [Partner’s name] to assert needs better. ***
How, from your perspective, Taker, does     [Partner’s name] do in meeting sexual, assertive and creative needs? ***
Thanks, I liked talking.  Now let  [Partner’s name] again return to CENTER. [Wait till Partner moves]
Now move again; stand behind me, in the WITNESS position. [Wait till Partner moves]
I review what your Pleaser and Taker said. ### [Summarize what you heard]
Stand.  Embrace impartially.  As Witness, you don’t decide anything.  You just sense each voice’s energy as I tell about them.  [Say what you noticed about her Pleaser and Taker] Nod, “Yes,” when you feel them.
Return once more to the CENTER cushion. Experience the middle.  Feel and appreciate Pleaser and Taker.
Say what you learned interviewing both your Pleaser and your Taker. ***
Now let’s trade roles, you enact Guide, I’ll enact Partner as you read the cues for Appreciate Pleaser & Taker Too  [above].


Embody your Ideal Lover.  As Ideal  Lover, describe your existence–what you feel, think and do for your lover, how you regard her or him, what you do to help [Partner’s name] feel loved. ***
Say how you feel about [Partner’s name]. ***
What do you want for [Partner’s name]? ***
Reveal what you value about [Partner’s name]. ***
Change positions, stop enacting Ideal Lover. [Wait till Partner moves]
Embody Center–your whole self–again.  As yourself, respond to your Ideal Lover. ***
Say what you learned roleplaying Ideal Lover. ***
Now let’s trade roles, you enact Guide, I’ll enact “Partner” as you read the cues for Constellate Your Ideal Lover  [above].


“Hi     [Partner’s name]; when I use this name for you and you sit where you now are,  you occupy the Center position.

As Center, you hear and calibrate your inner voices.  You interview them, hear what they want.   Learn what brings each onstage.  Ask what they need that fuels what they want.  From your perspective, Center, you recognize, accept and coordinate your subs onstage.   Centered, you direct.  

Evoke an inner voice that coaches you emotionally.  Your Inner Tantra Teacher empathizes with all your subpersonalities, understands their needs, assesses their progress.  Your Inner Tantra Teacher sees when you got protective voices and how they served you.  Your Inner Tantra Teacher analyzes your ecology and encourages you to synergize subselves’ enthusiasms.

Tell me, Center, what you know about your Inner Teacher. ***

Thanks, Center.  Would you let her/him [choose correct sex] sit where I sit?  I’ll move.

[After Partner moves] From this seat, EMBODY YOUR INNER TANTRA GUIDE.

What traits, attitudes and demeanor do you, Inner Tantra Guide, exhibit toward     [Partner’s name]?  ***

Say what you do for     [Partner’s name]. ***

Say your qualities, traits, attitudes, beliefs and characteristics, Inner Tantra Guide.  ***

What did [Partner’s name] learn about sex and relationships at each life-stage? ***

Assess [Partner’s name]’s consciousness and emotional functioning nowadays. ***

Advice     [Partner’s name] how to deal with feelings. ***

Review, from your perspective as her Inner Tantra Guidehow ___ [Partner’s name] manages sex and relationships.  ***

How, in your view, does he or she handle money? ***

Describe [Partner’s name]‘s professional relations. ***

Say how you regard the way [Partner’s name] conducts her sex life? ***

What else would you like to share with me–Tanta Guide to Tantra Guide–about      [Partner’s name]? ***

What body signal will you send that’ll prompt [Partner’s name] to hear your inputs? ***

Thanks, Teacher; now [Partner’s name] can call on you with ever greater ease. 

Change seats again so your whole person,  [Partner’s name], can come back onstage.

[After Seeker moves] Separate from Teacher. Become your Center again.

Tell what you learn when you enacted Teacher. ***

Remember the signal Teacher choose to buzz you.  Feel it now.  Hear Teacher, but don’t let Teacher dominate you, Center.  Nod when you feel Teacher coming in.

Now reduce Teacher energy and center yourself again.

Now let’s trade roles, you enact Guide, I’ll enact Seeker as you read the cues for Constellate Your Inner Tantra Guide  [above].


TEACH TANTRA is a manual for you to experience advanced tantra, teach it to others and, optionally, attain certification as a tantra teacher. You learn to teach lovers and students how to:

* Master advanced tantra techniques

* Open all energy vortexes (chakras) to each other

* Refine relations

* Encourage female ejaculation and master male ejaculatory control

* Find meaning and purpose in relationships and life

* Reprogram parent imprints that diminish sex and love

* Get satisfaction and sustain sex

* Mutually make more in sexualloving

* Delve dreams and pastlives

* Worship women and gratify guys

For TEACH TANTRA, go to CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/7617018

For the Student Tantra Book 1, for the people you teach: TANTRA FOR ALL CHAKRAS at www.createspace.com/7257177




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