George GREEN (RIP 6/2019), Derivatives Inventor, Redeemed Himself Sharing Wisdom ETs Gave Him

by Janet Kira Lessin

Please take a few minutes to send prayers and love to George Green and his family as he begins his journey home. He and his wife Gillian have been together for over 40 years. George and Gillian hung out with us at conferences as we shared meals and connected the dots. He and Gillian were two of the kindest and most loving people I’ve ever been blessed to meet. So sad we’ve lost another member of our global UFO community in such a short time.

    • George was an investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D. and a Broker/Dealer. Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher. He published the Handbook for the New Paradigm” written by the ET’s. 

George, on his website:, wrote: “Thank you for participating and helping to get Geoge’s free Handbook For the New Paradigm into as many hands as possible. We are all humans becoming, help us become!”

A former investment banker, George is probably the last person you’d expect aliens to choose to communicate with but that is exactly what has happened to publisher George Green. On the youtuibe, George shared how he was contacted, why he was chosen and the vital message he agreed to relay. He published extraterrestrial information to “awaken” us so we may all be contact ETs and their wisdom. George, in this remarkable discussion, tells how and when he saw his first spacecraft, his investigations and how things began to “happen” in his life.

In the 1980’s, Green  went to visit Billy Meier at his complex in Switzerland and began having direct contacts with aliens, who he said looked human in appearance.  Green moved to Idaho to more clearly receive transmissions from the ETs.  They told him Earth’s a “prison planet” by other species in the galaxy.

George rebuilt his world and was in direct contact with Pleiadian intelligences and other beings. He has devoted his life to spreading the word that all is not as it seems.

In the youtube above, George revealed how ETs contacted him, why they chose him and the message he agreed to relay to “awaken” us Earthlings so we may all contact them.

George relates how 300 powerful people control every major decision on Earth. They advance “The PLAN 2000 TO BEGIN WW III.

George reveals how the power elite plan Earth’s financial collapse and prepares us for it.

George Green’s career extends from military service in the USAF (where he encountered alien disk craft in a remote hanger at Edwards AFB), through “playing monopoly” in corporate banking and large-scale construction, to working closely with the Pleiadians and other benevolent intelligences to “wake people up” in preparation for coming changes. Very few people we have talked to have a span of personal experience – and contacts – which is this broad. As George describes, he “used to run around with the big boys”.

He was asked to build an enemy prisoner-of-war camp in downtown Las Vegas – he refused–and was asked to be Finance Chairman for the Carter administration, but declined after it became clear to him that the ethics of many of the senior players–especially Senator Edward Kennedy–were heavily compromised.

Shortly after he turned down the offer, his loans were called in and he lost many millions of dollars as finance was removed from dozens of major construction projects.  Undeterred, George rebuilt his world and is in direct contact with Pleiadian intelligences and other beings.

He has devoted his life to spreading the word that all is not as it seems. He has an extremely serious message: there is very little time left in which to prepare. Telling us that his “sources” are informing him that too few people are “waking up” and that it is almost too late.


George William Green Jr.

Born 8-13-1939 in Denver, Colorado

Passed from this life to the next at sunrise on June 21st with the summer solstice, a perfect time to go.

George was the most extraordinary man I ever knew. He was smart, funny, kind, and above all he was humble and had a genuine love for humanity. All those who met George, or saw his lectures on line, know his story well because he told it over and over with every lecture.

All he said about his contacts with those rich and powerful people was true and he shared the knowledge he gained from those experiences in order to help the rest of us prepare for all that is happening in our world. But the real gift he offered was in the fact that he chose to turn away from those opportunities for power and riches and to work with higher authority to shine some light into the dark places and show better ways for surviving and growing as members of the human race.

Above all, George had a Loving Heart and he truly loved his fellow man. “I am a Human Becoming. Help me to Become”

He is survived by his loving wife Gillian and his two wonderful daughters Beth and Kelli and their families and his son George Douglas and his wife Patricia.

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