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ESCAPE FROM EDEN ~ PAUL ANTHONY WALLIS ~ 08/09/21 ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin

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Paul Anthony Wallis

Paul Anthony Wallis is an internationally Bestselling Author, whose books probe world mythologies and ancestral narratives for their insights into human origins, human potential, and our place in the cosmos. A popular speaker and researcher, his documentaries and collaborations are watched by millions. As a senior churchman, Paul served as a Church Doctor, a Theological Educator, and an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia, with numerous titles published on Christian mysticism and spirituality. His 2020 book “ESCAPING FROM EDEN” was hailed by George Noory as “This generation’s Chariots of the Gods!” propelling Paul onto the international stage as the go-to-guy in the field of paleo-contact. Paul’s latest book “THE SCARS OF EDEN” is endorsed by Erich Von Daniken.

Longer Bio:

Born in Buckinghamshire, England, Paul enjoyed periods of life in Bath, Nottingham, Portsmouth, and London. As a youth he commuted for a 10-year period between the UK and Canada, later settling in Australia. His travels have included horse trekking in the depths of the Grand Canyon and the heights of the Himalayas, swimming in the Amazon, parachuting in Australia, and surviving a charging rhinoceros in Zambia – along with more peaceful pilgrimages to Egypt, Zimbabwe, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Kashmir. 

Paul’s studies in languages, linguistics and theology took him to the University of Bath, England, the Machiavelli Institute in Florence, Italy, St John’s College and the University of Nottingham in the UK and to Brazil’s Instituto Pastoral Regional in Belem, Amazonia.

In the ’ ’80s, ’90s & early ’00s, Paul’s work centered on establishing foundations in faith communities, being instrumental in planting six new churches in Anglican and charismatic streams. Since the late ’90s, Paul has designed and delivered training for pastors of churches in the UK, Korea, West Africa, and Australia. In Australia, Paul has delivered courses on the History of Christian Thought and Biblical Hermeneutics (principles of interpreting texts) and has served as a “community doctor” in Intentional Interim Ministry and as an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia.

Paul’s books draw on diverse sources to explore the realm of spirituality and mysticism, probing the world mythology and ancestral narratives for their insights into human origins and the releasing of our potential for a better, more conscious human experience.

Paul practices personal coaching with a few clients each year. He is a musician, a mystic, a healing practitioner in the Christian tradition, an enthusiastic chef, and a barefoot walker. Paul is married with three children and lives in Australia.

Escaping from Eden: Does Genesis Teach that the Human Race was Created by God or Engineered by ETs?

by Paul Wallis  | May 1, 2020

The familiar stories of the book of Genesis affirm that God made the universe, planet earth, and you and me. However, various anomalies in the text clue us that we are not reading the original version of these stories. So what were the original narratives and what did they say about who we are and where we all came from?

What was the earlier story of human origins, almost obliterated from the Hebrew Scriptures in the 6th century BC, and suppressed from Christian writing in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD? And what does any of this have to do with extraterrestrials? 

Escaping from Eden will take you on a journey around the world and into the mythologies of ancient Sumeria, Mesoamerica, India, Africa, and Greece to reveal a profound secret, hidden in plain sight in the text of the Bible. Far-reaching and deeply controversial, this book points to truths about ourselves – our history and potential – that you may have long suspected but not dared to speak!

George Noory – “THIS GENERATION’S CHARIOTS OF THE GODS… Takes us on a journey we will never forget.”Sean Stone – “Courageous…a new perspective on the creation and engineering of man.”

The Scars of Eden: Has humanity confused the idea of God with memories of ET contact?

by Paul Wallis  | May 1, 2021

‘Exciting. I absolutely recommend The Scars of Eden’, Erich Von Daniken

Recent revelations from US Navy, the Pentagon, and French Intelligence bring the reader right up to date in examining what has been forgotten and remembered, hidden and disclosed. If world mythologies, including the Bible, have confused the idea of God with ancient ET visitations, what difference does it make? How does it impact society today? And why is this cultural taboo so widespread and, for the author, so personal?

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