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by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)


Excerpt from MARDUK: ANUNNAKI KING OF EARTH by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology) & Janet Kira Lessin CEO, Aquarian Radio.  This post’s based on Tablet 7, “The Lost Book of Enki”

Click arrow below and hear Janet and Sasha Lessin explicate and read from The Lost Book of Enki, Tablet 7.


Excerpt from ANUNNAKI, GODS NO MORE–Techno-Savvy ET s From the Planet Nibiru Who Came For Gold, Created Us From Their Genome to Work the Mines, Posed As Gods, Decided to Let Us Drown, But Then Decided to Breed Us to Work For Them by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Some 288,000 years ago [ZS: Enki: 156], the planet Nibiru, home of the Homo Sapien Goldmining Expedition to Earth, crossed the plane of the inner Solar System planets. The Sun loosed huge flares while Nibiru passed nearby.

“Upon the Earth, the warmth was rising. Rains heavier, rivers gushing, snow melting to water. The bars of the oceans were not containing, volcanoes fire and brimstone belching, grounds trembling.” Nibiru, seven times bigger than Earth, crossed the plane of inner Solar System planets’ revolutions between the ecliptic of Mars’ and Jupiter’s orbits. This zone between Mars and Jupiter, held rocks from the collision, four million years ago, of Nibiru and Tiamat. That collision knocked Earth into orbit between Mars and Venus and created the Asteroid belt–a string of rocks between Jupiter and Mars. Nibiru on subsequent nearings to Solaris, transited a gap among the Asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. But as Nibiru transited 288,000 years ago, it deviated from the gap it had established through the Asteroids. Instead, Nibiru’s passage loosed meteors. The meteors struck Earth and its moon, and set off earthquakes and hurricanes on both.

The crossing battered Mars with meteors and dust storms that ruined the astronaut base. Meteors crushed Mars’ smelting plant and wrecked the transshipment warehouses. Enlil beamed King Anu on Nibiru, that he closed Marsbase and ordered Marduk, the commander there, to Earth.

Enlil, Earth Expedition’s Commander, messaged his father, King Anu, back on Nibiru. Enlil argued for rockets to freight gold directly to Nibiru.

Enlil, depicted with Lion's body
Enlil, depicted with Lion’s body







But Enlil’s older brother Enki, the Expedition’s Chief Scientist, disagreed. Enki messaged Anu that direct flight first from Earth to Mars or the Moon, then transshipment would work better than the direct flights from Earth to Nibiru that Enlil advocated. Earth’s greater gravity, Enki argued, demanded more energy to take gold to Nibiru than the energy required to send the gold first to Mars or the Moon, then send it on to Nibiru.


“Keep Marduk as Astronauts’ boss and re-assign them to a moonbase,” Enki beamed Anu.” Enki thus pushed for a post for Marduk, his son and heir. “The netpull [Gravity] of Earth greatly exceeds Lahmu’s [Mars’]. To overcome it our powers shall be exhausted. Let us an alternative examine: nearby Earth, the Moon. Smaller is its netpull, ascent and descent thereon little effort will require. Let us a waystation consider, let me and Marduk thereto journey,’ he said.

“‘Let the Moon be first examined,’ Anu to Enki and Enlil the decision beamed.”

Though he okayed the Moon trip for Enki and Marduk, the King shrunk Enkiite power, especially Marduk’s with Shamgaz and the astronauts. Anu regretted he’d agreed Marduk’d succeed Alalu as Nibiru’s king.

Anu also suspected Enki, Marduk’s father, abetted both the Igigi revolt Anzu led and also the miners’ mutiny in Africa. So Anu ended gold transfer on Mars and with it, Marduk’s job as Operations Boss.

Anu gave Utu, Enlil’s loyal grandson, rule of the new spaceport (from which the gold would rocket straight to Nibiru) at Sippar. Anu favored the line of descent from Enlil, rather than the line of Enki and Marduk, for positions of authority. Now, Anu had gave an Enlilite, Utu, not an Enkiite, Marduk, commanded the astronauts.

The Anunnaki, Homo sapiens from the planet Nibiru had maintained a transshipment base on Mars for gold ingots from Earth to Nibiru.  On Nibiru, the Astronaut Corps refined the ingots to white powder of monoatomic gold and floated it into the sky to plug a hole in their ionosphere and ingested it to extend their lifespans. 

But around 168,000 BCE, Nibiru neared Earth as their orbits converged.  This nearing (perigee) of Nibiru drew off much of Mars’ surface oxygen and it loosed a hail of brimstones (meteors, asteroid bits) and crushed the structures on the base.


The base’s demise left Prince Marduk who ran it without a post.  Marduk had once been next in line to rule home planet Nibiru. When he lost his job as Marbase boss, he again lost a post of authority among the Anunnaki.
Marduk’s rival, Ninurta, son of Enlil, Commander of the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth, advocated abandoning the idea of a transshipment base and instead rocketing the precious metal directly from the ore-separation station, Bad-Tibira [metal city], in Iraq.


Commander Enlil messaged Ninurta’s plan to King Anu on Nibiru, saying, “Let us establish a place of Celestial Chariots [rockets] in the Edin [Iraq] near where we smelt and refine gold ores. We can carry pure gold, heroes, and supplies directly from Earth to Nibiru.”

Enki, Marduk’s dad, dissed this idea, which would cut his son Marduk from any post at all and also messaged their father, King Anu.  Enki’s message to the King said, “My brother’s plan has great merit! However, there is a significant disadvantage at the core. The net pull of Earth is much greater than Lahmu’s [Mars’] and will require much greater powers, which shall quickly become exhausted. Let us examine an alternative before we rush to decide. Nearby the Earth is the Moon, a companion. The Moon has a minor net pull; thereby, little effort is necessary for ascent or descent. Let me and Marduk travel to the Moon to consider all needed to create a way station.

Anu presented the two plans to his counselors and savants for their consideration. They advised Anu to let Enki and Marduk examine the Moon. Anu beamed the decision to Enki and Enlil.


Enki and Marduk rocketed to the Moon. They circled it three times and saw deep wounds caused by debris Nibiru wrought in its perigee. They recorded that this “handiwork of smashing demons [brimstones] marked the Moon’s face with many hollows.”

Enki and Marduk landed in rolling hills and donned Eagles’ helmets–Lunar air was insufficient for breathing. They walked about with ease but saw that the meteorite bombardment had made Luna dry.

The Moon is unsuitable as a way station,” said Marduk. “Let us abandon this place and return to Earth!”

“Do not be hasty, my son,” said Enki.  “Are you not enchanted by the celestial dance of the Earth, Moon, and Sun? The Earth is like a globe spinning in the void, hanging by nothing. We can scan the distant heavens with our instruments, and here on the Moon, we can admire the handiwork of the Creator of All in this wonderful solitude.  His father’s words persuaded Marduk. They set up their dwelling on the rocket ship.


Marduk and Enki lived in their rocket.  They measured the Moon’s motions around the Earth and calculated the duration of a month. Father and son measured the Earth’s year for twelve circuits around Apsu [the Sun]. Then they studied the paths of Mummu [Mercury] and Lahamu [Venus], and Lahmu [Mars].

Enki explained to Marduk that six Lower Waters celestials and six Upper Waters celestials were located beyond the bar in the Hammered Bracelet [Asteroid Belt]. The six others were Anshar [Saturn] and Kishar [Jupiter], Anu [Uranus] and Nudimmud [Neptune], and Gaga [Pluto] and Nibiru. They were twelve, and the Sun and its family made the count of the twelve.
Marduk, agony in his voice, said, “Alas, when the Anunnaki ceased to toil, and you fashioned the Primitive Worker, you summoned not my mother but Ninmah, the mother of Ninurta, to assist you. You invited my younger brother, Ningishzidda, not me, to help you. You shared your knowledge of life and death with them, not me!”

Enki responded, “ I gave you supreme command of the Igigi [Nephilim/Astronaut Corps] and Lahmu!”

“Alas, fate deprives us of supremacy, you, Father, are Anu’s Firstborn. Yet Enlil, not you, is Anu’s Legal Heir. You were the first to splash down on this planet and establish Eridu. Yet, Eridu is in Enlil’s domain, and yours is in the distant Abzu [Africa].

I am your Firstborn by your legitimate spouse, Damkina. I was born in Nibiru. Yet the Expedition assembles the gold in Ninurta’s city, and the decision to send or withhold is his. The survival of Nibiru is in Ninurta’s hands, not mine. So now that we return to Earth, what will my task be? Am I fated to fame and kingship, or will they again humiliate me?”

Enki embraced his son in silence. Far away from everyone on the lonely Moon, he made a promise to Marduk. “THEY SHALL NOT DEPRIVE YOU OF THAT WHICH I HAVE BEEN. YOUR FUTURE LOT WILL BE MUCH DIFFERENT. YOUR CELESTIAL TIME WILL COME. A station adjoining mine shall be yours!”


Enki named and drew 12 constellations visible to easy sight from Earth.  He said, “Now we shall know the course when Nibiru nears and departs from Earth by the star’s stations and also know the Earth’s positions as it travels around the Sun. When I had arrived on Earth, the station that he ended was called the Station of the Fishes [Pisces]. The Station that followed my name was called ‘He of the Waters [Aquarius].”


Enki tried to convince Marduk, “Now you have the wisdom of the heavens you can embrace. And your teachings even extend beyond my understandings.”


Back on Earth, while Enki and Marduk sojourned on the Moon, Commander Enlil beamed secret words to Anu from Nibru-ki “Enki and Marduk have gone to the Moon, and they are staying for countless circuits.  Marduk has abandoned the way station on Lahmu and the Igigi are agog. We must establish the Place of the Chariots in the Edin. From there, they can directly carry the gold from Earth to Nibiru.  We no longer need a way station on Lahmu. The plan is Ninurta’s, and his understanding of these matters is great; let Ninurta establish the Place of the Chariots near Bad-Tibira, and he will be its first commander!”

Anu responded, “Enki and Marduk are returning to Earth. Let us first listen to their observations about what they have found on the Moon.”

When Enki and Marduk returned to Earth they recounted the conditions and how it is now working to establish a way station, King Anu ordered, Build the Place of the Chariots on Earth.”

Enki messaged the King, “Let Marduk be its commander!”

Enlil shouted angrily, “We already set aside the task for Ninurta.”

Enki argued, “Marduk already knows the tasks; let him take charge of the Gateway to Heaven.”


Anu said, “We designate the Place of the Chariots for the new ways to handle the gold. Neither Enki, Enlil, nor Ninurta shall be in command.  Rather, the third generation shall undertake the responsibility, and Utu shall be the commander. Let us build the Place of the Celestial Chariots and name it Sippar, the Bird City.”

duk, on the Moon with Enki, told him, “When the Anunnaki in the Abzu [Nibirans who who worked the African goldmines] the toil ceased [they mutinied], and the primitive worker [that’s our ancestor, the Anunnaki’s adapted version of themselves] you set to fashion, not my mother [Damkina], but Ninmah [Enki’s ex-fiancé], mother [by Enlil] of Ninurta [Enlil’s heir], to assist you was summoned, not I but Ningishzidda, of me the younger [Enki fathered Ningishzidda with Enlil’s daughter, Ereshkigal] to help you was invited., with them, not with me, your knowledge of life and death did you share.”

“You, Father, are Anu’s Firstborn; yet Enlil and not you the Heir is. Gold in the city of Ninurta is assembled, therefrom to send to or withhold. The survival of Nibiru in his hands is, not mine. Now to Earth we are returning; what will my task be? Am I to fame and kingship fated or again to humiliated be.


Enki contemplates planets
Enki taught Marduk advanced astronomy






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