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Janet Lessin, an avatar of Anunnaki Princess Ninmah from Nibiru’s, writes:

I bid Enlil farewell and flew to Dilmun, Enki’s villa on the beautiful Sinai Peninsula. “You are still my beloved,” he said.  

We fell into his bed.  My hand caught his engorged phallus and it was watering.  He came on top of me. I opened and willingly let him enter.  Time stood still as we became one with each other, with all beings, the Universe and the Creator of All. When I felt I had ridden so many waves my heart was about to burst, I knew my egg had come down and was waiting for my brother’s powerful sperm. He sensed it was time and as he ejaculated he roared, “Give me a son! Give me a son!”  I felt his penis pulse as his semen enter my womb. 

Exhausted, he slept.  I stayed awake to feel his seed impregnate me.  I knew the exact moment the seed took hold.  Love spread from the cells of my being through my womb, through the child and through both of us, enveloping our souls enfolding us in a web of love as the two of us as spooned.  But this strange world changed the rhythm of something was wrong. I had been pregnant before.  But this new environment changed me and one day of Nibiru was as a month of Earth for me.  Two, three, four days, each day was like a month of Earth.  Five, six, seven and eight days of months were complete and my belly grew quite large.  On the ninth month which would have been nine days on Nibiru, I found myself in travail. 



The child I birthed on the banks of a river in the Abzu was female.  She was the most beautiful child I had ever seen.  We named her Ninsar [Ninsun] which means Lady Greenery. “Kiss the young one,”  I said to Enki.  He did.  But later said, “A son I desired.  A son by my half-sister I must have.  Come lie with me again and fill my body, heart, mind and soul with your endless delights!  We made love again and again until once again I grew big with child.   


I gave birth to a daughter who we named Gestinianna. But I didn’t know the disappointment he felt that the children I bore for him were girls.  He approached me again wanting to make love and create another child.  He whispered, “A son, a son by you I must have,” as he kissed me.  I returned his kiss and said, “Spring is coming and I must return to the Middle World [Iraq] for the growing season.  I shall return at the beginning of the earth’s rest in the Middle World. You must  remember that our girls will grow very fast.  Ninsar’s almost fully grown and I leave leave her and Gestinianna here in Dilmun far away the intensity of the Enlil’s domains.

He whispered, “A son, a son by you I must have,” as he kissed me. I returned his kiss and said, “Spring is coming and I must return to the Middle World [Iraq] for the growing season. I shall return at the beginning of the earth’s rest in the Middle World. You must remember that our girls will grow very fast. Ninsar’s almost fully grown and I leave leave her and Gestinianna here in Dilmun far away the intensity of the Enlil’s domains.


A few weeks after I’d left Dilmun, Enki saw our oldest daughter, Ninsan, walking all alone in the marshlands; she had grown into a lovely goddess who resembled me. Enki immediately seduced her to make love with him. But with the dawn, Enki looked into Ninsan’s eyes and found her to be a loving but pale portrait of his beloved Ninmah. He wondered, “What is in her that last night I found so alluring but now, here in broad daylight has lost its substance. Indeed she is lovely but she is not Ninmah, the one I sorely miss.” Enki stayed with Ninsan until she gave birth to a girl, Ninkurra, who would grow up to be Goddess of Mountain Pastures. Ninsan realized Enki longed for her mother, Ninmah, not her. She thought, “Mine is not the body he longs for, not the soul that holds his love for eternity. I let him go now and forever. I need to be more than a replacement for another. I need to be loved for who and what I am.” Ninkurra, Ninsun’s daughter, who grew up in less than a dozen Earth years, gave Ninsan love and joy.


Enki rejoiced Ninkurra from the time Ninsan bore her until she grew into a beautiful woman. Ninkurra climbed mountains and also looked like I had when I was Enki’s fiancé back on Nibiru. On one of Ninkurra’s climbs, she encountered Enki, who was checking his water-intake. Enki, of course, seduced her. They made love nine days and nine nights straight. But Enki could kept comparing her to me. Ninkurra birthed another lovely girl named Uttu, Weaver of Life.

In Spring, I came back to Dilmun, I saw sorrow in Ninsun’s eyes. I saw Ninkurra frowning at her daughter Uttu, who stared with obvious admiration at Enki.

Enki kept his distance from Nisar and Ninkurra.

Enki Incested UTTU, HIS GREAT-GRANDDAUGHTER (Granddaughter Ninkurra’s daughter)

I told Uttu, “Never go alone, unchaperoned. Beware of the marshes and riverbanks and all places where Enki, the Sweet Waters god reigns as Sovereign. If you go there he will see you, desire you and want to make you his own. But beware, once you are taken he will abandon you as he has done before.” He brought her apples, cucumbers and grapes. She opened up and he rested his head on her lap. His loving strokes, kisses and hugs led to his seed finding its way to Uttu’s young, untried womb. However, afterward, she remembered my warning. As she gazed in Enki’s eyes, she thought, “Tonight I was one and only. But will you love me for more than this once?” Despite her doubts, she spent another night with him. When he kissed her and left, and did not say when he was coming back, she knew he’d quit as her lover. She vowed “I shall not bond to Enki. He doesn’t want me for myself and nor does he want what we can create together. I shall not carry his child.” She ran to me for help.


I took her to a clearing where she and I alone began a sacred healing ritual. “Wipe out the start of a being from Enki’s seed from within your body, Uttu,” I said. “Bury it here in the depths of the Earth. With it bury the promise of the life you were to share with it and with Enki. Let the Earth receive the child you and Enki might have created together, and instead and transform it.”

Uttu took a trowel and made rows of small holes in the soil. We took the zygote tissue which would have become a child, put it in a small wooden jewelry box, and blessed it. Uttu took the box, removed the contents, and placed a small piece of the sacred essence in each hole. She wept and her genuine sorrow brought tears to mine as well. Planting of these sacred seeds, she buried the imagined future she believed she would have had with Enki. When she buried the past, she freed her future.


Enki incestó a UTTU, SU BISNIETA (hija de la nieta Ninkurra)

Le dije a Uttu: “Nunca vayas solo, sin acompañante. Cuidado con los pantanos y las riberas de los ríos y todos los lugares donde Enki, el dios de las Aguas Dulces, reina como Soberano. Si vas allí te verá, te deseará y querrá hacerte suyo. Pero cuidado, una vez que te tomen, te abandonará como lo ha hecho antes”. Le trajo manzanas, pepinos y uvas. Ella abrió y él apoyó la cabeza en su regazo. Sus amorosas caricias, besos y abrazos llevaron a su semilla a encontrar el camino hacia el útero joven e inexperto de Uttu. Sin embargo, después, recordó mi advertencia. Mientras miraba a los ojos de Enki, pensó: “Esta noche fui única. ¿Pero me amarás por más que esta vez? A pesar de sus dudas, pasó otra noche con él. Cuando él la besó y se fue, y no dijo cuándo volvería, ella supo que dejaría de ser su amante. Ella juró “No me uniré a Enki. Él no me quiere para mí y tampoco quiere lo que podemos crear juntos. No llevaré a su hijo. Corrió hacia mí en busca de ayuda.


La llevé a un claro donde ella y yo solos comenzamos un sagrado ritual de sanación. “Elimina el comienzo de un ser de la semilla de Enki dentro de tu cuerpo, Uttu”, dije. “Entiérrenlo aquí en las profundidades de la Tierra. Entierra con él la promesa de la vida que ibas a compartir con él y con Enki. Deja que la Tierra reciba al niño que tú y Enki podríais haber creado juntos, y en su lugar, transformarlo.

Uttu tomó una paleta e hizo hileras de pequeños agujeros en el suelo. Tomamos el tejido del cigoto que se habría convertido en un niño, lo pusimos en un pequeño joyero de madera y lo bendecimos. Uttu tomó la caja, sacó el contenido y colocó un pequeño trozo de la esencia sagrada en cada agujero. Ella lloró y su pena genuina me hizo llorar también. Al plantar estas semillas sagradas, enterró el futuro imaginado que creía que habría tenido con Enki. Cuando enterró el pasado, liberó su futuro.





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