Amicizias Extraterrestrials

ETs–Based Underground & Underwater Overflew Missile Sites & Shut Them Down to Stop Nuclear Launch: The AMICIZIA of Italy–Youtubes

From 1956 to 1978, friendly extraterrestrials–The W56 Amicizia Friendship Group–from several parts of the universe who used underground and underwater bases in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Siberia, Argentina and later, Chile openly interacted with 120 Italians.  The Amicizia in Italy who look like us but vary in size from 3-to 9 feet tall, lived under the area of Ascoli Piceno, a small town in central Italy.
he ETs and their saucers, they said, couldn’t hurt anyone; the craft were programmed to self-destruct rather than harm anyone.

The ETs built their bases instantaneously “compressing the ground” which opened and closed for them.

Sometimes the ETs manifested written notes and manuscripts as well as money for fruit, metals, minerals and barium nitrate.  The ETs instantaneously teleported to their base the goods the Italians purchased for them. Other times, the Italians paid for the ETs’ supplies.  The Amicizias could manifest money and notes “out of thin air” using the same technology they or other ETs used to dictate The Urantia Book.

The ETs said they’d been on Earth for centuries to mentor contactees about “the danger of nuclear war and atomic detonation, the value of generating love among our fellow humans and keep things from getting out of hand while we matured into a technological society.  The ETs staged flying saucer appearances” to show Earthlings they are here.  They overflew “both US and Soviet nuclear bases in full view of the personnel that run the facilities, intentionally shutting down launch capabilities to demonstrate total power over them.”

The Amicizias warned their Italian friends of the CONTRARIES  who lack consciences and “are the opposite of moral ETs who sympathize with us humans.  The contraries “are a manufactured race of  AI [Artificial Intelligence] whose god is technology.  Robots who, Brinegar writes, “manipulated our genes toward a predisposition for violence and territoriality.  This tendency toward violence, along with programmed susceptibility to diseases prompt a more rapid progression toward technology desired by the Contraries.  [Brinegar: 218-221, 400-401]

Paula Harris writes, “Bruno Sammaciccia and many other people had continuative and intense contacts with extraterrestrial entities coming from planets orbiting around many different stars, many light years distant from our Solar Sistem, forming part of a Galactic Federation.  The whole operation had to remain secret. The total number of the lucky earthlings admitted to such a fantastic group is esteemed from Professor Breccia in no more than 200 people, including similar groups in Austria, Germany and Russia.  Sammaciccia describes the ETs as human in the shape but very different in tallness, ranging from one meter to three meters and a half.” []

In 1984, the same group appeared in Chile [Binegar: 400]


Brinegar writes, “Otherworldly humanoids in Italy and later Chile are either showing themselves to be human as they actually are, humanoid, or they  are actually nonhumanoid and altering their physical appearance for our sake using the power of their minds or advanced imaging technology to present a palatable appearance to contactees.  If they are not humanoid, these beings possess shapeshifting ability. ”  They may be, he speculates, “living underground since the last Ice Age who once had an advanced civilization on Earth, responsible for disabling our nuclear facilities.  UFOs associated with the Friendship group appeared both as luminous orbs and structured craft. Some unusual lights in the sky are flying craft in luminous mode that can morph into structured craft.  The craft they use while luminous are dangerous to our health if we get too close, induce malfunctions in our electronic equipment and vehicles, missing time and radiation poisoning, blistering, puncture marks, bleeding from nose and ears or death.” [Bringer: 401-402]

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