Messages From Enki: Humanity's Father

by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. 
Based on the works of
Zecharia Sitchin

Essay 41  Sumer Dies; Marduk & Babylon Prevail

Story So Far:

In 2024BC, Nergal and Ninurta carried out Earth's first nuclear attack.  Purpose of the attack: stop advance of Marduk and his son, Nabu, on the Sinai Spaceport.  Enlil and the Anunnaki Council on Earth had ordered the attack; only Marduk's father Enki dissented. But even Marduk's grandfather on Nibiru, King Anu, approved the strikes on Sinai and Canaan. 

Ninurta and Nergal fired nuclear missiles Enki and Abgal had, long ago, hidden in Africa.  Abagal had secretly betrayed the missiles' locale to Enlil when he took Enlil to exile in Africa (for rapingSud/Ninlil).  Abgal had actually shown Enlil the missiles.   But Enki didn't know Enlil knew where they were.

After Enki left the Council, he tells us, Enlil took his son Ninurta and Enki's son Nergal to the missiles while Enki went on believing Enlil couldn't find the nukes.  

Enlil gave Ninurta and Nergal the nuclear weapons.

With the nukes--probably biological weapons as well--Nergal bombed Sodom, Gomorra and other cities in Canaan loyal to Marduk and Nabu. 

Ninurta nuked the Sinai Spaceport.

Narrative (Essay 41) Resumes 

Nergal and Ninurta flew over the areas they'd just bombed.

"The Place of Launching, the Spaceport, obliterated: the Mount within which the controlling equipment was placed was smashed; the launch platforms were made to fade off the face of the Earth.  The plain whose hard soil the shuttlecraft had used as runways were obliterated, with not even a tree left standing." [Sitchin, Z. 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men page 331].


"By the darkening of the skies were the brilliances followed, then a storm began to blow, gloom from the skies an Evil Wind carried.   From the Upper Sea, a stormwind began blowing, the dark-brown cloud eastward toward Shumer the death was carried. Wherever it reached, death to all that lives mercilessly it delivered. 

"The alarm Enlil and Enki to the gods of Shumer transmitted, Escape!  From their cities the gods did flee.

Enlil sent Abraham from the Negev desert on the border of Sinai to an area near the Mediterranean coast, near the Philistines [Sitchin, Z. 1995, Divine Encounters, page 288], who were in the Enkiite camp.

"The people of the land by the evil storms hand were clutched.  Those who behind locked doors hid inside their houses like flies were felled.  Those who in the streets fled, in the streets were their corpses piled up.  Everything that lived perished." [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, pages 312 - 313].  "In Lagash, Ninurta’s capitol, his wife Bau (Ninmah’s sister), who ran the hospital for slaves in the city, refused to leave and died with them. Nannar dawdled but escaped with but; radiation injuries that left him limping [Sitchin, Z., 2010 There Were Giants Upon the Earth, pages 250, 327].

But Babylon, "where Marduk his supremacy declared , by the Evil Wind was spared. "Enlil concluded that Marduk was now to be supreme on Earth, as his vision of Galzu had predicted.  [sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, pages 312 - 313;]

Some Enlilite gods "dispersed from Sumer, accompanied their followers to far lands in the far corners of the Earth; others remained nearby, rallying their supporters to a renewed challenge to Marduk."  [sitchin, Z., 2007, The End of Days, page 122].  Maduk's "related extended family in Northern Mesopotamia, the Aryans, invaded the lands to the east and Europe to the west, conquering [Adapite] humans everywhere and imposing their Aryan supremacy on them.  And such is the remaining status quo in the world today "[Tellinger, M., Slave Species of god, page116] 

Nuclear fallout blew over Sumer after Ninurta and Nergal–the Bible’s “angels” nuked Sodom, Gomorrah and the Sinai spaceport lest spaceport and cities fall to the forces of Marduk and Nabu.   The fallout annihilated the hybrid Nibiran/CroMagnon slaves in Mesopotamia loyal to Enlil.  


Of slaves still loyal to the Enlilites (Ninuta, Nannar, Adad, Utu and Inanna), only Abraham and his forces survived. Abraham's band lived because Enlil had sent it out of Sumer, to the Negev and Canaan to guard Sumer from Marduk's forces in Egypt and Lebanon. Enlil wanted his surviving slaves branded as his.

Enlil ordered Abraham, then 99, and his male followers to cut off their foreskins so they'd be clearly marked for Enlil and his sons and have phalluses like those of the Nibirans. Enlil told Abraham that after circumcision, "Unto thy seed have I given this land from the brook of Egypt [Nile] until the River Euphrates." [Sitchin, Z., 1995, Divine Encounters, page 257] This, as we shall see, would include both the land of the Arabs and that of the Israelis.

Enlil said Abraham would conceive a son by Sarah, who was his half sister, and who, by Nibiran succession practices, would produce a son who would supercede Is-mael, Abraham’s son with his secondary wife, Sarah’s erstwhile Egyptian slave [ancestor of Arabs]. Sarah bore Isaac [ancestor of Israelis] in 2025 in Canaan [Sitchin, Z., 1995, Divine Encounters, page 288.]

Is-mael had been raised as Abraham’s heir, due, all thought, to rule all Canaan. But now Is-mael and his mother were sentenced to die in the desert to make way for Isaac as Abraham’s successor. Sarah told Abraham, "Get rid of that slave woman, for that slave woman’s son will never share in the inheritance of my son Isaac."

Enlil told Abraham, "Listen to what Sarah tells you, because it is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned. I will make the son of the maidservant into a nation also because he is your offspring." Enlil told Abraham "to evict Hagar personally. By doing this, Enlil tested his slave’s loyalty and he drove a wedge between him and Hagar.  Abraham rose up early in the morning, and took bread, and a bottle of water, and gave it unto Hagar, putting it on her shoulder, and the child and sent her away: and she departed, and wandered in the wilderness of Beersheeba.

"When the water in the skin was gone, she put Is-mael under one of the bushes. She thought,’I cannot watch the boy die." "No sooner has Hagar been left to die in the unforgiving desert, than the god-master comes to the rescue of the evicted young slave girl." Enlil showed her a well, saving her and Is-mael, winning her undivided loyalty." Is-mael became the genitor of the Arabs who to this day compete with the descendants of Isaac for Canaan.

When Isaac grew, the apple of old Abraham’s eye, to adulthood, Enlil decided to test whether Abraham was still obedient. Enlil "ordered Abraham to take his son Isaac to a distant mountain, far from the peering eyes of others, and murder him in cold blood. Better there were no witnesses around to add to the growing discontent among humans to the gods."

Abraham and Isaac "came to the place god had told him and Abraham built an altar there and arranged the wood and bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar atop the wood. Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son." But an Emissary of Enlil appeared and said, "Do not stretch out your hand against the lad, for now I know that you fear god since you have not withheld your son from Me. Because you have not withheld your son, indeed I will greatly bless you and I will greatly multiply your seed and your seed shall possess the gate of their enemies because you have obeyed My voice.’"

Tellinger writes, "Recognize the absolute fear under which the people lived. The gods were bloodthirsty and ruthless manipulators. Man had grown visibly unhappy with their abuse" by the Enlilite gods. Marduk and Nabu drafted armies of resistance.

Abraham passed the test; he was now ready to perform any task for the conniving gods. The gods made sure everyone knew about their favorite boy, Abraham. Many tribal heads, kings and priests came to seek his favor and suck up to him to avoid acts of vengeance from the gods. [Sitchin, Z., 1995, Divine Encounters: pages 259, 288; Tellinger, M., 2006, Slave Species of god page 202, 212, 234 - 236; Genesis, 21:10 -14]


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The Celestial Battle: Nibiru Meets Solaris and Tiamat ( Proto Earth)


Alalu Kills Nibiru's King Lahma, Gives Daughter to Ea for Feality From Anu


Alalu, Deposed by Anu, Nukes to Earth, Threatens Nibiru


Nibiru Council Sends Ea, Not Enlil, to Earth


Ea Blasts to Earth with Water, Hides Alalu's Nukes, Sends Anzu & Gold to Nibiru


Anu Sends Enlil to Rule Earth, Verify Gold


Anu, Enlil & Ea Draw Lots for Nibiru, Earth, Seas & Mining


Anu Defeats Alalu, Banishes Him & Anzu to Mars


Ea (Enki), Enlil & Ninmah, Three Incestuous Siblings


Enlil Banished for Rape; Abgal Betrays Enki


Enki & Ninmah Make Girls Till She Curses 


Anzu & Astronauts Rebel


Enki Instigates Goldmine Mutiny


Ninmah, Enki and Enki's Son, Ningizidda (Thoth) Create Adamu and Slave Species


Nibiru Nearing Means Climate Crisis & Food Shortage on Earth, Marsbase Closing


Enki Loves Hybrids Descended from Adamu & Ti-amat; Hybrids Bare Son Adapa & Girl Titi


Ningishzidda Takes Adapa to King Anu on Nibiru, Tells Anu That Enki's Fathered Adapa, Wants Adapa Denied Immortality


Adapa's Sons, Ka-in & Abael


Marduk & Astronaut Corps Seize Hybrid Brides, & Spaceport, Threaten Enlilites


Enki Begats Noah (Ziusudra)


Galzu Keeps Nibiran Leaders on Mission Earth


Galzu Helps Enki Save Ziusudra & Earthlings


Ningishzidda, Memorialized as Sphinx, Creates Pyramids to Lead Rockets to Sinai Spaceport


Marduk's Son Satu Kills Brother, Asar; Asar's Son Horon Defeats Satu, Unites Egypt


Enlilites Send Ninurta to Build Second Spaceport in South America


Marduk Foils Marriage of Enlillite Inanna & Enkiite Dumuzi


Inanna Revived Defeats Enkiites; Ninurta, Not Marduk to Next Rule Earth


Enlil Deposes Marduk, Divies Earth, Gives Ningishzidda Egypt but No Realm for Inanna

    30   Anu Uncovers Galzu's Ruses to Keep the Anunnaki Fostering Nibiran-Earthling Hybrids

  Enlil, Enki, Inanna rule regions through kings, Ninharsag, Sinai for Nibirans & Their Families Only

    32    Anu Takes Inanna as Lover; She Seduces Enki for Programs for Uruk
    33    Anu Pardons Marduk, Departs Tiahuanacu for Nibiru

Enlilites Bomb Marduk's Babylon Spaceport, Confound Earthling Languages

    35    Marduk/Ra Deposes Ningzidda/Thoth in Egypt
    36    Inanna Rules Indus & Uruk
    37    Utu Revives Banda; Inanna Beds Banda As Dumuzi Ressurect;
Banda & Ninsun Begat Gilgamish, Who Seeks Immortality


 Inanna & Marduk Again Fight, This Time, For All Earth

    39    Enlil Sends Abraham/Ibruum to Stop Marduk
    40   Anunnaki Nuke Sinai Spaceport Before Leaving Earth to Marduk
    41   Fallout from Nergal and Ninurta's Nukes Kill Sumer, Spare Marduk's Babylon
    42   Enlil Demands Obscene Obedience: The Story of Abraham, Hagar, Ismael & Isaac
    43   Children of Jacob = Israel in Egypt
    44    Enlil: Moses, Bring Jacob's Descendants from Egypt to Canaan
    45    Enlilite Power Grows Against Enkiite Egypt and Babylon

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