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3 SOUL-WAVES OF VOLUNTEER ETS & HYBRIDS TO SAVE EARTH-Hansen, Hardy, Lindsey, Hawker, Skye, Wilde, April, Swerdlow, Lessin, Eagle Heart, Hill & More

By Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA)

Suzy Hansen* relates that she’s a dual soul–Zeta Grey and Homo sapien. She can integrate the individuality of humans and the group empathy of the Greys.  And she bears a message of hope for us all.  Through her soul journey and continuing, Suzy recalls much and, with hypnotic facilitation, remembers even more.

She assures us that the Universal Governing Body and advanced life forms in our galaxy hear the pain of Earth and the Earthlings.  The Governing Body has sent three waves of volunteer souls to usher in the movement of Earth to a planet of peace, empathy, free energy and enhanced health.  “What affects one sector of the galaxy affects all and we cannot be left behind in the expansion of the universe.”

Suzy’s interview begins at 1:06:31/1:59:47 Place your cursor on the button on the bottom of the graphic and slide it over to 1:06:31/1:59:47 to hear her.

The Universal Governing Body saw many souls on Earth forgot why they came here and asked the Greys to help volunteer souls to help them remember so the whole galaxy can evolve.The Greys sent 3 waves of volunteers to guide us to the Aquarian Age

The Universal Governing Body saw many souls on Earth forgot why they came here and asked the Greys to help volunteer souls to help them remember so the whole galaxy can evolve.

The Greys sent 3 waves of volunteers to guide us to the Aquarian Age.



Innovators from other planets or existences felt the tingle from the Universal Govening Body to enter a new life and help us evolve out of our repetitive war, slavery and drudgery.  They birthed on Earth since the 1900s.  From the 1930s to 1960s they “became inventors, critical thinkers and scientists” advancing industry, spiritualism, UFO research and early mediumship movements.





The larger part of the First Wave, Enlighteners, agreed to birth here from the 1980s right up to nowadays (some are still to be born); many are adults already. “Star Children, Indigos, Crystal Children, New Humans” and conscious experiencers.  “Enlighteners have come here to accustom us to kinaesthetic and metaphysical skills” and are oft “involved in environmental, healing and spiritual pursuits, art and music.”  Many give us “personal information on UFOs and contact experiences.”
hris H. Hardy, Ph.D., lays the foundations for a universe in which consciousness is the driving force of creation that we experience in our lives, and yet a hyperdimension of collective intelligence…all the way to the origin.


Dr. Hardy takes us on a tour of the 5th dimension, black holes, the Zero Point and vacuum, and the hottest cosmologies, to show that adding this ISS hyperdimension of consciousness (interlaced with hyperspace and hypertime) not only is very consistent with most physics discoveries, but also explains why we are endowed with consciousness. Moving beyond the materialistic or random frameworks, Hardy weaves a new cosmological paradigm in which consciousness and matter evolve in synchrony, and a part of our being is hyperdimensional.

From the point of origin, an immense time before the first quantum, before particles and matter, space and time are born, this hyperdimension unfolds as a golden spiral driven by the phi ratio—an Infinite Spiral Staircase. It bears on its innumerable spires a boundless field of information issued from parent universes, that contains the imprint of all beings and worlds of many past experiments; and yet, this ‘Cosmic DNA’ is a field of potentials that is neither deterministic nor limiting for our own universe. Rather, it is a collective consciousness that will grow and choose its innumerable paths; it is the true dimension of our Selfs and individual consciousnesses.







Pioneers started birthing on Earth from the 1940s through the 1960s and include abductees, experiencers and contactees.  Their job: sharing with us and “share our universe with other sentient beings that have already made contact with humans.”  Many Pioneers experienced contact throughout their lives and retained memories.  Others have yet to uncover them.

Pioneers “engendered worldwide interest worldwide, telling of positive contacts with gentle human-lie cosmic visitors whose teachings, along with those of the spiritual innovators of the First Wave gave form to NEW AGE philosophies.”  Pioneers “still experienced ridicule but made steps opening the way for the emergence of communicators.


Communicators, aged 50 to 78 now, “came forward as the experiencer group evolved, spoke of positive, transformative contact with non-human entities.”  The Communicators synchronized with First Wave Enlighteners and reinforced detailed descriptions of telepathy and psychic skills in communication with these entities..  From the 1970s to the present Communicators have written books, appeared in documentaries, formed UFO groups and contact support organization and have spoken publicly about their contact experiences.  Their information about alien technology will be corroborated by new understandings about consciousness, physics and science.” 

A small group within the Communicators birthed on Earth with DUAL SOULS and are parents to the Impementers and Peacemakers in Wave 3.


We Are All Hybrids ,” Says Elizabeth April. “I can show you how to Access Your Star Family.”  We can , she says, activate this dormant DNA within us and realize what, when we experience our true selves, we can do and feel.

Elizabeth April discusses Hybrids, DNA, and her interactive experience understanding both. After a conscious abduction at the age of 18, she realized she connected to these extraterrestrials through past life lineage.
She accessed the profound source of knowledge and truth and a sense of self in the third dimension. Through a direct connection to universal source energy and a direct connection to inter-dimensional beings, she channels on the spot anything a curious mind seeks.






Implementers birthed from dual-soul parents and “will be responsible for implementing sweeping positive changes in our world” from within the political, scientific and institutional matrix as it descends into chaos.  Most Implementers like Suzi Hansen are dual Zeta Grey and Human Hybrids.  Stewart Swerdlow is a hybrid Sirian; Michael Lee Hill, Janet Lessin and others are Anunnaki embodyments.


Here’s how Russian TV dramatized Janet’s experience:







We are here to promote peace, creativity, contributionsism and worldwide empathy for all beings.

Sacred Matrix-With Sasha and Janet Lessin -2017-12-03.mp3



Listen to “Peace The Final Frontier” on Spreaker.
* MORE ON SUZY HANSEN, who’s given us our overview and the desciption below of the Grey’s lifestyle

Suzy’s focus for the last decade has been on encouraging members of the scientific community to participate in examining the wealth of science-related detail contained in accounts of human interactions with extraterrestrial species/consciousness, as well as aspects of UFO sighting investigation data relating to technology and physics. She believes one of the major issues facing mankind in the future will be open contact with other civilizations in the Universe. In the meantime, there is much to be learnt from humans who have already made this tremendous leap in consciousness, and who have witnessed the vast array of potential benefits available to mankind and our environment through such associations.

The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement by Suzy Hansen (Author)

At age twenty, Suzy Hansen’s life changed. On a lonely country road in broad daylight, her car was engulfed by a massive ball of white light, resulted in ninety minutes of missing time and the unfathomable experience of “waking” after dark. This riveting experience led to her discovery of an alternative reality – time spent with extraterrestrials on-board their craft since childhood, and in fact, since her inception as a soul. The Dual Soul Connection – the Alien Agenda for Human Advancement, uniquely combines absorbing details of the life-long alien encounters of UFO researcher and experiencer Suzy Hansen (NZ), with scientific examination by Dr. Rudy Schild, Emeritus Astrophysicist, Harvard/Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics (USA). 

Hansen and Dr. Schild address such issues as alien culture, spirituality and consciousness, alongside scientific concepts of advanced physics and organic “conscious” technology – all within the framework of Hansen’s contact with these non-human species. The book outlines human participation in complex alien programs that assist and advance humankind, and Hansen’s experience of a dual soul identity central to this positive agenda.


Suzy Hansen, a dual Grey-Human Soul, shares in her book, “The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement” her direct recall, hypnotic expansion and current communication with the Zeta Greys, how they live and what they offer to help us through our deepening chaos as we reach our tipping point to spiritual ascension and galactic society.


Suzy remembers when, aboard a craft of the Greys, she asked to see where they slept and ate.  A Grey took her in an elevator to “a narrow corridor that resembled a plastic tunnel.  A bland floor stretched ahead, flat, with curved walls forming a semi-circular ceiling.  The entire structure is molded from one enormous sheet of material.  The network of corridors were like rabbit warrens in grid-fashion.” Grays’ small private rooms, Suzy saw, were spaced every 12 feet or so. 


Each Grey had its own private room–though any grey could enter any room and use its computer.  Each cubicle contained a bed and a virtual-reality computer chair that connects with a projecting holographic screen.  The beds were thin plastic computerized shelves that jutted from the wall. These shelf-beds mold to the shape of the being on them and go back to flat when the occupant gets up. The room matches the temperature (colder than humans like) the Greys needs, so there’s no blankets. When a Grey lies on the bed, the bed’s computer slows the Grey’s metabolism and the Grey can rest while the bed rejuvenates its body, gives info and inputs orders about the Grey’s next job.


Besides the shelf-bed, the only other visible object in each Grey’s cubicle was “a chair of thin, light material” on a step-up pedestal.  The Chair had a footrest for the Grey to step up to the chair.  A Grey can operate the computer for “personal entertainment and education.”  The chair-computer featured a little (8×5 inch) grey plastic color-projecting 3-dimensional screen 16 inches from the Grey in the chair.  The computer screen was “fixed on the end of a thin extendable arm.”  The Grey operates the computer screen “ with a command pad on the arm and by thoughts.

 As Suzi watched, her Grey tutor “thought-commanded a band of light from the rectangular screen” that widened.  “It extended out, encompassing the Grey’s face and head.  Strange images appeared within the band of light, animated, vibrantly colored, floating, appearing, disappearing, receding, advancing like a movie reeling from the screen along the beam of light straight into his eyes.” He said the beam lets him become part of the environment he beholds, able to move, touch, examine and smell. “This technology incorporates the user’s eyes, brain, mind and senses.”  The user feels a part of what he beholds “ but it is really only their mind and sensory perceptions that are there.”

The chair’s user “can access an infinite array of subjects” and scans topic groups of interest and selects one.  He becomes part of another reality, interacts with another life form or civilization or explores an unfamiliar location in the cosmos. The user can access material relating to the species the Greys have genetically intermingled with, planets they have explored, civilizations they have explored, assisted, studied or worked with” as well as “a myriad of scientific and cosmic databases spanning innumerable years, centuries or millennia.”

KITCHEN-Eating Rooms Where Groups Prepare Food, Eat & Chat

The Greys’ communal kitchens stored food-prep materials in cupboards hidden in the walls. “A large rectangular table with a central pedestal leg running the length of the table attached to the wall stood just inside the doorway.” The table was made of the same stuff as the beds, but, unlike the beds, the table material was inflexible.

In the eating room, Suzi saw “eight short Greys seated on pedestal stools around the table. “Their genetic characteristics varied. 


One Grey emptied food from a machine on the wall into “a rectangular container with a clear lid.”  Suzy saw  in the machine “a rotating roller and an intensely bright light.”  Underneath the machine she saw “a wide chute out of which small compressed sheets of food slid into trays on the table.”  These sheets were 1”x 2” “with criss-crossing fibers created by “first thinly layering multiple substances of differing kinds, semi-drying and compressing the mix” then “cutting it into strips–a process that takes mere seconds in this apparatus.  There are two ways of using this substance”: ingestion the Greys’ toothless mouths and absorption from places on their bodies.

All the Greys in the kitchen group are “equal when it comes to carrying out communal work, taking their turn to prepare sustenance, sorting the food sheets into containers of different groups of staff. Their mealtime is the beginning and end of work shifts.  Following the end of a work period they may decide to take their sustenance straight-away or complete the rejuvenating rest in their cubicle.”

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