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Events on the Planet Nibiru Imprinted Earth: Alalu told Anu, “WED OUR CHILDREN. I RULE. CIVIL WAR’S AVOIDED.” by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Alalu told Anu, “Wed our children–my daughter Damkina; your son Enki; I rule and civil war we forestall.”

  This deal, some 450,000 years ago, struck by the rivals for Kingship of the planet Nibiru, permeates our unconscious as an assumption of how human relations are structured.  The deal pre-supposes unitary planetary rule.  The attempt, after Alalu had killed King Lahma, Alalu made to take turns sharing power led to the later conflicts Alalu and Anu, the legal successor.  They first fought over who was to rule Nibiru, then who was to rule Earth.

 The Alalu-Anu deal evolved, on Earth,  into the war between Alalu’d kindman Anzu and Anu’s grandson, Ninurta.  This deal  fueled competition between Enki and Enlil, Ninurta’s father.  The idea that a single person should rule Earth spurred fights among Marduk, Inanna, Adad, Gibil, Nannar, Horon, Seth and Ningishzidda.  

We suffer the consequences of this deal today, in the wars between followers of Allah and Yahweh.  

We have yet to question the need for rulership.  We’ve imprinted a spurious need for hierarchy.

Here’s how that fateful deal was struck.  Understand how we were programmed and gain the option of opting out of their inhumane wars.


Enki wrote: “After eons of time [on Nibiru] our own species sprouted, by our own essence an eternal seed to procreate. As our numbers grew, to many regions of Nibiru our ancestors spread. Some tilled the land, some four-legged creatures shepherded.

Nibiru rivalries primative
Rivalries occurred, encroachments happened; clashes occurred, sticks became weapons.

“Rivalries occurred, encroachments happened; clashes occurred, sticks became weapons.







Clans gathered into tribes, then two great nations each other faced. The nation of the north against the nation of the south took up arms. What was held by hand to thrusting missiles was turned. Weapons of thunder and brilliance increased the terror. A war, long an fierce, engulfed the planet; brother amassed against brother.

Nibiran Commanders, Wearing Eagle Helmets in the N vs S war to control Nibiu
Nibiran Commanders,
Wearing Eagle Helmets in the N vs S war to control Nibiu


There was death and destruction both north and south. For many circuits [3,600 Earth-year orbits of Nibiru around our Sun] desolation reigned the land; all life was diminished.”

Nibiran nuking
Nibiru’s North vs South War

654,000 years ago, “truce was declared; then peacemaking conducted. ‘Let the nations be united, the emissaries said to one another; let there be one throne on Nibiru, one king to reign over all. Let a leader from the north or from south by lot to be chosen, one king supreme to be. If he be from north, let south choose a female to be his spouse. Let their firstborn be the successor; let a dynasty thus be formed, unity on Nibiru forever to establish.’

King An, who united Nibiru, created a military dictatorship–hierarchical male-centered, patrilineal. “By lots was he chosen; his decrees in unity were accepted.

Nibiru's Military Dictatorship: Model for Earth?
Nibiru’s Military Dictatorship: Model for Earth?

“For his abode King An built a splendid city Agade [Unity] was its name.

Nibiru Capital Agade
Agade, Nibiru’s Capitol

Governors for each land he appointed; restoration and reclamation was their task.”

Since the nuclear wars killed many more men than women, An had men take principle and secondary wives, official concubines too. An’s dynasty set The Law of Succession: THE KING’S HEIR, A SON HE HAS WITH HIS HALF SISTER–THE PRINCIPAL WIFE–RULES WHEN THE KING DIES. This law, promulgated on Nibiru, many millenia before the Nibirans sent their rockets to Earth, later ligitimated female-transmitted DNA in the Merovingian French royals descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. [ZS, Enki: 25-26; Tellinger, Slave Species: 98].

500,000 years ago, Nibiru’s protective shield weakened. The thick atmosphere thinned. This forced Nibirans to mine Earth for gold to powder Nibiru’s air, save their atmosphere, and keep the heat they needed. [Tellinger, Slave Species: 88]

Floating White Powder of Monoatomic Gold, easily made.
Floating White Powder of Monoatomic Gold, easily made.


Nibiru used to near Earth and the sun (perigee), every 3,600 years. “For a time in cold is Nibiru engulfed; for part of its circuit by the Sun strongly is it heated. A thick atmosphere Nibiru envelops, by volcanic eruptions constantly fed. All manner of life this atmosphere sustains. In the cold period the inner heat of Nibiru it keeps about the planet, like a warm coat that is constantly renewed. In the hot period it shields Nibiru from the Sun’s scorching rays.” [ZS, Enki: 24]

Vocano belches

 By the reign of Enshar, the sixth king descended from An, “Nibiru’s air has thinner been made, the protective shield diminished,” scientists said. Enshar’s son, Duuru, failed to create an hereditary heir, but the Council of Counselors made his adopted son, Lahma, King. To Lahma, “In the councils of the learned, to heal the breach in the atmosphere, were two suggestions. Use gold, within the Hammered Belt [Asteroids] abundant. To finest powder, gold could be ground, lofted high to heaven, suspended it could remain. With replenishment, the breach it would heal. Let celestial boats [rockets] the gold to Nibiru bring over. Let weapons of Terror [nukes] be created, the missiles the volcanoes to attack, their dormancy to bestir, their belching to increase, the atmosphere to replenish, the breach to make disappear.”

“For a decision Lahma was too feeble; what choice to make he knew not.”

Every 3,600 years, Nibiru, as it orbited the Sun, lost more oxygen. Lahma vacillated for four orbits whether to nuke the volcanoes or send miners to the Asteroids. While he pondered, Nibiru’s air bled into space. Intense radiation afflicted the planet, but Lahma ignored his counselors and instead heeded his wife, Lamaha. She told him, “Beseech the Great Creator of All. Beseaching, not actings, provide the only hope.”


Prince Alalu, descended from Nibiru’s forth king, Anshurgal (and a concubine) led his fellow princes. “Let Lahma be the king no more,” he roared. “Let decision supplant hesitation. Come, let us unnerve the King in his dwelling, let him the throne abandon.” The princes rushed the palace gate, then the throne room. Lahma retreated to his tower, where Alalu caught him. “

We need a king who acts now. Not you; you dither. I’m taking over now, before we lose all our air.” Alalu hurled the King from the tower.

“Now I’m King.” [ZS, Enki: 32 – 33]


ANU, a prince descended from King An’s youngest son (Enuru) spoke against Alalu’s claim. Anu said he, not Alalu, should rule.


Anu as young Pretender, shortly after Prince Alalu killed King Lahma
Anu as young Pretender, shortly after Prince Alalu killed King Lahma

Alalu told Anu, “Wed our children–my daughter Damkina; your son Enki; I rule and civil war we forestall.

Damkina trimmed

Damkina: Will Enki marry her as her dad, Alalu, and his dad, Anu commanded?

Anu agreed to the dynastic compromise Alalu proposed.  Anu canceled the betrothal his daughter Ninmah had with Enki, Nibiru’s greatest scientist.

Ninmah, Enki's Fiance, forced to by dad Anu drop engagement.
Ninmah, Enki’s Fiancé, forced to by dad Anu drop engagement.

Instead of Ninmah, Enki wed Damkina [ZS, Giants: 249].

Ninmah pined for Enki, but sought solace in sex with Anu’s heir, her (and Enki’s) half-brother Enlil, a dashing military man.

When Ninmah bore Enlil’s son Ninurta (later known as Ishum, then Mars), Anu forbade her marriage to anyone ever.

Enlil, who before the Anu-Alalu marriage deal, would’ve succeeded Anu as Nibiru’s King, lost his claim to the throne. The first male born of Enki and Damkina, Anu and Alalu agreed, would rule Nibiru and merge the descent lines of both Alalu and Anu.

Enki and Damkina had a boy, Marduk. The pact between Anu and Alalu pledged Marduk, not Enlil, would one day rule Nibiru. Deal in place, Anu pledged fealty to Alalu. Alalu, now King, made Anu his Cupbearer. [ZS, Wars: 84]

Anu as Cupbearer, served King Alalu.
Anu as Cupbearer, served King Alalu.

When Enki and Damkina married, Anu bowed to Alalu. The first male Enki and Damkina begat, Anu and Alalu agreed, would rule Nibiru and join the lines of both grandfathers, Alalu and Anu.



King Alalu didn’t– though he tried–save Nibiru’s air. To create overcast that would hold the air, he nuked the volcanoes, but this didn’t yield enough overcast so he explored the gold-shield option. Earth and its asteroids contain most of the gold in the solar system, so Alalu sent a rocket for Earth for gold to powder and spread over Nibiru’s atmosphere, but the ship crashed into an asteroid; all aboard died. Nine more Nibiran years (nine sars, orbits of Nibiru around the Sun, 32,400 Earth years) passed and Alalu still hadn’t stopped Nibiru’s air loss.

Cupbearer Anu seethed when Alalu failed to protect and replenish Nibiru’s atmosphere. He cited Nibiru law and proclaimed himself rightful king. He challenged Alalu.

“Anu gave battle to Alalu. To hand-to-hand combat, with bodies naked, Alalu he challenged.”

Anu, buff from training, challenges Alalu to wrestle for Nibiru's Crown

Anu challenged Alalu to wrestle for Nibiru’s Crown“Alalu in combat was defeated; by acclaim Anu was hailed as king. Anu to the palace was escorted.

Alalu to the palace did not return. From the crowds he stealthily escaped; of dying like Lahma he was fearful. Unbeknownst to others, to the place of the celestial chariots [rockets] he hurriedly went. Into a missle-throwing chariot Alalu climbed; its hatch behind him he closed. The forepart chamber he entered; the commander’s seat he occupied. In the celestial boat Alalu from Nibiru escaped. To snow-hued Alalu set his course.” [ZS, Enki: 24 – 39]

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