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Hi Doc

This is amazing stuff. You write with greater clarity and coherence than Mr.Sitchin did. It all flows better. I’m sure he disseminated the news in several rather hard-to-take-seriously paper backs for commercial reasons(?) but it just doesn’t do the subject matter the justice it deserves. It’s really shocking what took place. I wish/hope someone makes a movie or perhaps a more comprehensive book/ document to once and for all dispel the judeochristian/islamic propaganda the world has been bleeding profusely from. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

This is the time in human history for this kind of disclosure considering how the karmic consequences of the past are now coming to a head in spectacular fashion. I always wondered what happened to the Olmec people ( being African).

It’s probably odd or whatever but I do read works by Nostradamus deciphered by serious authors. One such quatrain apparently suggests sometime in the future somewhere humans on earth will again encounter ETs who will, according to Nostradamus’ prophesy, confess that: ” they were the authors of most human wars to date.” Never understood what that meant but its crystal clear.

Although a definite change of heart toward a more compassionate persuasion, it also fits well into the Jesus/yahweh/Emmanuel phenomenon especially in light of investigations by one prof. J. Deardorff who postulates that the “angel” Gabriel was an ET who abducted and artificially inseminated the virgin Mary and the “little star of Bethlehem” was really a shiny ET craft  hanging about with Gabriel and crew within it ensuring that Jesus was born OK and safe from the Herod’s order to kill new born males.

Not to mention investigation by Dr. Greer of the Disclosure Project who revealed witnesses from largely the US national security state who testified under oath and on record that the US Security industry had programs of capturing flying saucers and the ETs that flew them ( not treating them very well I fear which is poetic Karma I guess) but out of a possible 57 identifiably different “races” of beings somewhere in storage, a few fell into the category of very tall light skinned blue eyed type of aryan people. Possibly descendants of the Annunaki still hovering around us!

In any case as the song goes ” We Don’t Need another (ET) Hero”

Please keep up the good work. I’ll spread the word as best as I can (our country is chock full of aggressive and obstinate evangelists!!)

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Aloha, Dan:

I’m currently working on essays of the very times you mention; I preview my notes a bit for you below.

Ever since As the main gods departed and Marduk ruled from Babylon, science, astronomy and rights and respect for women came to an end.  Prophets of the remaining gods argued omens.  Ka-in’s descendants massacred the Africans and Mesopotamians who ruled them in Mexico and Central America.

People in Mesopotamia had already doubted gods’ all-powerfulness, for way back in 2096 B.C.E., “in the midst of battle, the Enlilite King Ur-Nammu’s chariot got stuck in the mud. He fell off it, the chariot rushed along, leaving the King behind. The boat returning his body to Sumer sank with him on board.” In Sumer, “People could not understand how such a devout king who followed gods’ directives with weapons they put in his hands could perish so ignominiously.” Support of Utu, Nannar, Inanna, Enlil and even Anu couldn’t protect Ur-Nammu.

Some Enlilite gods “dispersed from Sumer, accompanied their followers to far lands in the far corners of the Earth; others remained nearby, rallying their supporters to a renewed challenge to Marduk.” [ZS, End of Days:122].

Marduk’s “related extended family in Northern Sumer, the Aryans, invaded the lands to the east and Europe to the west, conquering humans everywhere and imposing their Aryan supremacy which, to this day, persists ” [Tellinger, Slave Species:116].

Nuclear fallout blew over Sumer after Ninurta and Nergal–the Bible’s “angels” nuked Sodom, Gomorrah and the Sinai Spaceport lest it and cities fall to Marduk and Nabu. Fallout killed the Earthlings in Sumer loyal to the Enlilite lineage. The fallout missed Marduk’s Babylon.  In 2024, Enlilites nuked their own spaceport on the Sinai Peninsula to stop Marduk and Nabu from capturing it, “Nazca [Peru] was the last spaceport of the Anunnaki. For the next 150 years, under Adad’s supervision, most of the Nibirans left Earth from Nazca for Nibiru.

Marduk made Babylon Capitol of Sumer and, around 2000 B.C., proclaimed himself God of the gods. He renamed Nibiru, after himself, “Marduk” and created New Years Celebrations there that enacted “his” entry into the inner solar system and creation of Earth, then of Earthlings. Nibiru had hithertofore been called “Anu” after his Marduk’s father’s father. “Anu now became “Uranus” and Enki, Marduk’s father, who’d up to this time been associated with Earth’s moon, became “Nidimmud (Neptune). Mercury, which had been dubbed “Adad” after Enlil’s son, became “Nabu” and Inanna’s Venus, which she’d appropriated from Ninmah, became “Sarpanit.” He developed a priesthood which studies omens and a horoscope that predicted the effects the planets–and their namesakes–had on Earthlings. Marduk degraded Sumer’s astronomical observations, compassionate support of citizens, and the status of women, who were generally excluded from high office and the exercise of art. Marduk substituted Nabu for the the woman Nisaba as Diety of Writing [ZS, Time: 350-368].

Many surviving Sumerians and those over whom they’d held sway, fled Marduk’s rule. “Sumerian refugees were given asylum all around the Mesopotamia.” The refugees became “catalysts for the conversion of their host countries into flourishing states. Some ventured into more distant lands, accompanying the displaced gods.” Indo-Aryans from southwest of the Caspian Sea mingled with the Sumerian refugees and migrated to Pakistan’s Indus Valley and brought with them the tales of Sumer, which, combined with the culture Inanna had given to her domains in India, became the Hindu religion [ZS, Time: 370-371]..

Of slaves still loyal to the Enlilites (Ninuta, Nannar, Adad, Utu and Inanna), only Abraham and his army survived. Abraham’s band lived because Enlil had sent it out of Sumer, to the Negev and Canaan to guard Sumer from Marduk’s forces in Egypt and Lebanon. Enlil wanted his surviving slaves branded as his.

Enlil ordered Abraham, then 99, and his male followers to cut off their foreskins to make their phalluses like those of the Nibirans and to mark them as loyal to Enlil and his sons. Enlil told Abraham that after circumcision, “Unto thy seed have I given this land from the brook of Egypt [Nile] until the River Euphrates.”

Around 1800 B.C., Sumerians brought high civilization–cuneiform writing, bronze weapons, chariots, walled cities–to China under the Shang Dynasty. Sumerian emigrants created the cultures of all Central and Far Asian Sino-Tibetan languages. They gave people of these regions the Sumerian “calender of twelve months, time-counting by dividing the day into twelve double-hours, the zodiac and Sumerian astronomical observations.” Utu’s descendants became Japan’s emperors. [ZS, Time: 371-3373].

Sumerians fled also throughout Europe–along the Volga (Geogia, Sumara, Finland) and the Danube (Dacia, Hungary).

From 2024 to 1874 B.C., under Adad’s supervision, most of the Nibirans left Earth from Nazca for Nibiru. “From 610 B.C. though 650 B,C., the Anunnaki gods methodically left Earth” from the old Way Station on Mars, from which the long-distance spaceships raced to intercept and lan d on the orbiting Nibiru” when it reached perigee.


Yahweh/Enlil’s main rival “god, Marduk, gave Hammurabi, Marduk’s king at Babylon, “a powerful weapon, called “Great Power of Marduk”, with which he subdued all Sumer, save the Enlilite strongholds of Adad in Assyria and Ninurta in Lagash. In the 12th Century B.C., the Assyrians King Tiglat-Pileser I of Assyria conquered Lebanon.

In the 9th century B.C., Adad and Nergal sent the Assyrian king Shalmaneser III with technologically-advanced artillery against Marduk’s Babylonians. With these weapons, Shalmaneser prevailed. In 689 B C. Assyrian King Sennacherib, used “rocketlike missiles” Adad gave him to sack Babylon on the pretext that the Babylonians disappointed Marduk, their erstwhile god. Sennacherib sentenced the Babylonians to seventy years Assyrians would occupy Babylon and dominate the city. Enlil watched as Assyria’s Sennacherib subjugated Phoenicia, Gaza and Judea.

But Sennacherib–on his own without Adad’s authorization, attacked Jerusalem. Enlil, who controlled Mission Control Jerusalem, zapped the his erstwhile Assyrian allies with a techno-weapon that killed 185,000 men. Sennacherib fled back to Nineva in Sumer, where he named his younger son Esarhaddon, his successor.

Sennacherib’s older sons killed the King, but the Nibirans hid Esarhaddon. Enlil sent Inanna to Assyria. She disarmed the Ninevan army and destroyed their weapons. Esarhaddon rules, she proclaimed.

Inanna kept protecting Assyria. She loosed “an intense, blinding brilliance” she wore on her headgear. The weapon blinded enemies of Esarhaddon’s successor, Ashurbanipal, in battles in Arabia and in an attack on Marduk’s Egyptian forces. Inanna “rained flames upon Arabia.” [ZS, Wars:12-19]

Enlil decided to end Assyrian power. He let Babylonians conquer Assyria from 614-616 B.C. and sent Babylon’s king Nebuchadnezzar II to take Lebanon.

“From 610 B.C. though 650 B,C., the Anunnaki gods methodically left Earth” from the old Way Station on Mars, from which the long-distance spaceships raced to intercept and land on the orbiting Nibiru” when it reached perigee. “Benefitting from Mars’ lower gravity compared to Earth’s, the Anunnaki found it easier and more logical to transport themselves and their cargos in shuttlecraft from Earth to Mars, and there transfer to reach Nibiru. Mars had water, walled structures, roads, a hublike compound” and the statue of Alalu’s face [ZS, 2007, The End of Days, pages 260 – 261]

In 539 B.C. Cyrus of Persia conquered Mesopotamia, Marduk welcomed him.  Ningishzidda (known in Mesoamerica as Quetzlcoatl), whom Maruk had deposed from rule (as Thoth) in Egypt, “in 3113 B.C., brought over his African protoges, the Olmecs.” When Ningishzidda left, around 600B.C., the native Mayas, between 600 and 500 B..C., revolted and slew the black Olmecs. He said he’d return “on the anniversary of his Secret Number, 52. Even in Jerusalem, according to Ezekiel 8:12, it was lamented Yahweh sees us no more–Yahweh has left Earth.” In both hemispheres, then, “Mankind found itself without its long-worshipped gods. Mankind grasped for the hope of a Return and cast about for a savior.” [ZS, 2007, The End of Days, page 266 -267]

Who,” Sitchin asks, “of the Anunnaki gods remained on Earth? We can be certain only of Marduk and Nabu of the Enkiites and of the Enlilites, Nannar [Allah], his spouse Ningal, his aide, Nuksu and Ishtar [Inanna].” [ZS, 2007, The End of Days, page 267]


Dr. Lessin

happy holidays. I just finished reading your essays on the late Sitchin’s work on sumerian texts. I’m quite grateful that someone’s continuing research on his work and i very much agree with your conclusions with respect to a much needed paradigm shift in human consciousness away from these harmful and disastrous pseudoreligions created by ancient astronauts. I wonder though, what your insights on the last moments of the ‘gods’ were before they fled earth, your essays don’t seem to cover what Sitchin wrote of as gods becoming scared because of ‘signs,’ and, becoming irritated by the ever growing din of h. Sapiens population increases and thereafter ‘flying away like birds’ leaving both their great plans to civilize in ruins and the amazing structures we built for that cause to go on to become the misunderstood tourist spots they are– dead leviathans evidence of a phenomenal failure of the same cause. What actually happened? How did it go down?


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