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SPHINX by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

11,000 – 10,500 B.C., as part of the recovery of the gold-extraction mission from the planet Nibiru to Earth after the Deluge of 11,000 B.C., the Goldmining Expedition Commander, Enlil/Yahweh ordered a new rocket terminal at Sinai, on the Arabian Peninsula, for freighting gold to Nibiru.

Enlil told Chief Scientist and Mining Operations Chief, Enki/Ptah (aka Adanoi) and his lineage, the Enkiites, to build the new terminal, Mission Control and guidance facilities in a mountain-like Great Pyramid at Giza, near the Nile at the 30th Parallel.

Sinai and the new terminal were supposedly neutral under Chief Medical Officer Ninmah/Hathor, Enki and the Enkiites intended to control Sinai. Whoever ran the Giza and Sinai, controlled “space activities, the comings and goings of the Nibirans.

Enki’s sons Marduk/Ra and Ningishzidda/Thoth assisted Enki, as did his descendants Shu, Tefnut, Geb and Nut. “The secret plans of the Great Pyramid were in the hands of Ningishzidda.” [ZS, Wars:149-155] Ningishzidda (with power tools better than ours to cut and move rock) built two pyramids in Egypt. First he built a model, then the Great Pyramid. Then he built the Great Pyramid over the records of the Nibirans, inscribed on emerald tablets, in a secret chamber, the Halls of Amenti. [Doreal, Emerald Tablets of Thoth-The-Atlantean: 1]. He installed Nibirans’ master computer programs and astronavigational equipment in the Great Pyramid and configured the pyramid itself as a communication device send messages directly to Nibiru. [Sereda, 2012]

“The Sphinx gazes precisely eastward, welcoming the rising sun along the 30th parallel. It’s gaze welcomed the Anunnaki “gods as they landed at their spaceport on the Sinai peninsula.

The construction of the Sphinx heated competition between Marduk, Enki’s heir with Ninurta, Enlil’s heir. Enki persuaded Enlil to let Ningishzidda to build a statue of a lion, Enlil’s symbol, as a monument to Enlil’s supremacy. “Let us” said Enki, “beside the twin peaks of the two pyramids, a monument create, the Age of the Lion to announce. The image of Ningishzidda, the peaks’ designer, let its face be. Let it precisely toward the Place of Celestial Chariots gaze.” Anu, Nibiru’s King, agreed; he said, “Let the gazing lion, precisely eastward facing, with Ningishzidda’s image be.” [ZS, Enki: 238]

Marduk subsequently was defeated in battle by Ninurta but banished to the Northern Hemisphere. In 3850 B.C., King Anu visited Earth and pardoned Marduk. Then, in 3100B.C., Marduk returned to Egypt and ousted Ningishzidda. “When Marduk, after a long absence, to the Land of the Two Narrows [Egypt] returned, Ningishzidda’ [now called Thoth] as its master he there found. With the aid of offspring of the Anunnaki who Earthlings espoused did Ningishzidda the land oversee, that Marduk had once planned and instructed by Ningishzidda was overturned.” [ZS, Enki: 284]

For the next 350 years, Marduk (now called Ra) and Ningishzidda clashed over Egypt. Finally, Enki, their father, ordered Ningishzidda to leave Egypt to Marduk. “The Sphinx witnessed the departure of Thoth with his followers to be among the First Americans.” To erase Ningishzidda’s memory, Marduk “on the stone lion his image with that of his son Asar (Osiris) replaced.”

Marduk taught his puppet rulers, the pharohs, that the Sphinx would guide them, when they died, “to an Afterlife, when their Ka [spirit] joined the gods [ie, the Nibirans] in their heavenly ascents. Marduk rewrote Egyptian history,demoted Ningishzidda in his version of history, to “the Divine Measurer,” and replaced Ningishzidda’s image on the “Stone Lion” (Sphinx). The new face of the Sphinx: Osiris. [ZS, Time: 255]


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youtube on Sphinx’s dating 10,500 B.C., part of Deluge recovery

Sasha Lessin Ph.D from Emmanuel Bombardier on Vimeo.

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