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SPHINX & GIZA PYRAMIDS: What Zecharia Sitchin Revealed: Web Radio, Article, Youtubes, Illustrations

by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Excerpt from Anunnaki: Gods No More, Unmasking Technologically-Advanced Goldminers From The Planet Nibiru Who Posed as Divine

The Deluge of 11,000 B.C. buried the Anunnaki’s space facilities in Iraq–the landing corridor, hangars and warehouses at Sippar as well as Mission Control at Nippur.

The Anunnaki, ET Homo Sapiens from the planet Nibiru, came to Earth for gold.  They shipped Earth’s gold to Nibiru to shield its diminishing atmosphere.  The Anunnaki adapted their genome to create slave-Earthlings–us–to mine the gold for them.  

After the Deluge, they chose the Sinai Peninsula for a new landing strip and port facilities. They picked Mount Moriah (Jerusalem) for the new Mission Control Center.

Enlil, the Anunnaki Commander, placed the new Control Center.  He drew a line from the Landing Platform in Lebanon (which had survived the Deluge) and Mount Sinai on the Peninsula. Where this line crossed the 30th Parallel, he housed the equipment to talk with spacecraft and Nibiru.

Space Facilities Post-Deluge Map

Giza map alignment of Ararat, Sinai 1

For the new runway, Enlil selected Sinai, on the 30th Parallel, as the boundary between his lineage, the Enlilites, and the lineage of his brother and rival, Enki, head of the Enkiite lineage. Enlil and his sons and grandchildren controlled the area north of Parallel 30; Enki and sons ruled south of the Parallel.

Giza, near the Nile in Egypt, sat due west along Parallel 30 from the new runway. To mark the 30th for aircraft above, the Commander had Enki’s son Ningishzidda and Anunnaki assistants build the Great Pyramid and a twin pyramid on Parallel 30 at Giza.

“Above the [Nile] river’s valley, Ningishzidda a scale model built.”

Ningishzidda-Thoth-Quezlcoatl- Kukuklan

Ningishzidda-Thoth-Quezlcoatl- Kukuklan

Next to the Great Pyramid, “a larger peak he placed, the peak that was its twin he placed, its sides to the Earth’s four corners he set.*

Giza's 3 pyramids 3

“By the Anunnaki, with their tools of power, were the stones cut and erected. With galleries and chambers for pulsating crystals Ningishzidda designed it. Of electrum, an admixture by his brother Gibil fashioned, was the apex stone made. The sunlight to the horizon it reflected, by night like a pillar of fire it was. The power of all the crystals to the heavens in a beam it focused.”

The pyramid beam shone as a beacon.
Giza beaming

The Giza pyramids marked the southwest end of a line that started at Mt. Ararat (Turkey) in the northeast.  The line ended at the runway on the 30th Parallel on the Sinai, at Tilmun, the name the Anunnaki gave the new landing facilities Enlil had ordered to replace the facilities the Flood destroyed at back at Sippar (Iraq). Ningishzidda perched the Mission Control Center for Tilmun at Mount Moriah (future Jerusalem). Beneath the Great Pyramid, Ningishzidda stored master computer programs and the annals of the Anunnaki.

Said Enki: “Now the new place of the celestial chariots gold from across the seas can receive. From the chariots to Nibiru the gold for survival shall carry; from it to the east, where the sun on the designated day rises, they will ascend. To the southwest, where the sun on the designated day sets, the will descend. [ZS, Enki: 235 – 237]

“Beyond the understanding of Earthlings it is, house of eternity. Its foundation stones the waters touch,” Ninmah, sister and former lover of both Enlil and Enki added.
Ninmah 2 pix  

A channel from the nearby Nile drew water to a stagnant pool under the Great Pyramid. A pump pulsated the pool and started a microwave that pulsed up to a combustion chamber.  In this chamber, hydrated zinc and hydrochloric acid mixed and freed hydrogen gas.  The gas exploded upward and added power to the pulse from the water pump below.  Crystals amplified the now amplified wave it as it rose toward the pyramid’s apex.  The wave continuously rose and flowed out of the pyramid near its top.  This continuous microwave beamed into the sky. The microwave marked the 30th; it also powered Anunnaki machines.*

Pyramids energy


Enki’s firstborn, Marduk, who’d led the Mars astronauts before Nibiru’s 11000 B.C. nearing ruined Marsbase, expected command of the Tilmun Sinai Spaceport.  Marduk had lost his job on Mars Nibiru’s nearing destroyed the base there.  He reasoned that Enlil would give him command of Tilmun since it sat south of the 30th parallel where Marduk’s father Enki ruled.



But Enlil resisted Marduk. Marduk had allied himself Shamgaz, leader of the now-defunct Mars astronaut corps who had defied Enlil’s authority.  Marduk had also, when he wed the half-breed Earthling Sarpanit,  further allied himself with the Earthlings, whose rising population Enlil feared.  Marduk had furthermore supported Astronaut Commander Shamgaz and the Mars astronauts who’d seized Earthling brides and the Landing Platform at Baalbek, Lebanon. No way would the Commander give Marduk any position of authority.



Marduk had married Earthling Sarpanit and supported Astronaut Commander Shamgaz and the Mars astronauts who’d seized Earthling brides and the Landing Platform at Baalbek, Lebanon.

So, at the celebration at which the Ekur (House Like A Mountain), as the Anunnaki called the Great Pyramid, instead of Marduk, Enlil said his own grandson, Utu, would command Tilmun.



Enlil, in his speech in which he dedicated the Ekur, honored Enki’s son Ningishzidda, as a sop to Enki, whose region of control included the Ekur and the Spaceport.  Enlil declared Ningishzidda’s face would be chiseled on the Sphinx, a statue of an eastward-gazing lion that marked the complex.

Sphinx Great Pyramid  

Marduk objected. [Lessin, 2012: 90; ZS, End: 71; Enki: 235 – 237]

So all could hear, “Marduk to his father Enki words of aggrievement said,`To dominate the whole Earth to me did you promise. Now command and glory to others are granted, without task or dominion I am left.”

Enki’s other sons as well as Enlil’s Champion, Ninurta, and Ninurta’s half-brothers in the Enlilite Lineage also demanded “lands for themselves and devoted Earthlings.”


’Let not the celebration a contest become.’ Ninmah amidst the raised voices shouted. ‘Let Marduk Ningishzidda of the honor not deprive, let us Marduk’s words also heed.’”

Enlil told Enki, “‘For peace to prevail, habitable lands between us should be set apart.’ To make the peninsula an uncontested divider they agreed, to the peacemaker Ninmahh they it allotted. To Earthlings it was beyond bounds. Habitable lands to the east to Enlil and his offspring were set apart. Descendants of two sons of Ziusudra, Shem and Japhet therein to dwell.”

On the Sinai, Ninurta, Enlil’s son and heir whose mother was Ninmah, build her a palace on Mt. St. Katherine on the Sinai.

Canaan, “the dark-hued landmass that the Abzu [Africa] included to Enki and his clan was for domains granted, the people of Ziusudra’s middle son, Ham, to inhabit it were chosen. To make Marduk their lord, of their lands the master, Enki to appease his son Marduk suggested.” Enlil concurred and confirmed Marduk and Ham’s line in Canaan.

Together, Enlil and Enki proclaimed, “‘Let us Ninmah, the peacemaker, with a new with a new epithet-name honor: NINHARSAG, Mistress of the Mountainhead.’

“ ‘Praise to Ninharsag, on Earth the peacemaker,’ in unison the Anunnaki proclaimed.’” [ZS, Enki: 238 – 240]

For 300 years, peace prevailed on Earth. Enki moved to Elephantine (Abu) Island near Aswan (Syene). From Abu, he (now called Ptah) ruled Egypt.

Enki’s Earthlings built dams, dykes and tunnels and controlled the Nile’s flow to the Mediterranean. Then Enki abdicated and gave Marduk, (now Ra) official rule of Egypt and its Earthlings. Marduk, in turn, left Egypt to his sons Osiris (Asar) and Seth. Seth slew Osiris, but Osiris’s son, Horus (Horon) wounded Seth (Satu).



Seth fled to Canaan, where he ruled the descendants of Ham. Seth’s reign there meant Enki’s lineage, the Enkiites, controlled the Giza Spacecraft Marker-Pyramid, the control tower and runways on Sinai, and the new Mission Control Jerusalem. Enlil’s lineage, the Enlilites, feared Enkiites would run Earth’s space facilities, dictate gold flow from Earth to Nibiru, and with this leverage, force Marduk’s rule on Nibiru as well as Earth. Enlilites couldn’t talk with Nibiru or flee Earth when they quit mining if Marduk won the space sites. To counter this, Enlil sent Ninurta to covertly construct a communications center next to Lake Titicaca. Ninurta built also a spaceport on the Nazca plains next to the Andes. [ZS, 12th Planet: 248 -249]

When Enlil’s granddaughter, the Princess Inanna, planned to marry Dumuzi, the son of Enlil’s rival-brother, Enki, Enki’s firstborn son, Marduk, had Dumuzi killed. Inanna and Enlil’s sons attacked Seth’s forces in Canaan. These Enlilites fought not only to avenge the maddened Inanna, but also to regain the space-related marker peaks–Moriah, Harsag (Mount St. Katherine) in the Sinai and the artificial mount, the Ekur (The Great Pyramid) in Egypt.” [ZS, Wars: 156 – 158]



Ninurta, in a new jet with a 75-foot wingspan blasted Marduk’s stongholds “while Adad roamed behind the enemy lines” and destroyed the fish, cattle and food of the Enkiites and their Earthling armies.



Marduk’s armies retreated into the mountains but Inanna blasted them with “an explosive beam that tore the enemy apart” and forced them south. Ninurta led the Enlilite forces’ “attack on the heartland of [Marduk’s brother] ergal’s African domain and his temple-city Meslam. They scorched the earth and made the rivers run red with the blood of the innocent bystanders–the men women and children of the Abzu.”. Ninurta rained poison-bearing missiles on Meslam and leveled the city. Survivors fled to nearby mountains. But Ninurta “with the Weapon that Smites threw fire upon them, smote down the people.” Utu held off the Marduk’s astronaut allies on Sinai. [ZS, Wars: 159 – 163, based on Lugal-e Ud Melam-bi in Geller, S., 1917 Altorientalische Texte und Untersuchungen]


After Ninurta killed the Enkiites on Sinai, he defeated Marduk in Kur. Marduk fled into the Great Pyramida, where Enki “raised up a shield through which the death rays could not penetrate.” [ZS, Wars:162]

Nergal “broke through Ninurta’s lines and came to Marduk’s aid. Nergal strengthened the pyramid’s defenses “through ray-emitting crystals positioned within.” But Marduk’s brother Ningishzidda refused to defend him. Marduk’s other brothers, Ninagal and Gibil, his father Enki and Marduk’s grandson Horon joined Marduk in the pyramid. The Enkiites made their stand together in the Giza Pyramid.

Utu cut off the water source to the Enkiites in the Pyramid.

Horon, disguised as a ram, slipped out of the pyramid but Ninurta blinded him with his “Brilliant Weapon.” Enki radioed Ninmah to stop the fight and save Horon.


Ninmah lied that King Anu sent a message from Nibiru that ordered a cease fire then a peace conference. Enlil’s youngest son, Adad, objected; he demanded Enkiites surrender unconditionally. Enlil overrode Adad and told Ninmah, “To your palace [the Harsag, above the Sinai] bring Enki and his issue.” Ninurta gave Ninmah a suit that protected her from radiation.

She crossed the battle lines and told the Enkiites, “The Enlilites wouldn’t hurt you; just come out and surrender.” Enki hesitated, “Out shall we come if to a peace treaty between our lineages Enlil commits.” But he gave her his hand. Ninmah led him and his lineage loyalists to the Harsag, her abode. [ZS, Wars: 164 -172]

Ninurta entered the pyramid and explored the Enkiites’ astronavigational guidance systems and secret weapons. He threw away equipment he wrecked in the fight as well as weapons he couldn’t use. He salvaged the interplanetary landing beacon and “the Gug [apex] Stone that directions determined.” Ninurta broke or looted 54 large crystals that spiraled energy up, around out the top of the pyramid to rockets and to Nibiru. [Sereda: 2010; ZS, Enki: 262.]


After Ninmah, “brought out Enki and his sons, took them to the Harsag, the Enlilites were already there, waiting.” She started the conference with a plea for peace. Enlil unilaterally ceded Enki’s settlement, Eridu in the E.Din [Basara, Iraq] area at the Persian Gulf with land around to bear fruit for the temple and to have seeded fields. Ninmah’s son Ninurta objected to giving this foothold in Sumer to Enki, till Ninmah told Ninurta, ‘Drop the issue.’”

Enlil transmitted: “I’ll order cease-fire if the Enkiites and their half-breeds leave the Canaan Restricted Zone [Sinai Peninsula and Spaceport and Jerusalem].”

Enki back, “No Deal unless we keep Giza.”

“Keep Marduk from ever ruling Giza or Lower [Northern] Egypt and deal’s done.” said the Commander. Enki accepted Enlil’s offer.

For Dumuzi’s death, the Enlilites sentenced Marduk to die of starvation in a chamber of the Great Pyramid.  Anu, the Nibiran King, however, commuted Marduk’s sentence to exile to North America,.

So Enki, as per the deal, replaced Marduk in Lower Egypt with Ningishzidda, Enki’s son with Enlil’s granddaughter Ereshkigal. Ningishzidda had refused to fight for Marduk and Enki against Ereshkigal’s paternal uncle, Ninurta. The Enlilites could accept Ningishzidda, though an Enkiite, to rule Egypt, since his mother, Ereshkigal, was an Enlilite. Both lineages accepted Ningishzidda as Nile Delta ruler.

Enlil ordered all astronavigational communications and guidance equipment stay in lands he and his Enlilites ruled. Astronauts who’d sided with Marduk must leave the Landing Place in Lebanon as well as Canaan. Treaty concluded, Enki and sons left for Africa [ZS, Enki: 260, Wars: 174 -176]

Enlil chose Mount Mashu, just north of Giza, for a new rocket beacon to replace the beacon Ninurta wrecked at the Giza Pyramid. Ninurta installed the crystals he’d salvaged from Giza for the new beacon and topped the mountain with the Gug Stone (“Stone of Directing, Mount of the Supreme Celestial Barque, the mount was called.”). [ZS, Wars: 181-182; Enki: 263]


“When, in 3100 B.C. Marduk, after a long absence, to the Land of the Two Narrows [Egypt] returned, Ningishzidda’ [now called Thoth] as its master he there found. With the aid of offspring of the Anunnaki who Earthlings espoused did Ningishzidda the land oversee, what Marduk had once planned and instructed by Ningishzidda was overturned.”. For the next 350 years, Marduk (now called Ra) and Ningishzidda clashed over Egypt. Finally, Enki, their father, ordered Ningishzidda to leave Egypt to Marduk.  [ZS, Enki: 284]

Marduk reunited Egypt. He honored Father Enki/Ptah. Enki hadn’t passed rule of Nibiru to Marduk, but maybe he could settle Marduk in Egypt. Enki gave him MEs to make Egypt prosper–all his knowledge except how to revive the dead.

Marduk rewrote Egyptian history. He demoted Ningishzidda to “the Divine Measurer” And replaced Ningishzidda’s image on the “Stone Lion” (Sphinx). The new face of the Sphinx: Osiris.


What kind of scientific knowledge did the builders of the pyramids possess? With regard to the Great Pyramid, the angle of inclination of all four faces of the pyramid, 51° 50´ 35″, perfectly searched and found for all four faces of this construction, identical on all four apotemes, tells us that the builders were outstanding architects.
Its builders possessed considerable chemical knowledge, since some of the stones of which it is constructed are geopolymers, or synthetic rock (this has also been established for the Rhomboid Pyramid). In practice, these builders moulded the rocks directly onto the construction, to give them exactly the desired shape, down to the smallest detail. Perhaps this is why the Great Pyramid has such perfect shapes.
By analysing the incredible precision of its measurements, we realised that its builders were masters of geometry and mathematics. They were also accomplished astronomers, since at least two pyramids, the Great Pyramid and the Central Pyramid have their bases oriented towards the Earth’s Geographical North in an almost perfect manner. This is despite the fact that the star commonly used to indicate North was more than 2 degrees off from the Earth’s Geographical North Pole. This detail suggests that their makers knew the sphericity of the Earth. Conversely, it is not clear how they knew that the Earth had a ‘North point’ offset from the star they used to calculate the Geographic North Pole.
We also understood that they were people who could move blocks of up to 500 tonnes without too much trouble. (This has been established for the Central Pyramid, called ‘Pyramid of Chephren’). It is hard to imagine that they did this with sleds pulled by workers, as the Egyptians did. A 500-ton block would have simply refused to move by those means. Just to make a simple comparison, a modern fighter-bomber, such as the F35 aircraft, weighs about 13 tonnes.
We also realised that they were able to work hard stones, such as granite, even on an industrial scale. The Great Pyramid alone has at least 8,000 tonnes of granite worked in it, at least 1,000 of which were very precisely processed, with a margin of error of less than a millimetre. No known people of the past, before at least 2,000 B.C., possessed the technological and logistical means for the industrial processing of granite. This is an established fact that not even the most conservative of archaeologists dares to argue about. The question therefore remains as to who processed those thousands of tons of granite.
Lastly, most surprising of all, the latest laboratory analyses tell us that these builders had at least some knowledge of physics, since the Great Pyramid of Rostau (Giza) concentrates electromagnetic energy in its inner chambers and the area below. Professor Peter Grandics went so far as to say that it is actually ‘a broadband antenna for atmospheric electrostatic discharge pulses’, which would allow the conversion of electrostatic energy from the atmosphere into alternating current. Other professors, such as those from Itmo University in St. Petersburg and the Laser Zentrum in Hanover, however, merely note that the Great Pyramid has this characteristic, which can be measured in the laboratory, and that this can be useful for producing highly efficient ‘antennas’.

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